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Portfolio NyxieRina's Discount Toyhouse (OC Depository)

Discussion in 'Art Corner' started by NyxieRina, Dec 27, 2021.

  1. NyxieRina

    Level 8
    Jul 21, 2021
    GS Ball ★★★★★Oran Berry ★★
    (This is exactly what it says on the tin. This is basically going to be a giant depository/directory of all my OCs from various fandoms. I'll be posting my characters under this thread and linking them on their name, as well as their Toyhou.se links (the reason why I named that the title) if they have one.)

    I have quite the collection so buckle up!

    My OCs White.png


    Pokémon Trainers

    Nora Keoka
    (Crash, Jamming, Duster, Jet, Crispin)

    Ashley Marie Paige
    (Piano, Borealis, Emmy)

    Bently Pern
    (Dartrix, Dottler, Magnemite)

    Halvard Roosevelt
    (Aerodactyl, Bastiodon, Tyrantrum, Kabutops, Armaldo, Carracosta)

    Pokémon Fantasy High
    (DA and Discord RP Group)

    Lucy Moore

    Molly Louise

    Sirius Nthanda


    Jupiter Carah


    Liam Princely-Morrison

    PMD Cyrus Guild
    (Personal PMD World)

    Team Cyrus (Guildmasters)
    Laslow Elliot
    Xy Percy Elliot
    Pecha Leslie Elliot

    Team TreasureBound
    Sparkle Morwen
    Harley Constantine

    Team Stalwart
    Damian Ferrus-Harper
    Myrtle Juniper

    Team August
    Ula Sedna
    Psyche Delia Black
    Agustine Morgan

    Team Savior
    Carnelian Nigel
    Ari Nigel

    Team Serenity
    Sarah Marshall
    Rigby McCoy

    Team Wyvern
    Nore Capella
    Kiran Zoe

    Team Inkfish
    Megara Delmare
    Gilligan Seymour

    Team Triad
    Zayne Brush
    Owen Williams
    Samuel Chartreuse

    Team Misfits
    Emmett Creecher
    Terry Nthanda
    Yache Vaniville-Steele


    Everlyn Moone/Artemis


    Mochi/Sugar Rush


    Carrie Amari/Scarab

    BEN 10

    Aileen Zephira

    Connie Letterman

    Douglas Goodman

    Katie Monroe

    Taro Kato













    Boris Campbell/Boom Bat

    Isabella Torres/Rabao


    Melissa Lacroix/Synthesis

    Jerry Turner/Spaz


    Candied Pumpkin Cookie

    Gummy Mummy Cookie

    Harlequin Cookie

    Astro Cream Cookie

    Neapolitan Cookie

    Frankenbatter Cookie

    (any OCs without actual Fandoms attached)





    Shane Shivers

    Jacky Turner

    Tammy Hastings
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  2. NyxieRina

    Level 8
    Jul 21, 2021
    GS Ball ★★★★★Oran Berry ★★
    I realized that two of the worlds I specified in this may need some extra context and lore behind them to make sense. So I'm gonna post about them first before I actually put any OC's in here


    In-Universe Lore
    PMD Cyrus Guild (name subject to change) takes place in an alternate universe to the regular Pokémon and even the regular Pokémon Mystery Dungeon world. In this world, Humans have never existed and instead, all Pokémon are sentient and take the form of Gijinkas (humanized versions of Pokémon). No feral or anthro Pokémon exists in this world.

    Mystery Dungeons are strange phenomena that occur throughout the world but are more common in more secluded and rural areas. What seems to be a normal, innocuous opening in an area could be the entranceway to a strange and dangerous maze with no end in sight. Because of its confusing and twisting nature, many Pokémon know not to enter these dungeons unless accompanied by someone qualified to enter them. Nobody knows exactly the reason why they exist and most just accept it as a normal part of their lives and world.

    Because of the rise of these Mystery Dungeons, Guilds were created in response. These guilds recruit and train 'Dungeon Teams' as a combined explorer, bounty hunter, and rescuer job to traverse the mystery dungeons. They typically are the ones responding to all things relating to Mystery Dungeons but they are also known for helping out in their local community.

