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Fanfiction Pokemon Storm Gray

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by WavePearl, Sep 18, 2020.

  1. WavePearl

    WavePearl Believer in Possibilities

    (Shaymin (Sky))
    Level 31
    Nov 22, 2012
    (rated E10+ for fantasy violence)

    After a bit of a hiatus (and burnout from Shine Diamond), the Pokémon Anime Remix Project resumes with my imagined Unova remix.

    Be warned--this is not quite the games you remember, and not quite the anime you remember!

    Prologue: The Way to Unova

    Ash raced into his room, grabbed his bag off of his bed, and rummaged through it to check if he had everything he needed for his upcoming journey. "Let's see...updated global passport, check...PokePass for Tintri, check...global traveler ID, check, plane tickets, check, PokeNav has global expansion chip, check...PokeNav has plenty of memory for pictures and video, memory cards for picture and video transfer and upload...Pokeflute, whistles, and my harmonica in case we wanna jam somewhere..."

    He smiled as he reached for a red and white hat with a blue Poké Ball design on it. "And of course, my hat..." he smiled as he plopped the hat onto his messy black hair. "We're ready to go, Tintri!" he grinned at a yellow mouse Pokémon. "Unova, here we come!"

    [I'm excited too, especially about the Pokémon that live there.] Tintri agreed. [I wonder what the local Electric type is...]

    "I'm excited to see all the Water Pokémon Unova has to offer..." Misty agreed as she met Ash in the hallway. "Especially seeing Swannas in their native land..."

    "...and I'm excited to find out what kind of lore and music Unova offers." Brock agreed as he too arrived in the large living room of the Ketchum house. "That, and Tarina's been talking non-stop about taking in as many plays and concerts as we can find." He let that hang as he invited a smaller yellow mouse Pokémon wearing a red cloak and a matching hat with a white plume on his shoulder.

    Misty smiled as she saw a familiar well loved guitar case as part of Brock's luggage. "Wouldn't be a trip to a new region without you bringing a guitar along..."

    "How else could I learn some of the local folk songs?" Brock smiled back before making sure the black fedora complimenting his black, green, and orange outfit looked presentable.

    "Finish getting ready, gang--Prof. Oak's here to take us to the airport.' Delia reminded the group from the foyer.

    "Right!" Misty smoothed out the wrinkles in a sparkling pale blue T shirt and Ash checked himself over in a mirror.

    Delia noticed Ash's hat was slightly askew, so she gently nudged it into place. "There you go--now you're all beautiful, champ."

    "Thanks--we'll be right out!" Ash assured his mother before gathering up his luggage and leading the way outside.

    He balked when he saw Prof. Oak wearing a shirt with a colorful flower print design. "Uh, Professor? What's with the Alolan flowery shirt?"

    "Aren't you going to be doing field work while we're in Unova?" Delia was equally concerned about Prof. Oak's choice of outfit.

    "Of course--but I'll have plenty of free time in between all the conferences, lectures, and seminars." Professor Oak assured Delia as Taran arrived with more luggage.

    "As tempting is it might be, try not to annoy Prof. Oak with '99 Bottles of Juice on the Wall', okay?" Taran reminded Ash. "The airport's not that far away."

    Ash just grinned at his father. "We don't have far to go, so I doubt we'll have time to even sing along with the radio." With that, he climbed in the car.

    [What kind of music do they have in Unova?] Tarina asked as Brock followed Ash into the car. [and what else can trainers do besides Gyms and badges?]

    "According to this, if a trainer feels the call of the stage rather than the Pokémon League, then a trainer can take part in the Pokémon Musical." Brock read from a brochure as Misty and Taran joined him and Ash in the back seat.

    He showed Tarina a picture of humans and Pokémon in ornate costumes dancing on a stage as Delia joined Prof. Oak in the front. "Human and Pokémon work together to bring some of the world's greatest stories, plus some original tales inspired by folklore, to the stage. While there are theaters all across Unova, the most famous location for any theater or Musical fan is Nimbasa City's Trinity District."

    [Looks beautiful!] Tarina smiled, picturing her master on a stage as Prof. Oak started the car.

    Brock turned the page, then showed Tarina a picture of girls in beautiful costumes acting out a scene. "A variation on the Pokémon Musical is the Pokémon Revue--while boys can compete in the main Pokémon Musical, the Pokémon Revue is for girls only."

    [How can a girl play a boy?] Tarina wondered.

    "Remember seeing 'Peter Pan' at the Fireside a few months ago?" Brock reminded Tarina as the car arrived on Pallet's main street. "That's an example of a girl playing the role of a boy. The Pokémon Revue is that on a much bigger scale--where girls play all the parts, including boy roles."

    [Interesting...] Tarina mused. [Is there some kind of Revue troupe we can see while we're in Unova?]

    Brock read a little further down the next page. "One of the most famous Revue troupes outside of Kanto and Johto is the Melody Revue, based in Nimbasa City's Trinity District." he read. "The troupe is itself divided into eight sub troupes, each one named for a flower, and specializing in a specific type of play."

    Tarina grew starry eyed at a picture of a girl with wavy black hair in musketeer garb on the page. [She's beautiful...and brave!]

    "Do you know who that is?" Prof. Oak asked Tarina as he focused on the road. "That is Christine Mendoza, the star performer of the Melody Revue's Peony Troupe. They say any performance she's in is not to be missed!"

    Tarina nodded. [I hope we get a chance to see her and her friends while we're in Unova...]

    She noticed planes arriving and taking off from the car window. [I see planes!]

    Brock smiled. "In order to get to Unova, we have to ride on a plane. It's much farther than anywhere you've been so far."

    "In fact, the Pokémon native to Unova cannot normally be found in any other region." Prof. Oak explained as he pulled up to a curbside drop-off.

    "Now I REALLY can't wait to find out what Unova has to offer!" Ash smiled as the car came to a stop.

    He smiled as his parents and his companions. "Just think, we'll be seeing Pokémon and places no one in Kanto has ever seen before!"

    To Be Continued...
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  2. WavePearl

    WavePearl Believer in Possibilities

    (Shaymin (Sky))
    Level 31
    Nov 22, 2012
    Episode 1a: In the Light of Reshiram! (part 1)

    Now arriving at Nuvema International Airport--local time is 1:00 PM. the intercom announced as the plane elegantly descended towards the water. Please make sure your Pokémon and belongings are accounted for, and take small children by the hand...

    "Wake up, sport--we're here." His father's voice jolted Ash awake from a nap. "Hurry and get your stuff together."

    "Okay..." Ash yawned, more from the jet lag than being woken up. After sleepily gathering together his belongings, he felt a gentle thump as the plane touched down on the runway.

    "Et tu, jet lag?" Misty sleepily smiled as Ash followed his parents and Prof. Oak off the plane and inside the airport.

    "Yeah..." Ash replied as the group made their way to the baggage claim.

    "So, we're here...what would you like to do first?" Brock replied as he looked his guitar and archery gear over to make sure they had survived the flight intact.

    "Take a look around, and see the sights!" Ash replied as he too made sure his luggage had arrived in Unova in one piece.

    Once everyone had reunited with their luggage, the group made their way outside and onto a boardwalk. "Wow..." Ash gasped as he looked out at the pier, which seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see in both directions.

    But before he could hurry off to explore the boardwalk, he noticed his faithful Pikachu facing the water. "What is it, bud?" he asked as he watched a white spiraling cloud looming over the water.

    [I don't like the looks of that cloud...] Tintri explained as he studied the cloud, which was now swirling with crimson flames as it moved towards the pier. [No cloud I know of has fire inside. Lightning, sure, but fire?]

    An angry look formed on Ash's face as he watched the cloud approach. If there's something dangerous in there, I'm gonna warn it away before innocent lives are lost!

    With that, he turned his cap back, took a deep breath, and sang into the sky Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...
    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...

    Misty and Brock looked on in awe as Ash continued Katoradis favel siicletu edena...

    A blue protective aura surrounded him and Tintri as he sang the last line. Emusto koron zen fine, si...

    As the last "si" echoed into the clouds, a majestic white mammalian dragon-like Pokémon emerged from the fiery cloud. It looked down at the wheezing boy and his Pkachu in a glowing blue aura on the pier, smiled, then streaked skyward. The white streak created more fire, causing the center of the cloud to glow an exceedingly intense red.


    Meanwhile, a brown haired girl and a tiny lizard Pokémon emerged from a forest onto an overlook. She noticed the red clouds in the distance. "Blair! Blair, look at this!"

    "What is it, Whitlea?" the girl's partner, a brown haired boy, joined the girl and her Pokémon on the overlook.

    "Those clouds...could it be that Reshiram is here?" the girl asked.

    "It's possible...we'll have to get closer to know for sure." the boy replied. "Let's keep going--if Reshiram is here, someone with a strong sense of truth and justice is here. It would mean the world to Prof. Juniper if we could get pictures or video of one of Unova's guardians up close!"


    "Ash...you okay, sport?" Taran asked as he held his weary son in his arms with Delia looking on. "That was a brave, but risky thing you did..."

    "I'm...fine, you guys..." Ash wheezed. "Just very...tired..."

    I'm not surprised...even in the most skilled users, the Swanna Song still drains their strength. a gentle female voice began.

    Ash noticed the white dragon looking up at him as Taran set him down on a towel Brock had spread out on the pier. "Who are you?" he wheezed. "Friend...or foe?"

    I'm a friend, hero...I mean you and your family and friends no harm. the white dragon assured Ash as she healed him from the Swanna Song induced weariness. I foresee you and your companions will do many great things during your time here...if you need me, call me!

    With that, she fired a gigantic fireball into the sky before disappearing.

    Delia watched as Ash shakily stood up. "Ash...are you sure you're okay? That super song did take a lot out of you..." she let that hang as the clouds parted to reveal the sun again.

    "I'm fine..." Ash replied as he dusted himself off and welcomed Tintri aboard his shoulder. "Did you guys see anything inside that odd fiery cloud at all? I could've sworn I saw a Pokémon's shadow from within the clouds..."

    "All we saw was a large white cloud...you sure you weren't seeing anything?" Misty asked.

    "We all wish we could confirm or deny your sighting, but from our point of view, we only saw a large white cloud." Professor Oak assured Ash. "I'm sure that if we asked Prof. Juniper, the local professor here, she could help us solve this vexing mystery..."

    Just then, a light brown haired woman arrived to meet the group as they departed the boardwalk. "My apologies for running late, Sam--I had to help Fennel with a project before meeting you here."

    Prof. Oak smiled. "It's no trouble at all, Aurea. We have our own mystery to solve, but I'll tell you more once we get Ash, his family, and his companions settled."

    He made a grand gesture to the woman. "Everyone, this is my colleague Prof. Aurea Juniper. She may be, young but she's already made a name for herself in the scientific community."

    "Nice to meet you all." Prof. Juniper smiled before starting towards a beautiful metallic red SUV. "Let's head over to my lab--we can talk more there."


    Ash did the best he could to snap pictures of the local Pokémon from the back seat while still being restrained by the seat belt. "Any luck with some good shots?" Misty asked as she watched Ash settle into his seat to review the pictures.

    "Okay...I got this pretty shot of these deer looking Pokémon..." Ash explained as he showed Misty a picture of some grazing Deerling on a plain. "these gray bird Pokémon..." He swiped over to a picture of some Pidove. "...and these rodent looking Pokémon with big red eyes."

    He noticed Tintri's cheeks sparking before he could show Misty more pictures. "You okay, bud? I packed some Spark-eez, just in case..."

    "We can check your Pikachu over once we get to the lab, okay?" Prof. Juniper replied from the driver's seat. "If it is serious, a Pokémon Center's not far."

    "Okay!" Ash replied.

    Something occurred to Prof. Juniper as she focused on the road. "You all came from the Kanto region, right? I've been curious about the Pokémon that live there, and the culture..."

    She smiled at Prof. Oak. "You can tell me all about it back at the lab, okay?"

    "As a certified storyteller and folklorist, I wonder if there are any interesting folktales in Unova..." Brock mused. "This way I can perform them to audiences at home and elsewhere."

    Prof. Juniper thought for a moment. "Well, there is a tale here that explains why there is thunder and lightning...would like to start your lore gathering expedition with that?"

    "Please do." Brock replied as he found his new storytelling notebook labeled 'Tales from Unova' and flipped to the first page. "When you're ready." he assured Prof. Juniper as he found a pen.

    "All right..." Prof. Juniper began. "Once upon a time in what is today Unova, there lived a great sage. People rarely saw him, for he lived in solitude at the top of a mountain. Still, people talk, and so word spread that the sage possessed magical powers..."

    To Be Continued...
  3. WavePearl

    WavePearl Believer in Possibilities

    (Shaymin (Sky))
    Level 31
    Nov 22, 2012
    Episode 1b: In the Light of Reshiram! (part 2)

    "So, Prof. Juniper, are Pikachu rare in Unova?" Ash asked as Brock finished writing down Prof. Juniper's tale some time later.

    "Well, they have never been encountered in the wild out here..." Prof. Juniper replied. "But this is not to say you won't ever find them here."

    Ash watched as the SUV made an elegant turn past a lake. I will find all the Pokémon Unova has to offer... he silently vowed as he watched a flock of Swanna fly across the water.


    Later that evening, the group watched as Prof. Juniper studied Tintri's voltage levels on a monitor. "Hm...the data doesn’t show any discrepancies, The voltage levels are not consistent with an overload, but further tests are required...."

    Just then, one of Prof. Juniper's assistant arrived. "Forgive me for interrupting, Professor, but Blair and Whitlea are here."

    "Tell them to come on inside--I'll be with them momentarily." Prof. Juniper replied as she made a few notes on Tintri's condition.

    She explained "Blair and Whitlea are two local trainers who are never apart from each other for too long. Whitlea was due to start her journey last year, but she decided to wait until Blair got his first Pokémon, so they could go on their journey together."

    "That's sweet." Misty smiled as the group arrived in the lab's main hall, where a brown haired boy in a blue jacket and a red cap with a black Poké Ball design patiently waited. A brown haired girl in a white shirt, a black vest, and short jean shorts waited nearby.

    "Hello there, Blair and Whitlea..." Professor Juniper smiled as she met the two relatively new trainers in the lab's foyer. "Come on inside...your first Pokémon is waiting for you."

    "Thanks, Professor." Blair smiled as he followed Prof. Juniper and the group into the main research hall. "I've been looking forward to going on a grand adventure alongside Whitlea."

    Ash nodded. "I know that feeling...I was stoked the night before I became a Pokémon trainer, too.

    "Blair, Whitlea, these three are travelers from Kanto--Ash, Misty, and Brock." Professor Juniper explained.

    "Kanto, huh...is it true that modern skyscrapers rub shoulders with ancient temples?" Blair asked.

    Ash nodded. "You can walk down the old Indigo Trail and see a lot of temples, or take the Grand Theatrical Tour to learn about the traditional Gekijou theater--the ancestor to today's Pokémon Musicals."

    "Wow!" Whitlea was impressed. "Can you guys teach us some Kantonian?"

    "For the most part, people in Kanto speak English well--but it's always a good idea to have some survival Kantonian just in case." Ash suggested. "But we'll be happy to teach you some survival Kantonian on the road."

    "Now then...come on out, everyone!" Professor Juniper called, summoning a small red pig Pokémon with black ears, a small green lizard Pokémon, and a small blue otter Pokémon on a platform for Blair to see.

    Blair studied the three starters for a moment, then covered his eyes, pointing at each Pokémon as he spoke. "My mother told me to choose..."

    When he opened his eyes, he found he was pointing at the small pig Pokémon. "...Tepig."

    He smiled at Whitlea. "Besides, Whitlea's already got Snivy."

    "Okay...here are five Poke Balls and a Pokédex for you..." Prof. Juniper handed Blair a string of Poke Balls and a red and black cell phone-like device.

    "Wow...that's nicer than mine!" Ash gasped as Blair analyzed the Tepig with his new Pokédex:

    "Tepig, the fire pig Pokémon. It blows fire through its nose. When it catches a cold, the fire becomes pitch-black smoke instead."

    "Good to know." Blair smiled before pocketing the Pokédex and his Poke Balls. "I think I'll call you...Shukyu."

    "Shukyu?" Prof. Juniper was intrigued by the name.

    "I read somewhere that Shukyu was the name of an ancient Kantonian fire god." Blair explained.

    He embraced Prof. Juniper. "Thanks so much."

