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Fanfiction Pokémon: Advanced Adventure

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Jupjami, May 31, 2018.

  1. Jupjami

    Jupjami Thy friendly neighbourhood birb shaman

    Level 68
    May 31, 2018
    Leaf Stone ★★★Dragon Scale ★★★Darkinum Z ★★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★Reaper Cloth ★★★
    Hello! This is my first fanfic in this website, which is based on the 6th season of the anime, and will expand from there. Enjoy!

    May 21, 2002 - Viridian City - Kanto Republic
    "Well, this is goodbye," Ash sighed as he and Pikachu looked at their two best friends, Brock and Misty. Two friends that they are about to part with.
    "Yeah," Brock replied. "Can't believe after almost five years of being together, we're now going separate ways."
    "I'll miss all of our adventures," Misty added, her usual mean demeanor replaced with sadness as the three reached the crossroad, each road going somewhere else.
    The three exchanged goodbyes, then Brock and Misty started trekking on their corresponding crossroad. Once they separated, Ash then started sobbing. "Misty, moy druk, I just want to tell you..."
    "Tell me what?" Misty asked, her and Brock suddenly appearing in front of Ash. They didn't notice Ash speaking in a different tongue.
    "N-Nothing!" Ash stammered. "Don't sneak up on people like that!"
    "Sorry," Brock apologized. "I just wanted to give you this, complete with cutlery. Like a last meal from me," he added, giving Ash a lunch box and a set of utensils.
    "This makes it easier to carry," Misty said, handing Ash a handkerchief and wrapping it around the lunch box like a package. Pikachu grabbed it and held on it happily.
    "Thanks you guys~" Ash thanked. "I hope things will always be like this."
    "Yeah," the two agreed, then finally said goodbye, each going their different paths.

    Theme song: Battle Cry - Stand Up! (remastered)
    Sometimes it's hard to know,
    Where you are supposed to go;
    Where you belong, where you fit in,
    Where you can bring out the you within!
    But know, that with your friends,
    Your adventures never end!
    Yeah, deep inside, you know you're strong,
    If you follow your heart, you can't go wrong!

    Stand up! For all that is right,
    Be brave! Prepare to fight for light,
    Hold on! We're friends for life,
    (Yeah, what do we do?!!)
    Stand up! For all that is right,
    Be brave! Prepare to fight for light,
    Hold on! We're friends for life,

    And if we come together as one,
    To claim what's ours to stand our ground,
    Hand in hand, we will stay strong,
    Complete the quest that we've begun,
    We will win the battle,
    Our lifelong battle!

    Pokémon Advanced Adventure
    Episode 1: Hoenn Alone

    May 21, 2002 - Pallet Town - Kanto Republic
    "We're home, moy druk!" Ash exclaimed to Pikachu, who responded with a delighted 'chaa'. "Race you back to the house!"
    The two friends ran as fast as they could. Ash was leading, but Pikachu HAD to use a Quick Attack to get ahead.
    "You cheated, da~!" Ash playfully said as they reached the porch of his house, where Mr. Mime was raking. Mr. Mime waved hello, then went inside to tell Delia that her son is home.
    "Pallet Town, one year and nothing has changed," Ash sighed, looking at the quaint, nostalgic house where all his adventures started. "To think just a small alarm clock caused the two of us to meet, and we met Misty, Tracey and Brock and had our amazing adventures..."
    "Feodor! My little mal'chik!" Delia exclaimed as she opened the door and hugged her beloved so. "How's your adventures in Kanto and Johto?"
    "Dobrye, mama!" Feodor (Ash's true name) replied in his home tongue, dropping the faux Kantonese accent he's been using with his friends.
    "Wonderful!" Delia replied, her accent also sounding more foreign. "Ty hochiesh borsch?" she asked as the two went inside.
    "Da, pajalsta~" Feodor replied happily, imagining his mom's delicious beet stew.

