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Fanfiction Pokemon Lightning Yellow

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by WavePearl, May 10, 2022.

  1. WavePearl

    WavePearl Believer in Possibilities

    Level 42
    Nov 22, 2012
    (rated E10+ for fantasy violence and frightening images)

    At long last, I'm resuming my anime remix series by going back to where it all began--OG Kanto.

    Be warned--this is not quite the same anime you remember, and not quite the same games you remember!

    Episode 1: A Yellow Morning Comes (part 1)

    A yellow morning comes, and it sparkles like the sun
    I don't think that I, ever will, forget its simple beauty
    All this light from the heavens raining down--


    "Yeah, Dad?" a black haired boy asked as he pressed PAUSE on the small blue CD player he had been listening to while half heartedly watching the battle between a Gengar and a Nidorino raging on the TV.

    A black haired man made his way into the room and sat down on the bed by his son. "Is everything okay? Your mom's worried because usually you're in bed by now..."

    "It's just...I can't sleep, Dad." Ash explained. "I'm so excited about leaving tomorrow on my own Pokémon journey, and maybe prove myself as the Pokémon Master."

    "Well, every Pokémon Master--and Mistress, too--had to start somewhere." the man replied. "They didn't get to the top overnight--they practiced with their Pokémon, they met new friends, battled terrifying foes, overcame many challenges, and even made a few mistakes on the way. But through it all, they never gave up." The Nidorino ramming the Gengar on the TV punctuated his point. "No matter what happens on your journey, Ash, know that your mom and I will always be proud of you...you have the drive and the courage to go all the way to a Pokémon Master. But have you thought about what it really means to be a Pokémon Master?"

    Ash froze as he pressed STOP on his CD player. "Well...they've met every Pokémon, including Legendaries?" he asked.

    "Not quite--quantity of Pokémon does not necessarily a Pokémon Master make." Ash's father cautioned. "Some Masters only owned a few Pokémon, and they were revered as being some of the greatest trainers of their day."

    "I know, we studied many of them in history class." Ash replied, sighing nostalgically about a memorable lecture.

    "What sets apart a Pokémon Master from the rest is how they treat their Pokémon." Ash's father explained. "They understand Pokémon are living creatures at heart, and so treat them with dignity and respect, not as tools to batter opponents into submission."

    "Tell that to Gary..." Ash muttered.

    Ash's father just smiled. "That reminds me...even if you do cross paths with Gary on your journey, do not stoop to his level. a Pokémon Master treats everyone, even sworn enemies, with respect."

    "I guess there's more to being a Pokémon Master than just winning the League medallion..." Ash mused.

    "That's right--travel to other regions, enter their Leagues, and earn their medallions too." Ash's father grinned. "But remember that on your way to the top, you will likely lose a few times. While it does hurt to lose, remember that losses have lessons to be learned from them, even if you lost due to situations beyond your control."

    The TV remote got his attention as Ash put away his CD player into his bag and gathered a few more supplies. "Although if you must watch TV this late, you could watch this." With that, he changed the channel, displaying Professor Oak on a plain somewhere talking about the native Pokémon of Kanto.

    Ash turned to look back as his father turned to leave. "No matter what, I will make you and Mom proud!" he smiled back, a new confidence welling up in his heart. "I hereby declare to the Pokémon of the world...I will be the greatest Pokémon trainer...the greatest Pokémon master...of all time!"

    Ash's father just chuckled at his son's triumphant pose. "At any rate, you'd best get to bed...you don't want to be late to get your first Pokémon, do you?"

    "Course not!" Ash replied as he changed into his pajamas for the night.


    "Glancing behind her, she saw what looked like a black cloud that was fast gaining on them. So she invoked the sapphire--Rou iitsa ron selga vichii..." sang the brown haired boy with tanned skin on Ash's PokeNav screen, making a prop sapphire glow in response to his voice.

    "Watching all the Brock stories you have one last time before you leave, champ?" Ash's father smiled as he arrived.

    "Not all of them--I woke up early to finish packing, and decided to watch my current favorite while I waited for you guys to get up." Ash replied as he stopped the video and stashed the PokeNav in his bag, in between a few whistles and some camping gear.

    "Just remember that Brock is also your first opponent on the road to the League--and he takes his battling as seriously as he does his performances." Ash's father cautioned as Ash quickly got dressed.

    "My little boy...I never dreamed this day would come so quickly." Ash's mother smiled while choking back tears at the same time. "You've grown up so much..." she started as she readied a camera to take a picture.

    "Wait!" Ash paused to grab a familiar red cap with a black L-like design on a white background from the hat stand and put it on. "Okay, take all the pictures you want, Mom!"

