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Requiem of the Fallen Dragon

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Dragon of Vale, Oct 2, 2014.

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  1. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Prologue: The Newmoo[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt]n[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]The sky is black, [/SIZE][SIZE=16pt]only the dark side of the moon that can be seen...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Tonight is the night of Newmoon[/SIZE]... Most people believed that it is a black omen, so they chose to stay in their home after the sun has departed the sky...
    [SIZE=16pt] But not for all...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Because... Somewhere...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] A dark figure appears near the haunted wood... None can see his face because the lack of light... He is holding something with his left arm.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] He looks around, as if to see if anyone is around here, before he walks slowly from the point where he appeared to[/SIZE] the entrance of the haunted wood. But when he reaches the entrance of the haunt wood, he collapses on the ground, has no more power to continue walking. A red liquid is flowing out of his body without pausing.
    [SIZE=16pt] With his little power, he tries to say something...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...[/SIZE]I know that you are here..."
    [SIZE=16pt] His voice echoes into the haunted wood, but there is no response...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...[/SIZE]I know that you will never forgive the thing that we had done... We made you suffered so much... But now..."
    [SIZE=16pt] He places the thing that he is holding with his left arm and places it in front of him...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...[/SIZE]With the curse that flows through my blood, I will never be able to go back to our land alive... But... for you and her..." He says and looks at the thing in front of him. "Both of you must survive... And grow up... To be ... Legend... Forgive...your...fools....Good...bye...my...soul...." He says before he stops breathing. His heart stops dancing, ends the life of the mysterious figure...
    [SIZE=16pt] After the soul of the mysterious figure departs its own body, another mysterious figure appears from the haunted wood... He walks up to the corpse of the one who had departed the world already... And then he picks something in front of it...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] It is a blanket with a baby sleeping inside...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] He looks at the baby with the mysterious face, before he raises the baby onto the sky and lets out a loud roar!!!!!!!!!![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue[/SIZE]...
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: Hello everyone! I am Dragon[/SIZE] of Vale, a new member of Lake Valor. Well... This story is my 1st one. It is called "Requiem of the Fallen Dragon"... Strange name, isn't it? Well... This one will be a very long one... I hope that you enjoy it! Feel free to leave a feedback to me, I appreciate every feedback I get!
  2. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 01: Hero of Justice[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The battle drum ends after the battle finishes, leaving only silence, one winner and one loser.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] This place is the Solar Dojo, the place where everyone from many places comes to hone their battle skill. This dojo[/SIZE] is very big, but among the fighters in this dojo is standing only a few that can master the art of justice.
    [SIZE=16pt] The battle that has just finished is the training under the real battle condition. This is a quite dangerous training section because the real battle condition can leave either harsh injury or even the death...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...You are strong. I have no hope in matching your skill, Hero of Justice." The loser says after the battle ends.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Thank you for your compliment, my friend. But please do not call me the Hero of Justice. I am just a fighter, nothing more than that." The winner says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Both fighters shake hands with each other before they leave the training ground back to the main hall of the dojo. They say farewell to each other before the loser goes back to the training ground while the winner goes to the Master's Realm, the place where the master of this dojo[/SIZE] resides.
    [SIZE=16pt] After seeing the incoming of the winner, the master gives permission, letting the winner to enter the room.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Master, do you desire something from me?" The winner asks while sitting on the floor.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...My beloved pupil, Rucas the Lucario. Can I ask you something?" The master of the dojo[/SIZE] says.
    [SIZE=16pt] The winner looks at his master. His name is Rucas the Lucario, the aura Pokémon.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yes, master." Rucas answers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Why did you decided to join my training realm? I had witnessed your fighting skill since the day you came until today, and I can tell you that even I couldn't match you in[/SIZE] everything." The Master says.
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I just want to improve my fighting skill." Rucas answers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Rucas, I am sorry to say that I have nothing more to teach you. It is the time for you to learn with your own mind." The master says. When he sees the shocking face of the Lucario, he smiles and continues to say; "I suggest that you should leave this village and travel to the capital of this land. And then you shall use your power of justice to learn more."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Thank you, master. I will not forget anything that you had taught me." Rucas says before he gives a last farewell to his master and leaves the room.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After leaving the Solar Dojo, Rucas walks up to the small village near the dojo, the Solar Village. This village is small but very peaceful. The villagers in this village are all nice, even money is among the useless thing when you come to this village. No one in this village uses money[/SIZE] for trading. If you want anything, all you have to do is just asking other villagers, and they will be glad to help you.
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hello, the Hero of Justice." A Kangaskhan greets when she sees Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Good afternoon, Madam Kangaroo." Rucas greets.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I guess that you have just finished your training, hm? Then how about the afternoon tea?" Madam Kangaroo the Kangaskhan asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas tries to refuse, but Madam Kangaroo takes him to her house and gives him the afternoon tea along with a couple of Poffin. This is a kind of routine that Rucas has. Every time he goes into the village, the villagers will try to treat him or give him a gift, which he couldn't refuse it no matter what.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas, you look a bit... anxious... Did something terrible happen?" Madam Kangaroo asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas looks into Madam Kangaroo's eyes before he tells her what happened at his master's room.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I see... Then you will have to leave this village and go to the Gamma City, right?" Madam Kangaroo says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "This village is very nice. I want to settle here. But as it is a word from my master, I couldn't neglect it..." Rucas says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "My dear, this world is very vast. And at a young age, you should try to seek as much experience as possible. You are lucky that you have a chance to visit the capital of our land. No one in this village yet has a chance like you." Madam Kangaroo says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Thank you for your encouraging word[/SIZE], Madam Kangaroo." Rucas says.
    [SIZE=16pt] "So do I to have a change to meet the Hero of Justice." Madam Kangaroo says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas's ears turn red. Everyone in this village and in the dojo[/SIZE] likes to call him "Hero of Justice" just because he praises justice over everything and will do anything to maintain the justice of the world.
    [SIZE=16pt] After leaving Madam Kangaroo's house, Rucas goes back to his room at the Solar Dojo. This is the last night that he will sleep here, because tomorrow, he will leave the Solar Dojo, Solar Village, his friends, villagers and his master behind...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: End of Chapter 01. Say hello to the first Protagonist of my story, Rucas the Lucario. In this story, there will be several Pokémon to be the protagonists. The number of the protagonists of this story is... 15. Yes, quite much. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Another thing, this story will be divided into four parts. The first three parts will have three different protagonists to be the main protagonist. This is the 1st Part of the story, "Rucas's Tale", meaning that Rucas will be the main protagonist of this part.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] And for further detail... Wait until the next chapter![/SIZE]
  3. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 02: Symmetria[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After saying farewell to his friends and everyone in the village, a young Lucario departs the Solar Village to a place called "Symmetria Field", a vast grass field that located across the land of Symmetria.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After running for several hours, Rucas reaches a Travelling Center, so he decides to rest here a bit before continuing his journey.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Good morning, Lucario, how can I help you?" An Audino at the Travelling Center greets as Rucas enters.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I'd like a map of this land." Rucas answers. Audino smiles and gives him a map of Symmetria.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas receives a map from Audino and takes a seat, and starts looking at the map.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Symmetria" is the name of a land that located in the Pokémon World, a world that only Pokémon inhabited. There are five regions in this land. They are the Southern Region, the region with hot climate[/SIZE], beautiful coast and a vast desert. (Solar Village is also located in the northern part of this region.), the Eastern Region, a region with an abundant forest and a rocky mountain, the Western Region, a region with a plain of lightning and a blazing volcano, the northern region, a cold region with nothing but snow and ice, and the center region, which is the gateway that links other four regions together. Symmetria Field is the field that runs across five regions of Symmetria.
    [SIZE=16pt]The land of Symmetria has two capitals. They are Gamma City, the Civilized Capital of the west, and Venturnome Town, the Ancient Capital of the east. Rucas[/SIZE] decides to go to Gamma City because it is nearer than Venturnome Town.
    [SIZE=16pt] "Good morning, Goodra, how can I help you?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The voice of Audino turns the attention of Rucas from the map to the new visitor of the Travelling Center. She is Goodra, a dragon type Pokémon.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Good morning, Audino. Could you tell me a way to Gamma City, please?" Goodra asks with a sweet voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Sure!" Audino says before taking out another map and explains the route to the Civilized Capital to the young dragon.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Thank!" A young Goodra thanks Audino before she walks up to Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Excuse me, Lucario, could I take a seat next to you?" She asks with a friendly voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Of course." Rucas answers. So the Goodra quickly takes a seat next to him.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Did you say that you are going to Gamma City?" Rucas asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Of course!" A young Goodra says with a cheerful voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I see... By the way, my name is Rucas Couraura the Lucario, nice to meet you." Rucas says and shakes hand with a young Goodra. (Which makes his hand covers with sticky goo)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "My name is Anastasia Wyrmscale the Goodra! Nice to meet you too, Rucas!" The young Goodra says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas looks at Anastasia. She is a quite beautiful Pokémon, maybe among one of the most beautiful Pokémon that he had seen...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Anyway, Rucas, where are you going now?" Anastasia asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I am going to the Gamma City." Rucas says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Cool! Then, would you mind if we go together?" Anastasia asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm?!" Rucas mumbles and looks at Anastasia.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Well... I have heard that there are many thieves that live around Symmetria, trying to rob from the traveler. And... I am not very strong, so..." Anastasia says with a sad voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Of course, Anastasia, we will go together." Rucas says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Really?!" Anastasia asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Travelling with friends is always better than travelling alone." Rucas says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Thank you!!!" Anastasia says with glee.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After resting enough, Rucas leaves the Travelling Center along with his new friend, Anastasia the Goodra, and in the night, they have a camp near a small river that flows through the Symmetria Field.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas, can I ask you something? Why do you want to go to Gamma City?" Anastasia asks while having a berry as a dinner along with Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Well... I am training in order to be stronger, and my master said that I should go to the capital and be the guardian of justice, so I could become stronger..." Rucas says and takes a bite of an Oran Berry.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Really?! Then you must be the Hero of Justice from Solar Village! Cool! I haven't thought that I will have a chance to meet you!" Anastasia says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I just praise justice over anything, nothing more than that..." Rucas says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "If you are the Hero of Justice, then could you teach me about the art of fighting or about your Moves?" Anastasia asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I do not use Moves very often because my fist is enough for me. And since you couldn't rely on move forever, it is very tired to use it several times without pause, so I usually rely on my fist and my knuckle." Rucas says and shows Anastasia his weapon, which is a knuckle that makes from a purified crystal. He always uses it and never keeps it away from his body.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wow! Your knuckle is sparkling! It's lovely!" Anastasia says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Weapon is not for show, Anastasia, as well as mine, the Crystal Knuckle." Rucas says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After finishing the dinner, Rucas and Anastasia say Goodnight to each other before going to sleep. Although Anastasia has no problem in sleeping, Rucas has. He usually sleeps alone or with his friends in the Training Dojo. This is the first time in a while since the last time that he slept with girls... And... Every time he thinks about girls... his nightmare always comes and haunts him...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: Say hi to the second protagonist and the first female protagonist of this story, Anastasia the Goodra. She is lovely, isn't she?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] I forgot to tell you that in my story, everyone will use a weapon to fight along with their Moves, so everyone will have one weapon. Rucas's[/SIZE] is a Crystal Knuckle... And Anastasia's is...(Coming Soon)
    [SIZE=16pt] Continue from the last chapter, this story is divided into four parts. The first part is Rucas's Tale. The second part is XXX's Tale. And the last part is XXX's Tale... Then how about one more part? Well... The other part is a side story. As the main story proceeds, there will be a side story of a protagonist named XXX.[/SIZE]
  4. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 03: The Phantom Storm[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Here we are..." Rucas mumbles when the sight of the civilized capital appears before their eyes.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After spending two days for the journey, Rucas and Anastasia finally reach Gamma City, the civilized capital of the west. The city is very big, compares it to Solar Village equal to comparing a Flabebe to a Wailord...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Gamma City has eight entrances. The nearest entrance for Rucas and Anastasia is the Southeastern Gate. But when Rucas and Anastasia approach to the gate, they find a Pokémon is standing in front of the gate.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Sorry, travelers, due to a problem within the civilized capital, no one is given a permission to enter or leave the city. Please wait a little longer..." The gatekeeper says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wah!" Anastasia says with a disappointing voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Could you tell me more about the "Problem within the civilized capital" thing?" Rucas asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I am sorry to say that I know nothing more than you two know..." The gatekeeper says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and Anastasia look at the city's gate with their disappointing eyes, before saying farewell to the gatekeeper and leave the Gamma City.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas, what should we do?" Anastasia asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm... Since I can't go into the Civilized Capital for now, I will go to the Ancient Capital instead." Rucas answers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then... Do you mind if I go with you?" Anastasia asks. Her question surprises the young Lucario.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm? Anastasia, I thought that you have a thing to do in the Gamma City, doesn't you?" [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Actually... I am just trying to find someone..." Anastasia answers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I see... That is the reason that you travel around Symmetria alone... Alright, then I will accompany you." Rucas says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Thank you!!!" Anastasia says and hugs Rucas. (Which makes Rucas covered in a slimy goo.)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and Anastasia leave[/SIZE] the Southeastern Gate and walk along the city's wall to the Eastern Gate before they walk away from the city, back to Symmetria Field.
    [SIZE=16pt] There is a main road that leads them from the Eastern Gate to Symmetria Transportation Port, which is the gateway that links other four regions of Symmetria together, and it is the shortest way for them to go to Venturnome Town.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Anastasia, you said that you want to find someone, right? Then... who is that "someone"?" Rucas decides to start a conversation while walking with Anastasia.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "..." Anastasia doesn't reply Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I am sorry if my question..." Rucas apologizes, but Anastasia suddenly speaks up.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm?! Oh! I am sorry. I had lost in thought..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Really... Then..." Rucas says before he asks Anastasia the same question again.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...I am trying to find my[/SIZE]..." Anastasia answers, but before she could speak more...
    [SIZE=20pt] "BANG!!!!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Rucas and Anastasia turn[/SIZE] around in surprise after hearing the sound of gunshot! And they see a group of five Pokémon are standing in front of them, they are Machamp, Rhyperior, Toxicroak, Drapion and Honchkrow. They all wear a black mask to cover their face, and they are all holding a rifle in their hand!
    [SIZE=16pt] "HA! Another jackpot!" A Machamp says[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "It has been a while since a small group of Pokémon passed this road..." A Rhyperior says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hey! Travelers, if you still value your life..." A Toxicroak says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hand over us everything you have!" A Drapion says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Or else we shall give you a painful death..." Honchkrow says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas says nothing and equips his fists with Crystal Knuckle and looks at a group of criminal with[/SIZE] his cold eyes.
    [SIZE=16pt] "So, you dare to fight us..." Toxicroak says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You do know nothing, little puppy." Drapion says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "We are the infamous "Phantom Storm"!"." Machamp says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Everything that you had done is against the law of justice, I will fix it..." Rucas says before turning his attention to Anastasia.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Anastasia, gets behind me."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "No! I will fight with you!" Anastasia says. Now Rucas notices that Anastasia is holding a Sword in her right hand while holding a shield in her left hand.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, do not let your guard down!" Rucas says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "RRRR!" Five criminals roar before starts attacking Rucas and Anastasia with their rifle. But Rucas is too fast for them, and the bullets couldn't pierce through Anastasia'[/SIZE]s slimy skin. Rucas runs up to the criminals and quickly punches the Rhyperior, knocks him out in a few second. Then he notices that the Honchkrow is trying to attack him from the sky, so he quickly evades the attack and counter back, and then he turns his attention to take care of the Machamp.
    [SIZE=16pt] While Rucas is fighting with Machamp, Darien and Toxicroak are attacking Anastasia, but Drapion's claw and Toxicroak's fist are covered by Anastasia's goo so they couldn't attack[/SIZE] her, so they change their attack into attacking Anastasia with their Special Move, but none can hurt her. Anastasia uses her shield to block the attack and counter with her sword.
    [SIZE=16pt] After five minutes of skirmish, the battle ends with the victory of "Two Travelers".[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Damn it! We will let you go for now, but remember this, someday you will regret in messing with us the Phantom Storm!" Five criminals say before running away.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas sighs before putting away his weapon and then he turns his attention to Anastasia.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Anastasia, are you alright?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yes, I am fine..." Anastasia says. She looks a little exhaust.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I have observed your battle skill, and I could tell that you are quite good with your sword." Rucas says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Thank you... Actually, I have not fought very often so I am not very good. But my Wyvern Sword and Wyvern Shield had protected my life for a countless times..." Anastasia says and puts away her weapons.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas looks at Anastasia's weapon. The Wyvern Sword looks somewhat like an ordinary sword, but its texture doesn't look like any metal, it looks like a...[/SIZE]bone? As well as the Wyvern Shield. It has a strange pattern that he had never seen before. The pattern looks like a dragon with much power...
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, Anastasia, do you know who they are? They said that they are the criminal group "The Phantom Storm"..." Rucas says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...They are among bigger criminal groups of Symmet[/SIZE]ria. They had committed many crimes through the land, robbed from the travelers and killed many innocents..." Anastasia says.
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?! Then how can the capital stay still and do not do anything to stop them?!" Rucas asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "They are powerless... Although they ca[/SIZE]n protect the village or town from their invading, but... every time they tried to obligate them, they got killed by the mysterious leader of them. No one knows who or what kind is their leader, and the one who knows didn't live long enough to tell others..." Anastasia says with a sad voice.