    "I heard Brock and Misty went back home, Feodor," Delia said while the two were eating dinner. Pikachu was at the side, eating ketchup (again).
    "Da~ they had Gym duties," Feodor sighed, looking pensive.
    "Why did you not tell your friends we are Vostoki?" Delia asked. "They'll accept you, like how Oak did."
    "I feared what they would do," Feodor admitted. "Our fatherland is being persecuted almost everywhere. Who knows if Kanto also hates us," he added, starting to cry.
    "Don't worry, everything will be alright, da~" Delia assured her son as she hugged him. She then started singing Feodor's favorite song, which soothed him. "Rasvitali yabloni I grushi, poplyli tumany nat rikoy. Vyhodila na bieriek Katyusha, na vysoki byieriek na krutoy."

    May 22, 2002 - Pallet Town - Kanto Republic
    "Rise and shine, moy ribyonok!" Delia called to her sleeping son. "Guess what day it is!"
    "My birthday!" Feodor suddenly remembered as he woke up in his pajamas, startling Pikachu awake too.
    'What's your deal?' Pikachu asked in Pokéspeech.
    "It's my birthday, Pikachu!" Feodor answered. "It's 10 days before the date I starred my journey!"
    'Yay! Will there be ketchup?' Pikachu asked.
    "Of course, moy druk!" Feodor replied. Feodor has been able to understand Pokémon since his birth. "Mama has an entire bag of it!"
    'Yay!' Pikachu exclaimed in a delighted 'chaa' (yet again).
    "Mama! I will go to Professor Oak first!" Feodor told Delia once he changed into his adventure clothes and ate breakfast.
    "Okay, dear! Be careful!" Delia replied. Feodor then grabbed Pikachu (who was eating a big packet of ketchup) and sprinted of to Professor Oak's house on a hill.

    "Feodor! Great to see you, my boy!" Oak exclaimed as he saw the teenage boy sprint to his house.
    "How are my Pokémon, professor?" Feodor asked, returning to a Kantonese accent.
    "Doing well!" Professor Oak replied happily. "Your Pokémon really miss you!"
    "Hey, where's Gary, by the way?" Feodor asked. "I haven't seen him yet."
    "Oh, he went to Hoenn," Tracy said as he suddenly appeared out of nowhere. "He also decided on leaving all his Pokémon except Blastoise, I don't know why" he added.
    "Hoenn? That's quite far," Ash noted. "You'd have to travel even past Johto!"
    "Well, he just left, if you can catch up to him, you can try!" Tracy replied. "And by the way, happy birthday!" he exclaimed as Feodor raced to wherever Gary is right now.

    "Gary!" Feodor exclaimed as he saw his old rival.
    "Hi, Ash," Gary replied. "How are you?"
    "Doing nice, I guess," Feodor said. "Why are you only bringing Blastoise to Hoenn?"
    "It's quite unfair if I always use my strong Pokémon against weaker Pokémon. But if I go with only with my Blastoise, it would be fair, and it's also nice to have a fresh start sometimes," Gary replied.
    "Oh," Feodor said. "I think it would be great for me to do that too, wouldn't it, Pikachu?" he thought aloud.
    'Yeah, it's a good idea!' Pikachu replied in Pokéspeech.
    "Well, I have to leave. Farewell, Ash!" Gary said then left.
    "Dazvidanya~" Ash whispered.