    He patiently posed as the camera flashed, then made his way downstairs for a quick breakfast.


    After bidding his parents farewell one last time, Ash made his way to the familiar lab that made Pallet Town famous. He'd visited there many times, both on his own and with friends, and the windmill made it easy to spot among all the other buildings in town.

    A few other trainers had arrived to receive their first Pokémon, but Ash winced when he saw a spiky brown haired boy waiting at the table filled with Poke Balls. Gary...do not stoop down to his level...do not stoop down to his level...

    He noticed a particular Poké Ball that had star stickers on it, making it stand out from the many others that held either a Bulbasaur, a Charmander, or a Squirtle. I wonder what kind of Pokémon's in there? he wondered. A Legendary, maybe? Or a rare Pokémon from a different region?

    "Gramps, I'm fed up with waiting!" the spiky haired boy whined, snapping Ash back to reality.

    "Just be patient, Gary, you'll get a Pokémon too." the professor assured Gary as he continued passing out Poke Balls to the other trainers in line. Although a few wisps of brown peeked through Prof. Oak's dull gray hair, he still had an air of youthful wisdom and kindness as he handed out Poke Balls.

    Before long, it was Ash's turn to approach the table--most of the other early risers had left, but most trainers would not arrive until later in the morning.

    He looked over the hundreds of Poke Balls lying on the table, but he kept coming back to the Poké Ball with star stickers. Something special had to be in there, he thought. If its not a Bulbasaur, a Charmander, or a Squirtle, then what is it?

    Prof. Oak noticed Ash studying the hundreds of Poke Balls. "If you're curious, Ash, that starry Poké Ball is one I saved especially for you...so go on and take it."

    "Thanks!" Ash smiled, and reached out for the starry Poké Ball...

    "What about me?" Gary's question startled him.

    "I'll give you one later, okay?" Prof. Oak assured Gray before motioning to Ash.

    But before Ash could take the starry Poké Ball, he gasped as Gary snatched it off the table. "Hey!"

    "This Pokémon's mine now, Ash!" Gary smirked, tossing the Poké Ball from hand to hand.

    Tears welled up in Ash's eyes--Prof. Oak had said the starry Poké Ball was his, and now Gary, his self proclaimed rival, had taken it?

    "Don't think cryin's gonna make me give it back." Gary continued taunting Ash. "I have this Pokémon now--deal with it."

    Ash growled at he tried to restrain himself from shouting a comeback at Gary. "No, Ash...he wants you to shout a witty comeback, and you'll just be arguing all day...do not stoop to his level." he reminded himself as he wiped away his tears of anger and composed himself.

    "Ash...come over here, please." Prof. Oak snapped him back to reality.

    Ash hurried over to the professor's desk as Prof. Oak unearthed another Poké Ball from a drawer. "Another secret Pokémon? What's in there?"

    "This is a Pikachu I caught earlier this morning." Prof. Oak explained. "It seems to dislike being confined, so it may be happier just walking by your side."

    With that, he heaved the Poké Ball skyward, making a small yellow mouse with a thunderbolt tail materialize on the desk. "Pikachu!" it smiled at Ash.

    "Hello!" Ash replied. He reached out to pet the mouse, but it charged a warning spark. "Okay, okay, I won't pet you right now..."

    Professor Oak offered Ash a small red device and a string of five Poke Balls. "Here you go...five empty Poke Balls, and the latest edition of my portable Pokémon encyclopedia--the Pokédex. This one is named Dexter."

    Interested, Ash pointed Dexter at the yellow mouse before him:

    "Pikachu, the mouse Pokémon. It has small electric sacs on both its cheeks. If threatened, it looses electric charges from the sacs."

    "Let's see...what am I gonna name you, Pikachu...." Ash thought.

    A memory of one of Brock's Low Galarian songs gave him an idea. "Tintri!"

    "Pika!" The Pikachu smiled.

    "An interesting choice--a short misspelling of the Low Galarian word for 'lightning', tintreach." Prof. Oak replied. "I hope you'll take care of him."

    "I will, Professor!" Ash smiled before smiling at his new Pikachu. "Ready to go on an adventure, Tintri?"

    [You bet! You seem like a nice human, too.] Tintri replied.

    He was about to depart the lab with Tintri when he heard Gary say "What's the hurry, Ash? Let's check out our Pokémon! No sense in just waltzing out the door without seeing how powerful they are!"

    "Is that a challenge?" Ash snapped back.

    "Yeah...I challenge you!" Gary replied.

    "If you two are going to battle, I'd prefer you did it somewhere away from the lab." Prof Oak interrupted. "I don't know what I would do if any of my research was lost due to a careless battle."