    This story follows the Cyrus Guild, one of the many guilds in this world. The previous Guildmaster, Laslow Cyrus Elliot, has recently passed away and has left control of his guild to his two children; Xy Percy Elliot and Pecha Leslie Elliot. With Dungeon Teams, both new and old under their command, they swear to continue to uphold their father's legacy and to help and protect people from Mystery Dungeons.

    OOC Lore
    Pokémon, more specifically PMD was how I originally got into roleplaying and generally doing stuff in the online space. I joined many PMD RP groups and eventually left most of them either due to the group shutting down or me having more important priorities at the time.

    I still adore my PMD characters though and wanted to reuse them again into one big team. Then I realized I had a lot of random Pokémon characters lying around and started adding them to the roster. I realized that having over 20+ characters in one team was a bit crazy so I instead turned it into a small guild and separated the characters into mini teams of their own. It's a little more manageable this way.
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  3. NyxieRina

    Level 8
    Jul 21, 2021
    GS Ball ★★★★★Oran Berry ★★
    One more World Building Post before I post the actual OC's

    Pokémon FANTASY HIGH
    (DA and Discord, Art and RP Group)

    In this world, Anthro Pokémon are the main characters. They do not possess any of the actual powers of their normal universe counterparts and for the most part, simply act like humans. Feral Pokémon also exist in this world but are basically like real-world pets and animals.

    This group follows the students of Fantasy High, an all-inclusive school in this world. More specifically it follows the students that are members of the DnD Club.

    What seems like an ordinary club and clubroom is actually a portal to another world. A world where fantasy comes to life. Species of all kinds exist, magic is prevalent everywhere and a whole new world opens up for its members. By joining the club and making you 'DnD character' the student gets transported to this world in the body of their OC, like an Isekai anime or the Wizard of Oz.

    But it's not all fun and games in this new world. In fact, Arceus, God himself, has a mission for the members of the club. Untold darkness is spreading across the Fantasy world, corrupting its denizens into its fold. It's up to the club members, and some friends they rescued from the darkness, to fight back and save the Fantasy World!
  4. NyxieRina

    Level 8
    Jul 21, 2021
    GS Ball ★★★★★Oran Berry ★★
    Now for some OC's!


    Name: Laslow Cyrus Elliot
    Nickname/s: Cyrus, Boss, The Boss Man
    Species: Shiny Dusknoir
    Gender: Male
    Age: 67 (Deceased)
    Birthday: December 27
    Sexuality: Aromantic and Asexual
    Title and Role: Founder of Cyrus Guild, Former Guildmaster and Leader of Team Cyrus

    - Poppy Dante Elliot, Pumpkaboo - Sister, Deceased
    - Xy Percy Elliot, Chatot - Son, Alive
    - Pecha Leslie Elliot, Gourgeist - Daughter, Alive

    + Understanding:
    Laslow has a soft spot for underdogs, being one himself and thus tries to understand peoples struggles so that he could help them in turn.
    + Dedicated: Once Laslow commits to something, he would almost never abandon it, doing everytging he can to accomplish or complete it.
    = Organized: Laslow likes order. He expects everything to happen according to schedule and doesn't tolerate messes.
    = Quiet: Laslow doesn't like to speak without reason and he tries not to make too much noise. This makes his words more meaningful, but can also scare people when he seemingly appears out of nowhere.
    - Gruff: Laslow tends to act gruff and tough, especially around new people. This sometimes scares new people and makes him seem unapproachable.
    - Self Destructive: Through the years Laslow has picked up a number of bad habits. While he tries to avoid them, he tends to fall back into bad habits when times get rough. He also doesnt care enough about himself than he should.

    Laslow Cyrus Elliot was born to a poor ghost couple in a rural town alongside his twin sister Poppy. Growing up Laslow had to struggle to survive. His parents were massive gamblers and kept spending any money they made trying to win big and failing, while his sister was 'too weak' to work. He took any odd job he can just to be able to provide for him and his family.