    "Mama, yav doma!" Feodor called, but when Delia came, her face looked scared. "Pochiemu, Mama?" he asked.
    "Feodor, listen to Mama," Delia said, kneeling down to face Feodor directly (she is way taller in this AU). "Run away, don't look back, don't come back here ever again. You were right, moy syn, Kanto doesn't accept us. Run away, try to reach Johto. Run!" Delia pushed the crying Feodor away just as police sirens started to blare from a distance. Feodor wanted to go back, tell his mom he loved her dearly, but saw the police car coming, and reluctantly looked away.
    "Are you Mrs. Deliah Vladmirova Krasnov?" an Officer Jenny asked as she went out of the police van.
    "Da, da~ now what do you want with me?" Delia proudly demanded in a full Vostoki accent.
    "You are under arrest for coming to Kanto from Vostok," Officer Jenny declared. "Your son is, too."
    "Too late, da~" Delia teased. "I sent my son to Josun,"she lied.
    " We will find him," Officer Jenny retorted. "Any Josunese flights from Kanto can be tracked! He'll never escape from us!"
    Officer Jenny didn't notice Delia slip away while she was talking, and run towards Professor Oak's.
    "Hey, stop her!" Officer Jenny exclaimed to her officers, who all chased Delia. She ran and ran, dodging Flamethrowers from the Growlithe chasing after her. Eventually, she reached Professor Oak's.
    "Delia, what's wrong?" Professor Birch asked.
    "Vostok is persecuted in Kanto," Delia replied.
    "Hands up, Deliah Krasnov!" Officer Jenny shouted.
    "Let them at least cross Johto!" Professor Oak replied, hugging the tired Delia. "Let them have the chance to have an asylum!"
    "But President Giovanni said-"
    "I don't care what he said! I'm taking her to Johto!" Professor Oak exclaimed. He released a Dragonite, grabbed Delia bridal style, and rode Dragonite to Johto.

    This Pokémon has the power to turn back time. It lives in the Ilex Forest.
    See the answer in the next episode!

    May 22, 2002 - Tohjo Autonomous Oblast - Jhotan People's Republic
    Feodor ran and ran, only Pikachu with him (every other Pokémon was at the lab), until he reached Tohjo falls, the edge of Johto, the asylum for Vostokians in Kanto. He and Pikachu started to smile, but suddenly they fell into a pit.
    "Wohahahaha!" three obnoxious voices cackled.
    "Nyet! Not you again," Feodor shouted, seeing Team Rocket standing at the top.
    "Prepare for trouble!" Jessie shouted.
    "Make that double!" James followed.
    "To protect the world from devastation!"
    "To unite all evils within our nation!"
    "Do denounce the evils of truth and love!"
    "To extend our reach to the stars above!"
    "Jessie!" "James!"
    "Team Rocket blast off in the speed of light!"
    "Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
    "Now that's right!" Meowth shouted.
    "Can you please just stop trying to catch Pikachu? Please!" Feodor shouted.
    "We're also doing a fresh start, so we went back to our reliable pitfalls, only thing is this pitfall is deeper than any of our old pitfalls!" James exclaimed. "Smokescreen, Weezing! Now to get Pikachu!"
    "No..." Feodor sighed as he saw Meowth grab Pikachu, put it in an electric-proof case, and go into the balloon. "It can't end here..."
    But then suddenly, Feodor remembered the gifts from his dear friends in his backpack. He used Misty's handkerchief to cover his nose and mouth, then used Brock's spoon and fork to climb the very deep hole. He then jumped on the escaping balloon, but only managed to grab the edge of the basket.
    "Oh no, a twerp joined the ride," Jessie declared.
    "Let's drop him in the ocean!" Meowth suggested, and the three shared evil grins. They grabbed Feodor, struggled to wrap him in rope, and prepared to drop him.

    May 23, 2002 - Dewford Strait - Hoenn Republic
    "Goodbye, twerp!" Jessie smiled at the tied-up and gagged Feodor, then threw him overboard. Pikachu was crying so hard, but it was impossible to break through the case and help his friend, no matter what he did. Feodor then started to fall to his death, touchdowning in the ocean.

    May 24, 2002 - New Bark Oblast - Jhotan People's Republic
    "Gde moy Feodor?" Delia asked, worried.
    "Nice znayu," Professor Oak replied, having learned Vostoki before.
    "I hope he's alright," Delia sighed, looking in the direction of Tohjo. "Feodor Ashurovich Krasnov, where are you?"

    May 27, 2002 - Petalburg Forest - Hoenn Republic
    "...PIKACHU!" Feodor woke up in surprise. He had a nightmare about Pikachu being abducted and- oh wait, it DID happen to him.
    "I guess I'm truly alone now, da~" Feodor sighed in his Vostoki accent, looking around a giant forest, which he could identify as the one in Petalburg he read about. He looked as he tattered clothes and wet bag, and he sighed. He walked around, barefoot (his shoes and socks were mysteriously missing) and saw a small hut. He checked inside and found a green tunic and jet black joggers. He looked around for anyone, then stole the clothes when no one was looking. He then retreated back into the forest. He then salvaged whatever was left in his bag. One Pokéball and Misty's handkerchief.
    "Misty, I miss you..." Feodor sighed. He then wrapped the one empty Pokéball in the handkerchief, then put both items in his pocket. After a while, he found a giant tree, and set up camp there for the night, humming a song to help him sleep.