    Gary just sighed. "Fine...battle on the town square in five minutes. Be there, or be square."
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  2. WavePearl

    WavePearl Believer in Possibilities

    Level 42
    Nov 22, 2012
    Episode 2: A Case of Deja Chu

    "Thanks for agreeing to ref for us, sis." Gary smiled as a dull brown haired girl colored in two halves of a large chalk Poké Ball on the pavement. While it wasn't the sleek red and blue arenas of Gyms and Indigo Plateau, the huge chalk Poké Ball would do for a makeshift arena.

    "Nice arena, Daisy." Ash agreed as he and Tintri took his place on the red half of the chalk drawing, quieting the murmuring onlookers.

    Once all was quiet, Daisy announced "Representing the Red side, Ash Ketchum and Tintri!"

    [Do all arena referees make such a big show out of a battle?] Tintri asked as some of the crowd cheered.

    "Not all of them, but many of them do to hype up the crowd." Ash replied as he heard the other half of the crowd cheer for Gary and a small brown fox Pokémon staring him down from the Blue side of the makeshift arena.

    He decided to quickly read up on his opponent:

    "Eevee, the evolution Pokémon." Dexter began. "It has the ability to alter the composition of its body to suit its surrounding environment."

    "Hello? Red side, are you ready?" Daisy's voice snapped him back to reality.

    "As I'm ever going to be..." Ash sighed.

    "Blue side ready?" Daisy asked as she hung a referee's whistle around her neck.

    "Let's do this!" Gary smirked, to laughter and cheers from his supporters.

    "And three...two...one..." Daisy counted down before blowing her whistle to start the battle.

    The whistle made Tintri spark in surprise, making him narrowly miss being Tackled by Gary's Eevee. [Boy, those little silver thingies are loud!] he grumbled as he composed himself.

    "That's just how they start every battle, so you'll have to get used to it." Ash explained. "Now, counter with a Thundershock!"

    [Hi-YAAAAAAA!!!] Tintri cried as a tiny thunderbolt went flying at the Eevee. Not one to be deterred, the Eevee whapped Tintri with its tail, sending Tintri flying backwards.

    "You okay?" Ash asked as Tintri gingerly got up.

    [That's gonna hurt in the morning...] Tintri replied. [Mankey see, and Mankey do!] he taunted before Tail Whipping the Eevee back.

    [Arrr!] The Eevee growled. [Not so high and mighty now, pipsqueak!]

    [YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!!] Tintri screeched as he unleashed a more powerful Thundershock, overwhelming the Eevee enough to make it faint.

    Gary, meanwhile, was unfazed by the swirly eyed Eevee at his feet. "Not bad, not bad." he grinned. "But next time, you'll need more than beginner's luck to save you!"

    He turned back to look at Ash. "Until then, smell ya later!"

    [Good riddance...] Tintri grumbled. [Can we leave on our big adventure now?]

    "Yes, let's go." Ash replied as he too turned to leave to the cheers of his own supporters.

    Later, somewhere on Route 1...

    [Has that Gary jerk always been like this?] Tintri asked as he and Ash made their way down Route 1 later that afternoon.

    "Somewhat--as our tenth birthdays drew near, he became more and more cocky and Mr. Better than You." Ash explained as he led Tintri underneath a tree by a river and removed the headphones he had been listening to through his PokeNav. "But I was always told you'll get further on kindness and respect than arrogance and cockiness."

    [Like the professor always said, 'pride goes before a fall'] Tintri agreed.

    Ash smiled. "You seem to be pretty friendly for not being fully tame yet..."

    [That's because I think I've seen you before...] Tintri explained. [Back when I lived in the wild.]

    A thought occurred to Ash. Could it be? The same Pichu I saw at summer camp with Serena four years ago?

    He smiled at his Pikachu companion. "Come to think of it, I may have seen you before too..."


    In Ash's memory, a young Ash dashes downstairs to show his parents a poster. "Mama! Daddy! Prof. Oak is hosting a Pokémon summer camp this year! Can I go? Please?"

    "What do you think, hon?" Delia asks as Taran takes a sip of his morning coffee. "Do you think Ash is ready to be away from home for two weeks?"

    "I think so..." Taran smiles. "With Prof. Oak and Serena there, Ash should be in good hands."

    "Serena is gonna be there too? Young Ash gasps. "YESSSS!!!!"

    Taran can't help smiling as Young Ash dances across the kitchen floor. "We'll sign you up for camp, sport. Your mom will get you up that day, since I have to go into work early that morning."

    "Okay!" Young Ash smiles. "I'll send a gazillion pictures and postcards about everything Serena and me are doing at camp!"


