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Fanfiction Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Shining Diamond

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by AkiaraChan, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. AkiaraChan

    Level 2
    May 28, 2018
    Poké Ball ★Thunder Stone ★★★
    A Houndoom stares quietly at the diamond that held a certain power, that could destroy the world. The Houndoom smirked and used flamethrower on the Pokémon surrounding the diamond, shouts and cries of pain and shock was heard as the fire/dark Pokémon instantly took this time to steal the diamond and leave, unseen. "The diamond!" A Pokémon shouted in fear and shock, "Damien!!!!!!" An Archen screamed, the Houndoom's real name, knowing he was long gone. The said Houndoom ignored the scream of his name, he placed the diamond right in front of me, "I'll send the power free, nobody can stop me." Damien said smirking, as he picked up the diamond once more and placed it in his bag, that he was wearing.

    During the time this was happening, an Eevee was shown, fainted beside an old oak tree. The young Eevee groaned quietly, which caught a Pikachu's attention, the Pikachu ran over and shook the Eevee, "Hey, are you okay? Wake up!" The Pikachu said, the Eevee groaned quietly but opened their eyes, and got onto their paws. The Eevee's eyes widened when they noticed the Pikachu, "Are you alright? I saw you fainted beside the grandfather oak tree." The Pikachu asked worried, "Y-You can talk?!" The Eevee asked in shock. The Pikachu sweatdropped, "Of course we do, you're a talking Eevee." They said, the normal type Pokémon looks down and noticed brown paws, "I'm an Eevee?!" It cried out in shock and horror. The Pikachu stared confused. "I-I'm supposed to be a human!" The Eevee murmured, this shocked the Pikachu, "You're a human, but you're a Pokémon!" The Pikachu said in shock.

    The Eevee shook their head, "The only thing that I remember is that I'm a human, and my name is Zoey..." The Eevee now named as Zoey, said. The Pikachu blinked a couple of times and slowly nodded, noticing that it didn't tell Zoey their name, "Oh, also, I'm Bolt." The Pikachu named, Bolt, greeted. Zoey looked at Bolt, taking in his appearance, he totally looked like a Pokémon. Zoey wondered if she was going crazy, like as if she was in a dream, but she could tell that this wasn't a dream at all. "Hey, look their guys, it's Bolt, the little cry baby!" A voice called out making Bolt flinch as he turned around noticing his bullies, which were a Meowth, and a Buizel. Zoey went to stand beside Bolt, her eyes narrowing at the two new Pokémon. She felt bad for Bolt, nobody earns to be bullied. "Oh look, he has an Eevee as his bodyguard, a cute Eevee as well." The Meowth said, Zoey frowned at Meowth before glaring. Bolt was trying to keep his eyes down, hating the fact, he was getting bullied in front of Zoey, Buizel suddenly grabbed the scarf he was wearing, "H-Hey, give that back!" Bolt cried out. "Give him his scarf back!" Zoey said angrily.

    The Meowth and Buizel looked at each other before darting off to a cave. Bolt's eyes watered, so Zoey nudged him gently with her head, "We'll get it back, I promise." Zoey said softly, Bolt nodded. "R-Right." He said agreeing, "That means we have to go through, MoonStone Cave, to reach Buizel and Meowth." Bolt replys, this confused Zoey, but nodded. "We'll get it back, and show them not to mess with you!" She said, Bolt laugh softly at Zoey's personality and nods it agreement. He knew that he could trust Zoey, and Zoey felt the same. They could trust each other.

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