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Fanfiction Nothing Is Your Fault

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Evangeline H, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Evangeline H

    Evangeline H Youngster

    Jack Skellington
    (Halloween Eevee)
    Level 2
    Oct 13, 2018
    Chili sulked back into the resteraunt. Love was hard! And no fun! His girlfriend just dumped him because of some stupid reason. He forgot to be honest. Chili walked Jon the stairs in the back leading to the upstairs, where the siblings lived together. It was really convenient to live above the resteraunt where they worked. After the triplets had lost their titles as the Striaton gym leaders money slumped and owning two buildings would worsen the financial situation they're in. With a financial depression and breakup, Chili could really use a pick-me-up. He knew he could rely on his brothers for help there.
    Chili trudged up the stairs and saw the living space empty. The upstairs was just a bathroom with a shower and toilet, a living space with a couch and television, and their bedroom which they rotate between the bed and an air mattress on the floor. It isn’t really much, but it’s what they have. Since Cress and Cilan weren’t in the living space, he had to assume they were in the bedroom. Dejected and depressed, he most first and passionate of the three brothers flopped onto the couch. He let out a big sigh and felt his emotions swelling up in his chest. Before he knew it, his eyes were stinging and he felt like he wanted to cry.
    “Chili? Is everything alright?” Cress walked out of the bedroom door, seeing his brother on the couch with water in his eyes. He hurried over to his side and sat next to him on the couch, incredibly worried. Chili sniffed and tried to get a hold Of himself. He is supposed to be the strong one! Chili wasn’t sure supoosed to cry! He can’t cry! But... why did he want to so much? He couldn’t seem to take control of his vocal chords for a second. He choked on a Froakie in his throat. Metaphorically, of course. Cress was starting to panic. In his memory, he has never seen Chili act this way. Where was Cilan when he needed him!? Cilan was always better at handling these sorts of situations!
    “Chili? Seriosuly what’s wrong? Something involving your girlfriend?” He hit the nail on the head. Chili broke down. His heart felt like shattering and the the weight of all their problems started to crumble down on him. He felt responsible for everything all at once. He felt responsible for his girlfriend leaving them, he felt responsible that they lost their position in the Unova league, he felt guilty for the anxiety and financial stress given to the three brothers over this past year. He felt like everthring was jus really his fault. “I’m sorry. I’m so so so sorry!” Chili sobbed out, tears pouring out of his eyes and throat aching from the inside. He threw himself into his brother’s embrace, forcing his sleeve to dry his eyes. He was so sorry.
    Cress stiffened. What is he to do!? Chili was having a mental breakdown. What would Cilan do? Cress just closed his eyes and rubbed his back comfortingly. He was so panicked, so anxious, do surpised, so scared. What else is he supoosed to do? Chili’s breath was out of control. He was also panicking. He needed to breathe. In, out. He tried to make his voice sound as soothing as normal. “There’s nothing to be sorry for. I promise. Everything is okay. Everything is going to be okay. I promise.” Chili opened one of his eyes, the one nor covered by his fringe, to see Cilan walking out of the bathroom with wet hair. He just got out of the shower. He watched his face go pale as he hurried over to his other brother’s Side. The Striaton triplets are now all here.
    “Chili? Chili! Hey hey hey, what’s wrong? Did something happen? Did you two break up?” Cilan clearly didn’t know what to do either. Chili was the first of the three to Be in a relationship after all. Both Cilan and Cress thought it had to be drama that caused Chili to overstimulate and flare up like this, but no. The words that came out of his mouth surpised the duo more than his emotional turmoil. “I’m sorry. Everything Is my fault. I’m sorry.” Chili sobbed again, not even trying to calm down. He was like an eternal flame, once his emotions are ignited it’s inpossible to put them out until he is ready to extinguish himself. Cilan sat on the other side of Chili right the couch.
    Cilan wrapped his arms around his two brothers. He always was the most empathetic out of the three. He rested his head on top of Chili’s shoulderblades. “Don’t Cry, Chili this isn’t your fault. Nothing is your fault. Things happen for a reason, good or bad. But know That reason and fault are two different definitions. Nothing is your fault.” Chili took a sharp inhale, forcing himself to st least attempt to steady his breath and stop the sobs escaping his very tight throat. Cress just kept rubbing circuses on his back, closing his eyes and trying not to over-worry like he does 90% of the time. Cilan just hugged his brother, trying to say exactly what he thought would calm him down. Chili is blaming himself for things he can’t control.
    Nothing is your fault Chili, I swear.”

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