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Anastasia, let's hurry to the Symmetria Transportation Port..." Rucas says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia nods, and then both of them quickly continue their journey.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After sprinting their adventure, they reached Symmetria Transportation Port at the time when the sun leaves the world. Both decide to rest here for a night...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The next morning, both woke up late because of the fight yesterday. They quickly have a breakfast. And while Rucas is waiting for Anastasia to finish her breakfast, he hears the conversation of two travelers...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Do you know this, the Greenleaf Forest is cursed!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?! How can the forest that is protected by the sacred tree get cursed?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I saw it with my own eyes! Every night, I saw a shadow of someone moving around the forest, and everyone who go into the forest, never to return again!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "..." Rucas thinks about the conversation that he had just heard, the cursed Greenleaf Forest?![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Anastasia..." Rucas speaks up.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What's wrong, Rucas?" Anastasia asks after finishing the last Oran Berry.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Do you mind if we go to Greenleaf Forest first?" Rucas asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Not at all! But...why?" Anastasia says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas tells Anastasia everything that he heard from the travelers. Anastasia agrees and then they leave Symmetria Transportation Port and go to the Eastern Region of Symmetria, the first area that stood before their eyes is the abundant Greenleaf Forest.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: So... A group of criminal appears... They are very ferocious. Can Rucas, the Hero of Justice, stop them?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Continue from the last chapter, now we know that Anastasia uses a sword and shield as her weapon.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Thank you for reading so far, readers![/SIZE]
  5. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 04: The Cursed Greenleaf Forest[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Greenleaf Forest is located between the Center Region, Southern Region and Venturnome Town. The outer area of the forest is a small wood that is inhabited by grass and bug type Pokémon, while the inner area is a deep wood so only a few that dare to visit them...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] As Rucas and Anastasia reach the inhabited area of Outer Greenleaf Forest, they start searching for the detail of the cursed forest from the village, but no villagers tell them the different story than two travelers at the Center Transportation Port except...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Excuse me..." Anastasia says when she approaches to a Servine that is walking in front of her. Servine turns her attention to Anastasia and looks at her with an intimidating face.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...What do you want?" Servine asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Um... Could you tell me about the rumor of the cursed forest?" Anastasia asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...You must be mistaken. There is no curse that lurks beneath the sacred forest. Do not believe in a fault rumor that you heard..." Servine says with a cold voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But..." Anastasia tries to say.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "And remember this; do not approach to the inner area of the sacred forest if you still have a love for your life..." Servine looks at her with more intimidating face before walking away from Anastasia.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What do you think about it?" Anastasia asks after having a dinner with Rucas at a small restaurant.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Everything leads us to the Inner Greenleaf Forest is all I can tell..." Rucas bites a Pecha Berry that left from their dinner.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then what will you do next?" Anastasia follows Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I will go to Inner Greenleaf Forest..." Rucas sprints his step.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hey! Rucas! Wait! It's dangerous!" Anastasia says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Anastasia, I WILL go alone." Rucas says with a serious voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But...Why?!" Anastasia asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Because it is too dangerous for you. And I must do it. I need to know what happen, and if it is not the justice..." Rucas answers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You will bring it back to justice, right?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]A calm voice can be heard by both of them from somewhere, and then another Pokémon appears from the darkness.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] She is a green deer-like Pokémon. She is a little taller than Rucas and Anastasia. (Rucas is a very tall Lucario. He is as tall as Anastasia, who is a quite small Goodra.) Her movement is very graceful.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Y...You are..." Rucas grasps, but then, he notices that the deer-like Pokémon has many cuts and bleeds on her body.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You got injured! We must treat you at once!" Anastasia says in surprise.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "No...I am fine..." The deer-like Pokémon speaks before she collapses in front of Rucas and Anastasia![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Both Rucas and Anastasia quickly bring the injured deer-like Pokémon to the clinic. After waiting for thirty minutes, the doctor says that the patient is still unconscious and needs to rest for a while.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Terrible! Who could have done a terrible thing like that to her?!" Anastasia is about to cry.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas is very confused. He knows her. That deer-like Pokémon is Virizion, the member of The Sword of Justice, a group of Legendary Pokémon that travels around the world of Pokémon and brings the criminal back to justice, just like he does. The Sword of Justice is his idol. He always wants to meet them, and now he did, but in a not very good circumstance...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The last night, Rucas and Anastasia decided to sleep at the clinic because they are worried about Virizion. But after they woke up and finished their breakfast, Virizion still stays unconscious...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I must do it... I must go into the Inner Greenleaf Forest..." Rucas looks at Anastasia with his eyes that tell her 'Do not try to stop me.'[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I won't stop you, Rucas. But at least, let me go with you..." Anastasia says and looks at Rucas with the same eyes that Rucas used to look at her.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas nods, and then both of them leave the outer area and go into the inner area of Greenleaf Forest.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The Inner Greenleaf Forest has many more trees than the outer area, making Rucas and Anastasia realize why Pokémon that ventured into this forest never to return again. It is a deep forest of the maze, making the journey becomes harder than before, since they have to beware for a path or they will get lost in the forest, other than it. Luckily, Rucas's steel type and Anastasia's sticky goo protect them from the poisonous tree.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Oops!" Anastasia slips a root and about to fall down, but Rucas quickly grabs her arm.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Be careful, Anastasia." Rucas says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "R...Right..." Anastasia thanks before she realizes that Rucas's hand is very warm. Also, Rucas's face turns red when he grabs her arm.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas? Why does your face turn red? And why does your hand is very warm?! Do you catch a cold?!" Anastasia asks with a worried voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "No...Nothing..." Rucas quickly pulls his hand back, but his face is still red.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas! You should rest! You may catch a cold!" Anastasia says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "No...It is nothing... Let's keep going..." Rucas sprinting his step to hide his face from Anastasia.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and Anastasia walk deeper into the forest, but after several hours, they still don't find anything. Until Rucas finally realizes that they walk in a circle, so he uses his aura power in order to make sure that they do not walk in a circle again for the second time...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Finally... They find something... With is terrible beyond their imagination...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "!!!!" Rucas and Anastasia have no word left for a picture in front of their eye, because here is a small lake in the middle of the forest. But other than a huge tree that stood in the middle of the lake, all other trees around here are dying!!!!!!![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Who did it?!" Rucas mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas walk up into the lake, to the huge tree that is standing still in the middle of the lake. This tree looks so majestic...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Why... Why it must be here?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Rucas looks around in surprise. He is sure that he hears a voice from somewhere, and that voice isn't Anastasia's. That voice is the voice of a woman...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas, what's wrong?" Anastasia asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Anastasia, did you hear it?" Rucas looks around, trying to find the source of the mysterious voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm?! I hear no one..." Anastasia answers and looks around.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas looks around again. There is still no sight of the living creature around here... Except himself, Anastasia and... the huge tree?![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] But then...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Garrrrr...."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Rucas and Anastasia look around in surprise again. This time, both of them hear a voice... a scary one... And the ground starts shaking![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "AYAAAA!!" Anastasia shouts, because she realizes that something is rising from the ground![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Many Pokémon appear from the underground. But they do not look like an ordinary Pokémon... Although they are, just looks like that they are... corpse?![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas gasps. All "undead" Pokémon don't look very friendly. And they are preparing to attack them! Rucas quickly equips his Crystal Knuckle and Anastasia draws her Wyvern Sword and Wyvern Shield, preparing to fight![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] All "undead" Pokémon fight like as if they are alive. But they do not talk or breathe. Rucas and Anastasia have no problem in fighting them for their battle skill is no match against them. But the problem is there are so much of them![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Damn it! How many of them?!" Rucas moans while K.O. one "undead" Pokémon.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "AHH!!" Anastasia shouts. Rucas looks at her and realizes that she drops her weapons due to fatigue during the battle. And one "undead" Pokémon is about to attack her!!!! But he is too far from her!!!!![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=18pt]"Anastasia!!!!"[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Rucas roars. But then...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] A sound of sword cutting through the air can be heard by both of them. Before they know where it comes from, the monster that was attacking Anastasia is cut into two pieces, reveals a cut that is as smooth as silk.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?!" Anastasia realizes that someone is standing in front of her, holding a sharp sword in his hand, but he isn't Rucas...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Cursed you, Fallen. I will not forgive you!" The Pokémon in front of Anastasia mumbles before raising his hand over his head, mumbling something, making a bright light emits from his hand!!![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "GARRRR!!!!" The "undead" Pokémon roar in pain and cover their eyes, before their body shatter into dusts!!!!![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Everything around here returns to normal, like the horror that was happening is just a nightmare... But it is not a nightmare, it is a reality...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: The "undead" Pokémon attack?! Sound like a zombie attack, doesn't it? Yeah... It sounds like, but I can say that this story is a non - horror story. It is just a fantasy...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] And... In my story, most Legendary Pokémon will have their gender, such as Virizion is a female Pokémon...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] One more thing, who is that Pokémon that helped Anastasia?! Find it in the next chapter![/SIZE]
  6. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 05: The Forest Swordman[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] He is quite small compared to Rucas and Anastasia. He is a grass type Pokémon with green body, red belly, several leaves grow from his elbow as well as a long leaf that grows from his head. His eyes are yellow and sharp. And he is holding a twig in his mouth. He is a Grovyle.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "That should do it..." Grovyle says before looking at Rucas and Anastasia with his sharp eyes.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Well... You should be happy that I came here in time or you will become one of them..." Grovyle crosses his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Thank you for saving us!" Anastasia says with glee.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...How could you get a stupid idea of going into the forest? I thought Julia must have warned you already..." Grovyle says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Before Anastasia and Rucas could says anything, another Pokémon appears from the deep forest. She is a Servine[/SIZE], the same one that Anastasia met in the Outer Greenleaf Forest.
    [SIZE=16pt] "Brother!" Sevine runs up to Grovyle.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Julia, I believe that you had warned them already..." Grovyle looks at Servine with cold eyes.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Curiosity will lead everyone to the path that they shouldn't go..." Servine says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Grovyle and Servine turn attention to face Rucas and Anastasia. Although both of them are small, but their sharp eyes intimidate both Rucas and Anastasia.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Despite my warning, you still come here, didn't you?" Servine looks at Anastasia.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas quickly tells them the thing that happened last night, about Virizion. Both of them seem shocked after hearing about Virizion.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...I am so relieved to know that she is still alive... Yggdrasil blessed us!" Grovyle says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Anyway, you saved the life of Virizion, you two have our gratitude..." Servine says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...After we had shared our story, would you mind to share the tale of everything in this forest?" Rucas asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Both Grovyle and Servine look at each other, before Servine starts talking.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... This forest... is the sacred wood protected by the sacred tree of Yggdrasil..." Servine looks at the huge tree that stood in the middle of the lake. "Yggdrasil protected us for many centuries... But recently... About a week ago... Both of us sensed something wrong about Yggdrasil... So we quickly came here... But along the way... We found the monster in the forest! They are not the ordinary Pokémon, they are the alive corpse... Both of us were shocked...Thank to the bless[/SIZE] of Yggdrasil... We managed to defeat them easily... Then we separated... My brother stayed here, in the forest to protect Yggdrasil... And I quickly went back to the outer area to warn everyone not to go into the forest..."
    [SIZE=16pt] "But some of them still managed to enter it... Most of them were killed... by those monsters... The only one that I can save is Virizion... Yes... She fought with those nasty creature... Luckily that I could help her..." [/SIZE][SIZE=16pt]Grovyle says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Terrible..." Rucas mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But... what are those "undead" Pokémon?! How could they appear from nowhere?!" Anastasia moans.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...According to the ancient scroll that I searched, they once a living Pokémon like us, but they passed away... Their souls went to the Afterlife, leaving their corpses behind... But... With the evil power... Their corpse became alive... as an empty shell... with no emotion, life, heart or soul... They are called in the name "Fallen"..." Servine says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Grovyle walks up to the sacred tree of Yggdrasil in the middle of the lake. "Normally, Yggdrasil's power is enough to obligate them... But... I notice that her power became weaker... I don't know why... But as you around here... all trees are dead... Yggdrasil's power is not enough to protect them... The one who wandered into this forest... If they encounter the Fallen and could survive their assault, they will get killed and their corpse will turn into one of them... This is the reason why everyone that went into the forest never to return again..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"...We must do something or this forest will turn into the forest of death..." Servine says with sad voice[/SIZE].
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Hey... I thought that we could be some help..." Rucas says. His word amazed both Grovyle and Servine.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...I had saved your life once... I don't want it to be a waste... So you should stay away..." Grovyle crosses his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But I couldn't stand it! I couldn't let it go any further! I, Rucas the Lucario, shall finish it!" Rucas shows his fists.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I will too! This Anastasia the Goodra will help you!" Anastasia says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Both Servine and Grovyle look at each other, before Grovyle starts saying;[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I had observed your battle skill... And I can see that even my blade couldn't match yours... Very well... You can help me if you want..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "By the way, my name is Julia Floratree the Servine..." Servine says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "And my name is Joshua Floratree the Grovyle, the elder brother of Julia..." Grovyle mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After introducing themselves, Julia decides to stay here to protect Yggdrasil, while Joshua says that he wants Rucas and Anastasia to go with him. He said that there is a place in the located deeper into the forest called "Shrine of Life." It is the shrine that was built to worship Yggdrasil. But something must happen there so Yggdrasil's power is drained...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] While travelling deeper into the forest, Anastasia starts a new conversation with Joshua.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So...Um... Joshua, thank you for saving me back then..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Joshua says nothing and nods.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Joshua, I saw you raised your hand above your head and emitted a light to expel those Fallen... What is that power?" Anastasia tries to keep a conversation with the young Grovyle.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... It is the power of Yggdrasil... Only Julia and I that could use it... We mainly use it to restore the life to the dead tree like this..." Joshua mumbles while using his power to make a dried vine becomes green again. "But we can also use it to expel those Fallen. However, I couldn't use this power if I go anywhere other than Greenleaf Forest, this is why I always stay here...." Joshua says and holds a twig in his mouth.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Those Fallen... What or whom makes them to come back again?" Anastasia says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...As Julia said, we only know that, nothing more..." Joshua answers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Joshua, I saw you using your sword to cut the Fallen back then, and that cut is a cut of the blade master." Rucas joins the conversation.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Do not get me wrong... I am just a swordsman in training. I am weaker than both of you... And my weapon is not a sword. It is the Emerald Katana..." Joshua says and shows his weapon to Rucas. It is an exotic sword with a long blade, although smaller than an ordinary sword, but it is slimmer than the ordinary sword. The blade is all green, like as it is made from a pure Emerald. Comparing it to Anastasia's Wyvern Sword. Her sword is the sword that is mainly used for defensive while Joshua's Emerald Katana is a blade that focuses on speed. Rucas grasp. Anastasia specializes in a defensive fight while Joshua specializes in a battle of speed, and himself specializes in both physical and magical attack. "I wish that one day, I will master the art of blade and become the master of the blade..." Joshua mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Do not worry... Everyone becomes weak at first... But as the time passes, if you keep training, you will become stronger... And once you evolve... I am sure that that day you will becom the blademaster..." Rucas encourages the young Grovyle. Joshua says nothing but reveals a small smile.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"... We are finally here..." Joshua says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The group stops walking when they reach an old shrine in the deepest area of Greenleaf Forest. This is the Shrine of Life.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Upon reaching the shrine, Rucas and his friends find that the trees around here had died since several days ago, making the forest around here turns into the Black-and-White forest. The old shrine is even worse. It looks like Ruins more than Shrine...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Let's go..." Joshua mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia looks at Rucas, and then they enter the 1st dungeon, Shrine of Life.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: Now let's welcome the 3rd protagonist, Joshua the Grovyle. He uses an Emerald Katana as his weapon. He is quite cool, isn't he?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] You may be confused on, how can Joshua the Grovyle is the sibling of Julia the Servine, since both do not share the same Egg Group. It is because in my story, I will ignore this fact.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Alright, it is the time to tell why this story is a crossover with Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem. The characters in this story fight with a weapon and Moves like Final Fantasy. This story has dungeon and puzzle like The Legend of Zelda, and... this story has so many protagonists like Fire Emblem...[/SIZE]
  7. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 06: Shrine of Life[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=20pt]Dungeon I: Shrine of Life[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Most rooms in this dungeon are quite dark because the door is the only way that the light can enter, but that is not a problem for Rucas since he can use his aura to detect the hidden doorway or the enemy Fallen. Since this is a forest dungeon, the environment inside the shrine makes Rucas and his friends feel like they are exploring the ancient forest ruins. All enemies in this place are the Fallen. But with Joshua's power, they can be defeated easily.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Why there are so many Fallen in this place?!" Anastasia says after she defeats a Fallen with her Dragon Breath. "... Because one of Yggdrasil's roots is in this place..." Joshua answers after using his Leaf Blade to cut a Fallen into two pieces.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas looks at Joshua. "What do you mean? One of Yggdrasil's root?" [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... The huge tree in the middle of that lake is not the real Yggdrasil... It is just a sprout of the real Yggdrasil." Joshua notices that Rucas and Anastasia don't quite get what he says, so he sighs and continues explaining. "The sacred tree of Yggdrasil is actually located somewhere in our world... No one knows its location. The Yggdrasil will grow her root and sprout from the main tree to several places around the world... The tree in the middle of that lake is one of Yggdrasil's sprouts... And this shrine is the only place in Symmetria that Yggdrasil's root appears above the ground... But the sprout can be found around Symmetria... I always dream of visiting all Yggdrasil's sprout as well as finding the main Yggdrasil..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wow... The tree at that lake is so huge... I couldn't imagine how big and graceful is the main Yggdrasil..." Anastasia gasps.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"... My ancestor said that the sprout of Yggdrasil in Greenleaf Forest appeared since almost a century ago... And then she grew up to be the protector of Greenleaf Forest..." Joshua crosses his arm. Talking about Yggdrasil reminded Rucas of the first time he reached the Yggdrasil's sprout in the middle of the lake in Greenleaf Forest... He heard a voice of someone...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]'...[/SIZE]Why... Why it must be here?'
    [SIZE=16pt]"...[/SIZE]Hey... Joshua... Can Yggdrasil... talks?" Rucas tries to ask Joshua, although he knows that it is a stupid question. But it is not when the young Grovyle responds with a nod. "...Yes... She can talk... But only a special Pokémon that can hear her voice... Julia and I are the only Pokémon in Greenleaf Forest that possess that ability..."