    May 28, 2002 - Petalburg Forest - Hoenn Republic
    'No! This tree is my home, and I'm sticking with it until the end!' Feodor heard a Treecko shout (in Pokéspeech, of course) to someone. Feodor peeked fron the high branch he was on and saw an argument between many Treecko.
    'But the tree is about to fall,' another Treecko, obviously the elder one, protested. Murmurs of agreement were heard from the otber Treecko around.
    'I don't care! This tree has been there for me ever since I was very little, and it's now my turn to take care of it. I will stay with it until the end, no matter what you say! So get out!' the Treecko exclaimed, pushing the elder Treecko away, earning jeers and shouts of protest from the other Treecko. The elder Treecko sighed, then he and the crowd went away, leaving the single Treecko to care for the tree on its own.
    "Poor guy, I wonder if there's some way to help him, da~?" Feodor thought aloud. He saw the Treecko grab some moss, and put it on the base of the tree. He then had the idea to try to save the tree, too. He sat beside the lone Treecko, grabbed some moss, and put it on the tree.
    'Who are you?' the Treecko asked, looking suspiciously at the raven-haired man.
    "I just want to help," Feodor replied, focusing on the moss. "So this tree is very important to you?"
    'Yes,' the Treecko replied after realizing the man spoke Pokémon. 'It was the tree of my ancestors. I was born here too, but now this tree is dying; funny how things change so much.'
    "I know how you feel," Feodor remarked. "One moment, I was with moi dobrye druz'ya, the next moment, I'm alone in a foreign land."
    'Huh?' Treecko asked. 'You're not from here?'
    "I was from Vostok, great place by the way, then moved to Kanto," Feodor sighed. "Name's Feodor Krasnov, by the way."
    'Nice name,' Treecko chuckled. 'My first trainer was also Vostoki. He used to call me Zyljonov, but I don't know what it means.'
    "Green," Feodor replied. "It means 'of the green'. It's a kinda nice name. I think that's what I'll call you from now on."
    But before the two can do anything else, the tree started to part and fall.
    "No! My home!" Zyljonov exclaimed, trying to keep one part from falling down.
    "It's too heavy," Feodor shouted as he tried to keep the other part from falling down. "We can't do it. Prosti."
    'Nyet...' Zyljonov sighed as he let go and saw his tree crumble. But then suddenly, a bright light appeared. A single seed was sown, then it grew into Zyljonov's tree. The flowers of the tree then started to wilt and bear seed, then the seeds fell on the ground and grew into new saplings. Then the white light disappeared, and so did the tree. A single seed fell into Zyljonov's waiting hands.
    "I think your tree was trying to thank you," Feodor remarked.
    'Yeah,' Zyljonov agreed, then had an idea. He rummaged of Feodor's pockets, looking for something. 'You're a trainer, right?' he asked.
    "Da~ why?" Feodor asked, then saw what Zyljonov was looking for.
    'I know things have been hard for both of us,' Zyljonov said, 'but it seems like we were destined for each other,' he added, giving Ash his one spare Pokéball.
    "I lost my starter, moy dobry druk," Feodor said, looking hesitant for a while. "But I guess you're right, this IS destiny," he then added, accepting Zyljonov's request and tapping his Pokéball on the willing Treecko's forehead. It pinged only once, then Zyljonov was caught.
    "I caught a Treecko, I guess," Feodor sighed, then released the Wood Gecko Pokémon.
    'So what now?' Zyljonov asked.
    "We can just stay here, train for a while, then go to any nearby town," Feodor thought aloud.
    'Well, I know the perfect place to stay!' Zyljonov replied, grabbing Feodor's hand, the two trekking through the woods, until they stopped at an old cabin on top of a hill. 'No one lives here anymore, so I go here sometimes to play!'
    "Spasiba, Zyljonov," Feodor thanked the little Pokémon.
    'Izvinitie,' Zyljonov replied.