    When he was a teen a guild opened up in his hometown looking for recruits. Realizing that the missions they had could bring in a ton of money, he decided to join the guild. There he grew and stayed in the guilds quarters, learning and growing with his fellow guildmates in the process. He even evolved all the way to Dusknoir in this guild. Though he originally joined the guild for the money, he soon grew to love helping others and the service it entailed.

    He sent nearly all the money he made to his parents, hoping that his efforts would help pull them out of poverty, but it didn't work. In fact, his family basically blew through everything he gave them and remained exactly where they were. Enraged he left them completely, cutting ties with them and dedicating everything he had to the guild.

    At some point, the Guildmaster had recommended him to start up a new guild. Many places still needed guilds to protect people from the Mystery Dungeons and Laslow was good enough to possibly succeed the guild master if he died. Hurt from his family's actions he agreed and set up a new guild in a faraway town called the Cyrus Guild. He dedicated himself to making that guild the best he can.

    When he was 50, on a bounty mission he ran into a scared 5-year-old Chatot boy. The boy had clung to him, crying about some bad men who kidnapped him and took his family away. It turned out that the bad men that kidnapped the boy were the same criminals they were looking for. After dispatching and arresting the men, the Chatot boy wouldn't leave his side. Realizing the boy was attached to him, Laslow decided to adopt the boy, Xy Percy, as his own and began raising him.

    5 years later at 55, Laslow heard again from his estranged sister in the most heartbreaking way. His sister had died, leaving her months-old child all alone. Despite their fights he still felt bad for his sister and that he couldn't save her. He adopted his niece, Pecha Leslie, and treated her like his daughter.

    The odd little family was happy for a while. He managed to handle being both the Guildmaster for his growing guild and being a father to his two kids. He even started teaching them the ropes of being a member of a dungeon team, just in case they wanted to follow in his footsteps and continue the guild.

    Then when he turned 63, tragedy struck. A wound he got during an expedition didn't heal well and was going to slowly start killing him. That combined with his often skewed sleep schedule, infrequent meals, and occasional smoking started a countdown on his life. He was devastated by the revelation as he knew his time was ticking, but he refused to back down. He made the most of his time left to raise his two kids to keep the guild running in his absence and to help as many people as he can before he died.

    Eventually, his body couldn't keep up anymore and he passed away on his 67th birthday. He left the ownership of the guild to his two children, as well as the riches he earned dungeoneering for all his life. His last hopes were that his children would have long fulfilling lives and that the guild would continue on to help and serve others.

    • Laslow was a smoker, a bad habit he picked up before he was even in his first guild. Despite that he tried not to smoke anywhere near his guildmates or his children.
    • Laslow hates gambling due to his parents and outright forbids it within his guild.
    • Laslow likes dry food and hates sweet food.
    • Laslow never found any interest in romance and wasn't planning on having kids until he adopted his two
    • He named the guild after his second name Cyrus. He thinks its a unique and strong name that could also inspire hope like the rising sun
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  5. NyxieRina

    Level 8
    Jul 21, 2021
    GS Ball ★★★★★Oran Berry ★★

    Name: Xy Percy Elliot
    Nicknames: Birb Son, Bird Boss, Mother Hen
    Species: Chatot
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Birthday: April 15
    Sexuality: Panmantic and Asexual (Single)
    Title and Role: Current Guildleader of the Cyrus Guild and Co-Leader of Team Cyrus


    - Mercurio Percy, Skarmory - Bio Father, Deceased
    - Alica Percy, Chatot - Bio Mother, Deceased
    - Laslow Cyrus Elliot, Dusknoir - Adoptive Father, Deceased
    - Pecha Leslie Elliot, Gourgeist - Sister, Alive

    - Damian Ferrus-Harper, Pawniard - Friend, Alive
    - Samuel Charteruse, Breloom - Friend, Alive
    - Sarah Marshall, Kanghaskhan - Friend-Aunt, Alive
    - Rigby McCoy, Passimian - Friend, Alive