    [SIZE=16pt]"Wow! Then, what did Yggdrasil has told you?" Anastasia asks in an excited voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"...[/SIZE]She said... 'Where am I... I am so lonely... Darkness...Will I ever see the light again?' or something like that. Neither Julia nor I understand her words..." Joshua mumbles while using his power to revive a dried vine into the green vine so everyone can climb to proceed.

    [SIZE=16pt]"That's so sad..." Anastasia climbs the vine to follow Joshua while Rucas is the last one to climb because he is thinking about Yggdrasil's word. He has an ability to hear her word too?! Then... What is the thing that she tries to tell him?[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]As they proceed deeper into the dungeon, the enemies become stronger. Once they have passed the first half of the dungeon, they found a Blade Boomerang, a tool that they can use to hit the switch far away, grab items from an unreachable place or defeat the enemy. Joshua seems to like it very much, so Rucas allows Joshua to keep it, and he can use it very effectively since his speed is higher than Rucas and Anastasia.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]The puzzles of this dungeon consist of a dark room (Rucas must use his aura ability.), a dried tree or vine (Joshua's Yggdrasil Ability helps.) and the puzzle that involves in using boomerang to solve it. Joshua told Rucas and Anastasia that the room where the Yggdrasil's root is located in the middle of the shrine, but to enter that room, they must revive the dead flower at four corners of the dungeon. After they can do it, the door to the Yggdrasil's root room opens.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"!!!" After entering the last room, Rucas and his friends find...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Celebi[/SIZE]?!" Joshua roars. The only Pokémon in this room is the time-traveling Legendary Pokémon, Celebi. But for some reasons, Celebi seems to become a very ferocious creature. She roars before starts attacking everyone!
    [SIZE=20pt]Forest Protector[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Celebi[/SIZE] roars and using her Magical Leaf to attack everyone. At first, she is flying higher than anyone could reach. So Joshua decides to use his Blade Boomerang to attack Celebi, making her falls down so he could attack her with his X-Scissors. (Rucas is a fighting type Pokémon, so his attack is not very effective, and Joshua is the only one that knows the move that is Celebi's weakness.)
    [SIZE=16pt]"RRR!!!" Celebi roars in pain after Joshua deals the final blow to her, before collapsing on the floor before.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"...[/SIZE]Will she...die?" Anastasia asks in a worried voice.
    [SIZE=16pt]"...[/SIZE]Do not worry. This would not kill her... I suspect that someone must brainwashed her. But this battle should return her back to normal..." Joshua crosses his arm while Celebi starts regaining her power. But she seems to return to normal.
    [SIZE=16pt]"Oh... It hurts... What was happening? Hm?! Where are they?! And... Joshua?! Why did you come here?!" Celebi looks around panicky.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Celebi[/SIZE]! Calm down!" Joshua tries to calm Celebi down, and he succeeds. And then Joshua quickly tells Celebi the reason why he comes here.
    [SIZE=16pt]"...[/SIZE]Because of me... I couldn't protect her..." Celebi looks at Yggdrasil's root with sad eyes. Rucas and his friends grasp why Yggdrasil became weaker, because Yggdrasil's root is cut!!!
    [SIZE=16pt]"...[/SIZE]About a week ago... A group of Pokémon came here... They all wore a black mask, so I couldn't tell what kind of Pokémon they are... They cut Yggdrasil's root... I tried to stop them... But...Their leader is too strong... He knocked me out with his pistol... And after that... I couldn't remember anything... And how can I turn ferocious? I do not know!"[SIZE=16pt] Celebi tells everything that had just happened...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"..." Rucas[/SIZE] is confusing. Everything becomes more complicated than before. The existence of the Fallen, and the mysterious group of Pokémon that hurt Yggdrasil... Maybe that mysterious group is the cause of the existence of the Fallen...
    [SIZE=16pt]"By the way, we must heal Yggdrasil's root or her power will be drained!" Anastasia looks at Yggdrasil's root, which has a large scar from a mysterious incident. "... My power comes from Yggdrasil, so I could not use her power to heal herself..." Joshua crosses his arm. "...Although I can recover the life to the dead tree too, but my power is not enough to heal Yggdrasil..." Celebi looks at Yggdrasil's root's cut with her worried eyes.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]The room falls into silence. No one can heal Yggdrasil's cut... So Yggdrasil will eventually die?! Except...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Joshua walks up to Yggdrasil's root's scar silently, and then he starts singing a song....[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]After Joshua finishes singing the song, Yggdrasil's root turns bright, and the cut starts to heal!!!![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Wow!" Anastasia shouts with glee.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"...Yggdrasil will heal soon..." Joshua holds a twig in his mouth.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Joshua, what is that song? I don't understand its lyric... And how can it heal Yggdrasil's root?" Celebi says in a confused voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"...That song... had passed down from our ancestor to both Julia and I... It is sung in a mysterious language, neither Julia nor I understand it... But Julia couldn't sing it, only I that can... Yggdrasil seems to like this song... Because every time I sang this song in front of her sprout[/SIZE], a leaf will grow from her branch... So... I thought if I sing it, will she recover? And she did..."[SIZE=16pt] Joshua explains.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]'What a mysterious song! It sounds calm, but also sad...' Rucas thinks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]'...That song...' Anastasia thinks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Now we have finished our mission, let's return to Yggdrasil's sprout..." Joshua says, and then Celebi creates a warp portal that will lead everyone back to the lake. "Thank you everyone..." Celebi thanks while everyone is warped out of the dungeon...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]"I will protect the forest with my life... I swear that I will not let it happen again..."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Yggdrasil seems to recover after Rucas and his friends go back to the lake. Both Julia and Joshua are rejoiced by their effort. With the power of Yggdrasil, the Greenleaf Forest will be freed from the Fallen...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Rucas...Anastasia... You two had done very well... Thank you... for helping Yggdrasil..." Julia almost cries after Yggdrasil returned to normal.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yes, both of you did very well..." A voice comes from somewhere, and then Virizion appears.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Virizion! You return to normal already?!" Anastasia says with glee.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yes... But it looks like that you all had finished a great thing for this sacred forest..." Virizion says in a calm tone.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas looks at Virizion with a serious voice. "...Virizion... You know something about those Fallen, aren't you?" His word makes Virizion looks at him with her sharp eyes. "...Of course, Hero of Justice... although my work in this sacred forest is finished, but there is much more work for me to do..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then let me go with you." Rucas's word makes a smile appears on Virizion's face. "Of course, I'd like to have your assisting, Hero of Justice."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I will go too!" Anastasia says and hugs Rucas, like if he says no, she will not let him go.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "A...Alright!" Rucas says, so Anastasia lets him go. (But that makes his body covers with sticky goo.)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "....I have decided; since Yggdrasil has returned to normal, so I have no need to stay here anymore... Rucas, let me go with you..." Joshua's word surprises everyone. "The adventure will hone my blade skill, and one day, I shall become the master of the sword." Joshua explains the reason.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "My brother... I won't force you to stay here... Please... Take this Seed of Life... With this, you will be able to use Yggdrasil's power everywhere, even if you are far away from the sacred forest..." Julia says and gives Joshua a round, green seed. And then Joshua turns his attention to everyone. "Everyone, do you mind if I go to a place before we leave this forest?" No one refuses, so Joshua walks into the deep forest, with everyone follows him.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Joshua leads everyone into a small plain, with many trees surround it. Standing here makes everyone feels refreshing! Joshua walks up to the middle of the plain, before closing his eyes.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Joshua, what are you doing?" Anastasia asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "This place is called "Grove of Memory". The legend said the tree of this grove had absorbed the memory of the living creature and keep it safe. Both Joshua and I usually come here to collect and remember our good memory here... And keep it safe..." Julia explains.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Cool! So I can remember my childhood too? Then let me do it too!" Anastasia walks up to the middle of the grove beside Joshua, before closing her eyes.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas decides to do the same thing. He walks up to beside Anastasia and Joshua, and then he closes his eyes, trying to collect and remember his past...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] However, the memory that flows into his head is not his memory... It is...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: End of dungeon one. Celebi is the first boss of this story. I am sorry that I couldn't write a good battle scene or good dungeon description...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anyway, Yggdrasil returns to normal, but the mysteries still exist... The song that Joshua sings... What is it? Well... It is a mysterious language of my story... And Joshua decides to join the group too, making there are 3 protagonists in the main group! So there are only 12 left!... Well... only 12 left...[/SIZE]
  8. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 0: Iris's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 07: The Birth of Mewtwo[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The room is bright... And everything is new to me...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] I open my eyes, trying to see everything around me... It takes me just a blink of a second for my eyes to adjust itself to the light of the room...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] This room... it has so many strange things... And...There are so many Pokémon in this room too...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] I try to say something, but everyone in the room seems to afraid of me... I do not know why...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] 'Where...am...I?'[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] No word comes out of my mouth, but it seems that everyone can hear me... They look at other Pokémon in the room, before start writing something on white, square plate or something like that...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Why?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Why everyone doesn't care for me? And where am I?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Wait...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Who am I?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] I look at myself... I am a Pokémon... I am quite small. My body is pink, except my belly and tail, which are purple. I have three fingers on both of my hands. There is a short tube that connects my neck and shoulder...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] I wait silently while everyone writes something. Before a Pokémon walks up to me...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Happy birthday, Mewtwo."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Mewtwo? That is me? Then... is that my name or my specie?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Mewtwo?" I try to say, but again, I couldn't talk, but everyone seems to understand my thought...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Interesting... A newborn creature that can understand our words and can use telepathy immediately... Such a wonderful creature..." Another Pokémon in the room says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] A newborn creature? And happy birthday? So... I just give birth?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The first Pokémon tries to approach me, but other Pokémon protest him.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Doctor! Beware of it! It is the most savage-hearted Pokémon in the world!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Me?! The most savage-hearted Pokémon in the world?! What is that?![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "It is fine... She doesn't look like she will attack us..." The Pokémon that everyone called him "Doctor" walks up to me and tries to touch my arm. I quickly use Safeguard to protect myself...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Do not worry, Mewtwo. We will not harm you..." He says, so I allow him to touch my arm. His hand is so rough... It hurts my skin when he touches me...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The doctor looks into my eyes. His eyes are gentle, but somehow, I feel that there is something wrong in the abyss of his eyes...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "See? It means no harm to us!" The doctor says, and everyone in the room claps their hands.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yeah! We succeed!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "This project succeeds!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Project?! What is that word?! I don't understand...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The doctor looks at me again, before he starts speaking...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Ah... Your body is purple... It reminds me... This season is spring... Flowers bloom... And the color of your body reminds me of my favorite flower... Alright... From today, I will call you "Iris"..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Iris? So that is my name...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: After the dungeon ends, the next chapter will be a Side Story, or Part 0. It is a story of one of the three main protagonists of this story. Also, Part 0 chapters are very short...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Here is the second main protagonist, Iris the Mewtwo... She will be treated as a female Pokémon. She still doesn't join Rucas and his friends... Do not worry, she will join soon... But when?[/SIZE]
  9. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 08: Ancient Capital of Venturnome[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas! Wake up!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Hearing the voice waked up the young Lucario from a deep slumber. Rucas looks straight and sees Anastasia is looking at him in a close range.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas! Awake at last! You shouldn't sleep here or you will catch a cold... What?! Your face turns red again! You must catch a cold for sure!" Anastasia realizes that Rucas's face is red again.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "N...Nothing! I am fine!" Rucas tries to stand up and hides his face from Anastasia, then he realizes that he is still in the Grove of Memory. The last thing that he remembers is he was closing his eyes to collect his memory, but a strange memory flew into his head instead...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] 'What is that memory? It seems like a birth of a Pokémon Mewtwo...' Rucas thinks to himself. Because he hadn't read much, so he doesn't know anything about a Pokémon Mewtwo.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You know, there is a better place to sleep than here... Or everyone's memory will flow into your head..." Joshua crosses his arm.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] 'So, because I fell asleep, that strange memory flew into my head...' Lucario thinks again.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Virizion looks at everyone, before looks at the sky. Judge from the sun, the time now is about 15 O'clock. "We are late... We must be hurried or we will not reach our destination before the sunset..." "What is our destination?" Joshua asks.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "...The Ancient Capital, Venturnome Town." Virizion answers.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] After they have passed the Greenleaf Forest and the Symmetria Field again, Rucas and his friends reach the Ancient Capital by the time of sunset. (About 19 O'clock)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wow! This town is beautiful!" Anastasia looks around the town.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I love the exotic atmosphere of this town..." Joshua holds a twig in his mouth and looks around like a child in the room with a mountain of toys.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Venturnome Town is the exotic eastern town. Most houses or buildings in this town are made from wood. There is a small lamp in front of every house, making the town bright. There are several small canals flow through the town, and there are several small bridges that link both sides of canal together. The town folks dress in an exotic uniform because the current season is spring. While travelling through the town, Virizion explains that this town has the longest history in Symmetria, and everyone in this town decided to keep the old tradition of this town, although this town is old, but it had inherited the modern custom such as electricity.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "If you want, I can tell you the history of Symmetria, but today, we must hurry to meet my comrades." Virizion says as they cross a small bridge.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Virizion leads Rucas and his friends to a bar in the middle of the town. This bar is quite small.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Here we are. This is Musketeer Bar, a place where my group always stops by. Although it is quite small, but inside is quite nice." Virizion explains.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] As Rucas and his friends enter the bar, the time is about 20 O'clock, but there is no one in this bar except the bartender and...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "One...more..." A brown, muscular bull says and raises his pawn holding a glass of some kind of beverage in his hand. The bartender fills the glass with some kind of Berry Juice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Terrakion, you drink too much..." A gray and cobalt blue goat who is standing next to the brown bull says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Nah... Cobalion... Yooouu aarrrree.....tooooooo.....sseeerrrioussss..." The brown bull says before he collapses on the floor.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Oh... my Arceus..." The gray goat facedhooves. (Author Note: It is a facepalm, but since he has no palm...)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Terrakion drinks too much Sitrus Juice again..." Virizion shakes her head. Her voice turns the attention of the gray goat from the brown bull to her.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Welcome back, Virizion. I am glad that you are safe..." He greets.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Thank you, Cobalion... The things in the Greenleaf Forest went well... But there is something that still haven't finished yet..." Virizion says and turns her attention from the gray goat to Rucas, Anastasia and Joshua.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "My friends, this Pokémon is Cobalion, the leader of the Sword of Justice..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The gray goat named Cobalion walks up to Rucas and looks into his eyes before introducing himself.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... As Virizion said, I am Cobalion, the leader of The Sword of Justice..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "And that Pokémon on the floor is Terrakion. He is also the member of The Sword of Justice." Virizion looks at the brown bull who is trying to hold his consciousness.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Good evening everyone! My name is Anastasia Wyrmscale!" Anastasia introduces herself.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Joshua Floratree, the forest swordsman from the sacred forest of Greenleaf." Joshua mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "And I am Rucas Couraura, the Hero of Justice from the Solar Village." Rucas introduces himself.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Hearing the full introducing widened the eyes of Cobalion, Virizion and even Terrakion.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Virizion, I desire to know the reason for you to bring them here..." Cobalion breaks the silence.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...This is too late for today. I think everyone deserves a night's rest..." Virizion answers, and both Cobalion and Terrakion nods. Then Virizion turns her attention to Rucas and his friends.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "My friends... We will talk about everything tomorrow. Tonight, please rest well. You can rest in a room upstairs of this bar. There is a room for you all... However... Since we have only one room left, I afraid that all of you must sleep in the same room..."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "That's fine! I don't mind at all!" Anastasia says with a cheerful voice. Joshua says nothing but nods, and Rucas's face turns red again...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "So, everyone is here, right?" Cobalion says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The next morning, after having a breakfast, Rucas, Joshua, Anastasia and The Sword of Justice gather in a small room in Musketeer Bar to talk about their mission.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Listen, my comrades..." Virizion opens the conversation by telling everything that was happening in Greenleaf Forest, something Rucas and Joshua add the event that Virizion wasn't in such as the battle with Fallen in the Forest Lake or the adventure in the Shrine of Life. Both Terrakion and Cobalion listen carefully.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...So... The Fallen had come back..." Terrakion says after Virizion finishes her story.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What do you mean? 'had come back?'?" Rucas asks, and Cobalion starts explaining.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...This is the first time in this century that those Fallen appear, but not the first time in the history. The last time that they appeared is about five centuries ago... They are the evil being that are blessed with the evil power to rise from the death... According to the law of nature, raising the dead against the stream of time is not right... Fallen is against the law of nature. Their existence is a bane of the balance..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Awful..." Joshua mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Who... Who did something like this?" Anastasia asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Only a few certain Pokémon possesses the power to do something like this. They are the living creature like us, but their heart and soul had been dying since the day they were given birth..." Cobalion answers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But hey! The appearance of the Fallen in the Greenleaf Forest is the first time in this half-millennium. And it is just a start, so I think that those damn Fallen will appear at other places too!" Terrakion speaks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Speak of other places... Cobalion, you are supposed to be in Gamma City, right?" Virizion asks, but Cobalion shakes his head no. "... Yes, I supposed, to stay in that place to guard the city... But about a week ago, I heard that there is a group of bandit in the Symmetria Field, so I quickly got out of the city to defeat them. And I finally found and defeated them... But when I got back to Gamma City, the gates were closed, not allowing anyone to enter or leave..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So... There must be something wrong happened there..." Terrakion says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Alright... I will go and check it..." Cobalion says and stands up, but Rucas stands up too. "Let me go with you, sir. I am sure that I will be a help to you." Cobalion shakes his head no. "It's too dangerous, Rucas. We don't know what is waiting for us... Maybe we will encounter something terrible like The Phantom Storm..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Hearing the name of The Phantom Storm wakes Rucas's memory up.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But Cobalion, while we were going to Greenleaf Forest two days ago, Rucas and I encountered The Phantom Storm too, and we managed to defeat them!" Anastasia explains.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?! You met them!?" Terrakion says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yes, at a Symmetria Field near the eastern gate of Gamma City." Anastasia says. Her words shock Cobalion.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Why did The Phantom Storm appear around Gamma City? Maybe they are planning to do something terrible with the Civilized City..." Virizion mumbles. Her words shock Cobalion even more.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "That's not good! I need to go to that place now!" Cobalion says and quickly runs out of the Musketeer Bar. Rucas looks at Virizion and Terrakion. "...Let him go... It is our job to protect Symmetria..." Terrakion says. "Terrakion is right, and I took you here just to help defeating the Fallen, not to deal with a large criminal group..." Virizion supports Terrakion.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"... I couldn't stay still... I am the Hero of Justice, I can't let the injustice go any further!" Rucas roars and looks at Anastasia and Joshua, before he and his friends run out of the Musketeer Bar.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Rucas! Wait!" Terrakion says, but Virizion shakes her head no. "Let them go, Terrakion. You know the blood will not lie, right?" Terrakion nods, and both of them look up into the sky...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: Venturnome Town is beautiful, isn't it? Rucas and Joshua seem to like it very much.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] We finally meet Cobalion and Terrakion. And now, our protagonists are going to the Gamma City... What is waiting for them? Maybe the Fallen, The Phantom Storm or even worse...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]P.S. Sorry for my Grammar. I didn't have any time to check it.[/SIZE]