    "You're welcome--I wish you and Whitlea the best of luck." Prof. Juniper replied.

    "I'm gonna go back to my house and pack for the trip, okay?" Blair told Whitlea.

    "I'll meet up with you later." Whitlea replied as Blair departed.

    She then addressed the group. "So, do you have any burning questions about Unova, or want to see Sakura, my Snivy? I'll do my best to answer any questions you guys may have."


    "What are Gym matches in Unova like?" Ash wondered as he and Whitlea made their way to the lab's yard.

    "Just like most anywhere else with a Gym Challenge have to collect eight Gym Badges before they can compete in the Unova League." Whitlea replied.

    She was about to say more when she saw Tintri running through the grass to reunite with Ash. [I feel better now!]

    Excited, Whitlea consulted her own Pokédex:

    "Pikachu, the mouse Pokémon. It stores electricity in the electric sacs on its cheeks. When it releases pent-up energy in a burst, the electric power is equal to a lightning bolt."

    "Wow...cute and powerful." Whitlea smiled. "Is it okay if I can see your Pikachu battle? He can try his strength against Sakura, my Snivy."

    "Okay!" Ash replied.

    "Well go to the forest nearby--that way we don't risk shorting something in the lab." Whitlea suggested.

    "I'll referee." Brock volunteered as he and Misty followed Ash into a clearing...


    In the forest, an Oshawott gasped in surprise as a referee's whistle pierced the late afternoon calm. It watched in awe from a bush as Tintri rammed into Sakura with a Quick Attack.

    in the forested arena, Whitlea grinned as Sakura bounced back on her feet. "Sakura, Tackle the Pikachu!"

    Ash watched as Tintri rolled away from Sakura's attack, then jumped away from a Tackle coming from the other way. "Tintri, use Thunderbolt!"

    [OOF!] Tintri gasped as Sakura's attack knocked him to the ground.

    "And here I was getting all excited for nothing..." Whitlea smirked. "Is that all you've got?"

    Ash grimaced at Whitlea's taunt. "Hardly!" he shot back. "Tintri, show Whitlea the power of Volt Tackle!"

    "Sakura, use Leaf Tornado!" Whitlea called, spurring her Snivy to create a whorl of leaves.

    Both trainers braced themselves as Snivy and Pikachu collided in one last desperate attack. After a few tense moments, Brock's whistle pierced the air again. "White is unable to battle--Black wins!" Brock announced, making a grand gesture to Tintri walking away from Sakura, who was sprawled in a hole, completely unconscious.

    Whitlea hurried to collect Sakura. "Whoa...I must've underestimated your Pikachu!" she admitted.

    "When you've been together as long as we have, there's nothing we can't do." Ash smiled back. "Let's get back to the lab before it gets dark."


    As the sun sank over Nuvema Town, Misty noticed the white cloud from before. "It's that firey white cloud from before!"

    Everyone braced themselves as a fire tinged thunderbolt struck the lightning rod at the top of the lab...

    To Be Continued...
  4. WavePearl

    WavePearl Believer in Possibilities

    (Shaymin (Sky))
    Level 31
    Nov 22, 2012
    Episode 2: All There in Black and White!

    The group braced themselves for a massive storm. But instead of the fury of thunder and fire, the white clouds cleared, revealing blue sky once again. "That's odd...why did the clouds disappear as quickly as they appeared?" Delia wondered.

    "I wouldn't worry about it for now." Brock assured Delia. "Besides, Ash, Misty, and I will find answers soon enough."

    Delia nodded. "You're right...let's go back inside for now."


    That night, the group, Ash's family, and Prof. Oak joined Prof. Juniper and Fennel for a massive cookout. "This is great!" Misty raved as Prof. Juniper tended the burger patties and hot dogs simmering over the grill's hot coals.

    Ash located his father in the yard. "Dad...can I tell everyone something?"

    Taran nodded. "Go ahead--whatever you wanna say, we're here to listen."

    Ash nodded, stepped on a box overlooking the yard, then addressed everyone. "Everyone...I want to start a new adventure in Unova alongside Misty and Brock!"

    Cheers met Ash's request. "In addition to meeting new Pokémon and making new friends, I will be challenging the Unova League, and supporting Misty and Brock in whatever challenges they wanna try!"

    "A wonderful idea." Prof. Oak smiled as Ash stepped off the box. "You need not worry about everyone back at the lab--I'll make sure they are taken care of."

    "You'll take care of Ash, won't you, Tintri?" Delia smiled.

    "Yeah--make sure our hero and star performer is in top shape!" Taran agreed.

    [Leave it to me!] Tintri smiled.

    "As you three journey through Unova, be sure and tell me about any new Pokémon and discoveries you encounter." Prof. Oak suggested. "You'd be contributing to ongoing research on Unova, its Pokémon, and its culture."

    "Pokédex upgrade chip...." Prof. Juniper took Ash's Pokédex, then carefully inserted an upgrade chip. "There you go...now your Pokédex is up to date to the Unova region."

    "Thanks..." Ash smiled as he accepted his upgraded Pokédex.

    "And some Poke Balls, if you want to try catching some of the Pokémon here, too." Prof. Juniper next gave Ash a string of five Poke Balls. "Since you're on the Gym Challenge, your first stop is in Striaton City, which is north of here."

    "What about Blair and Whitlea?" Ash wondered. "Where are they now?"

    "You would do well to travel with Blair and Whitlea, as they are native residents of Unova." Prof. Juniper assured Ash. "They should be headed to Striaton themselves--so you could all go together!"

    Ash smiled. "If we find them on our own travels, we'll go with them for as far as they want us to go."


    The next morning, Ash's family and the professors met Ash, Misty, and Brock at the lab's front walk. "Be safe, Ash..." Delia hugged Ash. "We love you, and we'll be cheering for you every step of the way."

    "Good luck, sport--if you ever get homesick, we're only a phone call or e-mail away." Taran agreed as he embraced his son.

    "Love you guys...I promise I will make you proud!" Ash vowed to his beaming parents.

    "I'll keep you posted on the native Water Pokémon." Misty assured Prof. Oak.

    "And I'll be happy to share what the local stories and songs are like." Brock added. "I'll try to learn as many of them as I can."

    Prof. Juniper arrived with a card. "If you need to contact me or Fennel for any reason, here's our info."

    "Thanks!" Ash smiled as he stashed the card in his wallet for safekeeping.

    He looked back at his family and the professors one last time. "Well, we're off!" Cheers filled the air as Ash, Misty, and Brock made their way down the path towards a forest...


    As the group made their way down a trail in the forest, Ash spotted what looked like tents in a clearing. "I think I found Blair and Whitlea's camp!"

    "Oh, hi!" Whitlea smiled as she emerged from a blue tent with a white and black top. "If you're wondering where Blair is, he should be back with firewood soon."

    "You don't mind if we go with you for a while?" Ash asked. "We're both headed to Striaton City..."

    "Not at all--we'll show you the best ways to each city, and must dos at every place we stop." Whitlea assured Ash. "As far as we know, Striaton is the only Gym in the world where you'll have three opponents--Cilan, Chili, and Cress can be triple trouble for the unprepared..."

    "The matchups may be easy--Fire, Grass, and Water--but even though they are restaurateurs by day, you could end up being trainer flambe if you take them on one vs. three." Blair cautioned as he arrived with a pile of sticks.

    "Point duly noted." Ash replied as Blair built the sticks into a nice pattern.

    "Okay, Shukyu...start us a campfire!" Blair commanded his Tepig.

    [One campfire, comin' up!] Shukyu smiled as he heaved an Ember at the sticks, starting an inviting blaze.

    Tarina watched Blair heat up some meat, then motioned for Whitlea. [What can you tell us about the Pokémon Musical and the Pokémon Revue?] she asked, showing Whitlea the page in the guidebook depicting the dancing girls on the stage.

    "The Pokémon Musical and the Pokémon Revue have their own challenge, which can be done concurrently with the Gym Challenge." Whitlea explained.

    "But even though you will be performing some of the world's best loved stories as part of the challenge; performing is only part of what you must do." Blair cautioned as he tended the mixture of meat and spices. "in addition to performing alongside humans and Pokémon, stage challengers, or performers, battle each other on the Stage of Dreams, in what is called a Stage Battle."

    "Stage Battle? Sounds fun!" Ash smiled. "Is it okay if I can try my hand at a Stage Battle?"

    Whitlea nodded. "After we have lunch, I'll take you somewhere in the forest for a demo Stage Battle."

    To Be Continued...
  5. WavePearl

    WavePearl Believer in Possibilities

    (Shaymin (Sky))
    Level 31
    Nov 22, 2012
    Episode 3: Taking the Stage of Dreams

    Whitlea led Ash out to a large open clearing not far from the campsite. "Okay...Stage Battles, and their team variant of Revue Battles, are an important part of the Pokémon Stage Challenge, almost as much as the performances themselves." she began. "Part battle and part performance, the object of a Stage Battle is to shatter the Heart Jewel somewhere on the opponent's costume."

    "Costume?" Ash felt around him. "But, we're in our normal clothes..."

    "That's because we're not on the Stage of Dreams just yet." Whitlea explained.

    She next snapped to summon a beautiful purple and gold sword with a guard shaped like a pair of wings. "So, fellow performer from Kanto, do you wish to join me on the Stage of Dreams?"

    "W-w-what happens if I refuse?" Ash swallowed hard at the sword in Whitlea's hand.

    "Relax--this is only a prop, and not meant to hurt you." Whitlea assured Ash as she rendered a respectful salute with the sword. "Unlike Pokémon battles, a performer has the right and the choice to decline a Stage Battle without repercussion--all performers on the challenge are to respect a refusal once given. Failure to respect a refusal to take part in a Stage Battle is grounds for removal from the overall challenge."

    "That's a relief..." Ash smiled.

    Whitlea then repeated her challenge. "Fellow performer from Kanto, do you wish to join me on the Stage of Dreams?"

    "Yes!" Ash replied.

    "All right...next, we need to negotiate the terms of the battle before we go to the Stage of Dreams." Whitlea explained. "Since this is a friendly match between the two of us, there is nothing at stake here. But when you begin the challenge for real, you, Misty, and Brock will receive a bracelet called a Performer Brace. This is where you put the Star Jewels you earn from good performances. If you accept a challenge for a Stage Battle, you have the option to wager some Star Jewels."

    "So this would be like trainers betting Badges?" Ash guessed.

    "Not exactly..." Whitlea replied. "When you earn them, Badges are yours, no matter what happens. Star Jewels are both rewards and currency--it is possible for a performer to reach the Grand Musical with less than eight Star Jewels. But lose too many Stage Battles, and you may not be able to reach the Grand Musical at all."

    She went on "You can wager up to eight Star Jewels at once, and only those Star Jewels inside your Performer Brace. If both sides are putting every Star Jewel in their Performer Brace on the line, they are said to be 'wagering their entire Brace'. But since you don't have a Performer Brace yet, we'll skip this part."

    "Can Tintri go with me to the Stage of Dreams?" Ash asked.

    "Only if both sides agree to this." Whitlea explained. "Up to three Pokémon apiece can battle on the Stage of Dreams, as full teams can get very chaotic very quickly."

    "Since this is just practice, let's have it be just the two of us." Ash suggested.

    "All right--Tintri can still cheer from the audience." Whitlea replied. "The last step is to decide how long the battle will be--up to ten minutes."

    "Five minutes sounds feasible for a practice Stage Battle." Ash smiled.

    "Okay! We are ready to depart for the Stage of Dreams." Whitlea smiled.

    With that, she drew a white circle in the grass with the sword, sending both humans, the Pikachu, and the Oshawott from before falling into a black void...


    "OOF!" Ash landed on a smooth white surface some moments later. After feeling around him and confirming he was uninjured, he shielded his eyes for a moment as a spotlight appeared on him, revealing that he was in a familiar red, white, and gold musketeer's costume with a matching plumed hat. I know this outfit...this is my costume from when we last put on "The Three Musketeers" at the Fireside! I've become Rowan of the Red Flame!

    A wave of nostalgia washed over him as he drew an orange-yellow sword that evoked Moltres rising. This is definitely not the same sword I used in that play, though...this is different, yet it feels familiar...

    The clops of boots in the distance alerted him Whitlea had landed at the other end of the stage. When a spotlight appeared on Whitlea a few seconds later, she was now wearing an elegant navy and gold outfit, with matching lace up boots and a white and lighter blue cape to match. "Welcome to the Stage of Dreams, traveler." a tiny sprite Pokémon smiled as she brushed out her green music staff-like hair. "I am Capella--I'll be overseeing your practice Stage Battle. My fellow Meloettas will also oversee any Stage Battles and Revue Battles you actually perform on your journey."

    Ash saw that his Pokédex had come with him to this dimension, and read up on the sprite Pokémon overlooking the stage:

    "Meloetta, the melody Pokémon. The melodies she sings have the power to make those that hear them happy or sad."

    "That explains why they are referees for a Stage Battle..." Ash mused as he put away his Pokédex.

    "Now...the object of a Stage Battle is to shatter the Heart Jewel on your opponent's costume in the time limit you agreed to before." Capella explained. "If time expires and you both still have an intact Heart Jewel, the winner is the one that put on the better performance."

    Sounds easy enough... Ash mused as he rendered a respectful salute to Whitlea to signal he was ready.

    "Be aware...where the Heart Jewel spawns on your costume will be different every time a Stage Battle occurs." Capella cautioned, pointing out the heart shaped ruby on Ash's chest. "So sometimes it is well hidden on a costume, and sometimes it will spawn in a vulnerable location, forcing you to battle more defensively."

    "Got it." Ash replied. "I'm ready to try this."

    "Me too." Whitlea replied, rendering a respectful salute with a beautiful silvery blue sword.

    "All right...Ready?" Capella called. "Engage!"

    At this, an exciting melody from an unseen orchestra began as Ash and Whitlea charged at each other. Don't hesitate, this battle's just for practice... Whitlea sang as her blade and Ash's clashed.
    These swords are props, and won't do lasting harm....
    But I'm still going to give all I have,
    So do not fear, and do not be alarmed!

    I have come from afar to seek glory... Ash sang back in reply as he jumped away from a lunge.
    I won't back down, no matter what I'll face...
    Just as I've fought and won battles before,
    I'll win this one with style and grace!

    With that, he made an elegant jump, leaving a trail of flames behind him as he spun in the air. "RISING PHOENIX!!!"

    Whitlea braced herself as Ash streaked at her in a fiery blaze, then countered with a shining green shield. "VESPER JADE!!!!"

    Ash's attack only sent Whitlea sliding backwards, but dangerously close to the edge of the stage! "Careful--knocking an opponent off the Stage of Dreams will cause you to forfeit the battle." Capella warned as Whitlea charged back onto the stage, her eyes on the heart shaped ruby!

    A glint of green on Whitlea's costume snapped Ash to attention. There it is--Whitlea's Heart Jewel!

    [Come on, Ash! You can do it!] Tintri called from the audience.

    [Yeah, you've got this!] the Oshawott agreed as he munched on some popcorn, enthralled by the clash unfolding before him.

    Inspired by the cheering Pokémon, Ash aimed his blade at the pale green heart near Whitlea's chest as her shield wore off. As I wield my blade, I head into an unknown tomorrow...
    Facing new challenges with my friends by my side...
    Though evil may try to knock us down,
    We will stand up against it with pride!

    With that, he fired a red beam from his blade, shattering the pale green heart in a burst of fire as the unseen orchestra finished its song.

    Whitlea seemed unusually happy as she got up. "Wow...you must be a natural!"

    "Thanks..." Ash smiled. "Even though this was practice, I still treated it like a real battle."

    "That will serve you well in the Stage Battles ahead." Capella smiled. "Do you have any further questions before you two return to your world?"

    "What happens if I want Misty and Brock to battle with me?" Ash wondered as a portal appeared at stage right.

    "In a Revue Battle, the challenge is harder because you have to shatter all of the opposing team's Heart Jewels to win." Capella explained. "Teams also have Pair Acts and Team Acts in addition to Solo Acts. If even one team member is still standing with an intact Heart Jewel, the whole team wins even if some members were knocked out."

    Ash nodded as he and Whitlea stepped into the portal. "I look forward to returning here alongside Misty and Brock." he assured Capella.

    Capella nodded. "And thank you, for a wonderful practice Stage Battle. I believe you and your companions can go all the way to the Grand Musical."

