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So Far Away from what I knew

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Danny The fire trainer, Apr 2, 2015.

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  1. Danny The fire trainer

    Apr 2, 2015
    Chapter 1: the
    "I am Danny Perez, the future Pokémon master of Kanto! I committed myself to the art of Pokémon battling! Look out world because I am coming tomorrow!", I bellowed happily in the middle of the night.
    "Yeah, you can do it Daniel! You can smash the elite four into pieces", Said my little seven year old brother jumping on the bed. "Pidgey", said my brothers Pokémon that was flapping its wing and gave me a look that said, " You can do anything Daniel.".
    "Shut up and go to sleep Daniel! Remember I am waking you up early tomorrow so you can walk to Professor Oak's in the morning to start your journey. So go to sleep, future Pokémon master.", My mom yelled with my stepfathers Onix groaning.
    Johnny then fell asleep with pidgey sleeping between his legs.When I was nine they changed the rule about how old you have to be to become a trainer due too many of them getting injured so now you have to be fourteen instead of ten. I didn't have a Pokémon yet so tomorrow I am going to the prof. and start my journey. Now that I have become 14 and the professor is giving out Pokémon I am going to leaving home.
    'I can't wait! I wonder what Pokémon I am going to get? I will sleep on it and will decide in the morning.", I thought to myself as I drifted into my sleep.
    ....In the Dream....​

    "Where am I? I am not home or anywhere I have seen.", I said in a pitch black room that was filled with nothing. Then all of a sudden the room was filled with fire and a little orange lizard walked up to me. It was a charmander but it had a black Pokéball in his hand and he was wearing a fire designed headband.
    I reached out my hand and rubbed his head, and he squealed out happily. It then grabbed my leg and hugged me. "Do you know what I am going to choose you.", I said and it looked at me with its sapphire eyes and smiled. "Char,char!", It said to me and then it vanished. Because I woke up...
    ....Out of The Dream....​

    "Daniel wake up. It is time for you to wake up.", My mom said while her growthlite jumped on me and licked my face with its warm and scratchy tongue.
    "Okay I am up, Thanks mom for waking me up.", I said while quickly getting dressed. I then grabbed my backpack and my shoes and I ran to professor Oak's lab.
    " I am going to get charmander and we are going to beat everyone in battle. No one is going to stand in our way!", I yelled while sprinting.
    I made it to the lab in 5 minutes of sprinting. I was wheezing for air. The Professor came out of the Lab and said, Hello? Are a future trainer?".
    "Yes, I am. Do you have the three starters?". I asked.

    "That was yesterday, that was when I gave out Pokémon.", Professor Oak said in a fearful voice. And with those words my heart stopped. Time had frozen everything because nothing moved for 3 minutes. Until the professor then said, " Well I do have one more but this one is a bit picky. I tried to give him out yesterday, but he refused to go with them.".
    "What Pokémon is it?", I asked out of curiosity.
    "This Pokémon's name is charmander. It is the fire type starter. You better hope it likes you or you will have to wait till winter.", Professor Oak replied.
    "Okay may I see it please?", I said desperately. I needed the Charmander, not only for the journey but also for the bond we can make as we overcome obstacles.
    "You may see it follow me umm... What is your name?", Oak asked me .
    "I am Danny Perez sir. I live on the edge of Pallet, Professor.", I said with a passionate fire blazing in my eyes.
    " You know it warms my heart to see young people like yourself who care so much about Pokémon. I have a feeling that if you try you could become a Pokémon master.", the Professor said.
    "Really? You think I could make it that far? I mean, yes that is my dream but no ones ever believed I could do something like this.", I replied awestruck. The Professor said that I could go and accomplish my goals.
    "Yes I do believe so Danny. From what I have seen so far I can tell that you desire strength, but also you want to create long lasting friendships with people and Pokémon alike.", the professor said while reaching his hand for a black Pokéball.
    "Ummmm... Excuse me sir? Why is this Pokéball black instead of red?", I asked confused about its strange coloring.
    'Is this the Pokémon from my dream? It has to be a sign. Something is drawing me to this Pokémon. What could this be? Is it fate, Luck, Destiny? I don't know but I need to see this Pokémon.', I thought.
    "Ohh, the reason this Pokéball is black is because i had to mark this one somehow to make sure I didn't give it to another trainer. The reason for this is that this year we had multiple starters. Not only the original starters but I also gave out a cubone, magby, pichu, and more. I had to color each ball different to know which Pokémon I had left.", The Professor said and then threw a Pokéball in the air.
    Then a orange lizard appeared in the room and let out a groan with its eyes closed. It also had on the fire headband.
    'It is the same one! How is this possible?!', I thought.
    "CHAAARRRRR", The charmander cried and ran into my chest knocking me down. Then the Charmander nuzzled my chest and hugged me.
    "Whoa.", was all I could say since the little guy unintentionally knocked the wind out of me. His skin was so warm.
    "It seems to like you Danny. I think it senses something in you to make him like you. You can take him. Would you like to give him a nickname?", The Professor said flabbergasted.
    I then got up and tried to regain my composure. The little Charmander climbed off and help push me off the ground. 'Should I give him a nickname?', I thought.
    "Ummm, how about blaze?", I said. The Charmander nodded his head vigorously. "Alrighty then your name is blaze. Are you ready to start an adventure!", I yelled ecstatically.
    "Charmander char!", Blaze said eager.
    "Wait a minute. Here is a Pokédex and 5 Pokeballs. Don't worry I just programed the Pokédex to be fully functional.", Oak told me.
    "Thank you for everything Professor! Well peace", I said running out the door.
    "Good luck Danny!", Oak yelled.
    As soon as I went outside I was greeted with the sight of my Dad and stepmom along with my brother and sisters with the littlest one in my Dad's arms. There was my brother Lazarus. Also, There were my three sister, Jaden (nena), Isabella, Layla, and my baby sister Layony.
    "Good Luck son I am going to miss you. Take care of yourself okay?",My father said tearfully to me. His Arcanine was shedding tears as well. Then Blaze walked up to Arcanine and my dad. My brother and Sisters then hugged me and said goodbye.
    "You promise that you will visit us once in a while okay?", Lazarus asked.
    "I Promise Laz. I am going to miss you guys.", I said tearfully. Blaze then walked to my side.
    "So I see you chose Charmander as your starter. Did you give him a nickname?", my father said.
    "Yeah his name is blaze. Also I have choose to catch mostly fire Pokémon because last night I had an amazing dream that gave me a certain feeling that fire is the way to go.", I told him.
    "Awesome if what you say is true I have a gift for you.", He said while handing me an egg.
    "What's this Dad?" , I asked grabbing the egg. It felt warm and it shook about every 5 seconds.
    "That is a fire Pokémon from the Johto Region. I got from your uncle Randy. Take care of it and call often okay son.", My dad said to me.
    "Okay dad, I will see ya Dad." , I said Putting the Egg in my Jacket's front Pocket.
    "Blaze take care of my son okay?", My father told my starter.
    "Char.", Blaze said dutifully.
    My dad then left with the rest of my family. It was then just me and blaze alone in the front of route one. I have to admit I was really bummed out but I had to leave sometime.
    "Lets go Blaze. We are going on a journey of over a thousand miles and even those journey begin with a single step. And you know what Blaze? This is step one Blaze, this is our origin point right here. Let us take the first step together as a team Blaze!", I said with motivation.
    "Char!", Blaze said excited.
    We both lifted both of our feet to the same height and we both walked our first steps into our new lives.