  10. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 09: The Sparking Yelspark Plain[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and his friends have been running for several hours, but the Civilized City is still far... At the end of the day, they only reach the Symmetria Transportation Port.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Damn it! How can Cobalion run that fast?!" Joshua curses while he tries to catch his breath.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas! Stop it! We can't go any further today! We need to rest!" Anastasia pleas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas turns his attention to his friends. "You two can sense it, right?" Anastasia seems not to understand his question, but Joshua nods. "...From the legend... Cobalion, the leader of The Sword of Justice, is cool and calm..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yes... But while he was in the Musketeer Bar, he had turned restlessly after he heard about The Phantom Storm... Something wrong happens..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia seems to grasp at last. "...Cobalion must know something about The Phantom Storm... But still, we must rest!" Rucas agrees with Anastasia. They had been running through the Symmetria Field and Greenleaf Forest for several hours. It is beyond his limit...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "... Fine." Rucas mumbles.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] In the night, Rucas couldn't sleep well. He is worrying about Cobalion. Since he was a child, Cobalion had become his hero. He always wants to be like him... After he realizes that forcing himself to sleep will not do anything good, Rucas leaves his room and decides to take a walk.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The night in the STP is busy. (Author Note: STP is the Symmetria Transportation Port, not the Standard Temperature and Pressure!) There are many Pokémon and vehicles come and leave. For Rucas, he had been living in the Solar Village for many years, seeing something like his confuses him...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Then...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas hears a sound of an instrument comes from somewhere...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "........"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas looks around and see a bard is walking along the way. He is a strange Pokémon that Rucas has seen before. He is very tall; his height is over two meters. He wears a white bard robe, making only his face and his arms that can be seen. He has a white, long neck. His arms and wing-like hands are also white, as well as his face. His eyes are calm and sharp, and his eye borders are Navi blue. He is playing a harp while walking passes through Rucas...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] '...' Rucas looks at the mysterious Pokémon. What kind of Pokémon is him?[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] 'That song is...Yawn....' Rucas thinks and yawns. He suddenly feels sleepy after hearing that Bard's song. He thanks the mysterious bard in his mind and about to go back to his room to get some sleep when...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The light suddenly goes out, making everywhere in STP dark! Rucas looks around in surprise, and then red warning signals start to light and the warning sound starts to echo through STP.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Attention, passenger, travelers and everyone, the energy source of Symmetria Transportation Port was destroyed, making the light goes out. Now our spare energy is working, but not for long. You all must escape from this place at once or this place will crumble into the chasm. You must escape at once!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After the announcement finished, everyone starts to scream and try to run out of STP. Rucas tries to hold his consciousness and uses his aura to search for Anastasia and Joshua, and he finally has found them.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas?! What's wrong?! What happened!?" Anastasia says with a worried voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "There is no time to talk about this. We must go out of this place at once!" Rucas commands.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and his friends take about 30 minutes to get out of STP, but there are still many Pokémon stuck in STP...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas, the announcement said we must escape or STP will fall into the chasm, what does it means?" Joshua asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...STP is not built on the ground... It is a floating isle over the chasm below... They use the magnetic power to make STP floats over the chasm... If the power goes out for too long... STP will fall down into the chasm..." Rucas answers. His answer shocks Joshua and Anastasia.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Rucas? Can you hear me?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] A voice echoes from Rucas's pocket. "What is that?!" Rucas says and searches in his pocket until he has found a small charm that is glowing.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas? Don't be surprised... This is me, Virizion. The charm that you are holding is the Musketeer Charm. I put it in your pocket a while before you woke up... wit it, I can talk with you via it."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Virizion?!" Rucas and his friends say.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I have heard the news of the blackout in STP. That is terrible... The source of STP's energy is in the Yelspark Plain south of Gamma City. I tried to contact Cobalion, but I couldn't. You must head to Yelspark Plain to restore the energy of STP or the terrible thing will happen to STP... You must..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The Musketeer Charm stops glowing after Virizion finishes saying. Rucas puts it away and picks his map from his pocket. After he can locate the location of Yelspark Plain, his friends and he quickly leaves STP and go to their destination...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Yelspark Plain is a vast plain located southern of Gamma City. This plain once was a part of Symmetria Field, but unlike the Symmetria Field, this area is a rocky plain that always has a group of rain cloud covers the sky, making this area quite dark. And because of the rain cloud, the lightning usually strikes down to the plain below, making it a dangerous place for non-electric type Pokémon. But because of the lightning, this area is a good source of energy, especially for STP and Gamma City.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "AII!!" Anastasia jumps after the lightning strikes onto her when she and her friends enter Yelspark Plain, luckily that she can dodge it.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Be careful, Anastasia..." Rucas warns.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Well... I think that you should warn yourself, Rucas. You are the only one of us that doesn't resist the lightning..." Joshua taunts. He is right because he is a grass type Pokémon and Anastasia is a dragon type Pokémon while Rucas is a fighting and steel type Pokémon.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Although Rucas wants to proceed as far as possible, the lightning slows his journey down. Every time the lightning strikes down, Rucas and his friends must dodge the lightning or they will be damaged or get paralyzed. Luckily, Joshua has several Cheri Berry...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Huff..." Rucas eats the Cheri Berry after the lightning strikes down onto his body and paralyzes him.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas, this is the fifth time that you get hit by the lightning... Anastasia got hit only two times and I got hit zero time..." Joshua taunts Rucas again.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Shut up, Joshua..." Rucas roars. But then...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hey! Let me go!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"What is that?! I think I heard a sound of someone..." Joshua says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "It comes from that way!" Anastasia says and points her paw forward.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Got it!" Rucas says and prepares to run. "Wait! Rucas!" Anastasia warns but it is too late when another lightning strikes down onto Rucas again.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "ARH!" Rucas roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas, you are so pathetic..." Joshua mocks.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and his friends follow the voice until they reach the middle area of Yelspark Plain, and they find...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You all are so mean!" A small Pokémon roars and struggles. His tail is grabbed by...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Ha! A brat like you needs a punishment!" A Machamp who grabs the small Pokémon's tail says and holds him up.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Well? What punishment do you want, brat?" A Toxicroak says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "How about getting trapped under my Rock Wrecker?" A Rhyperior roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Or getting poisoned by my claw?" A Drapion holds his claw in front of the small Pokémon's face.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Or would you like a non-parachute skydiving?" A Honchkrow soars into the sky.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and his friends shock, because the Machamp, Toxicroak, Rhyperior, Drapion and Honchkrow there are holding a rifle and are the member of The Phantom Storm![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Stop it!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas's roar turns the attention of five rogues and one victim to him.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Look who is this?" A smirk appears on Honchkrow's face.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The Lucario of justice and his girlfriend as well as a forest gecko..." Toxicroak says. His word makes Rucas's face turns red while Anastasia seems not to understand his word.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Y...You all! Release that Pokémon at once!" Rucas roars while he tries to calm his red face. Then he uses Aura Sphere to knock the Rhyperior out. But his action makes Machamp and his group laugh.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "This time is not like the last time..." Machamp laughs.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Everyone in our group is in this place, as well as our leader!" Honchkrow says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You will never win if you have to fight with everyone in our group..." Toxicroak taunts.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Damn it!" Rucas mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] But then...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I SAID RELEASE ME!!!!" The Pokémon that is grabbed by Machamp roars and discharges a blast of lightning.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "WHAT?!" Machamp, Toxicroak, Drapion and Honchkrow say.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The lightning turns everything around here bright, making Rucas and his friends couldn't see anything more...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: Now we reach the second area of my story, the Yelspark Plain. (The first one is Greenleaf Forest.) The mysterious blackout in STP, and the presence of The Phantom Storm... I have a bad feeling about this...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]P.S. Can you guess what kind of Pokémon is that bard?[/SIZE]
  11. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 10: The Lightning Thief[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After a few second, the bright light disappeared, enables Rucas and his friends to see everything again... And they find that Machamp, Honchkrow, Toxicroak and Drapion and collapsing on the ground beside Rhyperior, and the Pokémon that was captured by them is standing in front of them...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] He is very small. His height is only half a meter. He is a yellow lizard-like Pokémon with two frills hanging from the sides of his head. His head, frills, claws and the tip of his tail that is gray. He looks exhausted after using the Discharge.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Huff... Huff..." The small Pokémon tries to catch his breath. Joshua quickly picks a Sitrus Berry and feeds it to him. After eating it, he looks very much better.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Little guy, are you alright?" Rucas asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yeah... I am fine..." He answers with a calm voice, but then he suddenly becomes panic. "Oh! No! They must have reached it already! I must go now!" He says and about to run away when Joshua grabs his tail.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hold on, little lizard. You will run away without thanking us?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I am sorry, big gecko, but I am in a hurry or my brother will..." He says and tries to use Thunder Shock, but his attack is not effective toward Joshua.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Calm down... Young guy... And tell us your story, maybe we can help you..." Anastasia tries to comfort the little Pokémon. "Really?! You will help my brother?!" The little Pokémon says and jumps in joy. "Yes. But please calm down and tell us your story..." Rucas says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The little Pokémon looks at Rucas before he starts to introduce himself; "My name is Ellisk Sparkvolt the Helioptile. Those Phantom Storm kidnapped my brother, Lumiere Sparkvolt the Ampharos. I heard that they took him to the Lightningrod Tower..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Lightningrod Tower?" Joshua asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "It is the tower that is built for collecting the energy from the lightning of this plain." Ellisk explains.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, why did that Phantom Storm kidnap your brother?" Rucas asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I sneaked into that tower before, but they caught me before I could find my brother, and I ran away from that tower, but they followed me and caught me. I don't know what they will do if you all do not appear and help me..." Ellisk explains the rest of the story.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Um... Not counting that Rhyperior; you are the one who knocked all of them out..." Anastasia says, but Ellisk shakes his head no. "No... Discharge is not the move that Helioptile normally able to use. I can use it since the day I was born. But every time I use it, I will become very exhausting. And you know that Rhyperior will take no damage from my Discharge. So if I use it, that Rhyperior will able to kill me easily..." [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas listens to Ellisk's story carefully, before he remembers something.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wait... Ellisk, did you say that the Lightningrod Tower is the place that collects the energy, right?" Ellisk nods, making Rucas grasps. "I know it! The blackout in STP is relevant to The Phantom Storm! Their target is the Lightningrod Tower! They must do something to that tower, making the light in STP went out. Ellisk, it seems that both of us share the same goal. Let's go together."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Ellisk jumps in joy. "Yay! Thank you!"[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] After Rucas and his friends introduce themselves to the young Helioptile, Ellisk guides Rucas and his friends through the Yelspark Plain. Because Ellisk is an electric type Pokémon, he can predict when the lightning will strike in advance, making it is much easier for Rucas and his friends to proceed.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wow! Ellisk! You are so cool!" Anastasia compliments.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Thank you, miss." Ellisk smiles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Ellisk, do you live in this place?" Rucas asks, but Ellisk shakes his head no. "Not really... Both my brother and I live in the Gamma City. My brother is a great scholar. He is so intelligent!" Ellisk says. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"...And his brother is a thief? Such an opposite thing..." Joshua mocks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"What?! Ellisk, you are a thief?!" Rucas and Anastasia say.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Um... Right... But hey! Hero of Justice, do not look at me like that!" Ellisk scares when he sees Rucas looks at him with a cold face and prepares to use the Aura Sphere. "I am not the bad thief! I just practice the art of unlocking the door without any key, sneaking into many places and gather information..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wow! You are awesome! But... Joshua, how do you know that Ellisk is a thief?" Anastasia asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... He said that he sneaked into the place where The Phantom Storm is. Being able to sneak into the dangerous place like that is not easy, especially if guard of the tower is The Phantom Storm, so Ellisk must have a great skill of sneaking. Also, Ellisk can predict when the lightning will strike, so he must have the nimble feet. Combining a skill of sneaking and the nimble feet results in the thief, right?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Joshua, you are so clever! I like you! Your wisdom is so sharp!" Ellisk says cheerfully.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "As sharp as my Emerald Katana." Joshua holds his weapon and touches its blade.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wow! Your weapon is cool! It glitters like mine!" Ellisk says and picks his weapon up. "This is my weapon, the Topaz Dagger!" Ellisk's Topaz Dagger is a pair of daggers with short yellow blades that glows like a sparkling thunder. Overall, Topaz Daggers, like Joshua's Emerald Katana, is a weapon that focuses on speed, but unlike the Emerald Katana, Topaz Daggers deals less damage, but it is lighter, making it is very easy to use, especially for Ellisk. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm... Quite nice daggers you have..." Joshua compliments.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yeah... And... You grab your daggers in an Icepick Grip style. It is quite risky to use in a battle, but it makes you hard to miss your target as well as gives you a great speed in the battle." Rucas comments.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wow! Rucas! You are very knowledgeable about the fighting style!" Ellisk compliments.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and his friends take about 30 minutes to reach a huge tower at the edge of Yelspark Plain.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Woah! This tower is huge!" Joshua gasps after seeing the tower.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] But when they approach to the tower, they find that there are several Pokémon collapse in front of the entrance of the tower. All of them are holding a rifle in their hand and wears a uniform of The Phantom Storm.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What happened?! How could all Phantom Storm guards become like this?!" Anastasia shocks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas looks at the guards. Every guard has a sword mark on their body... "... A sword mark like this... Someone who is very strong and uses a sword as their weapon came here and defeated all of them..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?! Who?!" Joshua asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... There are several answers for this question... But my mind tells me that the answer is Cobalion..." Rucas answers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So... You want to tell us that Cobalion came here not long ago and defeated the guards, and then he went into the Lightningrod Tower, right?" Anastasia concludes.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Maybe yes, maybe no... And... If Cobalion came here, he may still in the tower or left this tower already..." Rucas mumbles. And then...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Rucas?! Rucas!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The Musketeer Charm glows. Rucas picks it. It is Virizion's voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas? Have you found the cause of the blackout in STP already?! And Cobalion?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Rucas quickly tells the story so far to Virizion via the Musketeer Charm.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "!!! So, the Phantom Storm is behind all of this... Anyway, Cobalion still doesn't return yet. I afraid that he is in the Lightningrod Tower as you said... For STP, everything is bad, they have enough power for supporting the STP for only two hours. You have two hours left... You must be hurried, Rucas! Everyone is counting on you!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The Musketeer Charm stops glowing. Rucas puts it back into his pocket.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "It looks like that we have the answer for everything..." Joshua mumbles, but Rucas shakes his head no. "...No, not everything, Joshua. We still have three left... What purpose does The Phantom Storm want from the Lightningrod Tower? What is the incident in the Gamma City? And..." "...What made Cobalion become restless after hearing about the presence of The Phantom Storm?" Anastasia finishes the sentence.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I guess the answer lies within this tower..." Ellisk says and looks at the tower.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Let's go, my friends." Rucas says. And then Anastasia, Joshua, Ellisk and himself enter the second dungeon, the Lightningrod Tower.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: Say hi to the next protagonist of my story, Ellisk Sparkvolt the Heliolisk. He has the Topaz Daggers as his main weapon. He is cheerful and bright. I think he is cute.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Everything becomes worse, Rucas and everyone has only two hours left... What is waiting for them in the second dungeon? What happened to Cobalion? The mysteries go on...[/SIZE]