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 4: The Rufflet Has Landed

    Misty and Brock watched as Ash, Whitlea, and the Pokémon materialized back in the forest clearing. "So? How did your first Stage Battle go?"

    "Exhilarating!" Ash smiled. "I can't wait for when we can do our first Revue Battle together."

    He noticed the Oshawott looking up at him. "Although this little guy joined Tintri in the audience..."

    He retrieved his Pokédex to read up on the tiny blue and white otter Pokémon as Blair and Whitlea departed:

    "Oshawott, the sea otter Pokémon. It fights using the scalchop on its stomach. In response to an attack, it retaliates immediately by slashing."

    "I see...that cockleshell is actually a blade of some kind..." Misty smiled. "Is it okay if I have him?"

    "Actually, I think he wants to be with me..." Ash replied as the Oshawott clambored on his shoulder.

    Tintri, meanwhile, balked at the Oshawott on Ash's shoulder. [Hey, that's MY spot! Go find a different spot!]

    [I was here first, so you find a different spot!] the Oshawott retorted.

    Brock was about to intervene when he watched Tintri fire a Thunderbolt, only for the Oshawott to counter with its scalchop! "HOLD EVERYTHING!" he called as the Thunderbolt disappeared into the sky with a crackle. "There's two shoulders, so why don't we sit on the other shoulder so Tintri can have his spot?" he suggested to the Oshawott. "There's no sense in fighting over one spot..."

    [You're right...] the Oshawott admitted before approaching Tintri. [Look, I'm sorry I took over your spot--will you let me have the other shoulder as my spot?]

    Tintri's angry look softened. [Okay--we'll each take a shoulder as a spot.]

    He offered a paw to the Oshawott. [Friends?]

    [Friends.] the Oshawott smiled as he and Tintri shook paws.

    "Well, if this Oshawott's joining the team, next is deciding on a name..." Ash mused before thinking for a moment. "How about...Kaitou?"

    "A beautiful name for a samurai-mon!" Misty smiled. "Very appropriate, since it can mean 'sea' or 'ocean'."

    Kaitou gave Misty a little bow. [I am honored to lend my scalchop to your noble quest, milady.]

    "Speaking of quests, let's get going to..." This was as far as Ash got before he realized he was about to fall in a pit! "WHOA!!!"

    He was surprised to discover he was hovering above the pit, thanks to a small bird Pokémon with a ruff of white feathers and a red plume on its forehead. "Thanks..." he sheepishly smiled as the bird Pokémon set him down on safe ground.

    "Careful, travelers--the wild Sandile in the area have dug out a lot of pits here..." a brown haired boy cautioned. "You're lucky that wild Rufflet saved you from falling in."

    Piqued, Ash read up on the bird Pokémon that had rescued him:

    "Rufflet, the eaglet Pokémon. "They bravely stand up to any opponent, no matter how strong it is. These frequent fights help them become stronger."

    "Is it possible Mr. Rufflet here actually keeps Sandile away..." Brock started before realizing the group had not asked the boy's name.

    "Dan, please." the boy smiled. "I help my dad run a spa resort hotel, although the spa isn't open right now due to all the Sandile. The star attraction is a hot sand pit, but ever since this Rufflet showed up, the wild Sandile have gotten all riled up."

    "That is weird." Misty mused.

    "Well, the best thing I know to do is to replicate what was going on the first time the Sandile started rampaging." Ash suggested. "Were the Sandile making trouble, or is there more to the story?"

    Dan smiled. "A great idea! If you'll follow the Rufflet, he can take you to our resort. I'll even let Dad know you guys are coming!"


    "Mm...this is heaven...." Misty smiled as the three companions relaxed in a row of sand tubs some time later."

    "This definitely ranks in the top five." Brock agreed as he kept a watchful eye on Tintri, Tarina, and Kaitou relaxing in Pokémon sized sand tubs. "How is it, everyone?"

    Before Tintri could answer, a Sandile emerged from a sand pit. [You again?] the Rufflet challenged. [Lay a claw on these Pokémon, and you're getting an Air Slash to the face!]

    [But I don't wanna hurt them!] the Sandile pleaded. [I've tried to tell you that you and your friends are all in very real danger, but you just chase us away! Will you please believe me?]

    The Rufflet's angry look softened. [If you'll show me that all the other Pokémon you and your cohorts took are safe, I'll believe you.]

    Ash sat up as the Sandile accepted the Rufflet's proposal. "It seems like the Sandile never meant any harm at all..."

    "Let's get dressed and follow them--just to be sure the Sandile keeps its word." Brock suggested, spurring the others to climb from the sand and return to the changing rooms.


    The group watched from a bush as the Sandile showed the Rufflet a wide array of Pokémon. [Here they are...they're all safe.]

    The Rufflet nodded, pleased that the Sandile told the truth. [I wonder...how are we all in real danger at the resort? What was it you were trying to save us from?]

    A rumble got Misty's attention. "I have a bad feeling about this..."

    "WHOA!!!" Ash gasped as he watched a geyser erupt where they had been minutes before.

    Dan watched as more and more geysers erupted from the sand. "I see... the Sandiles knew that this would happen, and so they tried to warn away all of the people and Pokémon so they would be safe. The Rufflet believed the Sandile were causing trouble...and here we are."

    Ash spotted Tintri in the crowd of Pokémon. "Let me get Tintri's side of the story..."

    [No, wait! Human boy, it's not safe!] the Sandile called.

    Ash watched in horror as massive geysers erupted around him. "Oh no..." he shuddered as the ground was surrounded by boiling hot water.

    Terrified Pokémon cries and crumbling rock spurred him to try and reach out and help the trapped Pokémon. I'm...gonna...try...and save you all...but I can't reach!

    The Sandiles noticed Ash desperately trying to reach out and help the Pokémon. [Come on, everybody! Let's give the human boy a helping claw!] one suggested.

    The Sandiles cheered as they hurried to bite each other's tails, creating a bridge back to safe ground! "Thanks, you guys!" Ash smiled as he dashed across the Sandile bridge to reunite with Tintri.

    He spotted the terrified Pokémon huddled at the edge of the newly created island. "Come on! I know the way to a safe place!"

    [Quickly! Before all you guys are burned in hot water!] Tintri agreed.

    For a while, the humans, the Pikachu, and the Oshawott worked quickly to bring the stranded Pokémon to safe ground. But just as the last few Patarats made their way to safety, the lead Sandile lost his grip on a crumbling rock! "Sandile down!" Brock called to Ash.
    Ash made a flying jump and held the lead Sandile close to his chest. "I've got you...it's okay..."

    Suddenly, another large geyser erupted dangerously close to the wobbly Sandile bridge, threatening to engulf Ash in boiling hot water! "I can't hold on...much longer..." he growled as he felt his fingers slipping off the Sandile...

    Misty raced over to where Ash was trying to hold on, and grabbed Ash's wrist. "I've got you...now don't let go!"

    Gatrandis favel, secret, edena... Ash desperately sang, making Misty gasp.

    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziss...

    Misty's and Brock's terrified looks turned to joy as a rainbow aura surrounded Ash, Tintri, Kaitou, and the Sandile bridge:

    Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
    Emusto koron zen fine, si...

    On the last "si", Ash, his Pokémon, and the Sandiles disappeared, reappearing in the brush moments later. "Whoa, what was that?" Dan gasped. "I thought something like that only worked on TV!"

    "Well, very few can actually use the Swanna Song for real." Brock explained as he tended to Ash. "But since it makes you very tired after using it, it's best to save it for a dire emergency."

    "And saving the Sandiles and his Pokémon counted as a dire emergency." Misty explained.

    Dan smiled. "Well, as thanks for all you've done, you guys will be the first to try out the hotel's new hot spring..."

    "I would be...honored..." Ash weakly smiled in his exhaustion. "Saving the day...can be hard work!" Everyone laughed in agreement, relieved Ash would be okay.

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 5a: We Will All Do Pokémon! (part 1)

    "What a day! We help someone out, and I get two more Pokémon for my new team in return." Ash smiled as he watched Tintri and Kaitou romping down the road ahead of him, as well as a familiar Rufflet on his shoulder. "His name will be Washi--Kantonian for 'eagle'."

    Misty nodded in approval of the Rufflet's new name. "Well, here's hoping Dan, his family, and the local Sandiles get along."

    Ash nodded back in agreement, but did a double take as the group emerged from the forest to find a sprawling city in the distance. "Wow! That has to be Striaton City! Maybe we can see if Cilan, Chili and Cress are as strong as Blair and Whitlea said they are!"

    "Hate to break it to you, but Striaton City is the next town over." Brock interjected, prompting Ash to sigh. "The good news is, there should be a Pokémon Musical theater here, so there's something we can try for."

    "Wonder if I'll finally get to do a Revue Battle or a proper performance with you guys..." Ash mused, now in a better mood.

    "Actually, when you get to a theater, you do a proper performance." a male voice explained.

    Ash whirled around to find Blair and Whitlea joining them on the path leading into the city. "Oh, hi! As you can see, I've gotten pretty popular with the local Pokémon."

    "I remember the Oshawott, but who's the Rufflet?" Whitlea asked.

    "I decided to name the Oshawott Kaitou..." Ash explained, gesturing to Kaitou. "...and this is Washi." The Rufflet happily spread his wings as Ash gestured to him.

    "Nice to meet you, Washi." Whitlea smiled.

    "If you're planning to take part in the Pokémon Musical, you need to head for that building right there." Blair pointed out a large green building in the distance, where a line was forming. "There are several different ways performances work on the Stage Challenge, but the two most common are the Star Musical, and the Speed Musical."

    "The Star Musical is your standard musical performance, no frills or gimmicks." Whitlea explained. "The Speed Musical is where you're given a role and have to play that role on the fly, with minimal rehearsal. You may not always have to sing in a performance, either."

    She looked at the theater's marquee as the group approached. "...and there's a Speed Musical going on today...care to give it a try?"

    "Would I ever!" Ash gasped, excited.

    "I'll be happy with any role you give me." Misty agreed.

    "Tell me the role, and I'll do my best to perform it, mistakes and all." Brock replied.


    Applause filled the theater as the Speed Musical began. "There was once a king and queen, who had three daughters." Brock, now in a majestic purple, red, and gold costume, began over the orchestra's overture. "The two eldest were twins—Homura and Sora—and their parents loved them dearly. They were beautiful and intelligent to be sure, but they were not very good in heart. The third princess was named Kiiro, and was three years younger than her sisters. She was beautiful, wise, and as kind as she was beautiful."

    Intrigued murmurs filled the theater as Brock continued over the orchestra "The light fairy Hikari was Kiiro's godmother, and this made her two sisters, Homura and Sora, very jealous. Some days after Kiiro was born, the king and queen sent her to the country, on a farm, to be nursed. Kiiro lived there happily for fifteen years without her parents coming, not even once, to see her. Every year they sent a little money to the farmer to pay for Kiiro's expenses, and asked some questions pertaining to her health and well-being, but they never came to see her nor cared about her education."

    The murmurs in the audience started to turn angry, but Brock assured the audience "Kiiro would indeed have been very rude and ignorant if her good godmother, the fairy Hikari, had not sent her teachers to teach her everything a princess needed to know. Kiiro learned to read, write, do math and build things. She also became an accomplished musician, knew how to draw, and spoke several languages. In fact, some said Kiiro was the most beautiful, attractive, friendly, and excellent princess in the world. She had never disobeyed her nurse or godmother, and therefore never needed to be disciplined. She did not regret her father and mother, as she did not know them, and she did not desire any other home than the farm where she had been so happy."

    He intoned as the long overture finished "It is there that our story begins..."

    The lights came up on a wavy haired girl in the role of Kiiro, sitting on a bench before the door of a farmhouse set, reading a novel. After a few tense moments, a boy in a laced hat and coat approached her. "Pardon me, good lady, but may I speak to the princess Kiiro?"

    The girl looked up from the book. "I am her, and she is me."

    "Then, princess, be graciously pleased to receive this letter, which the king your father has charged me to deliver to you." the boy replied as he handed the girl a fancy prop envelope.

    The girl took the letter, carefully opened it, and read "Dearest Kiiro: Your sisters are now eighteen years old and it is time they were married. I have invited princes and princesses from all the kingdoms of the world to come join us for a festival, which I intend to give in order to choose husbands for Homura and Sora. You are now fifteen years old and can properly appear at this festival. You may come and spend three days with me. I will send for you in eight days. I cannot send you any money for your room as I have spent plenty for your sisters; besides, no one will look at you. Come, therefore, in any clothes you wish. Regards, The King Your Father."

    After folding up the prop paper, the girl hurried into the house, where a dull blonde haired woman playing the nurse was tidying the kitchen area of the set. "I've received a letter from the castle--the king wishes me present at a great festival." she explained as she set the letter on the table.

    "Do you wish to go to this festival?" the woman asked as she sat down before the girl at the table.

    The girl nodded. "Yes, my good nurse, I am delighted and honored to be invited. I will enjoy myself and get to know my father, mother and my sisters, and then I will return to you."

    "But what will you wear?" the woman asked.

    "The beautiful robe of white satin that I always wear on holidays and festival days." the girl smiled.

    "That robe is suitable for the country, but would appear miserably plain at a party of kings and princes." the woman mused.

    "Why does it matter? My father himself has said that no one will look at me. This thought will make me much more at ease. I will see all and no one will see me." the girl assured the woman.

    The lights blinked over to Brock as the woman pantomimed sewing and ironing a white gown. "The nurse sighed, but started to mend, whiten and smooth Kiiro's white robe. The day before the king was to send for her, the nurse called her and said..."

    "Here is your dress for the royal festival." the woman began as she delivered the gown to the girl. "Be very careful with it, as I will not be there to whiten and smooth it for you."

    "Thank you so much." the girl smiled as she watched the woman pack the satin robe and white skirt, a pair of cotton stockings, black shoes, and a bouquet of flowers as a hair accessory.

    Moments before the woman closed the trunk, a light appeared in the window of the set as Brock started a familiar melody on his own harp, revealing Misty in a sparkly yellow fairy's costume. "Hikari!" the woman gasped.

    "You are going, then, to your father's court?" Misty asked the girl.

    "Yes, Hikari, but only for three days." the girl replied.

    "But what dress have you prepared for those three days?" Misty asked.

    "Look here!" The girl proudly showed Misty the white gown.

    Misty "flew" down to the gown. and laid her hands on it. "I wish that my dear Kiiro will create a sensation with her dress. This is unworthy of her."

    With that, she sang Seios, higarima laisido... making the gown and its accessories seemly transform into junk.

    Laughter went up at the girl's and the woman's shocked reactions. "In this manner do I wish my Kiiro to appear." Misty explained. You must dress yourself in all this, and to complete your ensemble, here is a necklace of nuts, a hairband of burrs, and bracelets of dried beans."

    More laughter went up as Misty gave the confused girl a hug, and disappeared in a flash of light and a harp flourish. "Alas! it was not worth my while to go to all the trouble of preparing this poor robe." the woman cried through feigned tears. "Oh, my poor Kiiro! Don't go to this festival. Say you're sick, or something!"

    Giggles went up at the woman's melodramatic pose. "No, that would displease my godmother Hikari." the girl replied. "I am sure that she knows what is best for me, as she is much wiser than I am. I will go and I will wear all that my godmother has brought me."

    The lights went down as Brock continued "Kiiro had hardly arranged her hair and dressed herself the next morning when Hikari's coach came for her. She embraced her nurse, took her little trunk and departed..."

    Blair and Whitlea smiled as the lights went down. "Ash, Misty, and Brock have this acting thing down..." Blair smiled over the orchestra's interlude.

    "I know..." Whitlea agreed. "I can't wait for Ash's first scene!"

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 5b: We Will All Do Pokémon! (part 2)

    As the orchestra concluded a traveling interlude, Brock narrated from his nook "It only took them two hours to get there, since the royal city was only thirty miles away from the farm. When Kiiro arrived, she was surprised to see that she had to descend in a tiny dirty courtyard, where a page attended her."

    Nervous laughter filled the air as the lights came up on a dingy out of the way corner of a castle. More nervous laughter went up as the girl playing Kiiro winced at the imagined dust on the ground. "Come, princess, I am instructed to show you to your chamber." a boy playing a page smiled as he arrived to meet the girl.

    "Can I not see the queen my mother?" the girl asked as she brushed the imagined dust from her costume.

    "In a few hours, princess--when they are assembled for dinner, you will see her." the boy assured the girl. "In the meantime you can get ready."