    Also, if any of you are Russian, can you tell me if my Russian grammar is correct? Thanks~
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  2. Jupjami

    Jupjami Thy friendly neighbourhood birb shaman

    Level 68
    May 31, 2018
    Leaf Stone ★★★Dragon Scale ★★★Darkinum Z ★★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★Reaper Cloth ★★★
    Episode 2 is up! There's gonna be a surprise addition to the team here! Enjoy!

    Answer to last episode's Who's that Pokémon: CELEBI!

    November 21, 2002 - Route 1 - Hoenn Republic
    "Hi, I'm May," a young female voice narrated as a girl riding a bike dressed in red was cycling through some trees. "I'm ten years, ten months, and ten days old, and I am travelling to meet my dad's friend, Professor Birch, so I can finally can get my beginner's Pokémon!"
    "But what I really like is travelling and seeing new places!" May added. "My friend Brendan had a headstart, so I have to hurry to catch up to him. Littleroot Town up ahead!"
    May then saw a Duskull, screamed and redirected her bike, then bumped into a tree. "I should've brought a helmet," she sighed, slumping down the tree. But after a while, she was back on the road.
    "Between you and me," she whispered, "I don't really like Pokémon."
    "But the travelling," she added as she biked up the hill and saw a ferry boat, "I love it!"

    "Littleroot Town, the town whose colors never change," another voice, this time masculine whispered. His and his Pokémon's silhouettes blended in with the shadows perfectly. "The town where
    many of the trainers in Hoenn start off. Let's visit the lab, da~?"
    His Pokémon grunted a reply, then the two silhouettes disappeared into thin air.

    Theme song: Battle Cry - Stand Up! (remastered)
    Sometimes it's hard to know,
    Where you are supposed to go;
    Where you belong, where you fit in,
    Where you can bring out the you within!
    But know, that with your friends,
    Your adventures
    never end!
    Yeah, deep inside, you know you're strong,
    If you follow your heart, you can't go wrong!

    Stand up! For all that is right,
    Be brave! Prepare to fight for light,
    Hold on! We're friends for life,
    (Yeah, what do we do?!!)
    Stand up! For all that is right,
    Be brave! Prepare to fight for light,
    Hold on! We're friends for life,

    And if we come together as one,
    To claim what's ours to stand our ground,
    Hand in hand, we will stay strong,
    Complete the quest that we've begun,
    We will win the battle,
    Our lifelong battle!

    Pokémon Advanced Adventure
    Episode 2:
    Get the Show on the Road!

    November 21, 2002 - Littleroot Town - Hoenn Republic
    "Littleroot Town," James and Meowth exclaimed.
    "The town whose colors never change," Jessie sighed, looking disheartened. "I guess my colors have been slowly changing... Is this all that's left for us? James, have we truly blasted off at the speed of light?" she suddenly asked.
    "Is she speaking hypothetically," James whispered to Meowth.
    "If that means 'wacky' then yes," Meowth replied.

    "Are you May?" an assistant inquired May as she cycled to the front of the lab.
    "Yes I am, why?" May asked.
    "I'm sorry, Professor Birch is out, there was an emergency in the mountains, and he also brought all the starters with him," the assistant apologized.
    "Okay, then I'll go look for him!" May replied. "I wasn't really good at waiting!" she added, ignoring the assistant's protests.
    "Kids... always in a hurry..." the assistant sighed.