  12. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 11: Lightningrod Tower[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=20pt]Dungeon II: Lightningrod Tower[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Unlike the Shrine of Life, the Lightningrod Tower is very bright because of the lightning, making it is easier to explore the whole place. Strangely, there are no Phantom Storm members in this place. The only creature that lives here is... Fallen.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?!!!!" Ellisk says when he finds there are many Fallen live in this place.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "How can those Fallen appear in this place?!" Jedi uses Leaf Blade to defeat a Fallen who tried to attack him.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas releases his Aura Sphere to kill another Fallen. 'Why those Fallen are here?! Why there is no Phantom Storm member here?! I have a bad feeling about all of this...'[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Joshua! Use the power of Yggdrasil!" Anastasia shouts, but Joshua shakes his head no. "...I can't... The dark aura is too strong... The Seed of Life's power is not enough for me to use the power of Yggdrasil..." [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Damn it!" Rucas curses and punches another Fallen.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Without the power of Yggdrasil, Rucas and his friends need to use their weapon and moves to defeat the Fallen. Although the Fallen in Shrine of Life were quite weak, the Fallen in Lightningrod Tower, on the other hand, are very much stronger.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] But after climbing this tower for a while, Rucas and his friends find that the stair to the next floor is blocked by a huge rock.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "YAH!!!" Rucas roars and uses a Metal Claw on the rock, shatters it into several tiny pieces.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] The next floor of this tower consisted of the electric-based puzzle such as the circuit system and the electrical floor (Only Ellisk can pass the electrical system without getting any damage.) Ellisk can use his electric type moves to run the electrical system of the circuit in order to solve the puzzle.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So, where to go next?" Joshua mumbles after everyone reaches the dead end. There is no way to proceed.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Joshua, that steel wall..." Ellisk points his paw at the steel wall in front of them. There is a small crack on the wall.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Got it!" Rucas says and prepares to use the Aura Sphere, but Joshua protests him. "Stop, Rucas! Using Aura Sphere will result in the wall being dented, but it will break. We need to use a bomb..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone looks around. None of them can use the bomb-based move. So they need to find a real bomb...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm? What is this?" Ellisk says and picks something from the floor. It is an old bag with something inside...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "That is a Bomb Bag. It can be used to carry a lot of bomb... It seems that someone had dropped it..." Rucas explains.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hey! There are still some bombs left!" Ellisk says and picks a bomb from the bag, lights it and throws it at the steel wall.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The Bomb explodes, reveals a path to proceed.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Ellisk! Cool!" Anastasia says with glee.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, I will keep this Bomb Bag with me. Is this alright, Rucas?" Ellisk asks.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Sure! You can have it!" Rucas answers and walks forward to continue the adventure.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] The last floor of the tower has only one room; the controlling room, the room uses for controlling the system in the Lightningrod Tower. When Rucas and his friends enter this room, they find there are three Pokémon in this room. One of them is being injured and collapses on the floor...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Cobalion?!!" Rucas quickly runs up to the injured Cobalion. He had many bleeds on his body...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You called yourself the leader of The Sword of Justice?! Pathetic! You are too weak! " Another Pokémon who stands at the edge of the room taunts. He is a tall shark-like Pokémon with navy body and red and yellow belly. There are several spikes on his body. He has only one claw on both of his hands. His eyes glows red like blood. He is holding a pistol with his right claw and a rod with his left claw.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You are... Garchomp..." Joshua mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Or am I not? Stupid question..." Garchomp mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The last Pokémon in the room turns his attention to the Garchomp. He is a pink, fluffy Pokémon that looks like a sheep.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Your afford is in vain... I will say this again... You will gain nothing from this, and you will suffer more than you think..." The sheep-like Pokémon says. Upon seeing his face, Ellisk's face turns pale, because the sheep-like Pokémon is Lumiere the Flaaffy, his brother.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Brother!!" Ellisk tries to approach his brother, but is stopped by a bullet from Garchomp's pistol.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Ellisk?! No! You must escape from this place!" Lumiere the Flaaffy shouts in fear.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Brother?! What's wrong?! And who is this Garchomp?!" Ellisk asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Do not approach him! He is dangerous!" Lumiere shouts.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and his friends look at the Garchomp, who looks back at them with his prideful eyes. "Well... Well... Well... I am sure that you are clueless about everything... But before I bore you, let me introduce myself... My name is Garland the Garchomp. Few know me by this name, while others know me in the name of the cruel leader of the Phantom Storm..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Hearing the identity of the Garchomp freezes the blood of Rucas and his friends. The Pokémon stand in front of them is one of the most-wanted criminals in Symmetria![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Scare of me? I guess that I have no need to fight anymore, since my name is enough to defeat the prey..." Garland taunts.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You...You! The monster! I will not forgive you! I shall defeat you in the name of justice!" Rucas gathers his courage and shouts. "Justice? Hm... I heard from my underlings that there was a Lucario who married with justice had defeated them... I guess that he is standing in front of me... But no matter what... You are just a puppy who has met a mighty dragon..." Garland smiles sinisterly.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas's legs shake in fear. Although he had defeated many evils, but this Garchomp is far crueler than any criminals he faced so far... He accepted that in his mind; he fears that Garchomp very much...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm... I was thinking of having some fun by tearing your body piece by piece, drink your blood and devour your flesh like the prey that met me... But I have something far more important to do... Alright... This is the first time in my life that I will let my prey live, but do not worry, our path shall cross again..." Garland mumbles and swings his rod. "But before I leave, I am kind enough to give you another present than your life..." [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Garland's rod glows with an evil aura. And then everyone hears a loud roar![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"I hope that you will not die, because I'd like to be your life taker..." Garland says and dashes out of the tower, disappears into the vast Yelspark Plain.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]After Garland left the tower, another Pokémon appears in the control room. That Pokémon is a legendary thunder beast, Raikou. Raikou looks at Lumiere before starts using Bite on him. Lumiere shakes in fear before Ellisk quickly rescue him for Raikou's assault.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=20pt]Thunder Beast[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Raikou is in the same state as Celebi. It seems like his mind is controlled by something, so the only way to free him is to defeat him.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Raikous starts the battle by charging forward to Rucas, trying to bite him. Rucas counters by punching his face. Raikous jumps back and attacks from afar with Thunderbolt instead.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Damn it!" Rucas curses after getting paralyzed by Raikou's Thunderbolt. Anastasia tries to heal him while Ellisk jumps forward and throws a bomb at Raikou to stun him, making him vulnerable to everyone's attack.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]During the last part of the battle, Raikou uses a Rain Dance to summon the lightning from the sky to strike down onto the tower, making it harder for Rucas and his friends to attack him as some spot on the floor is electrocuted. And Raikou will sometimes use the Charge before releasing a powerful Discharge. But finally, Raikou is defeated.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Raikou lets out a last warcry before he collapses on the floor. "Is it... over yet?" Anastasia asks. "... No..." Lumiere mumbles and points his paw to the controlling Panel of this tower. Everyone gasps in fear, because Raikou's Charge have drained all energy of this tower already. Now this tower has not enough power to support STP!!!![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Oh! No!" Anastasia screams. Rucas looks at his watch. Only three minutes left before STP spare energy runs out!!!!!!!!!![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Ellisk and Lumiere run up to the controlling Panel and tries to control it.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Curse you, Garland!" Ellisk mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Two minutes passes...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"We must have more energy!!!!" Ellisk shouts.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Ellisk, calm down!" Lumiere tries to comfort his brother.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"I must do this!" Ellisk roars and starts singing a mysterious song...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The song echoes through the Lightningrod Tower, spreads out the Yelspark Field, making several thunders strike down onto the Lightningrod Tower!!!![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "ARRR!!!" Everyone roars after the tower is stroked by several thunders.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] However, several thunders do not harm them, but they instead become a huge among of energy! Its amount is enough to support the whole STP!!!!![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Now!" Lumiere says and enables the energy to flow to STP![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "YEAH! We finally did it!" Ellisk says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone sits down, exhausts from everything that happens.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Ar...." Raikou mumbles and regains his consciousness, but it seems that he have returned to normal.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Raikou!" Lumiere says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Lumiere?! What happened?! I only remember that a strange Garchomp brought you to this place and nothing more..." Raikou shakes his head in frustration.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas quickly explains everything and introduces them to Raikou.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...I am sorry for everything..." Raikou says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Nah... It's over now. We have nothing more to worry." Ellisk says cheerfully.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Except that..." Joshua looks at the badly wound body of Cobalion.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Ah! We completely forgot him!" Anastasia grasp.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Do not worry. I will use my power to send all of you back to your place..." Raikou says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Thank you. And please take us to Venturnome Town, the Musketeer Bar." Rucas nods.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Raikou focuses his power, before everyone is warped out of the dungeon...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Raikou's power sent Rucas and his friends back to the Musketeer Bar safely. Virizion and Terrakion are shocked by Cobalion's wound, so they quickly take him into their own room to treat him.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Whew! At least he is safe now..." Anastasia smiles. "By the way, Lumiere, why did Garland kidnap you?" Rucas asks. "I was taken to the Lightningrod Tower. It seems like that Garland is trying to steal the energy of the Lightningrod Tower. But I have no idea why he wants it..." Lumiere answers. "So, we have to wait for Cobalion to recover. I am sure that he knows something..." Joshua crosses his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After waiting for several hours, Virizion and Terrakion return. Both of them looks tired.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "How is Cobalion?" Joshua asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "He is safe now, but he still in the need of recover before he could regain his consciousness..." Terrakion answers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and his friends explain everything that happened in the Yelspark Field to Virizion and Terrakion. Both of them seem shocked after they hear everything that was happening...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Cobalion must know something, but he didn't tell us..." Virizion mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But we couldn't do anything unless he recovers..." Terrakion says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So, what should we do while waiting for him to recover?" Anastasia asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm... I may go to the STP. That place had just recovered, so I think that I should go there..." Lumiere mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, I will stay with Rucas and his friends." Ellisk jumps. His words surprise everyone.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Why?" Joshua asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Because I am in debt of you all for saving my life and helping my brother, so I want to repay my debt. And travelling with you all will make me become stronger too!" Ellisk says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Welcome to our team, Ellisk." Rucas welcomes.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Good bye, Ellisk. May Arceus bless you..." Lumiere says and leaves the Musketeer Bar.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Well then..." Rucas mumbles before he remembers something, about the mysterious song that Ellisk sang....[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Ellisk, that song..." Rucas mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Oh! It is just a mysterious song that only I can sing. Every time I sing it, several lightning will strike down onto the ground, so I avoid singing it too often, although it is my favorite song." Ellisk answers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Mysterious song? Sound likes mine..." Joshua mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] 'Both Joshua and Ellisk have a mysterious song as their own, that's strange...' Rucas thinks before he notices that someone has disappeared.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wait, where is Anastasia?" Rucas looks around, trying to find her.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I think she has just walked out of our bar..." Virizion says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas looks at Joshua and Ellisk, before three of them leave the Musketeer Bar...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: Whew! I am very tired! This chapter is not very good... But well...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Anyway, Ellisk officially becomes the fourth member of team. The story is getting more and more intense![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]And well... The next chapter is Iris's Tale...[/SIZE]
  13. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 0: Iris's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 12: Secret Diary "[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Since the day I was born, everyone always call me "Puppet". Why do they call me with that name? I have never seen any puppet that looks like myself...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Years in, years out... It had been several years... May decades had passed... I grew up from a baby to a girl, and now I am a teenager... But... My father (The scientist whom approached me when I was born.) told me to stay in my room of all time... He never lets me go anywhere... When I ask why? He only answers...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Your power is too great... At this age, you may not be able to control your power, so you must stay here in order to protect you from everyone..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] I obeyed his word and stayed in my room... Sometime a strange scientist came into my room and observed me, then wrote something on his paper before he left the room... But they rarely talked to me... I am so lonely...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] As I grew up, I can use some more moves such as Psychic and Dark Pulse... My father and everyone seemed shocked when I showed them my new moves... What's wrong with it?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] I have no memory of myself... I only know that I am a Pokémon Mewtwo named Iris... But only my father that calls me by my true name...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Today is not different than everyday. My father visited me in the morning, and again, I asked him to play outside, and he declined...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] But as he left the room, he dropped something in my room without notice...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] I picked it up... It seems like a notebook...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] I desired to read it since I want to learn as much knowledge as I could, so I started reading it...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]Day XX Month YY Years ZZZZ[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Mew gave birth to a young Mewtwo. We gave Mewtwo the name "Iris"[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm? Mew? Who is Mew?"[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]Day XX Month YY Years ZZZZ[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Iris is very strong, even stronger than the Mew... We kept her in her room of all time so we could benefit from her power...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]Benefit?! From me?![/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]Day XX Month YY Years ZZZZ[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Today is Iris's 10th Birthday. Her power grew stronger... It is only a matter of time before we couldn't control it...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Control me?! Why they must control me?![/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]Day XX Month YY Years ZZZZ[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Luckily, that she knows nothing of her existence... If she knows, she may kill all of us...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]... I don't think that it is a good thing...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]Day XX Month YY Years ZZZZ[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] She always asked me to let her play outside. What an annoying brat! If she isn't a creature in our project, we will kill her...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] I couldn't read more... I closed the diary and threw it away... I couldn't believe it... It is a liar! My father is always nice to me! I will never believe that he is such a sort of that person![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] ...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] But I desire to know the truth....[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] ...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] It is a time for me to know the truth of my existence...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: It seems that Iris has learned something terrible... What is it? Her story starts to get intense... Anyway, let's go back to Rucas and his friends...[/SIZE]
  14. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 13: Mad Demon's Plan[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Rucas shakes his head and looks around, and then he sees Joshua and Ellisk[/SIZE] are looking at him.
    [SIZE=16pt] "What's wrong, Rucas? You were mumbling something strange such as "Control me?! Why do they want to control me?!" or something likes that..." Ellisk asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I am fine... I just was daydreaming... Anyway, where are we?" Rucas quickly changes the topic.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm? We have gone to every place around this Ancient Capital already... Except this place..." Joshua crosses his arms and looks forward. Rucas[/SIZE] follows the sight of Joshua and sees...
    [SIZE=16pt] It is a small trail that is made of pure granites. There are many old decoration stands along two sides of the road, gives the strong exotic feeling for everyone who passes it. And... there are many Cherry Blossom Trees along the road, and they are all blooming with pink flowers![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wow! This place is beautiful!" Ellisk jumps in joy.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm... It is almost the end of spring... We are lucky to have a chance to see this beautiful cherry blossom before the summer..." Joshua picks a Cherry Blossom that fell from the tree and looks at it.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, Anastasia must be at this place for sure..." Rucas says and goes into the trail.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Ellisk is about to follow Rucas[/SIZE] when he notices that Joshua didn't even move. He still looks at the Cherry Blossom that he picked earlier. The petals of the Cherry Blossom were bruised when they fell from the tree...
    [SIZE=16pt] "Joshua?" Ellisk speaks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Hm[/SIZE]?" Joshua looks at Ellisk.
    [SIZE=16pt] "What are you doing?" Ellisk asks. Joshua doesn't answer his friend's question. He just places the bruised Cherry Blossom on the ground and leaves the trail.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Wait! Joshua! Where are you going?!" Ellisk shouts and follows Joshua.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] 'Here she is!' Rucas thinks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia is standing in front of one Cherry Blossom Tree. She is looking at the blossoming Cherry Blossom...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Anastasia!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas's voice turns the attention of the young Goodra back to him. Anastasia seems surprised when she sees Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Oh! Rucas! Why do you come here?" [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You disappeared from the bar, and we tracked you down until we reach this place..." Rucas explains.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I am sorry for leaving the bar without telling anyone... Because I want to see this so badly..." Anastasia says and looks at the Cherry Blossom.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Cherry Blossom, hm?" Rucas looks at the pink flower.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "This is nearly the end of spring, so I want to see this flower... And this place, the Cherry Blossom Trail, is the only place in Venturnome Town that you can find it... It is my favorite flower... But since it only blooms in the spring, so I have to come here and see it or I will miss this year's Cherry Blossom..." Anastasia explains.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas stands next to Anastasia. His heart starts beating harder than before... He peeks at Anastasia. He thinks that she is...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Beautiful, isn't it?" Anastasia starts another conversation.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "W...What?!" Rucas's face turns red.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The Cherry Blossom is so beautiful! I love it!" Anastasia says cheerfully while Rucas tries to calm his red face down.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Anyway, where is Joshua and others?" Anastasia looks at Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm?! W...Well..." Rucas looks around and realizes that both of them aren't here... "Maybe they went back to the Musketeer Bar already..."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, let's go back!" Anastasia grabs Rucas's hand and starts running back to the Musketeer Bar, which makes Rucas's red face to show again...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] When Rucas and Anastasia returned to the Musketeer Bar, they found that Ellisk and Joshua are there. They were having a serious-looking face, but it suddenly disappeared when Rucas and Anastasia returned to the b[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So, how is Cobalion doing?" Rucas asks after he told how he found Anastasia a[/SIZE]t the Cherry Blossom Trail.
    [SIZE=16pt] "He had recovered already..." Joshua mumbles. His word makes a smile appear on Rucas and Anastasia's face. "And he wants to see all of us..." Ellisk continues talking.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and his friends go into Cobalion's room, where Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion are waiting for them. Cobalion has many bandages around his body, but he seems much better.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Thank you, everyone... If you didn't come... I could die..." Cobalion start[/SIZE]s the conversation. "However, you were so lucky that you could survive from the incident at the Lightningrod Tower... I thought that all of you could die..."
    [SIZE=16pt] "Why?" Ellisk asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Garland." Cobalion answers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Garland, the scary and prideful Garchomp and the leader of The Phantom Storm... Rucas and his friends are frozen by Cobalion's word. No[/SIZE]ne whom had seen Garland's face is alive... Except them...
    [SIZE=16pt] "Garland is the cruel leader of The Phantom Storm. His fighting skill is exceptional. He could kill most Pokémon with only a shot from his pistol..." Cobalion continues talking.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "And you almost die after fighting with him..." Joshua crosses his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I am not lying on this; Garland is actually weaker than me..." Cobalion looks at Joshua. "I know what will you say next, Joshua, but I am sure that you do not know that Garland is not alone..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Of course. He is the leade[/SIZE]r of a bandit group after all..." Joshua looks at Cobalion, but Cobalion shakes his head no. "No... That is not what I mean..." Cobalion's word turns the attention of everyone to him. "Rucas, do you remember the thing that he was holding in his claws?" Cobalion asks. "Yes. A pistol and a staff or a rod..." Rucas answers.