    + Selfless:
    Xy would always put others before himself. Hes the type that would tke the clothes off his back just so that you'd feel warm. Even if self detrimental
    + Studious: Xy is, in a word, a big nerd. He loves studying about everything, whether he knows it would be useful in the future or not. Ask him something and 8 times out of 10 he knows what youre asking.
    = Organized: Xy likes order and structure and cant stand a mess. He has a detailed colored schedule for all of his and the guilds activities as well as having things in easy to understand sections.
    = Careful: Xy is a tall guy with a large wingspan, being careful is an absolute nessesity for him. Hes always critical about the details and about every step he takes. But hes also hesitant in taking big leaps of faith and would only do so after weighing all the pros and cons
    - Emotional: Xy is not afraid of showing his emotions and thinks that doing so is a sign of a healthy person. That said, he tends to wear his heart on his sleeve
    - Worrier: Xy always thinks of the worst case scenario, even when the worst case is really not that bad. He gets wound up about the smallest things and its hard for him to loosen up, even if hes done literally everything in his power to get the best case scenario

    Xy Percy was born to a loving couple in a small town of flying types. Xy didn't have much to worry about, his parents were loving and doting and he played games with the local kids all day long.

    But one day his whole life shattered as a strange group of evil looking Pokémon raided the village he lived in. He was only 5 at the time and could barely process anything, but he remembered getting torn away from his mother and locked in a cage as the evil Pokémon burned the village to the ground.

    Xy was captured alongside many of his childhood friends. He was scared. He hadnt seen his parents since and the men were threatening to do scary things to them. He had to escape to find help.

    One day, the lock on his cage was loose and Xy saw the opportunity. He rushed out of the cage and ran crying as far away from the men as possible. They tried to pursue him when he ran into someone else, someone safe. That someone protected him from the man, and gave him the first comfort he had since his village burned down. That man was Laslow Cyrus Elliot.

    Laslow comforted him and he was able to tell the older man about his trapped friends and the bad men. Laslow and some other people went to where he and the others were being kept and rescued them all! They locked up the bad men and freed his friends.

    When it was all over, the parents or relatives of the kids had to be located so that they could be reunited. But when it came to Xy, his parents were found dead and he had no other relatives to go to. Then Laslow offered to care for him instead of him going to an orphanage. He was already attached to the man so this wasnt an issue. So Laslow officially adopted him earning him the last name Elliot.

    From then on Xy grew up in the small guild that Laslow was creating. He made friends with the other kids of guildmembers, Damian, as well as kids of people who supported the guild, Samuel. When he was 10 he met his baby sister Pecha, after she was dropped off at the guild. He spent most of his life in the guild. Though he wasnt always a member, he learned how to fight, take missions and handle the guild administatively.

    Then when he was 18, he learned the horrible news that his father was dying. He tried to get his dad to live healthier but Laslow was a stubborn man and would not break from bad habits easily. When he began training Xy to take over the guild he threw himself into it, doing everythibg he can to prepare for the inevitable passing of the torch, as well as preparing to be the sole guardian of his little sister.

    Then when he was 22, Laslow died from his illness. He felt illprepared. He felt like there was so muxh more he should have learned before he passed. He and Pecga were not ready to let go. Worse, some of the teams in the guild had left when the change of leadership happened, thinking Xy wouldn't be up to the task his father once held. Still, through it all, Xy holds his head high. Hes the new leader and role model, and through he knows the road will be tough, he'll do everything in his power to raise his sister and lead the guild into a new era.


    • Xy is pronounced Sky
    • Xy loves bitter foods and hates dry foods
    • Xy is actually an excellent cook but sadly cant do it often due to his job.
    • Xy is claustrophobic but is working on it.
    • Xy adores his sister and would probably kill for her if it ever gets to that
    • Xy knows sign language in order to be more accomidating to his friend Damian
    • Xy can fly (duh)
    • Xy is often busy doing paperwork but will always try to make room for at least one mission with Pecha every month
    • His feathers are sharper than normal Chatot feathers thanks to his Bio dad
    • He always tries to visit his bio families graves every year
    • Xy sometimes forgets ro aleep caude of work and must be dragged to bed.

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