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Sins of Zaidi: A Naive Story

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by UnstoppableGamer, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. UnstoppableGamer

    UnstoppableGamer Attention Seeker~

    Level 1
    Jan 11, 2017
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    "This is a naive story..."

    Chapter One- A Blank Slate

    "Is this the one?" A voice questioned. It sounded as if it belonged to a gruff, aged man.

    "Yes." Another voice confirmed. This one felt as if it belonged to an elderly man. "This is the one. This is the Lost One."

    "Hello, young one." A gentle, elderly woman's voice rang out. "We need you to wake up. For you are the Radiant One."

    "Yes, wake up child." An arrogant sounding man's voice repeated. "Or should I say, Anguished One."

    "It is your destiny, Pertinacious One." A younger sounding woman stated. "First you search for the Seeress. She shall show you the proper way."

    "Nay." The gruff voice argued. "Tempestuous One, you must find the Veteran. He will show you the strength to achieve victory."

    "You're all fools." The arrogant man insulted. "Anguished One, find the Atoner. He shall share a similar pain as you."

    "Might I interject?" The elderly woman began. "Radiant One, you'll require the aid of the Confidant. He will shoulder your burden. As an ally. As a friend."

    "But first, a name." The elderly man interrupted. "Not the Lost One, the Tempestuous One, the Pertinacious One, the Anguished One, nor the Radiant One. A proper name."

    "I vote for Fearsome. A powerful name worthy of the Tempestuous One."

    "I feel that Adamant is superior. An unyielding name for the Pertinacious One."

    "I believe she means the Anguished One shall be known as Agony. The label of all suffering."

    "I opt for Hope, Radiant One. The bringer of ambition and desire."

    "Enough." The elderly man snapped. "He shall be called Blade. A fearsome blade, adamant through his agony, bringing hope to all."

    "A fine name."

    "I see none greater."

    "...I accept."


    "Now, Blade." The elderly man shifted. "Wake up. Wake up, and create your legend."


    Blade opened his eyes, noticing nothing but a white room. He shifted to stare at himself, his reflection in glass. He had young, fair skin, raven black hair, and mesmerizing purple eyes. Suddenly, the glass began to part, allowing him to move. He crawled out of his coffin like confines, standing alone in the empty, white room.

    "Good, you're up!" A woman's voice echoed through the room. "There's no time to explain! Grab the clothes from your pod, and get moving!"

    At that moment, a small compartment poked out of the pod. Folded clothing rested inside of it. He realized that he was nude, prompting him to quickly get dressed. His outfit consisted of a grey turtleneck, light grey pants, black boots, and matching black gloves.

    "If you don't like it, you can get new clothes later." The woman panicked. "My name is Dr. Vale. Can you summon your-" She was cut off at the sound of an explosion, causing the room to quake. "Damn! The door's unlocked! Go!"

    He carefully surveyed the room, pausing a part of the wall separated, revealing a path. He slowly paced through the hallway. It was different from the room, made from a dull metal, rather than the pure white.

    "There's a boat waiting for you at the end of the path, just follow the blue-" She was cut off at the sound of another explosion, followed by harsh gunfire.

    "Dr. Vale?" Blade checked on Dr. Vale. The silence was his answer. He continued down the path, following a small trail of blue lights along the ground. He made his way to a window, noticing a man with a lab coat inside.

    "H-hey, kid!" He called out to him, running to the window. "Help me get this door open!" He commanded as a large mech entered his lab. It slowly raised its arm at the man. "W-wait, no! H-help!" He cried as the mech fired a volley of fast bullets, tearing him apart and painting the window red.

    Blade gasped and quickly ran down the path. At a small room intersection, an armored woman grabbed him by the wrist. She held him firmly as he attempted to squirm free.

    "I found one." She spoke through a radio. "I'll return as-" A beast, canine like, pounced on her, dragging her away. She kicked it off of her, only to be attacked two more, tearing into her armor. She immediately fell limp, allowing the beasts to devour her. They appeared to have natural armor plating, with large, surprisingly white, tusks protruding from their jaws. Blade noticed the blue path next to him and entered, locking the door behind him.

    "Phew..." He sighed, wandering down the hallway. He paused at a large metal door. A single camera stood beside it, watching him carefully. "Um...?"

    "CLEARANCE GRANTED." The camera spoke in a harsh monotone. "PLAYING MESSAGE."

    "Hello, Blade." Dr. Vale's voice spoke, calmly, gently. "The boat is auto piloting. It should take you to Frell. Farewell."

    "PRE RECORDED MESSAGE ENDS." The machine informed, opening the door. "SHUTTING.... DOWN...."

