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Pokemon Tabletop Adventures

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by AeonsShadow, Aug 17, 2014.

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  1. AeonsShadow

    Jun 5, 2014
    Okay, so I want to start a Pokémon TableTop Adventures game~!
    What is PTA you might be asking? well it is a Tabletop RPG much like D&D, but EVERYTHING is Pokémon~!

    Click here to see it's wiki page and Click here for thier download page

    There are six base classes, and each base class has 6 seperate specializations they can go into, giving you over 36 different styles of play to enjoy~!

    Types of Trainers
    There are Ace Trainers, who focus all of their energy into making their Pokémon the best fighters they can. Breeders, who raise Pokémon as if they are their own children and groom them up to be powerful. The Researcher gathers information and serves as a party's go-to guy when they confront a creature they've never met. Rangers are natural guardians who dedicate their life to the protection of a wild creature's habitat while employing wilds in their feats. A Capture Specialist is a techie Trainer who can tweak equipment, including the Poké Ball to expand their collection. The Coordinator employs their Pokémon in Contests instead of battle as she shows off their beauty. Finally, the Psychic, Mystic and Martial Artist get their hands dirty and fight the beasts with their own supernatural powers.

    Trainer's Goals
    A Trainer may explore the world and battle at Gyms to gather Badges which allow them entrance to the Pokémon League Championships. They may compete in Contests to enter Grand Festivals. Maybe they'll uncover a secret plot to destroy the world and try to stop those who would use Pokémon for evil. They may be breeding the most powerful Pokémon as their goal. No matter the destination, Pokémon will be valuable allies and tools in your journeys.

    The entire world is your plaything here~! So will you join me and my story?

    Or as an old friend of mine once said, Would you like to play a game?
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