    The lights went down, save for a spotlight on Brock. "Kiiro followed the page, who led her through a long corridor with a narrow staircase at the end of it. She climbed, slowly, and after what felt like an eternity, arrived at another corridor where she entered the chamber reserved for her--in one of the servants' rooms."

    Giggles went up as the lights came up on the girl playing Kiiro and the boy playing the page arriving in a simply furnished servants' quarters. "A thousand pardons, princess, for having led you into this chamber, so unworthy of you." the boy begged as he set the prop trunk in a corner. "The queen has reserved all the other apartments for her guests, the kings, queens, princes and princesses. There was no other room vacant and--!"

    "I do not blame you. Besides, this is comfortable enough." the girl assured the boy.

    "I will come for you, princess, to lead you to Their Majesties at the proper time." the boy replied as he started for stage left.

    "I will be ready." the girl playing Kiiro called back.

    Once the boy playing the page had left, she retrieved the prop trunk and set it on the bed with a sigh.

    "Kiiro took out her robe of coarse cloth and the other pieces of her outfit." Brock narrated from his nook, hiding the girl changing costumes. "But imagine her amazement when she saw that it was made of gold brocade, embroidered with rubies that glowed like little flames. Her shoes were now white satin, adorned with ruby buckles; her stockings were of silk and as fine as a Spinarak's web; her necklace was of rubies surrounded with large sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds; her bracelets of diamonds and pearls."

    'Wow's and applause filled the theater as the lights came up on the girl in the outfit Brock had described. "Kiiro ran to the mirror and saw that the Pidgey feather had become a magnificent locket, and the pendant was a ruby of such beauty and brilliancy that a fairy or deity alone could possess it." Brock continued, trying oh-so-hard not to laugh and break character at the girl's reaction of feigned shock.

    "Oh, wow! Wow, wow wow!" the girl playing Kiiro cried as she danced around the set in the new costume. "Thank you, Lady of Light, for rewarding my faithfulness to you!"

    A knock from offstage startled the girl. "Come in?" she asked.

    The boy playing the page balked when he saw the girl's new costume. "Oh, Arceus in heaven; that looks beautiful! I know not where you acquired that outfit, but it is worthy for a princess like you."

    He composed himself, and offered a hand to the girl. "Come...Their Majesties await."

    The orchestra started a majestic interlude before the lights went down. When they came up again, the girl playing Kiiro and the boy playing the page arrived on a set of an elegant ballroom, filled with extras playing kings, queens and nobles. A brown haired man, a brown haired woman, and two more girls in elegant royal garb watched them approach from stage left.

    The boy plaing the page made a grand gesture to the man and the woman. "Princess, behold the queen your mother and the king!"

    There was an awkward silence before the man playing the king spoke. "Madam, be graciously pleased to tell me your name. You are no doubt some great queen or still greater deity whose unexpected presence is an honor and a happiness for us."

    "Sire, I am neither a great queen nor a powerful deity, but your daughter Kiiro, for whom you were kind enough to send." the girl playing Kiiro replied.

    "Kiiro! Kiiro clothed more magnificently than I have ever been! Who, then, miss, has given you all these beautiful things?" the woman playing the queen asked.

    "My godmother, madam." the girl playing Kiiro replied. "Graciously permit me to kiss your hand and present me to my sisters."

    The woman nodded, and gestured to the other girls. "There are your sisters."

    Laughter filled the air as the red clad girl and the blue clad girl reared back from the wavy haired girl's attempted embrace. "Don't come any closer, I just had my makeup done!" the red clad girl protested.

    "What if you have some disease, or something?" the blue clad girl protested. "Arceus forbid I spend the whole festival sick in bed because of you!"

    A crowd of extras approached the girl playing Kiiro as she trudged away from the throne area. "Don't mind them, milady--they're far too concerned about their looks than the true treasure." a male extra assured her.

    The extras and the girl playing Kiiro pantomimed talking, feigned amazement, and laughing as Brock narrated "As Kiiro conversed with the guests and spoke several languages upon request, she charmed all those who approached her. Homura and Sora were beyond jealous. The king and queen were furious that Kiiro absorbed all the attention and no one paid any attention to the sisters."

    The orchestra started another song as the lights went down, revealing a majestic royal dining room set. The auburn haired girl in red was pantomime playing a prop harp near stage left, pantomiming singing with the navy haired girl in blue along with the orchestra.

    It was only when the orchestra finished playing did the red and blue clad girls actually sing. All at once, everything looks different, now that I see you...

    The gathered extras and the girl playing Kiiro politely applauded the imagined song's end. "Thank you..." the navy haired girl smiled as she took a bow.

    "Now that we've sang, it's our little sister's turn." the auburn haired girl began as she got up from the prop harp.

    "What?" the girl playing Kiiro gasped. "I-I'm sorry, but I don't really have anything prepared to perform...perhaps I can sing tomorrow night, when I have had time to rehearse?"

    "No!" the navy haired girl snapped back.

    "You're just saying that because you probably sound awful!" the auburn haired agreed as both of them approached the wavy haired girl.

    "I'm speaking the truth--I don't have anything prepared!" the wavy haired girl pleaded.

    "Kiiro, I command you to sing!" the woman demanded. "NOW!!!"

    The wavy haired girl sighed as she got up from the table, and walked out onto center stage. "Very well, Your Majesty. I will apologize in advance for any mistakes."

    With that, Brock started the introduction to a lighthearted love song on his own harp. Oh, the summertime has come... the wavy haired girl sang over the harp.

    And the leaves are sweetly blooming,
    And the wild mountain thyme
    Grows around the blooming heather....

    Will ye go, laddie, go?
    And we'll all go together,
    To pull wild mountain thyme
    All around the blooming heather....
    Will ye go, laddie, go?

    I will build my love a bower
    By yon crystal fountain...
    And on it I will pile
    All the flowers of the mountain...

    Will ye go, laddie, go?
    And we'll all go together,
    To pull wild mountain thyme
    All around the blooming heather....
    Will ye go, laddie, go?

    If my true love, he were gone...
    I would surely find another,
    Where wild mountain thyme
    Grows around the blooming heather...

    Will ye go, laddie, go?
    And we'll all go together,
    To pull wild mountain thyme
    All around the blooming heather....
    Will ye go, laddie, go?

    A tin whistle joined in with the harp and some of the strings as the wavy haired girl swayed and danced to the song. Even Blair and Whitlea couldn't help smiling as they nodded along to the beautiful song from their seats.

    Oh, the summertime has come.... the wavy haired girl sang again.

    And the leaves are sweetly blooming,
    And the wild mountain thyme
    Grows around the blooming heather....

    Will ye go, laddie, go?
    And we'll all go together,
    To pull wild mountain thyme
    All around the blooming heather....

    Will ye go, laddie, go?
    Will ye go, laddie, go?

    The extras and the audience roared with applause as the song ended and the wavy haired girl took a bow. Just then, Ash--now in an elegant green, blue, and gold costume--approached the girl. "Princess, I have never heard so beautiful a voice." he began. "May I have the honor of hearing you again?"

    The girl looked around. "Forgive me milord, but it has been a long day, and I am tired."

    Ash nodded. "All right...at least allow me to escort you back to your room, and see that you are comfortable for the night..."

    "Please do." the girl replied as the lights went down...

    To Be Continued...
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    Nov 22, 2012
    Episode 5c: We Will All Do Pokémon! (part 3)

    The orchestra started an ominous melody. "While Kiiro was only occupied with happy thoughts, the king, the queen, and the princesses Homura and Sora were choking with rage." Brock explained from his nook. "They had all assembled in the queen's apartment."

    The lights came up on a beautiful set of a royal apartment. "This is too horrible...why did you send for this Kiiro, who has such dazzling jewels and makes herself admired and sought after by all these kings and princes?" the blue clad girl complained as the actors playing the royal family arrived. "Was it to humiliate us, my father, that you called us to the court at this time?"

    "I swear to you, my beautiful darlings, that it was by the order of the fairy Hikari I was compelled to write for her to come." the man playing the king replied. "Besides, I did not know that she was so beautiful and that--!"

    "So beautiful! Where do you find her so beautiful?" the red clad girl snapped. "She is indeed ugly and coarse. It is her magnificent attire alone which makes her admired. Why have you not given to us your most superb jewels and your richest robes? We have the air of farm girls by the side of this proud princess."

    "Where could I possibly have found jewels as magnificent as hers?" the man protested. "I have none which would compare with them. It is her godmother, the fairy Hikari, who lent her these jewels."

    "Why, then, did you summon a fairy to be the godmother of Kiiro, when you gave to us only queens for our godmothers?" the blue clad girl complained.

    "It was not your father who called her--the fairy Hikari herself, by her own choice, appeared to us and told us that she would be Kiiro's godmother." the woman playing the queen explained.

    "It is not worthwhile to spend time complaining and arguing--what's done is done." the man playing the king sighed. "It is better to find some means of getting rid of Kiiro and preventing Prince Mamoru from seeing her again."

    "Nothing more easy than that." the woman playing sneered over a tense stinger. "I will have her deprived tomorrow of her rare jewels and her beautiful robes. I will order my servants to grab her and carry her back to the farm which she shall never leave again."

    The four actors onstage did not expect Misty to appear in the scene with a flash! "If you dare touch Kiiro, if you do not keep her at the palace, if she is not present at all the parties, you will feel the terrible effects of my anger." she warned.

    She scolded "You unworthy king and you heartless queen, you will be changed into Froagies and you, odious daughters and sisters, will become Sevipers. Are you still worthy to harm Kiiro now?"

    With that, she vanished, leaving the actors playing the royal family gawking in awe and fear as the lights went down.


    The orchestra's song turned happier as the lights came up on the small room where the girl playing Kiiro lay, "asleep". A soft knock startled her. "Who is it?" she asked as she climbed from the bed.

    "I come to bring you breakfast." an offstage voice replied.

    "Come in." the girl replied, prompting a girl playing a servant to arrive with a plate of prop food.

    "Here you are--just leave the plate outside when you finish." the girl smiled as she set the plate of prop food on a small table. "Do you need assistance getting dressed?"

    "No thank you--I can dress myself." the girl playing Kiiro replied.

    "Very well." the girl playing the servant replied with a little bow before departing.

    The girl playing Kiiro noticed a new note on the trunk, so she took it. "Here are your things, Kiiro. Dress yourself as you were yesterday, in the clothing you brought from the farm." she read as the lights went down.

    "When she saw her own reflection in the mirror she was amazed." Brock narrated from his nook. "She was dressed in the richest riding suit of sky blue velvet and pearl buttons as large as walnuts, at least. Her stockings were bordered with a wreath of pearls; her headdress was a cap of sky blue velvet with a long plume of dazzling white, which floated down to her waist and was attached by a single pearl of unparalleled beauty and splendor. The boots were also of blue velvet embroidered in gold, diamonds, and pearls. Her bracelets and necklace also were of pearls, so large and so pure that a single one would have paid for the palace, and then some."

    Cheers came up as the lights revealed the girl in the costume Brock described. "Come--their Majesties await." the boy playing the page smiled as he met Lita in the room.

    "Kiiro, do not mount any other Ponyta than the one Prince Mamoru will present you." Misty whispered from offstage.

    The girl playing Kiiro just smiled as she followed the boy offstage. "Thanks, Hikari..."


    The lights came up on the ballroom again, spurring extras to balk and crowd around the girl playing Kiiro. "The page conducted her, as the day before, into the royal salon, where her appearance produced a greater effect than before. Her fine, sweet countenance, her splendid figure, her magnificent dress, allured all eyes and captivated all hearts." Brock narrated, clearly enjoying the poetic descriptions in the narration.

    "Prince Mamoru of Violight!" a herald announced as Ash met the girl at center stage.

    "Good morning, princess." Ash smiled with a bow. "Permission to be your companion during the midday hunt?"

    "It will be a great pleasure to me." the girl smiled. "Permission heartily granted."

    "It seems to me, that I am your brother, so great is the love I feel for you." Ash smiled. "Allow me to remain by your side and to defend you against all enemies."

    "It will be an honor and a pleasure for me to be protected by a king so worthy of the name he bears." the girl smiled as the orchestra started an interlude.

    The lights came up on a stable set, where another page met the girl and Ash. A Ponyta puppet "danced" at stage right, despite being "restrained" by a few extras.

    Ash noticed his costar's feigned unease. "Bring another Ponyta for the princess."

    "The king and the queen gave orders that the princess should ride no other Ponyta than this one." the girl playing the page protested.

    "Dear princess, wait there." Ash assured the girl playing Kiiro. "I will bring you a Ponyta worthy of you myself, but I beg you not to mount this dangerous Pokémon."

    "I will await your return." the girl smiled as Ash raced offstage over an interlude.

    "Instead of traveling to the royal hunting grounds with everyone else, Prince Mamoru and Kiiro explored the beautiful shady walks of the forest, talking of their childhoods and many other things." Brock narrated as the lights came up on the set of a sunny forest clearing. The girl playing Kiiro and Ash sat together in a circle of rocks, with two elegantly decorated Ponyta puppets near stage right.

    "But if the king your father has not allowed you to reside in his palace, how is it that he has given you such beautiful jewels, worthy of a fairy or deity?" Ash asked.

    "It is to my good godmother Hikari that I owe them." the girl replied. "My parents were always jealous of me, and so they sent me away to live on a farm. I thank Hikari for teaching me everything a good lady must know, and all that I value."

    Ash nodded. "Well, my parents joined Arceus in heaven when I was seven years old. The fairy Hikari also taught me all I know. She sent me here to the festival, telling me that I would find my future queen there."

    He went on over a romantic theme "I believe, dear Kiiro, that you are the charming and beautiful lady Hikari foretold all those years ago. Will you ask, princess, to join your life with mine and authorize me to request your hand of your parents?"

    "Before answering, milord, I must obtain permission from Hikari." the girl replied. "But you may be sure that I will be very happy to spend my life with you."

    "Aw"s filled the theater as the girl and Ash embraced...

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 5d: We Will All Do Pokémon! (part 4)

    "The day flew by for Kiiro and Mamoru, and they returned to the palace to get ready for dinner." Brock narrated over an interlude. "Kiiro entered her humble chamber and got ready for the evening, but when she saw herself in the mirror, she could not suppress a cry of admiration."

    "Oh!" the girl playing Kiiro gasped from the dark stage.

    "Her robe was of velvet, and was so fine and light, and brilliant it looked as if it had been woven from Beautifly wings." Brock went on. "It was studded with diamonds that glittered like the stars. The hem of this robe, the corsage and the waist were trimmed with diamond fringe which sparkled like a thousand silver suns. Her hair was partly covered with a net of diamonds from which a tassel of immense diamonds fell to her shoulders. Every diamond was as large as an Aspear, and was worth a kingdom, at least. Her necklace and bracelets were so immense and so brilliant that you could not look at them for very long without being blinded."

    "Wow"s and cheers filled the theater as the lights came up on the girl in the costume Brock described. "Thank you, Hikari." she whispered as she followed the boy playing the page offstage.

    The lights came up on the royal ballroom set again, where Ash waited for the girl. "Good evening, Kiiro." he smiled.

    He noticed the actors playing the royal family looking jealously at the girl. "I can't imagine why your family would shun you like this." he sighed. "No matter--I will be here to protect you from whatever evil they may be plotting."

    "I don't understand this either..." the girl replied. "What have I done to offend them to the point of wanting to destroy me?"

    "You have done nothing to deserve death, Kiiro." Ash replied. "When will you permit me to ask your hand of your father? In my kingdom everyone will love you, and I will love you more than all the rest."

    "Tomorrow, dear prince, I will send you the reply of my godmother when I ask her tonight." the girl replied.

    The lights went down over a tense interlude. "At last, they were called to dinner. Mamoru placed himself at Kiiro's side and they conversed through every course." Brock narrated.

    The lights came up on the royal dining room set, where the cast was finishing up a pretend dessert course. "Now, let the dancing commence!" the man playing the king smiled.

    Brock started an elegant melody on his own harp as the red clad girl and the blue clad girl danced along. They bowed to the applauding cast members and the audience, then eyed the girl playing Kiiro. "Now, sister...it's your turn." the red clad girl sneered.

    The girl nervously backed away. "What's the matter, do you have two left feet?" the blue clad girl mockingly asked.

    "N-no...I have not practiced anything..." the girl playing Kiiro stammered.