    Blade looked into the door as it slowly opened. Inside, a small white boat rested on the dock. The dock appeared to be made from the innards of a cave, with a small concrete path acting as the only man made alteration. He strolled onto the boat, approaching the cockpit. On the controls, a handwritten sticky note stood in plain view.

    Dear Blade,
    It would seem that I couldn't join you. I had to release some test subjects on our attackers. Hopefully they didn't give you too much trouble. The Confident awaits you in Frell. It's a lovely country, neutral in the Linlean-Alterian Affair. I will always watch over you, Exalted One.
    Your Guardian Angel,

    "Dr. Vale..." Blade frowned. He felt an odd pain in his chest, a throbbing in his eyes. Who was she...? He shook his head, looking on the controls. Another sticky note pointed to a single, large button.

    Press this to start your journey.

    Blade pressed his finger onto the button, causing the boat to stir. He laid on the seat, finding a warm blanket to cover himself, curling up to sleep.


    "Hello Blade." The first voice welcomed.

    "Do you have a name?" Blade inquired.

    "He speaks!" The second man cheered.

    "This is quite surprising..." The young woman agreed.

    "Better than remaining silent. Like some game protagonist." The young man chuckled.

    "Questions are good, Blade." The elderly woman encouraged.

    "You have a point, Lost One..." The first man commented. "Very well. Call me, The Dragon."

    "Dragon?" The second man laughed. "Then call me The Knight."

    "I am The Seeress." The young woman introduced.

    "That's confusing." The young man dismissed. "I guess you can call me The Sage."

    "And that leaves me." The elderly woman acknowledged. "I'm The Angel."

    "Oh!" Blade gasped in recollection. "There was a woman who knew my name. A woman named Dr. Vale. She called herself my Guardian Angel. She sent me to Frell, home of the Confidant."

    "She knew of the Confidant?" Angel questioned. "What else did she say? Did she only refer to you by name?"

    "She called me 'Exalted One.'" He answered.

    "Exalted. Of high ranking, happy, or noble." Sage explained. "Interesting."

    "I can't... see her..." Seeress expressed, grimly. "How is that possible?"

    "Well, isn't that suspicious." Knight growled.

    "We can trust her... I think." Dragon reassured. "She didn't seem hostile, did she?"

    "No." Blade agreed. "Affable would be the word, I think... How do I know that word?"

    "...That's not of importance..." Dragon dismissed. "So, the Confidant resides in Frell?"

    "Yes." Angel answered. "It's a beautiful country-"

    "Neutral in the Linlean-Alterian Affair?" Blade interrupted. "What does that mean?"

    "Story time it seems?" Seeress joked. "Care to help, Sage?"

    "Fine." Sage accepted. "Alteria is an old country founded on the hatred of inhumans. Inhumans are the descendants of the gods from the War of Gods, when a god fled into the mortal realm. His soldiers ended up breeding with the local inhabitants, granting the mortals an unbelievable power. Some gods just hid in the mortal realm, being dubbed Deterraus by the gods above and God's Gifts by man. They were worshipped for a while, until a single inhuman destroyed an entire city. That day marked the Human-Inhuman War. Alteria was formed on the crushed remains of the human empire."

    "Wait." Blade paused. "How did the Inhumans lose? Aren't they descendants of gods?"

    "Humans acquired magic from the gods who opposed those who fled into the mortal realm." Seeress elaborated. "They were also granted the power over weapons know now as the Devil Arms, powerful weapons capable of slaying gods themselves. Not only that, but they were taught to reanimate corpses with magic, dubbing their creations... Soulless... Five heroes used these gifts to their advantage and pushed the inhumans to their knees."

    "They fled to what is know known as Linlea." Sage took over. "A country lead by a man named Decebal Linleal. He is a tyrant who conquers surrounding countries to feed his own. A monster among even inhumans. Eventually, Decebal ran out of surrounding countries to conquer, turning his sights to Alteria. His only other options were Exia to the east, or Frell to the north. Both Frell and Exia are on good terms with the king, regularly trading with him. Nonetheless, this is how things are."

    "You forgot about the Council." Seeress reminded. "The Council is a group of chosen royal families that run Alteria, one of which the Seeress you're searching for hails from."

    "The Veteran can also be found there." Knight added. "But, convincing him to follow you is another thing..."

    "If I'm correct, the Atoner is from Linlea, right Sage?" Angel guessed.

    "Yes." Sage confirmed. "Let's just focus on the Confidant for now."