    November 21, 2002 - Littleroot Woods - Hoenn Republic
    "That's not a happy howl, and you're not sad or in distress..." Professor Birch thought aloud. "So that means... You're angry!" he deduced just as the three Poochyena started snapping their jaws at the unfortunate Professor.
    "I'm brilliant! Please stop! Can't we discuss this?" He exclaimed as he got chased around, ran up a tree, and waited for help on a high branch. Just in time, May cycled to where Professor Birch's bag was.
    "Professor!" she exclaimed. "Are you alright?"
    "For now," Professor Birch replied, "good thing you're here! I need your help!"
    "Huh?" May asked, pointing to herself. "How can I help?"
    "Get the bag beside you, and throw a Pokéball!" Professor Birch ordered as his branch started to crack.
    "Which one?" May asked.
    "Any of them will do!" Professor Birch shouted.
    "Oh," May said, then got a Pokéball and released the Pokémon inside it: a Mudkip.
    "Good! Now order Mudkip to use an attack!" Professor Birch instructed.
    "Which is..?" May asked, not having the faintest idea of what attacks Mudkip has.
    "Just say, 'use Water Gun!'" Professor Birch explained.
    "Use Water Gun," May ordered the Mudkip, and it worked. Well, on May's face, anyway. "Was that supposed to happen?"
    Professor Birch sighed, but then the branch he was on cracked and he fell down, still being chased by the angry Poochyena. "Mudkip!" he called out quickly, "use Water Gun on the Poochyena!" This time, it actually worked, and the Poochyena skedaddled away.
    "Thanks a lot, May," Professor Birch thanked.
    "You're welcome," May replied. "But what were you doing on that tree?"
    "No time to explain," Professor Birch said. Then the two of them saw a strong Thunder Bolt.
    "What was that?" May asked.
    "Pikachu's electricity buildup is reaching critical mass," Professor Birch explained.
    "Huh?" May asked.
    "If not stopped, Pikachu can explode," Professor Birch added.
    "HUH?!!" May exclaimed in shock.