    "Kiiro! I order you to dance!" the woman playing the queen roared. "Don't give us any of this practice stuff!"

    Ash hurried to the girl's side. "I will be your partner, dear Kiiro. If you do not know a single step, let me do it for you alone."

    "Thank you, milord. I recognize and am grateful for your courtesy." the girl smiled with feigned nervousness.

    The audience watched as Ash and his co-star proceeded to dance to, appropriately enough, "The Fairy's Waltz". When the harp's last note died, their applause drowned out the applause of the cast onstage! "I'm sick of people taking bows for my talent!" the red clad girl grumbled.

    "What does she have that we don't?" the blue-clad girl agreed.

    "Remember the threats and power of the fairy Hikari! Tomorrow shall be the last day." the woman playing the queen whispered, which seemed to calm the two girls.

    The other cast members crowded around Ash and his co-star, all begging to see them dance again. "All right everyone, calm down." Ash smiled. "We will gladly dance again for you."

    He then called to Brock in character "'The Riverside Waltz', please."

    The audience watched in amazement as Ash and the wavy haired girl danced again, applauding along with the cast as the song ended. "The applause and enthusiasm for Kiiro and Prince Mamoru was so overpowering that they took shelter in the garden." Brock narrated, holding his own harp close as the lights went down.

    The lights came up on a royal garden set, where Ash and the girl pantomimed a conversation as they walked. "They walked side by side for the rest of the evening, and talked happily about their plans for the future, if the fairy Hikari would permit them to unite their lives. Kiiro's diamonds sparkled with such brilliancy that the alleys where they walked and the little groves where they seated themselves, seemed illuminated by a thousand stars." Brock continued.

    He intoned "At last, it was time to part."

    "Tomorrow! Tomorrow I hope to say, yours eternally." the girl called to Ash as she exited and the lights went down.

    They came up on the small room, where the girl was in nightclothes, lying in a modest bed. "Hikari, tomorrow I must give a definite answer to Prince Mamoru." she mused. "What should I say, dear godmother? I will obey your command, no matter how painful it may be."

    Brock started Hikari's motif from his nook as Misty materialized before the girl. "Say yes, my dear Kiiro, to Prince Mamoru. I myself foretold this marriage. It was to allow you to get to know Prince Mamoru that I forced your father to invite you here."

    The girl smiled as Misty disappeared in a flash of light and a giggle. "Thank you, Hikari...."

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 5e: We Will All Do Pokémon! (part 5)

    The orchestra started an ominous theme as the lights came up on the set of the royal apartments. "How is she earning the attention we so rightfully deserve?" the blue-clad girl complained.

    "I don't know--I wasn't the one that summoned the fairy here!" the man playing the king shot back.

    "Everyone, please!" the woman playing the queen interjected. "I have an idea...remember the big race tomorrow?"

    "Yeah...let's have Kiiro ride the wildest Ponyta we can find!" the red clad girl suggested.

    The man playing the king nodded. "Prince Mamoru will have no Ponyta to exchange this time..."

    "Boo"s filled the air as the lights came up on the simple room. A knock startled the girl playing Kiiro awake. "Permission to serve lunch?" a female voice asked.

    "Lunch?" the girl gasped. "Oh Arceus, it is nearly noon! I'd better not keep Prince Mamoru waiting!"

    "After eating the simple meal, Kiiro quickly got dressed." Brock narrated as the lights went down, hiding the girl changing into another costume. "She was dressed in pale yellow riding togs, embroidered in the front and at the hem with rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Her hat was of white velvet, ornamented with plumes of a thousand colors, taken from the plumage of the rarest bird Pokémon and attached by a sapphire larger than an egg. On her neck was a chain of sapphires, at the end of which was a watch, the face of which was opal, the back a carved sapphire and the glass diamond. This watch was always going, never was more than a minute fast or slow, and never required winding."

    More cheers filled the air as the lights came up on the ballroom set, where the girl met Ash in the costume Brock described. "Well, dear princess, what did Hikari say to you?" Ash asked.

    "That which my heart desired, milord." the girl replied. "I give my life to you as you have dedicated yours to me."

    "Thank you! Thank you, a thousand times over, Kiiro!" Ash smiled as he joyfully hugged the girl. "When may I ask your hand of the king your father?"

    "At the close of the races, milord." the girl replied.

    "Permit me to add to my first petition that in addition being married to you this very day, I cannot bear to see you subjected to the tyranny of your family and I wish to take you to my kingdom as soon as possible." Ash requested.

    "Accept, Kiiro--Mamoru truly loves you, and wishes to see you safe." the girl playing Kiiro heard Misty say from offstage.

    Misty then appeared before Ash. "Press the marriage, milord, and speak to the king without delay. Kiiro's life is in danger, and I'm not sure if I will be able to reach her if something evil befalls her."

    Ash froze as Misty disappeared. "K-kiiro, did you hear that?"

    "Every word." the girl playing Kiiro replied. "Hikari gave us a warning we must not ignore." She let that hang as the lights went down.

    The lights came up on the set of a fantasy racetrack. Ash noticed a "dancing" Ponyta puppet, and held the girl close. "You will not ride this Pokémon, princess. See how wild it is?"

    He made a grand gesture to an ornately decorated shining Ponyta puppet. "Here is your mount."

    "Allow Kiiro to mount this Ponyta; she is a present from me." Misty told Ash from offstage. "Follow her wherever she takes Kiiro--she must be safe in your kingdom before the day is done."

    The orchestra started an exciting melody as the lights went down, and the puppeteers brought to life what Brock described. "A few moments later, Ponytas ridden by veiled girls advanced in front of Kiiro. One of them shoved Kiiro so hard, she would have been sent flying if it were a mortal Ponyta. The veiled girl was thrown upon the rocks, where she remained immovable while Kiiro, who had recognized Homura, tried to stop her own Ponyta. The other rider shoved against Kiiro, was sent flying like the first and the veiled woman was also thrown upon the rock, which seemed meant to receive her all along."

    "Go, flee quickly!" Misty warned from a spotlight, seemingly alongside the two Ponyta puppets. "The king is pursuing you with a great company to kill you both. The sun will set in a few hours. I barely have time to rescue you from this danger so give my Ponytas the reins; Mamoru, abandon Tsubasa."

    "Right!" Ash replied as he made a heroic leap onto the shining Ponyta puppet with the girl playing Kiiro.

    The audience held their breaths as the orchestra played. But after five heart-pounding minutes, cheers went up as the lights revealed a beautiful fantasy kingdom set. "After six long and grueling hours, they arrived at the gates of Prince Mamoru's kingdom, Violight." Brock narrated as a crowd of extras welcomed the girl playing Kiiro and Ash. "The whole palace was lit up in millions of sparkling lights, and all the courtiers were waiting at the entrance in their most magnificent costumes to welcome the princess and the prince. Prince Mamoru and Kiiro were amazed, not knowing what to make of this unexpected reception."

    Ash gasped when he saw Misty. "Hikari!"

    "Welcome home." Misty smiled. "Prince Mamoru, come with me; all is prepared for the wedding. Show Kiiro to her room that she may change, while I explain to you why things have happened as they have."

    "Right away!" Ash smiled before escorting the girl offstage.

    The orchestra started a soft victory theme as the lights came up on Ash and Misty in an elegant royal suite. "The hatred of the king and queen against Kiiro had become so intense that they had blindly resolved to defy my warning and get rid of Kiiro." Misty explained. "Seeing that their cunning arrangements in the race had not succeeded after I substituted my Ponytas for those which would have killed Kiiro, they resorted to violence."

    "What?" Ash gasped.

    "The king employed a band of thieves, who swore to him in blind obedience; they pursued your steps with vengeance in their hearts and as the king knew your love for Kiiro and foresaw that you would defend her to the end, he resolved to sacrifice you too to his hatred." Misty went on. "Homura and Sora, ignorant of this last project of the father, attempted to kill Kiiro, as you have seen, by ramming their mounts against Kiiro's mount. I have punished them as they deserved--they have had their faces so crushed and wounded by the stones that they have become frightful to look at. I have aroused them from unconsciousness, and cured their wounds but left the hideous scars behind. I have deprived them of all their rich clothing, dressed them like peasants, and married them off to two brutal good-for-nothings whom I told to beat and mistreat them until their wicked hearts are changed—something I believe will never take place."

    "A fitting punishment..." Ash muttered.

    "As for the king and queen, I have transformed them into Pokémon of burden, and given them to wicked and cruel masters who will make them suffer all their brutality to Kiiro many times over." Misty explained. "I have but one piece of advice to give you, milord; you are not to utter a word of the punishment I have inflicted to Kiiro. She is so good and tender-hearted that her happiness would be affected by it, but I cannot and will not take pity upon wicked people whose hearts are so vicious and unrepentant."

    "Thank you, Hikari--I promise I will not utter a word of your judgement to Kiiro." Ash smiled. "She will not be troubled by her evil family any more."

    "Now then, let us meet your lovely bride." Misty agreed.

    Wild cheers went up when they saw the girl playing Kiiro in a magnificent costume. "Kiiro was dressed in dazzling golden velvet, embroidered with garlands of flowers and birds, in stones of many colors, of admirable beauty; the jewels which formed the birds were so disposed as to produce, at every motion of Kiiro, a singing more melodious than the sweetest music. A crown of flowers made of gems still more beautiful and rare than those on her robe sat on her head. Her neck and arms were covered with rubies more brilliant than the sun." Brock narrated.

    He went on over the orchestra's victorious theme "Prince Mamoru presented his hand to Kiiro, and Hikari went on before them. They walked towards the shrine, which was brilliantly illuminated and here they received their wedding vows, with Arceus, and all of Violight as their witnesses."

    "Aw"s filled the air as the girl and Ash kissed on a magnificent shrine set, to cheers from the extras. "At the height of the wedding festivities, Prince Mamoru presented the new queen to his court." Brock concluded as the curtains closed on the happy scene. "Everybody found her as charming and good as the prince, and they vowed to love her as they loved him. They all lived happily ever after in the greatest happiness and love."

    The theater exploded in applause as the lights came up for the curtain call...


    "Ash...Misty....Brock..." I want to congratulate you on a job well done, performing a role with little preparation." the theater's impresaria began. "You three are clearly no strangers to the stage, as the love you have for performing shone through your roles in the musical."

    "Well, we've always enjoyed performing onstage, even back home in Kanto." Ash replied as the Impresaria gave him a red Performer Brace with a star shaped ruby jewel.

    "We chose to take part in this challenge to share our home culture with Unova, and make people happy." Misty agreed as she accepted a blue Performer Brace with a blue star inside.

    "Your quick thinking and creativity will serve you well on this journey." the impresaria replied as she watched Brock put on a green Performer Brace with a green star inside. "I hope you three land roles in the Grand Musical."

    "Well, we're gonna try!" Ash smiled. "We'll make it the best Grand Musical Unova has ever seen!"

    To Be Continued...
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    Nov 22, 2012
    Episode 6a: The Trio's Triple Trouble! (part 1)

    "Wow...this is Striaton City!" Ash gasped as he glanced at the various skyscrapers around him. "If getting our first Star Pins in the Pokémon Musical was easy, my first badge should be easy too!"

    Something dawned on Ash as he looked down the maze of streets and buildings that branched out from the city square. "Okay...where are we supposed to find the Gym in all this?"

    "There is such a thing as a map, Ash..." Misty sighed. "Ever tried that?"

    As Ash and Misty angrily stared each other down, a young man with green hair in an elegant tuxedo-like outfit approached, intrigued in Tarina sitting on Brock's shoulder. "Oh, what have we here? A heroic Pichu on an epic journey alongside her master! Her attire is only a hint at her amazing power--a taste of magic any monster will not soon forget!"

    [Um, thanks?] Tarina stammered, unnerved by the young man's exuberant praises.

    The young man ignored Tarina's uncomfortable expression. "Judging from how much your Pichu hero trusts you, I can only imagine your bond with your other Pokémon! They have to be treated like royalty!"

    "I don't know about the royal treatment, but I do my best to treat them well." Brock admitted, aware of Tarina's unnerved look.

    [Um...] Tintri began, attempting to get the young man's attention.

    "We are three travelers from the far away region of Kanto." Ash explained.

    "Really, now? I am Cilan, a Pokémon Connoisseur--a pleasure to meet you three." the young man smiled with a little bow.

    "What does a Conna-sure do?" Ash whispered to Brock, not wanting to offend Cilan.

    Brock shrugged. I wish I knew the answer, but I'm drawing a blank myself...

    Misty winced as she pictured Cilan eating various "cooked" Pokémon on platters in her mind. "I'm not sure I want to find out what Cilan does..." she shuddered.

    Cilan smiled at Misty. "Oh no...I would never dream of harming a Pokémon without a very good reason. My line of work is not well known outside of Unova, so I can understand why you three would be confused."

    "Okay, so what is it you actually do?" Misty asked.

    "Pokémon Connoisseurs can judge the friendship between a trainer and their Pokémon, and teach trainers how to improve that bond." Cilan explained.

    "That's cool!" Ash smiled. "Please, demonstrate your skill by evaluating my bond with Tintri."

    Before Cilan could react, Misty reminded Ash "I love that you're interested in what Cilan here can do, but remember why we're here to begin with--the Gym."

    "Ah yes, the Gym." Cilan smiled. "As a native of this city, I know the way to the Gym. May I escort you three there?"

    "Please do." Misty smiled, now in a better mood. "It would beat getting lost!"


    "...around the corner, and we're here." Cilan made a grand gesture to an elegant white building with a red, blue, and green awning. "Welcome to Striaton Gym, better known as Chez Trois."

    Ash gawked at the building. "I was expecting a Gym, not a restaurant..."

    "If I'd known we were coming somewhere this nice, I would've told you two to bust out the suits." Misty agreed as Cilan led the group inside.

    In the foyer, a red haired young man and a blue haired young man in similar attire to Cilan met the group. "Welcome back, Cilan...are these three guests?" the red haired young man asked.

    Cilan nodded. "These three are travelers from Kanto. Please make sure they are given quality service."

    "But we're not here for--!" Ash started to protest as he was whisked away to one of the exquisite tables overlooking a small stage in the dining room. Onstage, a chamber trio was performing a flute, violin, and harp rendition of the tune "Farewell to Unova".

    "Just grin and bear it, okay?" Brock called after Ash as he was led to the beautifully decorated table.

    Misty, meanwhile, was more interested in the trio performing on the stage. "That's a beautiful melody...wonder if they'd be nice enough to let me have a copy of the sheet music?"

    "I bet it would sound really nice on tin whistle, fiddle and guitar..." Brock agreed, enamored by the song that seemed to be both wistful and prayerful. "While you're asking for the fiddle sheets, could you maybe ask for guitar chords, too?"

    Misty nodded. "I'll see if they're willing to share their sheet music." With that, she made her way into the dining room from the leftmost door.

    In the dining room, Ash reared back at the two waiters' onslaught of requests:

    "What would you like this afternoon?"

    "Fresh Unovan spring water?"

    "Mint Tea, freshly brewed?"

    "An Ice cold Fizzo?"

    "Maybe a Midori Mist to relieve the jet lag for your travels?"

    "Um, I'm not really thirsty right now..." Ash stammered before finding a complementary water glass behind a bouquet. "Just water is fine."

    "All right..." the red haired young man smiled. "Today's specials are fresh roasted Shinouian Shellders, Unovan prime rib with fingerling potatoes and haricots verts..."

    Whatever that means... Ash thought, a look of annoyance forming on his face as the waiters continued rattling off menu options he didn't want:

    "Perhaps a four cheese flatbread? It's a more elegant take on pizza..."

    "The blackened Goldeen?"

    Ash winced at the thought of blackened Pokémon, more from annoyance than disgust. How long until I can tell these two that I'm in the mood for a battle, not lunch?

    "Perhaps a Citrus Sorbet medley for dessert?" the red haired young man asked.

    "Or a Kalosian chocolate silk pie?" the blue haired young man asked.

    "FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME, I'M NOT HUNGRY!!!" Ash finally snapped, bringing the conversations and the music in the room to a halt. "ALL I WANT IS A BATTLE, NOT LUNCH!!!! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK????"

    "Whoa..." Even Misty was surprised by Ash's outburst.

    "Ash...what happened?" Brock asked as he knelt by his companion's side, aware of the tears of frustration and anger forming in Ash's eyes. "I'm not going to judge, I'm not going to offer advice...I only want to listen, and figure out why you exploded like that."