    "We shall continue this lesson later, Blade." Dragon concluded. "Just rest for now..."
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  2. UnstoppableGamer

    UnstoppableGamer Attention Seeker~

    Level 1
    Jan 11, 2017
    Great Ball ★★Poké Ball ★Dome Fossil ★★★Gardevoirite ★★★★
    Chapter Two- Mercenaries

    A brown haired boy rested in a large, extraordinary, wooden bed. The sheets were a pure white, contrasting his dark brown hair and green eyes. His room was large, with a massive wooden clock against the farthest wall. His bed frame had an eloquent name carved into it just as eloquently as it.

    Alexandre Alford.

    "Hmm?" Alex shifted, sitting up in his bed. He yawned as he stretched, rubbing his eyes. He groggily turned his gaze to the clock in his room. The small hand was planted halfway between the twelve and one. Alex's eyes widened in shock. "They let me oversleep!" He leapt from his bed, haphazardly dressing himself in a blue long shirt, a pair of jeans, brown boots, and a black, fur trimmed, jacket.

    Once dressed, he sprinted down the halls, narrowly avoiding the help as he made his way to his father's throne. He slowed to a jog, overhearing a man's voice.

    "Hey, old timer." The man greeted. Alex peered out of the corner, observing the conversation. His father spoke to a brown haired man with amber eyes. His skin was slightly tan. He donned odd armor with an unfamiliar black and blue color scheme, and a black eyepatch with an white, bird like insignia on it. "Still haven't burned down your country?"

    "Beldr..." Alex's father chuckled. He was a tall human man in his forties, his hair white from stress. It was slicked back in a professional manner, and he had a mustache. He cloaked himself in a black and gold mantle, armored on the shoulders, falling to his waist. "How have you been?"

    "Not bad, Abel. Not bad." The man grinned. "But, you didn't answer my question. Why is this place still standing?"

    "I grew up." His father announced. "I learned to accept my role as king. No more wild adventures for me."

    "Shame. Damn shame." The man sighed. "Why don't you just make your son king and run away in the dead of night?"

    "That would be irresponsible." His father retorted. "What brings you here anyway?"

    "The woman of Frell." The man sneered. "The most bewitching beauties that I've ever beheld."

    "To bad Seraphina isn't Frellian, eh?" His father laughed. "She's too eager for a fight. Just look at my foreign policy!"

    "Geez." The man groaned, his face red. "Tease me all you want, but don't take my job of making a fool out of you damn it!"

    "So, would you like me to pay for your stay?" His father inquired. "It's the least I can do."

    "No need." The man waved his hand. "I don't like charity. I'm staying at the Drunken Swordsman with the gang."

    "So, everyone's here?" His father smiled, earnestly. "Then it looks like you'll get to see Max again."

    "Max?" The man paused, shocked. "He's coming here? Hell yeah!"

    "Yes." His father chuckled. "I have a meeting with him in two days."

    "...Two days?" The man sighed, disappointed. "We're leaving tomorrow..."

    "What?" His father gasped, shocked. "What do you mean, tomorrow?"

    "You were busy..." The man excused. "We've been here for a week... I barely even got through your guards today..."

    "Oh..." His father frowned, disheartened. "I'm sorry then... Why are you leaving?"

    "New job." The man answered. "Nothing special. Tell Max I said hi."

    "Farewell, Beldr." His father sulked, waving to the man as he left. Alex waited for a moment, before entering the room.

    "Dad." He greeted. "Who was that?"

    "My old friend, Beldr Hyatt." His father answered with a nostalgic grin. "We fought together during the Frellian Revolution about, I don't know, ten years ago?"

    "I was five at the time." Alex nodded. "I really don't remember it all that well."

    "I thought I told you." His father sighed. "The old king was a tyrant, so the people rebelled. The country of Erivale sent us help, causing us to win."

    "And Erivale was conquered by Alteria, right?" He nodded. "They released Rift Spawn into their lands while their soldiers were off fighting."

    "Yes." His father confirmed.

    "Speaking of Rift Spawn..." He tilted his head. "What happened to the one that stopped some of our resource transportation?"

    "It moved." His father answered with a sigh. "Apparently, it stopped a civilian transport train recently..."

    "Let me handle it!" Alex grinned, confidently. "I'm an Alford. Fighting is my-"

    "Absolutely not." His father ordered. "I'll send soldiers to deal with it later. Go do something productive. Don't ever say something so foolish."

    "...Got it." Alex groaned, leaving his father's sight.


    "Hey! I was right!" An eager voice celebrated, waking Blade.

    "Mackie..." A deeper voice sighed. "What did we tell you about trusting eyeless gypsies?"

