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Rebuild it! Absol and Mega Absol

Discussion in 'Festival Plaza' started by Fable_PH, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. Fable_PH

    Fable_PH Pixels and Paints

    Level 45
    Feb 4, 2018
    Last Week: Abomasnow and Mega Abomasnow

    Howdy Lake Valor, and welcome to another week of Rebuild it! The basic idea is simple, we take a Pokémon and find a way to make it better in the competitive scene. We look at stats, movesets, typing, and abilities to figure out what does and doesn't work and see if we can't bump it up on the tier list.

    This week we're looking at Absol and Mega Absol, another Pokémon blessed with a Mega but not blessed with the boost it needed. Absol is hindered by lackluster speed and a heavy reliance on Sucker Punch to get in hits. Because of this it's easily outplayed by Will-o-Wisp and Substitute. Likewise it sees heavy competition for the dark type team slot in its tier, with Pokémon like Alolan Raticate and Skuntank being better options overall.

    Mega Absol is slightly better, boasting a much higher speed stat and better offenses, which combined with its wide movepool means it is a decent offensive presence. However, it struggles to stay alive due to being extremely frail and not being fast enough to outspeed threats like Mega Beedrill.

    So what can be done to save this doomsday dog? Can it be bumped up to UU or even OU in a way that both gives it a decent competitive niche and allows it to go toe to toe with other devastating sweepers?

    Like always, I've linked Absol's stats and Smogon page below!


    Smogon Data
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  2. jeevan261001


    Make it a Dark/Fairy type. Being polar opposites, it would be a great new type combination, being weak to Steel, Fairy and Poison. (Giving it Earthquake as a learnable move would be good for coverage.) It would also resist Ghost and Dark and be completely immune to Dragon and Psychic. Don't forger STAB from Play Rough too.

    And before people start talking about wings, (not trying to cause a debate but) I found this from SidewaysInfinity on reddit:

    "Those aren't actual wings, they're fur. I believe the idea was that Absol's whole schtick is wanting to protect people from the disasters it senses, so it becomes something like a "guardian angel" upon mega evolving. Fairy would have fit this."
  3. Junkrat

    Junkrat Demolitions Expert

    Articuno Egg
    (Articuno Egg)
    Level 6
    Aug 5, 2017
    Park Ball ★★★
    I think Absol is fine where it is for the most part. It's a glass cannon much like its fellow dark types Weavile, Zoroark, Houndoom, and Greninja. If I had to change it though, I'd increase its speed as that would make it insanely more useful. Sucker Punch isn't a great fallback all the time because an enemy could easily set up, outspeed, and kill it in one or two hits.
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  4. Bubbles

    (Diancie Egg)
    Level 14
    Jun 10, 2014
    Mewnium Z  ★★★★★Ice Stone ★★★★Heart Scale ★★
    If I'd boost Absol, I'd give it more speed and special attack. I tend to use its mega as a mixed attacker, and with more speed and special attack it can make use of its offensive capabilities.

    Absol learns quite a few wide coverage special attacking moves like Ice Beam/Blizzard, Thunderbolt/Thunder, Flamethrower/FireBlast, Shadow Ball, and Dark Pulse. On top of that, with more special attack it can utilize Hidden Power more efficiently. However, due to it's special attack stat... it mostly can make use of these, even with Calm Mind... since with 65/60/60 bulk you aren't going to stick around long, especially since there are other Pokémon that are faster and can do the job better.

    With versatility, it makes Absol much more unpredictable. Could it be a swords dance set up? Calm Mind? Substitute? Sucker Punch? Baton Pass? Will-O-Wisp? This could be even more so interesting in doubles since Absol could either be a lethal physical threat with Justified attack boosts, or a mixed special attacker to handle common weaknesses like Garchomp's x4 ice and the plethora of bulky steel types with a weakness to fire.

    A boost that I think would be fair would be to give it +26 speed and +14 special attack.
    This would change it's stats to:
    Hp 65
    Atk 130
    Def 60
    Sp.Atk 89
    Sp.Def 60
    Speed 101

    Hp 65
    Atk 150
    Def 60
    Sp.Atk 129
    Sp.Def 60
    Speed 141

    Absol is still slower than the likes of Mega Beedrill, but unlike Beedrill it can serve its role better as a mixed attack that is more unpredictable and versatile. With 101 speed, it's regular form outspeeds significantly more threats and can make use of choice scarf or band better. Although if you really want to make Absol a bigger threat, making it part Ghost type would do wonders as it would be immune to common fighting type moves(primarily mach punch), but alas... I think that would make it a bit overpowered at that point.
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