    Ash took a deep breath to calm himself, then began. "All I wanted was a Gym Battle against the Leader--no more, no less. I felt frustrated and angry when I kept getting offers of food and drink that I didn't ask for or want."

    The clack of a spotlight got the group's attention. "So it's a Gym battle you wanted?" Cilan smiled from the stage where the chamber trio had been playing moments before. "We are the Striaton Trio, your opponents--and we will give you a taste of the power of three!"




    "It's showtime!"

    Ash balked as the wall behind the brothers rumbled away to reveal a rocky field for battle. "Now then, Ash...who do you wish to battle?" Cilan asked as he shepherded a green monkey-like Pokémon to his side. "Will you battle me, and my companion Sage? Will you battle Chili, and his companion Brulee?" The red haired boy whistled for a red monkey Pokémon. "Or do you wish to battle Cress, and his companion Perrier?" The blue haired boy ushered a blue monkey Pokémon by his side.

    A smile formed on Ash's face as Misty and Brock joined him. "Actually, I wanna take you on three on three! You guys vs. my friends and me!"

    "Well, this has never happened before..." Cress mused.

    "It could be an interesting match, so let's let them try together." Chili agreed.

    Cilan addressed the group. "We accept your proposal for a three on three team battle. If you can defeat us--either by an outright defeat or best two out of three, a Badge is yours."

    "Okay!" Ash smiled.

    "Bring it on!" Misty agreed.

    "Let's do this!" Brock was equally excited to see how a team Gym battle would unfold...

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 6b: The Trio's Triple Trouble! (part 2)

    "Team Battle, Round 1! Misty and Pearl on Black, vs. Chili and Brulee on White!" Cilan announced as Misty and her faithful Starmie stared down Chili and a red monkey Pokémon. "And begin!"

    "Pearl, start with Water Pulse!" Misty commanded the beautiful starfish Pokémon.

    The shining wave of water sent the Pansear flying into the air, but managed to land on its feet after an elegant backflip. "Brulee, heat things up with a Fire Punch!" Chili called.

    [ACK!] Pearl gasped as Brulee's fist sent her rolling back onto the ground. The crackle of fire alerted her that Brulee was about to use Flamethrower. [You forget I can put you out!] she taunted as she created a Whirlpool in an attempt to block the wave of fire headed for her.

    The clash of fire and water sent a large plume dust into the air. But Pearl was confused when she saw her opponent was gone. [That's odd--did my opponent withdraw?]

    [I'm still in this, seastar!] Brulee shot back as he smacked Pearl from below with a Dig attack.

    Chili saw Pearl struggling to get up. "Brulee, Dig underground again!"

    "Don't give up, Pearl!" Misty called to her battered Starmie. "Let's give these three a taste of psychic power!"

    [Right!] With that, Pearl warped away just as Brulee emerged from the ground. He grimaced at the teleporting Starmie, then burrowed underground again. Eventually the Starmie's energy will run out...I can intercept her then!

    Misty noticed what Brulee was doing. "Pearl, follow Brulee underground!"

    Just as Brulee emerged from the ground, Pearl held him in place with a pinkish purple wave of psychic energy. [Gotcha now!]

    Misty grinned as Pearl spun Brulee around by the tail. "And for dessert...use Star Freeze!"

    [HAH!!!] Pearl sent Brulee flying, then fired a volley of frozen stars, slamming Brulee into the White safety barrier!

    "Brulee is unable to battle--Ash's team gets the first point!" Cilan announced. "It is still anyone's match!"

    He went on "Who is next to battle?"

    "I'll go next!" Ash volunteered as he and Tintri met Cress in the arena.

    Cress smirked when he saw the Pikachu staring down his own blue monkey Pokémon. "Be warned, Perrier can unplug Electric types if you're not careful..."

    "Bring it on!" Ash shot back. "Let's start with a Quick Attack!"


    Meanwhile, two people in odd black outfits ducked into the sewers beneath the city. "Plasma to Lord Ghestis, we're here in the Striaton sewers." a female grunt began. "We await your orders."

    "Excellent...somewhere in the city, or nearby, lies a place called the Dreamyard." a male voice replied. "I want you both to visit a former laboratory there."

    "Okay, what's our objective, Boss?" a male grunt asked.

    "You are to take control of the area’s mysterious ‘Future Energy'." the male voice replied.

    A blueprint appeared on the two grunts' communicators. "Here is the blueprint for the energy extraction device. Do not fail me."

    "But, what if someone interferes with our mission?" the female grunt asked.

    "Should it happen that your mission is discovered, inform me of the interfereing parties, and I will put all of Team Plasma on alert for them." the male voice replied. "I wish you both luck."

    "Thanks, Boss." the female grunt smiled as the transmission ended. "Let's go."


    Back in the Striaton arena, Ash watched in horror as Cress' Panpour unleashed a wave of mud, making Tintri collapse in exhaustion. "Tintri is unable to battle...we will take the second point!" Cilan announced. "The third match will be the decider, since both sides are tied at one match apiece."

    "Then I will battle this time!" Brock challenged as Cilan summoned a green monkey Pokémon.

    He heaved a Poké Ball skyward. "Hinata, let's go!"

    "Hinata?" Ash wondered as the Vulpix materialized on the field. "Why not one of his heavy hitters?"

    "You saw what happened to Tintri...." Misty cautioned as the monkey Pokémon intimidated the six tailed fox Pokémon with a Glare. "Raw power and type advantages won't save you here. That, and a little green monkey would likely take down even a Mega Steelix."

    In the arena, Tarina noticed Hinata shuddering behind Brock’s legs. [Why are you scared? You've come through for us before, and against much scarier opponents!]

    "Hinata...it's true that Ash was beaten down, and Misty survived by the skin of her teeth." Brock assured his Vulpix. "But we can't give in to intimidation now--not when a match is on the line. Show your opponent you are the hero I know you are."

    [You're right...] Hinata mused as she emerged from Brock's legs. [I have never feared an opponent before, so why do I need to start now?]

    "That's the spirit!" Brock smiled. "Go get'em!"

    Hinata attempted to use Ember, but Sage sidestepped the fireball! [What?] Hinata gasped. [Why is Sage not fighting back?]

    She did not expect a barrage of seeds to knock her down! [OOF!]

    Cilan smirked at the Vulpix getting up. "It seems that you have a lack of affinity with your Vulpix...unless you would like to prove me wrong?"

    Sage began racing toward Hinata, but Hinata countered with a Flamethrower! "Oh ho, feeling confident, are we?" Cilan smiled. "Let's kick this match up a notch! Charge a Solarbeam!"

    Brock watched as Sage charged a ball of light then fired it at Hinata. As the light snaked its way across the field, and Hinata braced for impact, the gears were turning in Brock's mind...

    To Be Continued...
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    Previously, on Pokémon Storm Gray...

    Cilan smirked at the Vulpix getting up. "It seems that you have a lack of affinity with your Vulpix...unless you would like to prove me wrong?"

    Sage began racing toward Hinata, but Hinata countered with a Flamethrower! "Oh ho, feeling confident, are we?" Cilan smiled. "Let's kick this match up a notch! Charge a Solarbeam!"

    Brock watched as Sage charged a ball of light then fired it at Hinata. As the light snaked its way across the field, and Hinata braced for impact, the gears were turning in Brock's mind...

    Episode 7a: Dreams By the Yard Full! (part 1)

    Hinata watched as the Pansage before her continued gathering light with the sprout on his head. I have to find a way to counter, but he would be almost expecting me to use a Fire attack...

    A smile formed on the six tailed Pokémon's face. Then let's attack with something I know that he wouldn't expect!

    About then, Sage fired a Solar Beam at Hinata. But no one in the arena expected Hinata to charge a beam of rainbow light! "That's Extrasensory!" Brock gasped as the Solar Beam surged through the Gym’s roof. "It's a psychic attack that the Vulpix family knows..."

    Cilan was just as impressed. "Well! Maybe you have a stronger bond than I initially thought. But you are not completely out of the woods just yet You still have to finish the battle!"

    [HAH!] Hinata cried as her rainbow tinged tails deflected a flurry of seeds. When the Pansage tried to attack again, the rainbow light from Extrasensory deflected it again.

    Brock smiled as Hinata and her Psychic aura fended off wave after wave of Bullet Seeds. And now, for my next trick...

    He called to Hinata "Use Mystical Fire!"

    "Whoa!" Ash gasped as he watched Hinata charge some flames with a holy aura. "Here I was thinking that was only exclusive to the Fennekin family!"

    He explained to Brock "Serena told me that once..."

    "Well, believe it or not, the Vulpix family can learn Mystical Fire as well." Brock smiled back.

    "So you think you can dazzle me with magic tricks?" Cilan taunted. "Time for the battle to be served!"

    "Oh, yeah?" Brock shot back. "I have more tricks where that came from!"

    He called "Hinata, aim a Flamethrower at the wall!"

    Cilan watched in amazement and horror as the fire ricocheted off the wall, causing Sage to stumble backwards. "Sage, try to bite the Vulpix!"

    "Hinata, use Mystical Fire again!" Brock countered.

    Ash and Misty braced themselves for the shining fiery explosion. But when the flames faded some moments later, Sage had fainted, and Hinata swished her tails cutely. [Victory is served.]

    "YES!!!" Misty cheered.

    "WE DID IT!!!" Ash was just as excited as he tossed his cap in the air in celebration.

    "Indeed you have....You three...are very strong." Cilan stammered in shock. "Chili and Cress may have bent you, but you never broke."

    Chili and Cress arrived with a platter. "Around the world, Gym Badges are a proof of a trainer's abilities." Chili explained before uncovering the platter to reveal a Badge resembling a green, red, and blue stack of jewels.

    "You three have more than earned this one." Cress agreed as he gave Ash the Badge. "With a bond like yours, there's nothing you can't do!"

    "Dare I say that your bond is almost like family?" Cilan smiled. "Cherish that bond, and protect it."

    "You bet!" Ash smiled.

    He made a triumphant jump, high fiving Misty on the way up. "Together with Misty's waves of creativity..."

    He next high fived Brock on the way down. "...and Brock's rock solid power and resolve..."

    He eventually landed on the floor by his companions, holding the Badge high. "I GOT A BADGE!"

    "YEAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Misty and Brock cheered in agreement.


    Meanwhile, the Plasma grunts made their way inside an abandoned building filled with parts. "Here we are...let's get to work building what the boss gave us." the male grunt suggested as he rolled out the blueprint from before on the floor.

    "How convenient that all the parts we need are right here." the female grunt agreed as she hurried from shelf to shelf, picking up parts along the way.

    The grunts worked quickly, yet quietly, to assemble their odd machine. "Looking great so far..." the male grunt smiled as he admired the machine taking shape.

    "The power supply should still work even though we're not done yet." the female grunt smiled as she found a power switch on the machine's right side. "So I see no harm in powering this on to test it out..."

    As the machine came to life with a whir, the surrounding area started glowing bright magenta, awakening a round Pokémon with a purple body and pink head. Is it time to get up?

    Elsewhere, a smaller round Pokémon with a flower pattern on its pink body shuddered. Something's wrong...I sense something terrible has happened...


    Ash strolled into the Striaton City Pokémon Center, grinning from ear to ear as he, Misty, and Brock approached the counter. "Well, look at you!" Nurse Joy smiled. "You look like you just came from a victorious Gym battle!"

    "I did..." Ash replied. "My first team Gym Battle!"

    The whir of the Pokémon Center doors snapped him to attention. "Something's wrong with my Axew, Tassa!" a lavender haired girl breathlessly explained as she delivered a tiny gray green dragon Pokémon with tusks protruding from the sides of its mouth to Nurse Joy.

    "That is odd..." Nurse joy mused as she studied the magenta aura around the tiny dragon. "How was your Axew exposed to this?" she asked the girl.

    "The whole city is glowing pink like that!" the girl explained, a note of panic in her voice. "Tassa was exposed to the light, and she too started glowing pink, and fell asleep! Please...find a way to wake Tassa up!"

    At that moment, a long navy haired woman in a lab coat, together with the pink flower patterned Pokémon, raced into the Pokémon Center. "Cassie, wake the Axew up." she told the flower patterned Pokémon.

    With pleasure. With that, the tiny flower Pokémon started consuming the pink cloud surrounding the Axew After a few tense moments, its flowers glowed, then it expeled a dense cloud into the room.

    [Mrggh...what happened?] the Axew yawned as she woke up. She gasped in amazement as she saw herself running, then evolving into a Fraxure, and then into a Haxorus. [Wow...I was dreaming I evolved?]

    The girl smiled. "I believe you will one day...if you want to."

    The navy haired woman watched the girl and her Axew depart to a lounge. "Now that that's settled, let me introduce myself...I am Professor Fennel. You three must be the travelers from Kanto my friend Juniper was telling me about."

    "We are." Ash replied.

    Misty opened a window and balked when she found the city covered in magenta. "Wow...the Axew's owner was right! Everything's turned deep pink!"

    "What is the stuff that's painted the town deep pink?" Brock asked.

    "It is actually Dream Mist produced by Munna's evolved form, Musharna." Prof. Fennel replied.

    With Brock and Prof. Fennel occupied discussing Dream Mist, Ash decided to read up on Musharna:

    "Musharna, the drowsing Pokémon. The mist emanating from their foreheads is packed with the dreams of people and Pokémon."

    To Be Continued...
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    Previously, on "Pokémon Storm Gray"...

    Misty opened a window and balked when she found the city covered in magenta. "Wow...the Axew's owner was right! Everything's turned deep pink!"

    "What is the stuff that's painted the town deep pink?" Brock asked.

    "It is actually Dream Mist produced by Munna's evolved form, Musharna." Prof. Fennel replied.

    With Brock and Prof. Fennel occupied discussing Dream Mist, Ash decided to read up on Musharna:

    "Musharna, the drowsing Pokémon. The mist emanating from their foreheads is packed with the dreams of people and Pokémon."

    Episode 7b: Dreams By the Yard Full! (part 2)

    Ash felt relieved to hear a police siren as Officer Jenny arrived on the scene. "I'd like you to recall your Pikachu--this way he does not come into contact with the Dream Mist." she began.

    "But Officer, what if Tintri doesn't like being in a Poké Ball?" Ash wondered.

    "Don't worry! I have a way to protect your Pikachu, and he can safely stay on your shoulder!" Prof. Fennel announced.

    She held a tiny respirator and air pack before Ash. "Behold! A small Pokémon sized RespiAir system!"

    "Thanks, Professor!" Ash smiled as Tintri took the air pack and slung it on his back.

    [No different from those Air Paks on our Houen trip!] Tintri agreed as he fitted the mask, then waited for Ash to secure it.

    "What about your Munna, Cassie?" Brock wondered. "Do we need a Munna sized respirator?"

    "It's all right...Cassie won't be affected by the mist." Prof. Fennel explained. "Let's head for the Dreamyard."


    "So, what can you tell us about the Dreamyard?" Misty asked Prof. Fennel as the police car traveled through the city.

    "The Dreamyard was originally a research facility for Pokémon energy." Prof. Fennel explained. Its most prominent project was investigating the possibility of harnessing clean energy through Musharnas. However, such research grew into an entire field, and many people ambitiously wanted rights to the project."

    "And then?" Ash was interested.

    "As Musharnas had to eat dreams in order to develop the energy, it absorbed the negativity of greed and misguided ambition." Fennel went on, "Eventually, it was unable to take the stress and caused an explosion. All the Musharnas then disappeared, and the research stopped."

    Then she remembered something. "I returned to Striaton City when Cassie detected Cleo, my Musharna's presence."

    As the car left the city, Brock noticed a strong magenta light coming from behind the trees. "There! The deep pink light's coming from the north!"


    "I can't believe how much data we're getting!" the female Plasma grunt smiled as she watched data from the machine flow in.

    "Yeah...Lord Ghestis should be pleased!" the male grunt agreed.

    The female grunt sighed when she heard a siren in the distance. "Great, the cops heard about our mission..."

    Prof. Fennel gasped as the group emerged from the car. "This explains everything! The machine Team Plasma is using is causing residual energy to react!"

    "Who are you, and what purpose does that machine have?" Officer Jenny asked the two grunts.

    "Easy, Officer..." the male grunt explained. "We are using the residual energy at the Dreamyard to fuel Team Plasma's ambition of taking over Unova!"