    "Sparky, I'm here," Ritchie (who was wearing clothes similar in design to Ash's supposed-to-be AG suit) comforted his distressed Pikachu, who became sick after Team Rocket strapped the poor creature to a magnet. Sparky, on the other hand, only saw blurred figures, so he started attacking again in confusion.
    "Ritchie!" Professor Birch shouted as he and May reached the worried trainer and his Pokémon. "Pikachu can explode any minute!"
    "No! I won't leave my best friend!" Ritchie retorted. Sparky then randomly sparked electricity again and jumped away from Ritchie's grasp. "Sparky!" Ritchie tried to call out, but the Pokémon wouldn't listen. It then ran towards a cliff, and jumped.
    "Sparky! I'm coming, buddy!" Ritchie exclaimed, and also jumped off the cliff, trying to save his best friend. Fortunately, before Sparky was out of reach, Ritchie was able to grab him. Sparky on the other hand struggled to escape Ritchie's grasp.
    "Ritchie! Grab the rope!" Professor Birch shouted, throwing one end of a rope off the cliff. Ritchie was able to grab it, and he was slowly pulled up, Sparky biting him. After a while, Sparky calmed down enough to regain his senses, and then saw his trainer and looked at him apologetically. But then suddenly, when they were almost there, the rope snapped.
    "Ritchie!" Professor Birch exclaimed as Ritchie and Sparky fell to their deaths, Ritchie still trying to protect Sparky.
    Suddenly, out of nowhere, a hooded figure and his Pokémon (a Grovyle) swung from a vine and caught Ritchie and Sparky, respectively, then put then back on the cliff. "Are you okay?" the mysterious figure asked.
    "I guess..." Ritchie replied, "but who are you?"
    "Ritchie!" Professor Birch suddenly intervened. "Are you and your Pikachu both okay?"
    "Yes, we are," Ritchie said, as Sparky started licking the place where he bit. "It's okay," Ritchie reassured to his Pokémon.
    "Your bite wound should heal in a day," the mystery guy declared after studying it.
    "Who are you?" May asked to the mystery guy the question all of the three wanted to know.
    "Names are not that important," the mystery guy said. "But if you really want to call me something, you can call me by my nickname."
    "What nickname?" Professor Birch asked.
    "Ritchie knows," the person pointed at Ritchie, while also showing his hooded face a little. "Remember me? I'll be hurt if you don't."
    Ritchie scrutinized the man's face, then looked surprised, then in denial, then hopeful, then happy. "Ash? Is that you?" he asked.
    "Ding dong! You get the first prize!" Feodor sarcastically remarked.
    "Ash... Ketchum? The powerful trainer from Kanto?" May asked.
    "Ding dong! You get the second prize!" Feodor repeated in the same tone. "But it's nice to actually see old friends," he added, the sarcasm from his voice dropping.
    "But where's Pikachu?" Ritchie then asked.
    "Team Rocket took him," Feodor said manner-of-factly. Ritchie was shocked (one at the fact Pikachu was captured, and another at the fact Feodor is so calm about it) while the others were wondering who was Team Rocket.
    "Prepare for trouble? Oh well..." Feodor heard a voice, and groaned.
    "Prepare for trouble for the umpteenth time!" Jessie shouted as Team Rocket and their mecha appeared from literally nowhere.
    "Make it double, and I'll make it rhyme!" James followed.
    "To protect the world from devastation!"
    "To unite all evils within our nation!"
    "Do denounce the evils of truth and love!"
    "To extend our reach to the stars above!"
    "Jessie!" "James!"
    "Team Rocket blast off in the speed of light!"
    "Surrender now or prepare for an out-of-this-world fight!"
    Jessie suddenly looked thoughtful, then her face comically grew as she asked the terrified James, "What's the point?"
    "That's right!" Meowth exclaimed.
    "That's Team Rocket," Feodor sighed as Sparky got grabbed by a giant claw.
    "Where's ya' big thunder now, Sparky?" Meowth teased in his weird accent.
    "My, my, are we confident," James retorted.
    "Now, I've been doin' my homewo'k, and dig this! I've come up with a machine that will beat that Pokémon at its own nasty game!" Meowth replied. "No matter how much electricity that Pikachu sends out, this mecha will abso'b 'em!"
    "Wow!" James exclaimed girlishly.
    "Now sta't the machine, James!" Meowth ordered.
    "Yes sir!" James replied. "Absorb away!"
    The machine then started to suck up Sparky's electricity as Meowth was cackling.
    "Sparky! No!" Ritchie shouted. The electricity levels went higher and higher, and Meowth was boasting about his machine.
    "Took a while, but I think we've finally got a winnah!" Meowth exclaimed proudly.
    "If it actually works..." a disheartened Jessie sighed, causing Meowth to flinch and sweatdrop.
    Sparky eventually released enough energy to return to normal, and then he continued sending more and more electricity to the small machine, enough to start to electrocute the people inside of it. And May's bike.
    "We haven't been wasting our time after all! These Pikachu are the only things our boss would ever want!" Jessie exclaimed, suddenly invigorated for some reason as the three were electrocuted.
    "Yeah, but maybe we got too much of a good thing?" James complained, feeling the shock of Sparky's Thunder.
    "Do you smell something burning?" Jessie asked.
    "I think we're smelling us!" the three exclaimed, then their machine exploded.
    "Quite a Thunderbolt..." Meowth sighed as they flew through the sky.
    "It has renewed my energy and passion!" Jessie exclaimed as Wobuffet went out of its Pokéball again.
    "WE'RE BLASTING OFF AGAIN!" the three shouted as they disappeared into the sky.
    'There you go!' Sparky shouted, then felt faint and became unconscious.
    "Sparky!" Ritchie exclaimed as he neared the fainted Pokémon.

    This Pokémon has 9 leaves on its body: 2 on its tail, 3 on each of its arms, and one on its head.
    See the answer in the next episode!