    [SIZE=16pt] "...The pistol is his weapon... But the rod... It is the forbidden tool... It is actually the Souleater Rod... It possesses a power... to raise the death... It can... summon the Fallen from the ground below..."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]Cobalion's word makes everyone gasps in fear. "You all understand it, right? The one who made the Fallen appeared in the Greenleaf Forest and the Lightningrod Tower is none other than the Mad Demon, Garland the Garchomp..."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Everything seems clear for everyone... Garland is actually the evil whom raised the Fallen from the ground...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "He raised the Fallen from the death. And the Pokémon whom he had killed... They were turned into the Fallen by him..."[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Cobalion explains.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Not only that, the Souleater Rod that Garland possesses also has an ability to control anyone who is still alive too." Virizion says. Her words reminds Rucas and his friends of Celebi and Raikou...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The one whom attacked Celebi and hurt Yggdrasil's root... That must be Garland for sure!" Anastasia cries.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But why he had to hurt Yggdrasil's root?" Rucas asks, but the young Grovyle quickly answers his question. "... Two reasons; One, Yggdrasil possesses the power to banish the Fallen; Two, Yggdrasil's sap is said to possess the mysterious power..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Since he went to the Lightningrod Tower and stole most energy from the tower... So I think that he had stolen the Yggdrasil's sap too..." Ellisk mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yggdrasil's sap and the energy of lightning? Such a strange combination..." Rucas analyzes his thought.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I couldn't grasp what plan does he has... But it is not a good thing for sure..." Cobalion mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Judge from your action of quickly running to the Gamma City after hearing the presence of The Phantom Storm... Cobalion, you know that Garland is behind everything, right?" Rucas looks at Cobalion.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... We are sorry for not telling you before... Everyone in The Sword of Justice knows the truth of Garland's possession of the Souleater Rod... But we didn't tell you because it is very dangerous..." Terrakion apologizes.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But now, four of you know the truth already..." Virizion mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Don't worry, Virizion. As the Hero of Justice, I promise that I will defeat Garland and return the peace to our land!" Rucas roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Me too!" Joshua, Ellisk and Anastasia say.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Arceus had destined you all for this..." Cobalion mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "With four of us and three musketeers, we will defeat you, Garland!" Rucas roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas's word seems to wake something from Cobalion's memory. "Speak about us... Virizion, where is Keldeo? I think that he hadn't returned to our base for several days already..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I completely forgot him!" Terrakion roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I remembered that he departed from this place with me about two weeks ago... But we separated during our journey... I went to the Greenleaf Forest while he went to the Bluewave Sea." Virizion answers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Bluewave Sea, hm?" Cobalion mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wait, who is Keldeo?" Anastasia asks. "He is the last member of The Sword of Justice. Although he is young, he is very strong." Rucas answers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "He went to the Bluewave Sea to investigate that place because he had heard that Fallen had made their appear there..." Virizion explains.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Then, we should go to the Bluewave Sea next..." Rucas says. "I don't think so... Because the Fallen had made their appear on the Bluewave Sea since two weeks ago... It means that Garland was here since two weeks ago... Going there will not help you to find him..." Terrakion shakes his head no. "... But at least, we could find some clue... Since Garland was at the Bluewave Sea, then he must have stolen something from that place..." Virizion mumbles. "And I am worrying about Keldeo... So, Rucas, please go to the Bluewave Sea and brings us back the clue of Garland and his plan..." Cobalion looks at Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Of course, Cobalion, we will not disappoint you!" Rucas says and leaves the Musketeer Bar along with Anastasia, Joshua and Ellisk, leaving only Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion in the bar.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After she realizes that Rucas and his friends have left the bar already, Virizion breaks the silences. "...Cobalion... You still do not tell them everything..." "That's right. You and Garland... There is something more than that..." Terrakion looks at Cobalion. "...There is no need for them to know this... And when the time comes, the secret will be revealed to them..." Cobalion mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: The secret reveals. Garland is actually the antagonist of this story! He is the one who raised the Fallen! He is such a bad guy![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] What does Garland plan on stealing the Yggdrasil's sap and the energy from the lightning? I still do not see any connection between those things... So we must wait until we find more clues...[/SIZE]
  15. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 14: The Unweaving Bluewave Sea[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Although STP is the biggest port in Symmetria, it still lacks one vehicle; the ship because STP has no connection to the sea. There are only three harbors in Symmetria; the Gamma Harbor in the Gamma City, the Venturnome Port in the Venturnome Harbor, and the Bluewave Harbor at the Bluewave Sea.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Bluewave Sea is the name of a sea located in the western coast of the Southern Region. The Bluewave Harbor is located at the Bluewave Sea. Since the Bluewave Sea is very humid, most water type Pokémon like to live here.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Four ticket to the Bluewave Harbor please."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The ticket Seller hands over four Bluewave Harbor tickets to Rucas and receives 40 PokeDollar from the young Lucario. Then Rucas gives three tickets to his comrade.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "So... It will take us about three days to reach the Bluewave Harbor via ship..." Ellisk looks at the ticket.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Seriously, Rucas. We could walk all the way to the Bluewave Sea, but why do you decide to take a ship?" Joshua crosses his arms and holds a twig in his mouth.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Travelling by the ship is faster, and I don't want to waste our energy with a walk to the Bluewave Sea since it is quite far from here..." Rucas answers.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] In the evening, the S. S. Venturnome departed from the Venturnome Port and sat sailed to the Bluewave Port. Rucas[/SIZE] and his friends are on the ship too.
    [SIZE=16pt] The night covered the sky after the sun departed the world. This is the midnight. Although everyone is sleeping, the young Lucario is still standing at the ship's prow and looks at the moon. For some reasons, he felt terrible...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "RUCAS! NO!!!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "RRRRR!!!!!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Rucas holds a fist in his hand and closes his eyes tightly. Looking at the moon always brought back his painful memory...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] '...Why?! Why I couldn't forget this?! I became the Hero of Justice in order to clean my sin... But... The sin is still with me... I couldn't erase it...' Rucas thinks. The clear water comes out of his eyes. It sparks brightly when is touched by the moonlight...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] '...Being just the Hero of Justice is not enough... I must banish all the darkness from this world!' Rucas thinks and lets out a loud roar.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] The next two days pass quickly. Rucas and his friends have nothing to do more than their usual schedule; Rucas practiced his fighting art, Joshua read a book, Ellisk ran around the ship and tried to sneak into the ship's cargo room (Which he doesn't tell anyone or Rucas will kill him in the name of justice.) and Anastasia stayed with one of her friends.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Agh! The security system on this ship is too much! How can I sneak into the cargo and grab some treasures?" Ellisk[/SIZE] mumbles while walking quietly around the ship.
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Ellisk[/SIZE]."
    [SIZE=16pt]"AH!" Ellisk freezes when someone calls his name from behind. When he turns his attention to the speaker, he finds that it is no one than the young Grovyle.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Joshua! Do not scare me like this again!" Ellisk roars angrily.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...What are you trying to do? I saw you walking around this ship and mumbled something strange... You don't plan to steal something from this ship, do you?" Joshua gazes into Ellisk's eyes, which almost paralyze the young Helioptile.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "N..Nothing! F...[/SIZE]Fine! I am a thief after all..." Ellisk confesses.
    [SIZE=16pt] "...I will pretend that I know nothing, but don't let Rucas caught you red-handed or he will kill you in the name of justice." Joshua mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "D...Don't threaten me like that! ... But you are right... Rucas is too serious about something like this..." Ellisk sighs.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "If the security system on this ship is too much for you, then wait a bit. We were in the Bluewave Sea already. Rucas told me tomorrow we will reach our destination." Joshua crosses his arms again.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Ellisk and Joshua walk together to the back of the ship. Because a few Pokémon usually comes here, Joshua likes to stay here and reads a book.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Ellisk looks around the sea. The Bluewave Sea is very vast. The water is indigo blue. It reflects the sunlight, makes it becomes sparkling. The sound of the wave is soothing...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Ahh... I love this place..." Ellisk mumbles while a breeze blows through his body. "... If I were you, I will not stay in this place too long..." Joshua mumbles. "Why?" Ellisk looks at Joshua. "...Because Bluewave Sea is far more dangerous more than you thought..." Joshua answers. "Don't worry, I can swim." Ellisk replies, but Joshua shakes his head no. "I do not worry about that, Ellisk. You should know that the Bluewave Sea is the home of..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]A sound of cannons echoes through the sea of Bluewave. It scared everyone on the S.S. Venturnome.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "...Pirate..." Joshua finishes his sentence.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] A large pirate ship can be seen by everyone on S.S.Venturnome. It quickly moves up to the S.S.Venturnome...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Attention, passengers. There is a pirate ship moves up to our ship. Please go and hide in our ship's cargo room. The captain of our ship will try to negotiate with the pirate."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After hearing the announcement from the captain, everyone on S.S.Venturnome quickly walk up to the cargo room to hide there.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas, let's go." Anastasia says and about to go to the cargo room when Rucas doesn't move.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas?" Anastasia looks at Rucas. She can guess what Rucas is thinking...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Anastasia, you go first, I will deal with them..." Rucas looks at the pirate ship that is sailing up to S.S.Venturnome.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas, this is not the time for being the Hero of Justice! You couldn't deal with a whole pirate group alone!" Anastasia says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas do not reply Anastasia. He just runs up to the prow of the ship.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Anastasia!" [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Joshua and Ellisk run up to Anastasia. Anastasia quickly explains what just happened about Rucas's justice, and then three of them agree to follow Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] At the prow of the S.S. Venturnome, Rucas is there, looking at the pirate ship, which is almost reached the S.S. Venturnome already.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia, Joshua and Ellisk finally reach Rucas. They try to convince Rucas to go back, but Rucas doesn't listen to them, so they decide that they will fight alongside the Hero of Justice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Finally, the pirate ship reaches the S.S. Venturnome. Ten pirates jump from their ship and surround Rucas and his friends.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hand us your money or die!" One of the pirates roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and his friends say nothing and prepare their weapon.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "RRR!!" A group of pirates roars and attack Rucas and his friends. Lucario counters one of them with his Crystal Knuckle while sends two other pirates away with his Aura Sphere. Three pirates try to attack Anastasia, but Anastasia uses her antennas to grab two pirates and another pirate with her shield before attacks them with Dragon Breath. Two pirates are defeated easily because The Forest Swordsman's Leaf Blade and the last two pirates are zapped by The Lighting Thief.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "D...Damn it!" All pirates curse and run back to their ship.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I will not let you go!" Rucas roars and jumps onto the pirate ship.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas! Wait! That is too dangerous!" Anastasia shouts. But then, she notices the pirate ship starts moving away from S.S. Venturnome. Worried about Rucas, Anastasia, Joshua and Ellisk decided to jump onto the pirate ship in the last second.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Now S.S. Venturnome is free from the Pirate's assault, but Rucas and his friends are on the pirate ship...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Although there are only ten pirates that attacked the S.S. Venturnome, but there are more than hundred pirates on their ship, and...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and his friends are surrounded by a hundred pirates. They all look at Rucas with a very ferocious sight.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Any plan, Rucas?" Ellisk whispers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...We will defeat them..." Rucas replies.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas, get some sense into your brain. They will KILL us instead of us killing them..." Joshua shakes his head.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...I'd prefer to die with a weapon in my hands rather than getting sick..." Rucas mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "And I'd prefer to let you live in despair more than die in hope..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]A calm voice can be heard by everyone on the pirate ship. Then another Pokémon in the pirate uniform and a captain hat appears. Other pirates walk away to let him walk up to Rucas and his friends.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "At last, I finally have a chance to meet you, Hero of Justice." The pirate captain mumbles. He is a frog-like Pokémon that moves swiftly like a ninja. He has a tongue as his scarf.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So... You are the leader of this pirate group..." Rucas mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yes. My name is Seablade the Greninja, the leader of The Seacross." The pirate captain says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] '...The Phantom Storm on the earth and The Seacross in the sea...' Rucas thinks. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So, what will you do now, Hero of Justice? Will you draw your blade?" Seablade asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Of course." Rucas equips his knuckle, but that makes Seablade sneer.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Don't be an idiot, Hero of Justice. Once the battle starts, my minions will not hold back until they get killed or their prey is killed... Although you may survive, your friends may not..." Seablade looks at Joshua, Ellisk and Anastasia.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas gasps. He forgot about his friends. He praises the justice above anything, but for some reason, he couldn't raise his weapon against these pirates...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "CLANK!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas drops his Crystal Knuckle on the floor of the pirate ship.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wise decision, Rucas." Seablade mumbles and looks at Anastasia, Joshua and Ellisk, whom are looking at Rucas with their worried eyes, and then they drop their weapon.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "My minions, take them away and lock them in our ship's dungeon!" Seablade commands.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Eight pirates walk up to Rucas and his friends and tie them with a strong rope. Joshua and Ellisk struggle a little while Rucas and Anastasia don't move.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After finished tying Rucas and his friends, the pirates took Rucas and his friends away.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: A bit cliffhanger is not so bad, is it? Now we are in the third land, the Bluewave Sea. Rucas and his friends were captured by a group of pirates! The thing became worse...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas starts acting strange for some reasons... I wonder why...[/SIZE]
  16. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 15: Escape to Freedom[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Once they reached the dungeon of the pirate ship, the pirates took everyone's items, things and weapons away and untied them before they threw them into the dungeon and locked the door.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Arr... My paws..." Ellisk[/SIZE] rubs his paws that were tied.
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and his friends look around the dungeon. There is only one more prisoner here...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Who are you?" Another prisoner asks. He is a blue colt with red mane and a long horn that reminds Rucas of The Sword of Justice... "My name is Ellisk[/SIZE]. My friends and I were captured by a group of pirate..." Ellisk introduces himself. "You too?" The blue colt says before he introduces himself; " My name is Keldeo, the newest member of The Sword of Justice." "What?! You are Keldeo?" Joshua gasps. "Hm? You knew my name?" Keldeo asks. "...Actually, Cobalion and his comrades asked us to come here to find you..." Joshua answers.
    [SIZE=16pt] Keldeo looks at Rucas and his friends before he notices something in Rucas's bag. "So, you have a Musketeer Charm... That is a proof..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Keldeo, how could you end up being a prisoner of a pirate?" Anastasia asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I was investigating the presence of the Fallen in the Bluewave Sea, but one day, The Seacross appeared and tried to destroy the Bluewave Port! I tried to stop them... Well... I succeeded, but the price is I got captured by them... So what about you?" Keldeo tells his story.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia and her friends tell their story. Keldeo seems amazed by her tale. "What?! So the real Fallen-Waker is the leader of The Phantom Storm?!" "Yes." Joshua mumbles. "... I must find a way to escape from this place at once!" Keldeo says and dashes to the dungeon door, but it is no use, the dungeon door is too strong. "What's wrong, Keldeo?" Ellisk[/SIZE] asks.
    [SIZE=16pt] Keldeo looks at Ellisk[/SIZE] and his friends. "Because I have some important detail about the Fallen! I must inform this detail to my teachers at once!" Then Keldeo continues breaking the dungeon door, but the dungeon door doesn't break even a bit.
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hey! Calm down!" Joshua and Ellisk try to control Keldeo. Then Anastasia realizes that since he got captured by a pirate, Rucas didn't say any words...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas?" Anastasia looks at Rucas, but that makes Rucas looks back at her with a furious sight.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Why?! Why couldn't I bring the justice to the world?! Why couldn't I banish all the darkness?!" Rucas roars before he punches the wall.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Oh... my Arceus..." Joshua mumbles and knocks Keldeo with his Emerald Katana, before he knocks Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What's wrong with them?" Ellisk looks at Rucas and Keldeo.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Keldeo is hasty, but for Rucas..." Joshua mumbles and shakes his head.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas..." Anastasia looks at Rucas with her worried eyes.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Click!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] At the evening, after sitting silently in the dungeon, Anastasia and her friends (Rucas and Keldeo are still unconscious.) heard the sound of the door, before the door opens, and two pirates walk into the dungeon. They hold a cup of several berries with them too.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Your dinner." A pirate who is a crocodile-like Pokémon mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Both pirates place the cup of berries in front of Anastasia and her friends. When they realize that Anastasia and her friends seem to disgust the food, another pirate who looks like Seablade, but is a lot younger and has a foam as his collar says; "You may eat it or not, it is your decision. Choose well..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Both pirates leave the dungeon and lock the door.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Ellisk picks an Oran Berry from the cup, but Joshua protests him. "Do not eat it, Ellisk. The pirate's food is very disgusting..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Ellisk ignores Joshua and takes a bite on an Oran Berry, but a few seconds later, he splits it out.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "See? Its taste is worse than Fallen's..." Joshua is about to mock Ellisk when he realizes that the thing that Ellisk[/SIZE] split out is not a piece of Oran Berry, but it is a small scrap paper...
    [SIZE=16pt] Ellisk picks a scrap paper from the floor and starts reading it...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] ".uoy eucser lliw ew thginoT .etal peelS[/SIZE]"
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?!" Anastasia says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Idiot... It said "Sleep late. Tonight we will rescue you."" Joshua interprets the message.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia, Joshua and Ellisk look at the message. Someone will rescue them tonight?![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Arr..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas regains his consciousness. He looks around the room and sees Anastasia and his friends. "Anastasia? Joshua? Ellisk[/SIZE]? So, we got captured by a group of pirate. Damn it!"
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia quickly explains everything that happened before Rucas fell unconscious. Rucas seems to shock. "So, Keldeo got captured by this damn pirate too..." Rucas mumbles and crosses his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yes... But..." Ellisk hands over a scrap paper to Rucas. "It is hidden in an Oran Berry that two pirates brought to us a while ago..." Joshua mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas reads the paper before he starts tearing it! "What?! Rucas[/SIZE]! What are you doing?!" Ellisk says. "This is impossible! No pirate will help us! This is a trap! They will pretend to help you and then kill you!" Rucas roars. "How can you know?" Joshua crosses his arm. "Pirate is a group of criminal! They are the worst thing! As a Hero of Justice, I refuse to believe that they will help us!" Rucas roars.