    Professor Fennel growled at the grunt's reply. "I will not be involved in such a research project! Science should be used to make the world better--not tear it apart!"

    "Isn't this why we're here at the Dreamyard?" Brock smiled. "The connection between all Munnas, and all Musharnas?" Cassie trilled happily in agreement.

    The group watched in horror as lightning bolts streaked forth from the ground, forming a pink veil in the sky. Gatrandis favel, secret, edena... came an ethereal voice.
    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...

    Fennel recognized the voice. "Cleo!"

    Katoradis favel siicletu edena... Cleo continued singing as the pink veil parted, allowing her to float before the group.

    Emusto koron zen fine, si...

    As the final "si" rang through the Dreamyard, the machine finally exploded in a burst of rainbow light, returning the city and the surrounding area to normal.

    The female grunt grimaced, and summoned a tiny blue ball Pokémon that resembled a bat. "Come on, Aire, let's go back to base!"

    Fennel hugged Cleo as the two Plasma grunts warped away in a whirlwind. "Cleo, thank Arceus you're okay! I'm so sorry for what I put you through..."

    I'm all right, Fennel... Cleo replied. It is these three travelers from Kanto you should thank for saving the city.

    Fennel nodded. "Thank you all...for everything!"

    "Aw, it was nothing!" Ash smiled as Tintri removed the respirator. "Just doing what I had to do to keep this place from snoozing forever."

    Misty grumbled at the sound of an acoustic guitar playing the intro to a song. "You can sing for Fennel all you like once we get back in town..." she scolded as she dragged Brock away from Prof. Fennel, guitar and all.

    "I appreciate the thought, but here's not the best stage for a concert." Prof. Fennel agreed as the group prepared to return to town...


    "...and about then, the cops showed up." the male grunt continued recounting what had happened to a pale green haired man in a long black coat with a cybernetically enhanced left eye. "The machine's overload awakened the Musharna, but then it sang this weird song, making our machine explode!"

    "It doesn't matter that you lost the machine in such dramatic fashion." the man assured the grunts. "You did what you were told to do, and we got what we needed for our mission. That's all I care about."

    "But, what happened to the data, Boss?" the female grunt asked.

    "The data gathered from the Dreamyard has been successfully transmitted and sent for analysis." the man assured the female grunt. "You two are free to continue whatever recon and research you wish for now. But be ready for your next mission."

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 8: Snivy Takes the Stage

    "Our first team battle, in the books!" Ash smiled as he led Misty and Brock down a forest path a few days later. "I hope we get a chance to do another team battle while we're here...."

    "According to the map, our next stop is somewhere named Nacrene City." Brock explained. "They say it's a real pearl of a place!"

    A growl informed Ash he had not eaten since earlier that morning. "Are we gonna stop for lunch anytime soon? I'm starved..."

    "Good idea...it is almost noon Unova time." Misty agreed as she glanced at TimeNav. "Any suggestions for a temporary camp?"

    "How about this clearing by the river over here?" Brock suggested, parting some bushes to reveal a clearing by the path, which overlooked a river.

    "Perfect?" Ash wasted no time in pitching his tent. "I am a little homesick for some ramen...most of what ramen we've found in Unova so far is cheap plastic-y noodles!"

    "Interested in trying some of the local food?" Brock offered as he unloaded his cooking gear. "Cilan showed me how to make a good campfire meatloaf back in town..."

    "Mm..." Misty smiled as Hinata started a campfire, allowing Brock to start cooking.

    "That smells amazing!" Ash heard a voice say some moments later. "I hope you have potatoes with that meatloaf!"

    He smiled when he saw Whitlea waving hello from the bushes. "Oh hi! I've got quite a lot to tell you!"

    "First you guys took on the Striaton brothers as a team, then stopped Team Plasma at the Dreamyard in the same day?" Blair smiled. "You guys have been busy making your mark on Unova!"

    "Is it okay if we join you for lunch?" Whitlea asked as she watched Brock prepare some gravy for the meatloaf and potatoes simmering in the cooking pot. "We're not really in he mood to set up our own campsite..."
    "Sure!" Brock smiled. "This recipe Cilan gave me made more than I thought, so there's plenty for everyone."

    Blair nudged Ash. "The thing to remember about Unovan cuisine is its diversity--almost everyone you could ask for a recipe has their own version of that recipe. So no two versions will be exactly alike.

    Ash nodded. "Is there anywhere where you can get real Kantonian ramen, and not the cheap noodles?"

    "Yes! Every city has Kantonian restaurants, if they don't already have a Little Kanto district." Whitlea smiled. "Castelia City is world famous for its Little Kanto."

    "Nice--we'll check it out when we get there!" Ash smiled.

    The clanking of the pot got his attention. "Come and get it!" Brock announced.


    "Mm...that was really good!" Ash smiled as he gathered up his dishes some time later. "Memo to self--teach Mom how to make a real Unovan meatloaf when we get home!"

    "Traveler, do you wish to join me on the Stage of Dreams?" a female voice asked, snapping Ash from his post lunch sleepiness.

    Ash looked to see a lavender haired girl approaching him, a glowing night sky patterned sword in her hand. "Sure...name your terms." he replied as he got up from the grass.

    Sakura watched as Ash and the girl negotiated the terms of their Stage Battle. [Whitlea...is it okay if I go with Ash to the Stage of Dreams? I want to see him battle on stage.]

    "If Ash is fine with it, it's okay with me." Whitlea replied.

    Ash noticed Sakura looking up at him. "Oh, you wanted to join Tintri in the audience?"

    Sakura nodded. [I want to see you in a real Stage Battle.]

    Ash nodded. "Sure, you can help Tintri cheer for me."

    He next repeated the terms of the Stage Battle. "Ten minutes, one Star Jewel at stake, Pokémon are allowed to cheer... right?"

    The girl nodded. "Are those terms fair?"

    Ash nodded. "I may only have one Star Jewel so far, but I plan to defend it!"

    "Then let's go." With that, the others watched as the girl drew a circle in the grass, allowing her, Ash, Tintri, and Sakura to fall into the Dimension of Dreams...


    Ash landed on the stage in his red musketeer costume moments later. "Welcome, Ash..." a Meloetta smiled. "My name is Lydia, and I will oversee your match against Miki today."

    "Nice to meet you." Ash smiled, aware of the ruby heart at the center of his chest. I must protect that jewel, no matter what. Remember your practice battle with Whitlea before...

    A lightweight clop signaled that his opponent had arrived at stage left. "Welcome, Miki...has Ash agreed to your terms?" Lydia asked.

    "We each have agreed to fair terms--ten minutes, with a Star Jewel at stake." Miki replied.

    Ash smiled when he saw the light purple kimono-like costume Miki wore. That's beautiful...

    "For your Stage Battle, you two will be performing 'Fanfare of the Heart'." Lydia explained. "The one who breaks the opponent's Heart Jewel in ten minutes, or by the time the song ends, is the winner. If both sides have an intact Heart Jewel by that time, or both Heart Jewels are broken, the Stage Battle is a tie, and nothing is exchanged."

    Ash balked as Miki drew a pair of pinkish purple twinblades. Two blades...just imagine I'm fighting Misty. he thought as the orchestra started the introduction to the song.

    Whoever said
    That it's strong not to cry?
    Cry with all your might, then look, raise your head...
    Miki sang as she tried to pin Ash to the stage.
    I say goodbye to yesterday
    When I ran from the things that hurt me
    Though the wind is still strong...

    Ring it out, ring it out, the fanfare of your heart
    Echo it out, send it out, loudly now!
    both musketeer and Kantonian lady sang as Ash charged forward, parrying both of Miki's blades!

    Losing isn't the end
    I'm sure, I'm sure it's the beginning
    In the very center of your heart!

    You can't know just by victory and defeat
    In order to understand true strength!
    Ash countered as he flipped over Miki and parried her blades from behind.
    Attack with all you have
    If you're overwhelmed, take a deep breath
    And continue down the road you believe in!!

    Ring it out, ring it out, the fanfare of your heart
    Echo it out, send it out, loudly now!
    both competitors sang again as they clashed in a whirlwind of blades.

    Losing isn't the end
    I'm sure, I'm sure it's the beginning
    In the very center of your heart

    Whoever said
    That being by yourself is better than being with everyone?
    Ash sang as he shoved Miki away.

    Surely, somewhere they're thinking of you
    The higher the mountain, when you look down
    The better it feels
    Though the path ahead is still very long...

    Ring it out, ring it out, the fanfare of your heart
    Echo it out, send it out, loudly now!
    both competitors sang as they chased each other around the stage.

    Losing isn't the end
    I'm sure, I'm sure it's the beginning
    In the very center of your heart!

    You keep growing, bigger and bigger
    Inch by inch until you reach the blue sky...
    Miki sang as she ran in an attempt to break Ash's Heart Jewel.

    It's okay to get nervous
    It's okay to get worried
    Let's go down the path we believe in!

    Ash, however, was prepared for Miki's attack. Ring it out, ring it out, the fanfare of your heart
    Echo it out, send it out, loudly now! he sang.

    Losing isn't the end
    I'm sure, I'm sure it's the beginning
    In the very center of your heart!
    Miki sang back in replay as she tried again to get at Ash's Heart Jewel.

    Ash suddenly spotted a pink heart on the obi of Miki's costume! Ring it out, ring it out, the fanfare of your heart
    Echo it out, send it out, loudly now

    Losing isn't the end
    I'm sure, I'm sure it's the beginning
    In the very center of your heart!
    With that, he lunged at the Heart Jewel, shattering it in a flurry of pink shards as the song ended.

    "Game Set! The winner, in a last ditch move, is Ash!" Lydia announced as Miki stood up.

    Miki seemed unusually calm about losing. "You must've done this before...does Kanto have a Musical Challenge too?"

    Ash smiled. "Not yet, but I'll see if I can get one started back home!"

    He and Miki linked pinkies. "Let's meet again onstage!

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 9a: Mon For One, and Mon For All! (part 1)

    "Well done defending your one Star Jewel." Misty smiled as the group emerged from the forest a few days later. "I hope I can do as well as you do when Brock and I get a turn to do a Stage Battle!"

    Ash smiled. "What I really want to do is do a Revue Battle with you guys by my side!"

    A poster on a signpost got Misty's attention. "The Silverpoint Theater presents a Pokémon Musical...auditions open today..."

    "What show are they..." Ash joined Misty in looking at the poster, only to balk at the musical's title. "By Arceus...they're doing 'The Three Musketeers'! The Bonnel version! The adventurous version we often put on at home because it's so popular!"

    Brock smiled. "I can't wait to show off Eliwood of the Forest Green to an Unova audience..."

    "The Melody Revue of Nimbasa City has also performed an all female take on the same show." Whitlea added. "I will never forget Christine Mendoza's performance as Elora of the Forest Green...bow and all. But I wouldn't mind seeing the original male form of the character, either..."

    "We get asked to perform the Bonnel version of the story often back at home." Brock explained. "That script is available as both a play and a musical, so we've done both versions many times."

    "Is it hard shooting a bow onstage?" Blair wondered.

    "Well, like the melee fighters, you have to practice every shot." Brock explained. "In many ways, it's harder, because you have to shoot the target at the right time, and coordinate your shots with the melee fighters. So you have a fight trainer working with the melee fighters, and an archery trainer with the archer. But Eliwood is one of my favorite roles to play, so it's worth the hard work."

    Ash nodded in agreement. "Maybe this is why my Stage Battle costume is the same one I typically wear as Rowan of the Red Flame--the spirit of the stage knows that play is close to our hearts because of the happy memories we have performing it."

    "That, or it sees you as a courageous person, like the musketeers." Blair smiled.

    "I take it your character can fight with a sword, too?" Whitlea asked Brock as the group made their way down the road.

    Brock nodded. "If archery's not possible or too dangerous for a scene, Eliwood does wield a sword--so I get my share of time in with a fight trainer, too."

    "Let's go!" Misty called, giddy over performing a beloved play in a new region. She located a stick in the grass and held it high like a sword. "All for one..."

    "...and one for all!" Ash and Brock answered back as they two held sticks high like swords, much to Blair and Whitlea's bemusement...


    Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location somewhere in Unova, the two Plasma grunts huddled together in an abandoned building in front of a computer-like device. "The boss should be sending his dispatch with our latest instructions any time now..." the female grunt noted as she watched the video receiver's blank screen, waiting for the moment it would come to life.

    A burst of static snapped the male grunt to attention. "It's the boss!"

    "Ghestis calling Agent Davy and Agent Rose..." a familiar male voice announced. "Come in, please..."

    "Agent Davy, here!" the male grunt smiled as he saluted the green haired man with a cybernetic eye on the screen.

    "Agent Rose, here!" the female grunt replied with a salute.

    "I appreciate your promptness." Ghestis began. "Your mission this time concerns the Desert Resort. I would like you to travel there, but you have not yet earned a vacation."

    "All right...what would you have us do, boss?" Davy asked.

    "As it happens, the Desert Resort is at the center of an energy flow with the same energy signature as the one in the Dreamyard." Ghestis explained. "Obtaining such energy is a key component of Team Plasma's ultimate plan. You two are to meet up with another Plasma agent to investigate a meteorite fragment that is located there."

    "Right!" Davy replied.

    "But what happens if we run into the cops or that hat-boy with the Pikachu again?" Rose asked, showing Ghestis her data on the group.

    "If you do find the Kantonian travelers again, you have permission to pursue them, and see to it that they do not disrupt the plan." Ghestis replied as he watched Ash, Misty, and Brock--now in elegant musketeer costumes--perform a pre-show good luck cheer. "But it appears the travelers are too busy dancing around a stage to know about our current activities. So I do not anticipate this mission being disrupted. You two are some of the most reliable grunts on the team, so don't let me down."

    "We'll head out now, boss!" Davy smiled as he motioned for his partner to get ready.

    "We'll report again when we have the meteorite." Rose agreed.

    "Very well--I will have further instructions for you both at that time." Ghestis replied, his cybernetic eye shimmering with happiness. "Ghestis out."


    Applause filled the Silverpoint Theater as the Pokémon Musical began. With a flourish of the conductor's baton, the orchestra was off into a grand melody that evoked a time of high adventure and excitement. While the brass mainly led the way, the strings and woodwinds had their roles to play as well.

    When the brass tapered off into a few lingering strings, a spotlight appeared on the girl playing the narrator. "Once upon a time, in a Kalos of long ago, many looked up to and revered the Royal Musketeers--brave men and women who kept order in the land and explored other lands on behalf of the queen. And none was more revered than Nathan Fontaine, the Golden Light."

    The narrator went on over the flutes and strings' peaceful melody. "In time, Nathan stepped down from royal service, and retired to the Kalosian countryside, where he raised a daughter of his own. Finally, the day came when Nathan's daughter came of age..."

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 9b: Mon for One, and Mon for All! (part 2)

    The lights went down to simulate the passage into the show proper. "Diana!" a male voice called in the darkness.

    The lights came up on the set of a majestic study, filled with books, artwork, and authentic Kalosian regalia. "Yes, Father?" an actress with wavy auburn hair asked as she met a male actor on the stage.

    The man smiled. "My daughter...congratulations on your coming of age." he began. "But you are not destined to slave in the kitchen like your mother...no...I've always believed you could even join the Royal Musketeers in Illumis."

    "Really?" the girl gasped as the man got down a particular sword hanging on the walls of the room.

    "As a sign of your coming of age, I am passing down my sword Lumiere to you." the man explained. "Promise me you will wield it with honor and respect."

    "I promise." the girl replied as she set the beautiful prop sword at her side.

    "When you get to Illumis, be wary of those that would lead you down the path of ruin and disgrace." the man went on. "Choose companions that will stick by you in good times and bad."

    "Know this--I will carry on your legacy as a Royal Musketeer, and be one of the greatest heroes this land has ever known!" the girl vowed, drawing the prop sword to emphasize her point.

    The man smiled. "Then go forth, my heroine, and make your mark on Kalos' history."

    The lights went down over a hopeful interlude. "Diana set out for Illumis early the next morning." the narrator continued from a spotlight at stage right. "She only carried her father's blade, a letter of introduction for the queen, and enough supplies for the journey. But deep down, her heart raced with excitement at what awaited her in the royal city..."

    If you were with me now,
    I'd find myself in you...
    the girl playing Diana sang as she stepped onto a set of a fantasy roadside.

    If you were with me now
    You're the only one who knew
    All the things we planned to do...