    Chapter 2: Route 1
    5 hours later
    "Blaze use tackle!", I shouted in determination. 'So far we have battled about a hundred annoying Pidgey's, caterpie, and spearows. Why is there so many trying to attack us for crying out loud. We didn't provoke them. They just keep freaking attacking us. When will this end?', I thought.
    The Pidgey then fainted and I gave the last potion I had to Blaze. I only had two fresh waters that I was going to save for when we were dehydrated. Also, it is starting to get dark. And I am pretty sure Blaze is extremely tired.

    "Lets camp for the night Blaze.", I told him.
    "Char?", Blaze said in questioning sort of way.
    " If you're asking why look at the sunset. It is about to turn night and we are only halfway. Plus you have been fighting all day. I think you deserve a rest Blaze.", I told him.
    "Char.", He said. We then started to set up camp. We made a fire pit and then we rested down on a sheet I had brung in my bag.
    "Thanks Blaze for helping me set up camp. Good job at those battles today, I was really impressed.", I told him.
    "Char Char.", Blaze replied.
    "let's get some rest Blaze.", I told him tiredly. I brought the egg close to my chest to keep it warm and then I slowly drifted off.
    -Blaze's POV-
    "Good night", I told my trainer as he fell asleep. 'I wish he could understand me, then we could talk to each other.', Blaze thought to himself.
    'I can't wait till this journey picks up the pace and we are constantly on an adventure.', I pondered.
    -General POV-
    Both Danny and Blaze were both sound asleep within ten minutes, however there was two creatures watching them. One of them weren't native in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh. It was from the far region known as Unova. This Pokemons name was Munna, the dream eater Pokémon.
    The other one is native to Kanto. Its name is Drowzee a psychic Pokémon. Hypno is known for putting people to sleep. The two Pokémon looked at each other and nodded. Munna walked over to Danny and drowzee followed.
    Munna latched her teeth onto Danny's head and Drowzee started to sway his hypnotic coin. Munna then started to suck on Danny's dreams and Drowzee kept him asleep. Munna was caught in a web of pleasure. His dreams were the sweetest thing she ever tasted. Danny started shivering, the dream was starting to get a little insane and dark. Danny then started cowering in his sleep and blaze slowly woke up.
    -Blaze's POV-
    "Huh?", I said a bit woozy from my rest.
    I then saw Danny whimpering and two wild Pokémon messing with him. I was furious. They were hurting Danny my partner. They are gonna pay.
    "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!!!", I yelled angrily.
    Munna released Danny's head and turned to me.
    "I can explain, you see..."
    "I DON'T WANT YOUR EXCUSE, LEAVE MY FRIEND ALONE! CAN'T YOU SEE YOU ARE HURTING HIM!", I said while giving her a scratch attack.
    "You got it all wrong I was fulfilling your wish...", Munna said and I froze.
    "...,you said you wanted to be able to talk with your trainer. I forgive you for attacking me and I should have asked but I didn't want to be seen. I thought you would capture me. Hypno you can go it has been done.", Munna explained.
    "Would I really be able to talk to him?", I asked doubtingly.
    "I promise, Now you should go back to sleep.", Munna replied.
    "Will we ever see you again?", I asked.
    "I will have a battle with you and your trainer tomorrow. But until then see ya later.", The Munna said zipping out into the darkness of night.
    I then went back by Danny and the egg and fell asleep anxious for the next morning to come.
    -Danny's POV-
    I woke up from my strange and surreal dream and sat up from my sheet. I grabbed the egg and put it into my pocket. I could feel it shaking and I knew it is almost time for it to hatch.
    "I Can't wait to meet ya you little fiery fella.", I told the egg and I don't know how but I can tell the egg liked it when I talked to it,
    I looked around to see Blaze by the fire. "How was your sleep?", I asked my starter.