    "Hey, she was telling the truth wasn't she?" The first voice argued. Blade lifted his head to face the two. One was a young man, shorter than Blade. He had short black hair and dark brown eyes. Beside him, a larger, rounder man stood, arms crossed. He had fairly tanned skin, brown hair and steel eyes. Around them appeared to be an old, rotted dock.

    "Hey, he's awake." The larger man noticed, pointing towards Blade. "Hey, Tanky."

    "That's rude." The first man frowned. "He might be a natural born."

    "Either way, I doubt he'll join us." The larger man shifted to Blade, holding out his hand. "Come on, Tanky."

    "Okay?" Blade hesitantly took the man's hand, allowing to help him onto the dock.

    "I'm Rodrick." He introduced. "Rodrick Braun."

    "Mackie!" The younger man greeted. "Mackenzie Legrand!"

    "I'm... Blade." He informed, watching them in confusion. "Nice to meet you."

    "Likewise, Blade." Rodrick chuckled. "So, are you a tank bred?"

    "Tank bred?" He questioned, tilting his head. "What do you mean?"

    "Did you wake up in a pod?" Rodrick clarified. "Or were you trained since birth? You're clearly not a soldier. You smell too... green."

    "I woke up in a pod..." Blade informed. "Now I'm here."

    "You don't have anywhere to go?" Mackie inquired. Blade shrugged in response. "Well, then you should come hang out with us! We're staying at the Drunken Swordsman!"

    "I guess." Blade smiled, causing Mackie to jump.

    "Alright!" He celebrated. "Let's get a move on!"


    Alex narrowly avoided the guard's line of sight, hopping out of the castle window. He climbed along the wall, dropping himself into the gardens. Numerous more guards patrolled the area. Alex crept through the greenery, before hopping over the ornate fence. The Drunken Swordsman.


    "Welcome to Casa De Miranda!" Mackie announced as they stopped outside a tavern. There was a sign that read, Drunken Swordsman, atop it. "Let's go!"

    "After you." Rodrick allowed, following them inside. The inside of it resembled an old timey pub, with most of it looking to be wooden. A young woman tended to the bar. She had medium length brunette hair and hazel eyes.

    "Mackie! Rodrick!" She beamed, warmly. "Welcome back!"

    "Hey, Miranda!" Mackie grinned, excited. "We found a new member!"

    "What?" She paused, inspecting Blade. "Aren't you a bit young..."

    "He's a tank bred." Rodrick informed. "He should hold his own."

    "Wow." Miranda smiled. "We haven't had an Inhuman since Max."

    "Wonder how he is." Mackie sighed. "He's way too busy..."

    "Excuse me." Blade coughed. "A little young for what exactly?"

    "Oh." Miranda glanced around, confused. "We're-"

    "Gah!" A brown haired man cried as he fell from above, crashing into a table. He rolled around in pain as a blonde woman celebrated from above. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her skin was fair, and her eyes blue.

    "Victory!" She celebrated, jumping down. She landed atop the man, knocking the wind out of him. They rolled around in the splintered wood, as if they were flowers. "I love you..."

    "Love you too..." The man grimaced in pain.

    "...We're the Hyatt Mercenaries..." Miranda giggled. "Our valiant leader, Beldr Hyatt, in his finest moments!"

    "Haha!" Blade laughed, amused. "So, I can join you guys?"

    "We won him over!" Mackie celebrated. "Welcome to the group!"

    The group enjoyed small talk for the next couple of hours, introducing themselves to Blade. He took mental notes of the entire group. The blonde haired woman was Seraphina Stidolph, a young human woman from Linlea. The black haired girl was Miranda D'Amore, a Frell native. The brown haired man was also a Frell native named Beldr Hyatt. Mackie was also a native, having grown up in slums to the east of the country. Lastly, Rodrick grew up in Linlea as well, meeting the group during the Frellian Revolution many years ago. Eventually, a brown haired boy entered the tavern.

    "I'm looking for Beldr Hyatt." He announced.

    "Right here." He stood up, causing the boy to approach him. "What's up kid?"

    "You can fight, correct?" The boy inquired.

    "Yeah." Beldr informed. "I'm a mercenary."

    "Then, I need your services." The boy sneered. "There's been a Rift Spawn causing trouble lately. I need you to help me kill it."

    "Rift Spawn?" Beldr grinned. "Too easy."

    "We'll head out in the morning. Don't worry about your payment. I'll deal with it after we kill the beast." The boy ordered, leaving the tavern.

    "Well, looks like we might see Max after all." Beldr sighed, turning to Blade. "You'll get to see how we lowly humans do it, Blade!"

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