    I want to live my life
    The way you said I would
    With courage as my light
    Fighting for what's right
    Like you always believe I could...

    The song then picked up into a more upbeat melody. And I will fly on my father's wings
    To places I have never been
    There is so much I've never seen
    And I can feel his heartbeat still
    And I will do great things
    On my father's wings!


    Backstage, the group watched as the girl playing Diana jumped, danced, and twirled across various fantasy sets. "Well, that's one way to create a dream sequence onstage...." Misty smiled as she emerged in a well loved blue, silver, and gold musketeer costume.

    "Very clever, if I say so myself." Brock agreed, the lights from the stage reflecting off his costume to create green lights on the floor.

    Ash smiled as the set changed to a fantastic Kalosian city. "This is it! The scene from the play everyone in Kanto remembers!"

    "Don't worry--the people of Unova will soon remember Eliwood's dramatic rescue of Diana." Brock smiled, nocking a beautiful prop bow in preparation for the big scene.

    "The way to Lumiose was long, but eventually, Diana reached the grand city." the narrator continued when the song ended. "Having never been to the city before, Diana soon found herself horribly lost."

    The girl playing Diana arrived on the city set some moments later. "Wow...I never thought Illumis was such a big place..." she mused "The castle must not be far from here..."

    "Hold it right there, sweetheart!" a male voice called.

    The girl playing Diana gasped as two male actors in grungy bandit's garb approached her. "You wanna see the castle? Then you hafta pay a toll to da Black Moon!"

    The ring of a sword being drawn rang through the theater. "And if I don't?" the girl playing Diana challenged, leaping into a battle pose.

    "Ooh, the lady wants to fight, does she?" the second male actor sneered.

    "We'll teach you not to mess with the Black Moon!" the first male actor shot back.

    Ash smiled as the actors playing bandits approached Diana. "Make it good!" he whispered. Brock nodded back, then readied the scene's pivotal shot.

    Just as the girl playing Diana watched in feigned horror as the actors playing bandits approached her, an ornate arrow with green fletching came flying on stage!

    "An arrow..." the girl gasped.

    The two actors playing bandits froze in terror. "Oh no...not him...anyone but..."

    "A noble man, with an eye so keen..." the other stammered.

    "A royal musketeer of the Queen..."

    "Who now shoots at us, sight unseen..."

    "Tis' Eliwood, of the Forest Green!" the two boys chorused in terror.

    The trumpets played a 'ta-da!' stinger as Brock arrived on the stage, bow in hand. "Well, well, well--if it isn't my two favorite rogues of the Black Moon Guild..." Brock began as he approached the bandit actors. "Drop the lady's arm."

    "But--!" one of the bandit actors started.

    "NOW!!!" Brock yelled, spurring the two bandit actors to flee offstage.

    Applause went up as Brock looked the actress playing Diana over. "Are you all right, milady?" he asked.

    "I'm fine..." the girl replied as she brushed off dust from the simple lavender dress she wore. "Thank you for rescuing me, Sir Eliwood."

    Brock smiled. "You're most welcome, milady. It is a musketeer's duty to protect the innocent, after all."

    "But where are Rowan of the Red Flame and Brenna of the Blue Water?" the girl playing Diana asked. "It is very rare to see the Three Jewels of Kalos separated..."

    "Eliwood, is everything well?" Misty's voice came from offstage.

    The audience roared with applause as Ash and Misty arrived on the stage. "We came as soon as we heard the Black Moons were causing trouble again, but it appears you've chased them off..." Misty explained.

    Ash approached the girl playing Diana. "If I may ask, milady, what brings you here to Illumis?"

    "I am Diana Fontaine...Nathan's daughter." the girl replied as she handed Ash a prop letter.

    Ash carefully opened the prop letter and read the imagined text on the paper inside. "Well! This is the writing of Nathan Fontaine, the Golden Light! He did speak highly of you every time he came to court..."

    "Lumiere looks beautiful at your side, Lady Diana." Misty agreed. "If you like, we can escort you to the castle."

    "Please do--I'd rather not meet any more bandits!" the girl playing Diana stammered.

    Laughter rippled through the theater as the orchestra started a quiet introduction. This small seed of hope is in bloom... Brock sang over the music.
    And it reaches out towards the stars...
    From a little spark from deep within the heart
    Someone's love has brought you here.

    We will not back down, we will not give up
    We will protect you--come and take my hand!
    We will fight for you, we would die for you,
    As your name is known through the land.

    Her Grace, she longs for you!
    She would welcome you as her own
    And once again, the bonds of the stars
    They will bring a miracle!

    Excited cheers filled the air at the orchestra's triumphant swell. "And so, Diana was escorted to Castle Lumiere for her long awaited audience with the queen." the narrator went on as the song ended. "As she waited to be admitted to the throne room, and formally made a musketeer recruit, Constance--the court wizard, appeared to take a liking to Diana."

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 9c: Mon for One, and Mon for All! (part 3)

    The orchestra started a regal melody as the lights came up on a majestic castle set, complete with a few extras playing guards patrolling the ramparts. "Welcome back, you three...I trust the bandit problem we were having is resolved?" one asked as Ash, Misty, Brock, and the extra playing Diana arrived at the gate at the left end of the stage.

    "For now, the Black Moon has fled, but no doubt they will emerge from the shadows soon enough." Brock told the guard extra.

    The guard extra smiled. "I will ask Captain Helene to increase patrols in the city. That should keep the Black Moons from bothering the people."

    Something occurred to Misty. "We found a few of them trying to hurt this young lady..." she explained, prompting the girl playing Diana to step forward.

    The guard extra smiled. "So this is Nathan Fontaine's daughter...I received your message and informed the queen she wishes to speak with her. You may escort the lady Diana inside."

    With that, he signaled to another extra in the gatehouse, making the gate rumble open. "Before we introduce you to Her Majesty, there's someone else we would like you to meet first..." Brock explained to the girl as the group crossed the stage into a castle courtyard set.

    "Who?" the girl playing Diana asked.

    "Constance, the court wizard." Brock replied. "Your father mentioned in his letter that you might have some magical ability like we do. If you do have magical ability, she can teach you any sort of spell you like."

    The girl playing Diana thought for a moment. "I never considered honing my gift because the magic academies were too expensive, even for the daughter of a former musketeer..."

    She smiled. "But if the royal wizard is going to train me, maybe it's worth developing my power!" With that, the orchestra started a joyful song as the lights went down...


    The joyous song gave way to a mystical melody. The lights came up on a beautiful royal library, where a black haired woman in gold, silver, and black wizard's robes was studying a spellbook. "A moment, Lady Constance?" Brock asked as the group entered the scene.

    "Oh, back from patrol already?" the woman smiled before getting up from her desk. "And who might your guest be?"

    Brock made a grand gesture to the girl playing Diana. "This is the lady Diana Fontaine, daughter of Nathan Fontaine, the Golden Light."

    "Hello." the girl smiled, giving the woman a polite bow.

    "According to her father's letter, he believed that Diana had magical ability like many of the musketeers." Misty explained before giving the woman the letter. "Although she has never been formally assessed or trained in the way of magic, she does have the desire to learn."

    The woman read over the letter for a moment, then gave it back to Misty. "Very well, let's first assess Diana's magical ability."

    Some laughter filled the air as the girl playing Diana reared back in fear. "Peace, Lady Diana...the assessment is painless, and only takes a few seconds." the woman assured the girl.

    With that, the woman gently laid her hands on the girl's chest. Seios, higarima laisido...

    Awed murmurs raced through the theater as a bright glow from the girl's chest lit up the stage! "WOW!!!" Brock gasped in feigned amazement. Even though he, Misty, and Ash had performed this scene hundreds of times, he was still impressed by the bright glow from Diana's chest.

    "She DOES have the same magic as her father!" Ash was just as amazed. No matter how many times we do this play, this is one of my favorite scenes!

    The woman smiled at the group's looks of feigned amazement. "You are correct in that Diana shares the same innate light magic as her father before her." she told Ash. "The big difference is, she has the potential to develop a power that not many magic users master--the magic of the rainbow. In other words, mastery of all the elements."

    More awed murmurs raced down the rows of the theater as the woman went on "If trained well, a rainbow magic user is a colossal force for what is good, just, and pure. Otherwise, they are jacks of all trades, master of none."

    The girl playing Diana thought for a moment about what the woman had said. "Goodness...I never knew I had that great a power inside of me..."

    The woman smiled. "At the moment, it is only potential. What you do with this power is for you to decide."

    The girl nodded as the orchestra started the heroic motif from before. "I'll do it...I will hone and train my new power, until it is just as good, if not better, than my father. I came here to carry on his legacy, and become a hero in my own right."

    The woman nodded. "Very well...let us meet the queen, and formally welcome you as a royal musketeer." With that, she led the group out as the lights went down...


    Cheers filled the theater as the lights came up on a majestic throne room set. Ash, Misty, Brock and the girl playing Diana bowed on one knee before a beautiful throne. "I present the lady Diana Fontaine, daughter of Nathan Fontaine, the Golden Light." the woman playing Constance announced as the girl playing Diana stepped forward before an auburn haired woman playing the queen, and bowed in respect.

    The auburn haired woman smiled. "So you are the daughter Nathan spoke so fondly of in his letter. You seem very much like your father...brave, just, and guardian of all that is good. But I cannot formally welcome you as a royal musketeer just yet--you must undergo the same training all musketeer recruits do. Once you complete your training, I will formally welcome you in a grand ceremony."

    She smiled as she looked over at the group. "Although...you could not have asked for any better teachers than the Three Jewels of Kalos and Constance."

    "I will not let you down, Your Grace..." the girl playing Diana vowed. "I will make my father, and all of Kalos, proud!"

    The orchestra struck up a triumphant melody as the lights went down. "And so, Diana was formally made a musketeer recruit." the narrator began. "She proved to be a diligent student, and grew to be well loved and well liked among the court."

    The orchestra's song then turned ominous. "But not all looked on her favorably..."

    To Be Continued...
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    Finally, the story continues!

    Episode 9d: Mon for One, and Mon for All! (part 4)

    Backstage, Ash, Misty, Brock, and their costar took a moment to catch their breaths and listen to the actor playing the evil prime minister give his monologue onstage. "No matter how many times we perform the scene where Constance reads Diana's magical power, I'm still amazed..."

    The wavy haired girl smiled as she glanced over a copy of the script. "Let's see here...after this scene is the training montage number, and then is the scene I'm the most excited about--where Diana and you guys uncover the evil prime minister's plot, and the prophecy of Prisme."

    She smiled. "You three have clearly performed this musical before--I love how you just seem to click as the Three Musketeers..."

    Misty nodded. "We have performed this show many times in our homeland of Kanto and beyond. Playing Brenna of the Blue Water will never get old to me."

    "I'll always be ready to perform Rowan of the Red Flame!" Ash smiled, aware of the action going on onstage.

    "I'd happily perform Eliwood of the Forest Green many times over." Brock agreed. "He is a very special role to me."

    Some dialogue onstage snapped the group to attention. "Meline...I want you to keep an eye on the Three Jewels of Kalos and the starry eyed stripling. If you believe they may unravel my brilliant plan to rule Kalos, you have my permission to pursue them...and eliminate them."

    Boos filled the theater at this. "It will be done." a female voice replied.

    "It's time..." Brock whispered. "Training montage scene, go!"


    The orchestra struck up an upbeat melody. "Meanwhile, Diana and her companions continued their training, blissfully unaware of the prime minister's plot." the narrator began. "Little did Diana know, she would be putting her lessons into practice much sooner than she thought!"

    Lift your gaze up proudly
    As you take that first step,
    Towards the sun!
    Ash sang as he led the wavy haired girl onto the stage. Misty and Brock were not far behind.

    A new power has awakened within me...
    I stand ready to find my true destiny!
    the wavy haired girl sang in reply.

    With that the orchestra started a festive melody as the lights blinked to different parts of the stage, as if mimicking a training montage in a TV show. "Remember, the most critical part to keep in mind when you battle with a sword is your knee." Ash explained as he showed the wavy haired girl playing Diana a lunge.

    "Why the knee?" the girl asked, intrigued.

    "We'll discuss your arms shortly, but your knees and legs are important, too." Misty assured her student as she joined Ash in the scene. "Failure to keep an eye on the knees and legs is one of the most common mistakes beginning swordsmen and swordswomen make, and one that can cause a lot of problems later on."

    She demonstrated a lunge with a prop blade as she continued "Make sure that when you’re lunging or stepping into an attack your knee is not bending past your fingers, and it should face either forward or outwards."

    The lights blinked over to a different part of the stage, where Brock was giving the girl an archery lesson. "Your head is the only thing that turns toward the target, and your arms are the only body part that moves, okay?"

    "Got it!" the girl smiled.

    He next showed the girl one of his own arrows. "On most arrows, there are three fletchings--two fletchings of the same color and one of them a slightly different shade of the same color. When nocking your arrow, the different color fletching should face away from the bow and towards you. Once your arrow is in position, place the nock of the arrow--that's the split ending at the back of the arrow--on the string of your bow, pushing it in until you hear a subtle click."

    "Okay!" the girl replied as she followed Brock's instructions.

    "Now, form your stance again." Brock instructed.

    He waited for his co-star to get in position, then went on "First of all, that's a much better stance than before. To shoot properly, start by straightening your hand with the bow ahead of you, but keep it flexible with a slight bend in the elbow. Whatever you do, don’t lock up your shoulder."

    "Got it!" the girl smiled.

    "You want to hold the bow like you would the handle of a glass, with three fingers--typically the index, middle and ring--but keep the thumb lowered." Brock explained as he prepared his own shot. "There are several different grips, but you pick the one that's best for you."

    The girl readied her shot, then waited for Brock's instructions. "Moving on...to draw, draw with three fingers around the string below where the arrow is placed." Brock explained. "Try to keep the elbow of your drawing hand in line with the arm that’s holding the bow."

    He smiled as the girl assumed the correct pose. "Very good...now anchor your drawing hand on your face, ideally somewhere in the region of your mouth and cheek just below your eyes or nose so that you can see down the shaft of your arrow."

    The orchestra played a tense stinger as the girl drew her bow. "When you're ready to shoot, simply relax your drawing hand and follow through with the shot." Brock explained.

    The girl fired a few seconds later, her shot landing on the outer yellow ring of a target. "One last thing--don’t put down your bow or change your position until your arrow is in its target." Brock explained before observing the girl's shot. "If this were a competition, you'd get three points for that shot..."


    "A few weeks later, Diana and her teachers came to the library for some routine research." the narrator explained. "But she did not know that she and the revered Three Jewels of Kalos were about to discover the prime minister's plot--and a way to stop his ambitions of ruling Kalos."

    The lights came up on the girl playing Diana, Ash, Misty, and Brock on a library set. After a few tense moments, Diana noticed a paper peeking from under a book. "Hm?"

    Her eyes widened as she examined the paper. "You guys! Come see this!"

    "What is it?" Misty asked as she came to the table.

    "If I may have a look?" Brock asked.

    He studied the paper, a look of feigned concern on his face. "If this is what I think it is, this is our first official confirmation of a plot against Her Majesty's life!"

    "I-I don't understand..." the girl playing Diana stammered

    "Ever since Lord Raimond was appointed prime minister, many in the corps have had their suspicions that he has his eye set on the throne." Ash explained. "What you found is our first piece of evidence confirming what many of the musketeers have long suspected--that Lord Raimond is a fiend and a traitor!"

    The orchestra played a dramatic stinger, causing gasps to go up from the audience. "Furthermore, we don't have much time if we plan to stop Lord Raimond--the anniversary masquerade is three weeks from now." Misty explained.

    "But how can we stop him?" the girl playing Diana asked. "Arceus only knows what sort of demonic powers he has summoned to kill the queen!"

    "There is a way..." Brock assured his co-star as the orchestra started a hopeful theme. "An old prophecy foretells that should something like this ever happen in Kalos, the divine blade Prisme will appear."

    The girl playing Diana nodded. "Yes...my father told me all kinds of stories of heroes that struck down traitors with that holy rainbow blade...'Should a traitor seek to oppress Kalos, and bring justice to her knees, a rainbow will appear in the night to bring holy judgement.' That rainbow, my father said, was Prisme."

    "Then what are we waiting for?" Ash called. "Let us go forth, in search of Prisme!"

    "YEAH!!!" The girl playing Diana led the way out as the lights went down...

    To Be Continued...

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