    [SIZE=16pt] "Maybe they aren't that bad..." Anastasia mumbles. "Whatever, I refuse to believe this!" Rucas mumbles and crosses his arms.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]In the midnight, Rucas and his friends still wake up. Anastasia, Joshua and Ellisk are waiting for those two pirates while Rucas couldn't sleep for some reasons...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]The dungeon door opens again, and two pirates whom brought the dinner walk into the room.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Will you...help us?" Anastasia breaks the silence.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"We don't have much time, lass. We must go now or others will know..." A frog-like Pokémon mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]A crocodile-like Pokémon walks up to the unconscious body of Keldeo, but Rucas protests him. "Step away, you evil pirate! I will not allow you to harm the justice!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]The crocodile-like Pokémon says nothing, but the frog-like Pokémon looks at Rucas with his serious eyes. "Lucario, this is no time to play hero. Escape from this place or not, I don't care, but if you don't, your life will end after the sunrise."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]Rucas says nothing and steps away, lets the crocodile-like Pokémon to carry the body of Keldeo. "Everyone ready? Follow me!" The crocodile-like Pokémon says and runs out of the dungeon, everyone (Include Rucas whom unwillingly) follows him.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]Rucas and his friends follow two pirates around the ship. Leaving the dungeon made Rucas and his friends see the two pirates clearer. They are a Croconaw and a Frogadier. Now Rucas and his friends have so many questions, but a Frogadier told them not to speak now.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Here we are..." Croconaw says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Croconaw and Frogadier lead Rucas and his friends to the boat storage of this ship. There are many small boats in this room.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Whew! Finally!" Frogadier says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Croconaw places the body of Keldeo in a boat, and then he gets into that boat. "Hurry! Everyone! Before they come!" Everyone quickly gets into the boat. Rucas notices that everyone's things, items and weapons are all here too. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]After everything is ready, the boat sets sail into the Bluewave Sea at night...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]While rowing the boat, Croconaw starts talking;[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"After we reach the shore, you all must escape from this place. It's too dangerous." "... I do not afraid of any pirate." Rucas crosses his arms. "You know nothing, Lucario. The opponent of yours is not the group of pirate, but a group of undead Pokémon...." Croconaw says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"What?! Undead Pokémon?! Then everyone on the pirate ship is a Fallen?!" Ellisk[/SIZE] says. "Fallen? What is it?" Frogadier asks. "... Before we tell both of you, please tell us what happened at your pirate ship... And the reason for you two to help us and abandon your group..." Joshua mumbles.
    [SIZE=16pt]Croconaw and Frogadier look at each other, before Croconaw starts telling their story...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Bluewave Sea once was the realm of pirate... There are so many pirates in this sea... One of them is us "The Seacross". Unlike other pirate group, we didn't tried to rob or threaten the ship or townsfolk... All we did was just finding the hidden treasure and battling with other pirate group... But one day, other[/SIZE] pirate group started to disappear from the Bluewave Sea. Now there was only one pirate group left, which are us. Seablade, my unc... the leader of our pirate group, tried to investigate the disappearance of other pirates group... One day, we went to the Abandoned Island in the middle of Bluewave Sea... Seablade told both of[SIZE=16pt] us to stay at the ship... And then he and everyone went to the island... Several days later, they returned, but they weren't the same as they were... They couldn't talk or show any emotion, like a puppet... Seablade, on the other hand, still is able to talk and show emotion... But he changed... He told us to attack the ship that sets sail into the Bluewave Sea... He completely changed..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"About two hours after you got captured, he told us that he will kill you all and Keldeo tomorrow... We couldn't accept this... So... We decide to help you and escape from the lifeless pirate ship..." [/SIZE][SIZE=16pt]Croconaw finishes the story.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Everyone gasps after they hear the story from Frogadier and Croconaw, but everything seems clearer for them... Then Anastasia tells Croconaw and Frogadier about the Fallen.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Fallen? So it means that everyone except Seablade was killed and turned into Fallen..." Frogadier mumbles. "That reminds me... A day before Seablade went to the Abandoned Island, there is a strange Pokémon came and met him... He is a scary Pokémon that looked like a shark, and he was holding a pistol and a strange rod too..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Rucas and his friends gasp. They can grasps the identity of that Pokémon... [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"GARLAND!!!!"[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Rucas roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Hm? You do know him?" Croconaw asks. "Of course! He is the one whom possesses the rod that turns the corpse into the Fallen!" Ellisk says. "So, it means Garland was here and turned everyone in The Seacross into the Fallen and brainwashed Seablade..." Joshua crosses his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"...It seems that both of us share the same goal... We want to find what happened to everyone in The Seacross, and you all seem to come here to investigate about the Fallen..." Croconaw says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]After Croconaw finishes saying, the boat goes ashore. Now they have reached a beach![/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]"This is the Bluewave Beach. The Bluewave Harbor is not far from here, but we must find a place to rest tonight because I am very tired!" Croconaw says.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]Rucas and his friends quickly found a small cave near the beach, so they pull the boat into that cave and decide to rest here for a night.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"..." Although everyone quickly goes into a deep sleep after a long day, Rucas seems not able to sleep. He always stares at a Croconaw and a Frogadier. He still doesn't trust them...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Rucas flinches when Anastasia moves and hugs him, making his face turns red. He tries to push Anastasia away, but that only makes his hand to cover in Anastasia's goo, so he gives up and lets Anastasia to hug him for a night, even thought that makes his face turns red for a whole night...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Dragon of Vale: So Garland was here... He is the cause of the problem in the Bluewave Sea...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Now Rucas and his friends are able to escape from a talon of pirate with two pirates. They still have much more things to do in this Bluewave Sea...[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] [/SIZE]
  17. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 16: The Ocean Pirate[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The sun woke the young Lucario up. He yawns and looks around. He can see his friends, Anastasia, Joshua and Ellisk are still sleeping beside him. But there are two more Pokémon too. One of them is a Croconaw in a pirate uniform while another is a Frogadier. And they are sleeping in a strange cave.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas tries to stand up when he notices that his body is covered with goo![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?!" Rucas looks at Anastasia, before the memory of the last night flows into his head...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] 'The Seacross captured us, but they...' Rucas looks at a Croconaw and a Frogadier. '...Rescued us...' He started to feel grateful to those two pirates, but then, he shakes his head. 'Stop it, Rucas! Pirates are the evil being! They are against the law of justice!'[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas walks around the cave. There is a small pond in this cave. The water in the pond is clear and bright, so he decides to wash the goo out of his body there.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] After he finishes washing the goo, a Croconaw and Frogadier were already woke up.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "How was your last night, hm?" Croconaw asks, but Rucas looks at him with the unfriendly looking. "Do not try to comfort me, pirates." "Hm? What was that reaction?" Croconaw asks again.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Before Rucas could say anything more, Anastasia, Joshua and Ellisk are waking up by his voice, so he decided to shut his mouth for now.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The last night is not a dream, isn't it?" Ellisk asks. "No. It is not the dream." Joshua mumbles. "The reality is far more cruel than the dream, especially after hearing about the Fallen..." Frogadier says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] While Joshua and Ellisk are talking with Frogadier and Croconaw, Rucas and Anastasia look at Keldeo, who is still unconscious. "Did Joshua hit his head too hard?" Anastasia says. "Maybe..." Rucas mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia turns attention to a Croconaw. "Did you say last night that the Bluewave Harbor is not far from here? If you may, please take me to that place. We need to buy some more supply as well as a medicine to cure Keldeo." "Of course, I was thinking of going to that place today. I will accompany you too." Croconaw says, but Rucas shakes his head no. "We must have someone to stay here to guard Keldeo." "Then I will" Frogadier says, but Rucas still shakes his head no. "I do not trust you more than I trust The Seacross." "... I can sense your hate toward us... Alright, I swear in the name of Arceus that I will not try to harm him or do anything bad." Frogadier swears. "Then, you may stay here. Everyone, let's go." Rucas is about to walk out of the cave when Anastasia stopped him.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hold on. I think we should introduce ourselves first. My name is Anastasia Wyrmscale the Goodra."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Joshua Floratree the Grovyle..." Joshua mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I am Ellisk Sparkvolt the Helioptile!" Ellisk jumps in joy.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...My name is Rucas Couraura the Lucario. I am known as the Hero of Justice." Rucas says. Hearing the name of Rucas surprises both Croconaw and Frogadier.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "So, you are the Hero of Justice that we have heard... I have no more wonder why you hate us... Anyway, my name is Riftblade Shuriken the Frogadier." Frogadier introduces himself. "And my name is Magnus Aquamarine the Croconaw." Croconaw introduces himself.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Magnus took everyone to the Bluewave Harbor, the largest harbor in Symmetria. They walked along the Bluewave Beach to the Harbor. There are many Pokémon in this place; most of them are a water type Pokémon.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "This place is quite lively." Rucas comments.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] They walked around the harbor and bought everything they want. Within about thirty minutes, they had everything they want, so they decided to go back to the cave.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "So Magnus, your surname is the same as Riftblade's. It means that both of you are sibling, right?" Ellisk asks while walking on the Bluewave Beach back to the cave. Joshua and he is walking alongside Magnus while Rucas and Anastasia are walking in front of them. "He is my cousin." Magnus answers. "And since Riftblade is the same specie as Seablade and they shared the similar name, Seablade must be the father of Riftblade, right?" Joshua guesses, but his word makes Magnus laugh. "Haha! You will never fathom this; Seablade is not the father of Riftblade, he is actually the grandfather of Riftblade." "What?!" Ellisk and Joshua say. "It's true. Seablade may look young, but his age is over 100 years! I don't know how can he live that long because he neither told me nor Riftblade. He has two children, one is Riftblade's father while another is my mother." Magnus explains.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "That explains why you became a pirate." Ellisk says, but Magnus shakes his head no. "That is not 100% true. My mother is the daughter of pirate, but my father is a great merchant of the Bluewave Port. He told me that once he saved my mother's life and both of them fell in love to each others, so Seablade decided to let my mother to marry my father, but I couldn't remember my parents's face because I grew up with The Seacross. Seablade only told me that after my parents died, he took care of me. Riftblade is my closest friend since he is my cousin and both of us are at the same age."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After telling Joshua and Ellisk his past, Magnus looks at Ellisk. "Now I have told my past already. What about you?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Ellisk starts telling his story. "... I have an elder brother who is a Flaaffy named Lumiere. Both of us are orphaned since I was young, so I couldn't remember my parents's face. Lumiere told me that my father was an inventor while my mother was a scholar. Since both of us are orphans, Lumiere takes care of me so I respect him very much. That is my story."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] When Ellisk finishes telling his story, Joshua splits the twig that he was holding in his mouth away. "I guess that since both of you have told me your story, I should tell me too. I have a younger sister named Julia the Servine. Our mother took care of us since we were children. She told us that our father died in the same day Julia hatched from the egg. The only thing we know about him is that he is a great ninja and a childhood friend of my mother. After our mother died, we still live in the Greenleaf Forest since our mother loved and cherished it very much." [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After Joshua finishes his story, a smile appears on Magnus's face. "Look, I think that I started to like both of you. Maybe we could become friends..." "Me too!" Ellisk jumps in joy. "Hm... Maybe yes, maybe no..." Joshua mumbles.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] As they reach the cave, they quickly had a breakfast and gave Keldeo a vulnerary, but he still stays unconscious.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "How long will he sleep?" Joshua mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "While waiting for him to wake up, we should do something such as... Trying to deal with Seablade?" Joshua says. His word shocks everyone.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...I agree with Joshua. I couldn't let the injustice go!" Rucas crosses his arm.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "That is easy to say, but how can we do it?" Riftblade crosses his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas picks the map of Symmetria and opens it, then he points at somewhere in the middle of Bluewave Sea. "Magnus, you told us that Seablade and his crews went to the abandoned island in the middle of the Bluewave Sea and came back as a Fallen, right?" "... It means the answer lay on that island." Anastasia says. "That island is far and dangerous... But if you want to, I can guide you to that island." Magnus talks. "Really?! Thank you!" Anastasia claps her hands. "Then, I will stay here and guard Keldeo, okay?" Riftblade looks at Keldeo. "Okay, so when will we go?" Magnus asks.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Now." Rucas answers.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] The small boat is moving slowly on the surface of the Bluewave Sea. Rucas volunteered to row the boat.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Beware yourself, Hero of Justice. The sea around here is dangerous." Magnus warns.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Dangerous or not, but in the end, justice will prevail to everything... Woah!!!" Rucas shakes because a strong wave hit the boat. "See? The wave of the Bluewave Sea is very strong..." Magnus crosses his arms. "I am fine... Ah!" Rucas shakes again when the second wave hits the ship, but this time, the oar that Rucas was holding got washed away by the wave! Rucas tries to grab it, but it results in Rucas falls from the boat and sinks into the sea![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas!" Anastasia shouts into the sea, but Rucas didn't reply her. "...He is a steel type Pokémon... And steel has more dencity than water, so..." Before Joshua could finished his sentence, Magnus jumps from the ship and dives into the sea. "Let Magnus takes care of Rucas..." Joshua crosses his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Magnus dives into the Bluewave Sea and sees Rucas is trying to swim, but the Lucario couldn't swim very well... So Magnus moves to Rucas and tries to help him, but Rucas pushes him away.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Stop your action, Rucas, or you will drown..." Magnus speaks. (Since Magnus is a water type Pokémon, he can speak underwater. But then, something swims to Rucas! It is a feral Sharpedo![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Sharpedo opens its sharp teeth and tries to bit Rucas, Rucas struggles, but he is powerless underwater, so he easily got beaten by the Sharpedo.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "YAH!!!"[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] An axe hits the head of Sharpedo, defeats it in one hit. Magnus then swims and grabs an axe and the unconscious body of Rucas and swims back onto the surface.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas opens his eyes and realizes that he is laying on the beach. Anastasia is looking at him in a close range again...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas! You were almost drown! Thank to Magnus that you are still alive. W...What?! Your face turns red again! How? The sun is too hot?" Anastasia explains everything.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "N..No." Rucas tries to move away from Anastasia. "Hold on! You still need to rest for a bit, not until Joshua and Ellisk come back!" Anastasia says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas looks around the beach. This beach is similar to the Bluewave Beach, but a little different because this beach has many strange trees grew on it, and there is a jungle behind the beach. "Anastasia, where are we?" "After Magnus rescued you, he was able to retrieve the oar that you lost and then we continued our journey. Now we are on the abandoned island, the Bluewave Island. Joshua and Ellisk went into the jungle to find the berry for our lunch..." Anastasia explains. "...Where is Magnus?" Rucas asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Before Anastasia could say anything, Magnus appears from the jungle, holding an axe in his hands. "Hm? Wake up already?" Magnus looks at Rucas, but the Lucario looks at him with his cold eyes before the jackal slowly walks up to him, and then he kneels down to the Croconaw. "Thank you for saving my life, Magnus. Your effort is a great lesson for me... And I need to apologize you for calling you evil and demon..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia and Magnus are shocked by Rucas's action, but before they could do anything, Joshua and Ellisk appear from the jungle, holding several berries in their hands. "Hi! Everyone! We found lots of berries... Hm?! Rucas?!" Both Joshua and Ellisk drop their berries after seeing the action of Rucas. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Magnus sits down near Rucas. "Stand up, Rucas. I forgive you." "...Thank you, Magnus." Rucas says.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and his friends quietly had a lunch on the beach of the Bluewave Island. Rucas seems to act more friendly toward Magnus, which makes everyone happy.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Magnus, back into when you rescued me from the Sharpedo, I saw you used an axe as your weapon..." Rucas starts another conversation.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm? Yeah... I am a pirate after all." Magnus shows his axe to everyone. Magnus's axe is gleaming like the sparkling water. Somehow, it seems as the blade of the axe is made from the water itself... But the blade seems very sharp despise the shape of itself. It also requires the powerful man to wield it. "My axe is called the Sapphire Axe. It may not be very agile, but it is powerful!" Magnus says. "Really? Your weapon is like us!" Joshua and Ellisk show their weapon to Magnus. "Wow! You three have the similar weapon!" Anastasia says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] '...It is not a coincident, is it?' Rucas thinks while taking a bite at the Sitrus Berry.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: Let's give a warm welcome to the next protagonist of my story, Magnus Aquamarine the Croconaw. He uses the Sapphire Axe as a weapon. Although he is a pirate, he is not evil, even Rucas had finally accepted him.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The next chapter is the chapter of the third dungeon of my story.[/SIZE]