    Meanwhile, in the forested outskirts of Pallet Town, Tintri--now as a Pichu-- observes his surroundings before being attacked by an Ekans! [YIPE!!!] Young Tintri yelps, using Thundershock to defend himself from the small purple and yellow snake Pokémon. The Ekans slithers away, leaving Young Tintri heaving with exhaustion.

    [After getting the Ekans off my back, I discovered that I was alone.] Tintri explains via voiceover as Young Tintri realizes this after glancing around the forest. Just then, a group of Koffing float by and unleash a sickening smell! [The Koffing gas left me so confused, I almost tumbled over a cliff to my demise.] Tintri continues as his younger self teeters over the edge of a cliff...only to land in a Kangaskhan's pouch, alongside the Kangaskub. [Luckily, a mama Kangaskhan was there to catch me...even though she gave me the heebie-jeebies at first, I soon became fast friends with her cub.] Tintri explains as we see the Kangaskub and Young Tintri each getting a Berry to enjoy.

    Several weeks later, Professor Oak's camp begins. Ash and Serena are two of the first to arrive, lovingly embracing each other before going inside Oak's Lab for cabin assignments.

    "Any luck finding a Flame Herald Charizard yet?" Young Ash asks as he and Young Serena share each other's collection of trading cards under a tree.

    "Not yet...I do have Pikachu the Courageous Storm from the new Jungle set, if you'd like." Young Serena offers.

    "Wow, you have the new Jungle cards!" another child gasps. "I'll give your friend my Flame Herald Charizard if I can have one of the Jungle cards!"

    "Really? You'd do that?" Ash smiles. When the girl nods yes, he beams. "Thank you!"

    The kids do not see Young Tintri watching the camp, its activities, and the trade for the cards in a bush. [Those pieces of paper must be valuable among the humans...] he smiles. [I'll have to tell Kankan about them later.]


    Later that evening, the campers, Young Ash and Young Serena included, gather in a covered stage pavilion. Young Tintri is in another bush with the Kangaskub, where they can see the stage. [This is it...the human gathering spot I told you about.] Young Tintri explains as Brock is welcomed to the stage to some applause from the campers. Young Ash and Young Serena are especially excited to see their favorite storyteller.

    [Why is this human so important?] Kankan wonders as Brock starts telling a tale on the stage. From their perspective, they can only hear the camper's giggles in response to Brock telling them that the king in his tale had never been fooled.

    [He's a storyteller.] Young Tintri explains. [Humans tell stories to teach their little ones about the world, why you should or should not do something, about brave heroes that killed dragon Pokémon and other monsters, about funny characters that use their wits to outwit a bad guy, and more.]

    [This one sounds like a funny story...] Kankan notes as he watches Brock knock "shave-and-haircut, two bits" on the stage floor to mimic the eldest brother knocking at the palace door, to some laughter.

    [I know...this black haired one is getting into it!] Young Tintri smiles, pointing out Young Ash and Young Serena howling with laughter over Brock feigning injury to show the eldest brother's failure. [In many human tales, it's the little one that passes the royal human's tests, and lives happily ever after.]

    [Would you want to travel with a human when you get bigger?] Kankan wonders.

    [Maybe...if I found a human as brave and as kind as that one.] Young Tintri replies before trying to make out what he can of the story...


    [The years passed, and Kankan and me grew up together.] Tintri explains. [One night, the Kangaskhan herd took shelter from a rainstorm in a cave, but I saw that Kankan's mama was having trouble carrying both of us.] We see Young Tintri struggling not to fall from the wobbly pouch as Mama Kangaskhan walks. [I tried to jump out to lighten her load, but Mama Kangakhan couldn't bear to leave me behind.] We see Mama Kangaskhan gently put Young Tintri back in the pouch. [That night, I made my choice--it was time for me to go forth into the world, and seek my own fortune,]

    That night, as the Kangaskhan sleep, Young Tintri leaves his adoptive mother's pouch, takes a moment to observe his family as they sleep, and tearfully ventures outside. Grateful for their kindness and company, Young Tintri is surrounded in light, evolving into a Pikachu. Tintri is initially startled by his reflection before twirling around in excitement. Tintri waves goodbye to his adoptive family and departs before the scene swirls back to the present...


    [Oak caught me not long after that...and here we are, after all this time!] Tintri finally concluded his story some time later. [I knew it was you from the sparkle in your eyes.]

    Ash smiled. "Well, welcome aboard, Tintri. Call it fate, call it an act of Arceus, call it luck, or call it something else, but you are mine and I am yours now. No power in heaven and earth can tear us apart!"

    Tintri nodded as Ash started building a makeshift camp. [Friends to the end.]
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