    November 21, 2002 - Littleroot Town - Hoenn Republic
    "After a good night's rest, Pikachu should be alright," Professor Birch's assistant declared to Ritchie, May, and Feodor.
    "Thank you so much!" Ritchie bowed.
    "It was nothing," Professor Birch replied. "Now, May, I think it's time you choose your first Pokémon."
    "Your first Pokémon?!" Ritchie exclaimed.
    "Here we go again..." Feodor murmured.
    "First up, Treecko!" Professor Birch released a lizard-like creature with yellow eyes, a green tail, a red stomach/jaw, and lime everywhere else.
    "So is it a water type?" Ritchie suddenly asked.
    "No, it's a grass type," Feodor corrected, staring at the Treecko, who in turn was staring at May and Ritchie.
    "It's creepy!" May and Ritchie exclaimed in unison.
    "No, it's not," Ash retorted, smiling at the Treecko that suddenly looked at him. "This guy just wants some attention, don't you? Zyljonov is just like that sometimes," He added while brushing its tail. The Treecko smiled, happy that someone is actually giving him time. Zyljonov blushed and grunted.
    "Next, Mudkip!" Professor Birch released a blue fish-like Pokémon with orange appendages at its cheeks and one big white fin.
    "Now that's a water type!" Ritchie deduced, Feodor nodding in approval.
    "Yeah, but that Mudkip won't do a single thing I asked it to do!" May complained.
    "How can that little thing cause any harm?" Ritchie said, tickling the Mudkip by its stomach.
    "The two of you are really fond of Pokémon, aren't you?" Professor Birch asked the two.
    "Been with them for 5 years already," Feodor said.
    "Last but not the least, Torchic!" Professor Birch released a very cute chick-like Pokémon with yellow wings, beak, and feet. When it was released, the little Pokémon hopped to May's side and started cuddling her leg. "I like this Pokémon! I'll take it!" May declared happily, carrying the small Pokémon and petting it.
    "With proper training, you can be an even better Pokémon trainer than your father!" Professor Birch exclaimed.
    "That seems like a great goal to work on!" Ritchie agreed.
    "Yeah, hahahaha," May sweatdropped. "I'd give up Pokémon any day just for a trip around the world," she muttered.
    "What's that, May?" Feodor asked, hearing everything she said.
    "I mean, I wouldn't trade it for the world!" May corrected.

    "My bike..." May sighed, looking at her ruined bicycle. "It's all that Sparky's fault, I've got a bone to pick with 'em!"
    She then re-entered the lab and went to Ritchie's room. But when she went inside, she saw a scene that broke her heart.
    Sparky was lying on the human bed, its chest moving back and forth, while Ritchie was sleeping at one side of the bed, seemingly having a nightmare about losing his best friend.
    "The bond between Pokémon and trainer, you know, da~? But of course, you're not a trainer, da~" May jumped as she heard the voice of Feodor behind her.
    "Don't scare people like that!" May exclaimed, waking Ritchie and Sparky up.
    "What's happening?" Ritchie asked.
    "I 'scared' her," Feodor commented dryly, using his hands to make quotation marks.
    "I'm May, by the way," May suddenly introduced. "May Maple, from Petalburg City."
    "I'm Ritchie Jhotan, I come from a place in Johto," Ritchie replied.
    "I'm Ash Kras- I mean, Ketchum, from Kanto," Feodor lied.
    "Nice to meet you both!" May exclaimed.
    "Oh, you're awake!" Professor Birch said as he looked inside the room. "May, Ritchie, Ash, I want to give these to you," he added, giving the three new Pokédexes, Pokéballs, and travel guides.
    "Thanks!" the three said.

    "Now, if you are signing up for the Hoenn League, the closest place with a Pokémon Center where you can do that is in Oldale Town," Professor Birch's assistant said.
    "Oh, what a long way," May dramatized. "It's gonna be hard without a bike, because of YOUR Pikachu, Mister!" she added, pointing accusingly at Ritchie, who was sweatdropping. "Now, there must be an easier way, oh I know, we can go together! I happen to know the way there, it's fine, really!"
    "Umm, o-okay," Ritchie stammered, not knowing WHAT just happened. He was even more mystified when May looked away, pumped her fist and said 'yes'.
    'What is happening?' Sparky asked Torchic, who was beside him.
    'I don't know, but I'm still happy anyhow!" Torchic replied with many happy 'chic's. Sparky just sweatdropped.
    "I'll join you too," Feodor declared, patting May on her head (yes, he's a foot taller than May now). "I need to keep these kids out of trouble, da~" he added coyly.
    "Great idea! You three can look out for each other!" Professor Birch declared.
    So Feodor, Ritchie, and May started their journey in the Republic of Hoenn together, the start of a new adventure.

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