  18. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 17: Seacross Grotto[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After finishing his lunch, Rucas and his friends travel into the deep jungle of the Bluewave Island. (Before going into the jungle, Joshua warned everyone not to pick and eat the wild berry or fruit unless they ask him first because the some wild berries are poisonous. Only Joshua that can tell which berry is edible.)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Come on, Garland or whatever... Where are you?" Rucas mumbles while walking through the deep forest. Not only the bug and poison type Pokémon that inhabited his place, but also the Fallen too...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fallen!?" Magnus blunts his axe at the Fallen, cleaves it into two pieces without ease.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then Garland is around here?!" Anastasia asks, but Rucas shakes his head no. "... Garland was here... He took The Seacross to this island for some reason... That is why the Fallen are here..."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Five Pokémon fight the Fallen along the way. The Fallen at the Bluewave Island are tougher than the Fallen in the Greenleaf Forest and the Yelspark Plain. "What made the Fallen become stronger?!" Ellisk uses a Parabolic Charge on a Fallen. "...Back into when we were at the Yelspark Plain, Garland also there too... His presence should be the reason why the Fallen at the Yelspark Plain is stronger than the Fallen at the Greenleaf Forest... But I have no idea about the Fallen on the Bluewave Island... Maybe Garland is around here... Or worse..." Joshua deals a finish blow to a Fallen.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] After two hours, Rucas and his friends reach the other side of the island, where they found a huge cave![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Look! There is a cave!" Anastasia points her paw at a cave in front of everyone.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "The answer of the chaos lied within this cave. Everyone, let's go." Magnus says and he and everyone proceed into the cave.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Meanwhile...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Ah..."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] The young colt regains his consciousness and stands up. He looks around and realizes that he is in a cave on the Bluewave Beach. There is a Frogadier sitting hear him. "Finally..." The Frogadier mumbles. "Riftblade! It's you! Then, where is Magnus?! And what about the Lucario and his friends?! And where are we?! We aren't on your ship, are we?" "Hold yourself, Keldeo. I will answer everything." Riftblade says.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=20pt]Dungeon III: Seacross Grotto[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Seacross Grotto is a large cave on the Bluewave Island. Magnus told everyone that Seablade once told him this cave was the pirate's hideout, but there was a storm around this island, prevented everyone from leaving or entering this island, so this cave was abandoned. Since this grotto is located on the island, this place was dominated by water, and only Magnus that can swim and dive. Anastasia, Joshua and Ellisk can swim but can't dive, but Rucas isn't good at either swim or dive, so he has to ride someone's back in order to cross the pool or pond in the dungeon.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas, you couldn't swim? How pathetic for a puppy..." Joshua mocks with a low voice so no one could hear him.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] The water-based puzzle of this place is cruel. They have to increase and decrease the water level of this place in order to proceed. Sometime they found a waterfall, which Magnus must swim onto the top of the waterfall and stop the waterfall in order to let everyone proceed. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "What?!"[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas picks something from the ground. It is a rope with a hook at one end of itself. "What is this? And why it is here?" Anastasia asks. "That is the Grappling Hook! We pirate used it to grab the faraway place like this..." Magnus takes the Grappling Hook from Rucas and throws the hook at a pole on the other side of the pond, and then he swings across the pond easily. "We can use it like this." Magnus says and then swings back. "Alright, since you are a pirate, you should keep it." Rucas says. "Okay." Magnus says. "...But why something like this is here?" Ellisk crosses his arms. "...Maybe some pirate is around here... Such as Seablade..." Joshua mumbles. "What?! Then Seablade is in this grotto?!" Rucas roars.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] At last, Rucas and his friends reach the lowest floor of the grotto. This room is filled with water on the floor, but everyone can still walk since the water level is low. There is only one Pokémon in the room, the Greninja named Seablade.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Seablade!" Rucas roars, turning the attention of the Greninja to him and everyone. "Hm... Finally come... The Hero of Justice... The Forest Swordsman... The Lightning Thief... The Ocean Pirate... And... The D..." [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Before Seablade could finish his sentence, Magnus steps ahead and faces Seablade. "Seablade! What's wrong with you?! You weren't like this?!" "Ah... Magnus... Both you and Riftblade disappointed me... Bad children..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]After finishes his sentences, Seablade raises his left hand over his head. "Come, the beast of northwind. Defeat those scums for me!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]A loud roar can be heard after Seablade's saying, and then a Pokémon appears. He is an aqua beast with two ribbons. His movement is as graceful as the northwind.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=20pt]Aqua Beast[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Suicune attacks everyone in the room with Bubble beam and Aurora Beam, which is super effective against Joshua and Anastasia, but Joshua can dodge Suicune's attack swiftly and Anastasia's high Special Defend blocks the damage from the Aurora Beam. Rucas tried to use Aura Sphere, but Suicune used the Mirror Coat to reflect his attack, so Rucas needed to use only his Crystal Knuckle to defeat Suicune. Finally, Magnus uses the Grappling Hook to grab Suicune's leg and tripped him; open the way for everyone to attack him.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Finally, after a long, fierce battle, Suicune is defeated.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?! Impossible!" Seablade says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Give up, Seablade!" Rucas says and prepares another attack, but then...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "YAH!!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] A Shuriken strikes from behind Rucas and his friends hit the body of Seablade directly, causing Seablade to collapse on the floor, and then two Pokémon appear behind Rucas and his friends.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Riftblade?! Keldeo?!" Rucas calls the name of two Pokémon.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Whew! It seems that we made it in time..." Keldeo says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Don't worry about Seablade. My Shuriken will only stun him, not kill him. And it is enough to release him from The Mad Demon's grip." Riftblade crosses his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone turns their attention back to Seablade, but they find that the unconscious body of Seablade is glowing with an evil aura, and then a Pokémon appears from Seablade's body. He is none other than The Mad Demon...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "GARLAND!!!" Rucas roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Garland looks at Rucas and his friends with evil face. "Ha! Not bad for knowing that I was possessing Seablade's body." "WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!" Magnus roars. "Well... Well... Well... I think that I could tell you... Because I was trying to find something in this Bluewave Sea, but it is located on this Bluewave Island, but my underlings aren't good at sea, and I had a business to do at the Lightningrod Tower too, so I purposed many pirates group and tricked them to get it for me... But this island is too tough for them, they got defeated... At least they could be good Fallen for me... Well the only one pirates group left is The Seacross, so I purposed him into helping me, but he declined... So I brainwashed him and control his body to get it for me... Although he could pass the obstacle on this island, he still couldn't get it, so after finished my business at the Lightningrod Tower, I came back to this place and possessed Seablade's body... And now, I got the thing that I want..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Garland raises his paw, which is holding a bottle containing the clear, sparkling water. "With this, the energy of thunder and Yggdrasil's sap, the only thing that I need is that... But before I go, let me take care of the pesky..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Garland takes his rifle out and points it at Rucas and his friends. "Do not worry. Your body could be the perfect Fallen for me... So at least you all will not die in vain... Farewell..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Before Garland could shoot Rucas and his friends, someone grabs Garland's legs. He is Seablade.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Garland... Stop...your...action... Or.... Cobalion....will...be...sorry...." Seablade mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Hm! You are as annoy as ever... So let me take care of you first!!!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Garland points his rifle at Seablade's chest and then...shoots him!!!!!![/SIZE]


    [SIZE=16pt] The bullet pierces through the Greninja's chest. The trail of red blood starts to flow from Seablade's chest...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm... Maybe this is enough..." Garland mumbles and turns his attention back to Rucas and his friends. "I still want to fight you alive, so I will spare your life once more... Let's meet again..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After finishes his speaking, Garland puts away his rifle and disappears from this place...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "SEABLADE!!!!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Magnus and Riftblade quickly run up to Seablade, who is nearly dead. "Ah... Magnus.... Riftblade... I am sorry.... For everything that I have done..." "NO!!! GRANDPA!!!! YOU MUST NOT DIE!!!!" Magnus roars. "...Magnus... The last pirate of the Bluewave Sea... Stay strong...For the sake of your father... Riftblade... My own flesh... One day... You must be a great ninja and surpass me..." "We will!" Riftblade and Magnus say. "Ah... My era will finally end... In the end, my life is not so bad..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Seablade stops breathing. His heart stops beating. He had passed away from the world...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The room became silence. The clear water flows from Riftblade, Magnus and Anastasia's eyes. Ellisk and Joshua stands silently while Rucas walks up to Seablade. "... Seablade, the pirate of Bluewave Sea, may Arceus bless your soul..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Someone touches Rucas's shoulder. He is Magnus. "... Let me take care of everything..." After finished his saying, Magnus touches Seablade's body gently and starts singing a song...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] While Magnus is singing, the water level of the room increased a bit, and when Magnus finished singing, the water level decreased and Seablade's body disappeared![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Rest in peace... Grandpa..." Magnus and Riftblade says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What did you do to Seablade's body?" Rucas asks. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I buried his body within the wave of Bluewave Sea... With that song... It was passed down through my father's line, not my mother's, so only I that can sing it... When I sing it, I will gain an ability to control the wave... But since it is quite exhaust for singing it, I decided not to use it unless it is an important case..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] 'What? Magnus's song... Is just like Joshua's and Ellisk's...' Rucas thinks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Rucas..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas turns his attention to the caller of his name and see Keldeo, who is helping Suicune. "...Don't worry about me, I am fine..." Suicune says. "Suicune is controlled by Garland..." Keldeo says. "...Everyone, Seablade told me that if he couldn't do it, I must take you all to a place..." Suicune says and creates a warp portal. Everyone steps into the warp portal and is warped out of the Seacross Grotto.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: I think Garland is more evil than I though. He killed Seablade!!!!! Well, now Rucas and his friends will not ever forgive Garland for what he had done...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Alright, now it is chapter 17. And Rucas's Tale is about to end! Just one more "Dungeon" to go... And you could expect at least one more protagonist to appear...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The next chapter, of course, Iris's Tale.[/SIZE]
  19. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 0: Iris's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 18: Answer[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The door is behind me, the mirrors are beside me, and he is in front of me...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The reflection from the mirror shows me my body. For over a decade, I had grown up from a young Pokémon into an adult. I can stand with both of my legs steadily. My skin is still violet, except my belly and tail which are lilac. I stood at about 180 centimeters height. I am now a fully grow-up Mewtwo...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] I look at the name in front of me... He is the one whom raised me as if I am his own daughter... He is the one whom I always call 'father'. However... The diary that he dropped in my room... Reading it shaken my faith upon him... So I decide to seek the answer today...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Father..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm? Iris? What brought you here in the pass midnight? You should in your bed... Or should I say that you should stay in your room of all time?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Father... I just... want something?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm? Well... My daughter, what do you want?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... The Answer."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] I show him the diary that he dropped in my room. He was shocked after seeing his diary before he quickly took it from my hand. "IRIS!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You dropped it in my room... Yes... I had read it... And I have so many questions... Please... I want the answer of this... Is it real? Or is it just my imagination?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Iris... What had you done... You shouldn't..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Father... Please... The answer..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Iris..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Please... Not 'yes'... Father!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Yes... The diary is true! You are just the creature in our project! You are not my daughter! You are nothing more than a tool! You are heartless monster!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] His answer echoes in my head... Endlessly...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] His answer is like the hammer that shatters my heart and soul into the dust...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] I kneel down... I couldn't believe the word that he had been saying.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Father! You lied?! Please tell me that you lied!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Get away! Monster! You are not my daughter, so you have no right to call me father!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] He changed... In only a few second... He changed from the angel into the demon...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Why?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Why?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] I keep asking 'why?" But I couldn't seek any answer...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Am I the creature who really exists in this world, or am I just an illusion?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] My vision turns dark... I couldn't see anything more...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] My hearing sense disappears... I couldn't hear anything more...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The last word that I can hear...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "NO! PLEASE DO NOT KILL ME!!!!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: Iris's Tale starts to be more interesting... What will happen to Iris afterward?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Let's get back to Rucas's Tale![/SIZE]
  20. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 19: Legend of Angel and Demon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Suicune took Rucas, Anastasia, Joshua, Ellisk, Magnus and Keldeo to a lake located in the middle of the Bluewave Island. Upon reaching this place, Joshua's eyes are wide in excitement.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yggdrasil?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] There is a tree in the middle of the lake. That tree is none other than the sacred Yggdrasil. But like the Forest Lake of the Greenleaf Forest, this Yggdrasil here is just the root of the real Yggdrasil.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Joshua and Magnus quickly walk up to the lake and touch the water in the lake, and then they drink the water from the lake.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Delicious!" Magnus says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So pure! I couldn't believe that I could find the lake that is purer than the Forest Lake!" Joshua jumps in joy.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "This lake is the Island Lake. The water here is the only water source in the vast Bluewave Sea that is the pure water, and with the presence of the Yggdrasil's root, the water here is said to be the purest water in the land of Symmetria." Keldeo explains.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Garland... He wanted the water from this lake..." Suicune explains.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?! But why?!" Anastasia says in surprise.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... According to his last speech... He is trying to find something... They are the Yggdrasil's sap, the energy of the lightning, the water of the Island Lake, and one more thing..." Rucas analyzes everything.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I know what he is doing!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Keldeo's word attracts the attention of everyone. "What?! Tell us! Keldeo!" "Of course! But we must go back to the Musketeer Bar first!" "Of course"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I will stay here and protect the lake..." Suicune looks at the lake. "Me too!" Riftblade jumps. "...For me, Rucas, I want to go with you... I want to get a revenge... for Seablade..." Magnus says angrily. "Of course, Magnus... All of us despise Garland..." Rucas answers.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, I will send you all back... Good luck..." Suicune says and warps everyone out of the Bluewave Island.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Keldeo!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion shout surprisingly when they see Keldeo, along with Rucas and his friends.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Cobalion! Terrakion! Virizion!" Keldeo hugs his master.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What happened?! Tell us!" Terrakion shakes Keldeo's body.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and Keldeo quickly tell The Sword of Justice the thing that happened at the Bluewave Sea. Their unbelievable story shocks The Sword of Justice quite much. "Garland... You..." Cobalion mumbles.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Virizion looks at Keldeo. "Keldeo, you said that you had found the important clue, right?" "Of course... But please... Let's get some rest first..." "Okay."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] In the next morning, after the breakfast, Keldeo shows everyone an old book. It looks like a legend of something. "I got this from the Fairy Isle." Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion look at Keldeo." You went to the Fairy Isle?" "Yes."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wait, Keldeo, what is the Fairy Isle?" Rucas asks. "It is the small isle located quite far from the Bluewave Port. It is the home of fairy type Pokémon, and the home of legend and myth of the Pokémon world. I got this important clue from that island... Let me tell you." Keldeo says before he starts telling the legend... It is the Legend of Angel and Demon...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Once upon a time, there was a Pokémon... She was said to be the most beautiful, the purest and the kindest Pokémon ever... She was a fairy type Pokémon that everyone called her 'Angel'. Not only all of that, she also possessed the power to control life... So everyone loved her...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] One day, she fell into the grief... No one could relieve her from the eternal sorrow that she possessed... Her friend... The Pokémon who possessed the power to drain the life force of the creature was the one who made her to fall into this grieve... Because he tried to kill her beloved people, and he almost killed her...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] One day, she met another Pokémon... However... He is not an ordinary Pokémon... He is the demon... He is the dragon without heart and soul... The dragon, hated by the fairy, fell in love with the angel and tried to purpose her to marry him... Of course... The angel couldn't love him... So she declined his request... Enraged by the angel's word, the dragon killed the fairy cruelly... He killed her, devoured her flesh and drank her blood... The angel suffered so much. In the end, she returned to her origin, the Yggdrasil... The dragon, on the other hand, had no more love toward her and only hate remained, decided to stay with the angel... He waited for the day when the angel will rebirth from the Yggdrasil, so he will kill her again...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Day by day... His blood started to dry up... His flesh started to rot away... Leaving only his bone... But the dragon still remains... With his power, the evil raised everywhere around the land... The evil called 'Fallen...'"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone acts differently after hearing the legend. Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion look at the book suspiciously. Joshua thinks of something. Ellisk and Magnus talk about the legend. Rucas closes his eyes. And Anastasia turns her face away.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "This is the huge clue. The true cause of the Fallen is not only from the Garland, but also from the Demon Dragon!" Keldeo closes the book.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Keldeo, are you sure this legend is true? It sounds unbelievably..." Virizion mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "And Keldeo, do not forget that the fairy type Pokémon hate the dragon type Pokémon, so maybe this legend is just a fiction..." Terrakion supports Virizion.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...No, Terrakion, Virizion. The legends from the Fairy Isle were proved to be true by the archeologists around the Symmetria..." Cobalion shakes his head no.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, the angel is actually the Yggdrasil... And the legend said that the Demon Dragon is the cause of the presence of the Fallen... But what about Garland's Souleater Rod?" Joshua asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Here..." Keldeo opens the book again. "The Demon Dragon is the grand leader of the group of Fallen. And he has many dragon-type Pokémon who are his underlings, but is the leader of the Fallen... Kinda like the king and his general... The leaders of the Fallen are called "Fallen Dragon"."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fallen Dragon?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Everyone says the same thing at the same times. The word 'Fallen Dragon' seems to be a great clue for everyone. "Wait... Garland is a Garchomp... A dragon type Pokémon..." Ellisk mumbles. "Then Garland is a Fallen Dragon?!" Cobalion shocks. "But if he is the Fallen, how could he talk or show his emotion?" Magnus asks. "I don't know... The library on the Fairy Isle that keeps the legend of Symmetria has nothing about the Fallen Dragon..." Keldeo shakes his head. "Hey! If the library from the Fairy Isle has nothing more about the Fallen Dragon, then why don't we go to the library of that place?" Terrakion's word acts like the light for other The Sword of Justice. "Great idea!" Virizion says. "Wait... Where?" Ellisk asks. "The Redflame Volcano. Like the Venturnome Town, the Redflame Volcano is the place that still keeps the old culture and tradition. There is a library that keeps the detail of this. We were planning to go to that place after Keldeo returned. And now Keldeo have returned... So..." Cobalion explains.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then let's go to the Redflame Volcano!" Magnus roars. "But how?" Ellisk asks. "Don't worry, Ellisk. We could catch a train from STP to the Redflame Volcano, which is located north of the Gamma City." Terrakion says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "One more thing... Now Garland has the Yggdrasil's sap, the energy of lightning, the pure water... All of them represent the grass, electric and water... Three type of Pokémon that is weak against the dragon type Pokémon... And the last type that's weak against the dragon type is the fire type... So maybe the last thing that Garland is trying to find is at the Redflame Volcano..." Ellisk says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?! Then we couldn't wait any longer! Let's go!" Rucas says before he realizes that today in the Venturnome Town is hotter than ever. "Gee... So hot..." "Rucas, now it is summer already..." Anastasia explains. "That reminds me... A few days later... There will be a summer festival be held in the Venturnome Town..." Virizion mumbles. "Really?! Then let's go to the Redflame Volcano today or we may miss the festival! I want to go to this festival with everyone!" Anastasia says cheerfully and hugs Rucas, which makes Rucas's face turn red again.... [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Agreed. Let's go because I also don't want to miss this festival..." Terrakion says before he walks out of the Musketeer Bar along with Anastasia, Magnus, Joshua, Ellisk, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue... [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: One more dungeon to go before the end of Rucas's Tale. I am sorry because this chapter is quite short.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]You may notice that Joshua the Grovyle, the grass type Pokémon, joined during the first dungeon, which located in the forest, Ellisk the Helioptile, the electric type Pokémon, joined during the second dungeon, which located in the thunder field, Magnus the Croconaw, the water type Pokémon, joined during the third dungeon, which located in a sea, so the forth dungeon, which located in the volcano, so the next protagonist must be a fire type Pokémon...[/SIZE]
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