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Red x Green short story compilation

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by EmeraldWriter, Mar 25, 2015.

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  1. EmeraldWriter

    Mar 25, 2015
    I'll be posting fics mainly of Red/Green (RG for short and seme/uke respectively) here by adding onto this one post by edit as to not overflow the thread with multiple posts for they can be as short as drabbles or long as one-shots.

    I'll try to be active as much as I can as I am new here. So, I hope you enjoy reading them as I enjoyed writing them.

    It's not much now, but I'm sure that with time, it'll be a true compilation. :D

    1. Here for You

    Green sighed heavily, rubbing his temples in an attempt to rid himself of the headache. All week he'd just been reading, and reading, and reading. The books he needed to study for upcoming exams felt endless.

    He wondered briefly if he was going to even succeed. Throughout his life, it has been nothing more but failures and disappointments. He couldn't seem to make his family proud of him, and it had hurt to know.

    Deciding to follow in his grandfather's footsteps to become a research professor, he passed the entrance test for the university that was said to be the best with top scores. He needed to because of expectations, and now, the pressure was getting to him.

    Green sighed once more; he couldn't retain any more information. He leaned to rest his head against his lover's back. "Sorry, let me just ... nap for a bit," upon saying so, he went, almost immediately, into deep slumber.

    The dark-haired didn't mind. In fact, he ordered Pikachu to grab a blanket. He and Eevee then laid it on Green, before they returned to playing.

    "You really overwork yourself too much," Red said softly, going back to his book. "You should really rely on me more."

    2. Music Challenge: Toy Soldier

    "Green, I'm back!" He took off his cap as he laid his bag on the living room table. Knowing that his greeting would be met with silence as the other occupant of the house would not have heard him, he head upstairs to do some checking up.

    "Green," he called out upon opening the door to their room.

    The aforementioned man looked up at him with a pained expression. He couldn't speak from the cloth in his mouth that tied around his head nor could he move from the shackles that bound his arms and legs to the bed posts.

    "Don't look like that, love." He went over to his restrained lover, and kissed him on the forehead. "You have to remember I'm only doing this to make you understand that you've not need to fear me. I know that you love me, and I to you." Slowly, he undid the knot on the mouth gag.

    "... Red," Green voice cracked from how unused it was. "You have to–you have to stop this."

    Red caressed the other's cheek in a gentle manner as an attempt to comfort the latter, but Green just shivered and tensed up. Though, he'd be a fool to move away, lest he'd cause Red a reason to punish him for his 'misconduct' or 'disobedience'.

    "Stop what, love?"

    "T-The killing. Weren't they our friends? Our family?" Green inhaled sharply when he felt the hand comb his hair and the grip on it began to tighten ever so slightly.

    "Were." The hand travelled back to his lover's cheek. "But we don't need them when we have each other Green. After everything we've been through, no one else can understand you like I do. We were meant to be together forever." The fingers travelled to Green's trembling lips. "Don't worry, Green. One day you'll understand, and then you'll thank me. You're just confused with your feelings right now, but I already know, and I can be patient." Red lightly planted a kiss on his partner's lips. "I'll guide you the whole way, and will continue love you no matter what."

    When Red saw the tears, he wiped them with both of his thumbs. "Shhh, don't cry. I know it's frustrating, but it will only hurt less if you stop fighting and just submit to it." Red unwound the chains so that the latter would be able to move by the lengthened binds, but nowhere long enough to get out of the bed. He did so to be able to have Green curl in his embrace. "One day, you will learn to love me, you'll see Green."

    Green couldn't help himself from sobbing in misery and helplessness, while Red gently and patiently combed his hair in an attempt to be soothing.

    It wasn't long until the brunet cried himself to sleep and Red made sure he didn't wake him up when he laid him back on the bed and pulled the covers over him.

    He placed one last kiss on Green's head, "One day." He moved to leave the room. And just as he closed the door to head downstairs to prepare their dinner, he smiled:

    "Besides, if I can't have you ... No one can."
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