    "It was good!", Blaze squealed out.
    " What in the name of Arceus is going on. I am going insane. This is a dream come true I've alway wanted to be insane!", I said sarcastically hoping I was still dreaming. "If this is a dream then if I poked my hand into this fire it wouldn't hurt.
    5 minutes Later
    "That was a terrible idea.", Blaze told me while I was putting a burn heal on my hand.
    "You think? I am just glad this burn heal works on people too.", I told him. "Since when could you talk like a human?", I asked him.
    "I don't you understand Pokémon now.", Blaze replied.
    "How?", I shot right back at him.
    "Lets just say a certain type of Pokémon is going to challenge us to a battle later.", Blaze said and it got really silent.
    "Are you hungry?", I asked trying to get used to the fact that I know what he is saying now.
    "Actually now that I think about it I am do you have anything?", Blaze answered.
    "Yeah I do I have some blueberries you want some?", I offered.
    "I love blueberries but for some reason they don't grow in Kanto.", Blaze said accepting my offer happily.
    I looked through my bag and handed him a medium size container filled with blueberries. He opened the container and started munching away. I reached in my bag and grabbed a granola bar and ate it.
    When we were finished I saw a little pink thing in the bush. I then heard its stomach rumble. 'This little thing looks hungry.', I thought as I reached in my bag for some strawberries. "Here you go", I said and dropped them in front of the bush.
    Then the pink thing walked out from the bushes and started eating the berries.
    "Hey Munna. Good Morning. Danny this is that Pokémon I was talking about that gave you your gift last night.", Blaze said.
    "What Pokémon is it? Is it even native to Kanto?", I asked.
    "No it is actually native from unova. I don't have a clue how it would have gotten here.", Blaze said.
    "hmmmmmmmmmmmm...", I hmed
    After it was done eating the strawberries it looked to me and said, "The taste of those strawberries doesn't even compare to your dreams. But the strawberries were amazing.", Munna said.
    "What do you mean my dreams taste better. When have you even ate my dreams?", I said in confusion.
    "So you haven't told him how he understands Pokémon now? Well last night I heard your Pokémon make a wish. The wish was that you can understand what Pokémon are saying. I knew how to fulfill his wish but I had to get more strenght to make it possible. I get strength from dreams, and you have a dream so big that it draws Pokémon that feed on dreams to you.", Munna said.
    "Anyway I want a battle, if you win you have to capture me and if I win you still capture me.", Munna said in a cute voice.
    I sweat dropped. "I don't think that is how it works.", I said in a flat voice.
    "I don't care.", Munna replied winking at me.
    "Lets do this!", Blaze said.
    "Okay. Do you want to go first.", I asked.
    "No you have first move.", Munna said.
    "Alright, Blaze use Ember.", I commanded. The attack hit dead on her forehead.
    "It was a critical hit!", I said.
    Munna then attacked back with Zen Headbutt. It took about a quarter of Blaze's health.
    "USE EMBER ONE LAST TIME!", I said as we were about to deal the final blow. It hit and Munna was barely standing.
    "Pokéball Go!", I yelled as I threw the red and white ball. It tapped Munna's head and she was sucked in. The Pokéball started to shake. *Wiggle* *shake* *Wiggle* *Click*. I smiled so wide. "We did it Blaze good job!", I said grabbing the Pokéball.
    "Thanks.", he said and winked at me.
    "It looks like things are looking up for us Blaze.", I said in hope.
    I let Munna out and she used the move recover to heal herself.
    "Good job to you to Munna, you had fought well.", I complimented. Munna then blushed and said thankyou.
    We walked out of the forest and into Viridian city. I returned Munna because I started getting weird looks.
    "Come on Blaze lets go."

    Chapter 3: Viridian City & the Egg


    "Your Pokémon are all healed and are fighting fit. We hope to see you again soon.", Nurse Joy said.

    "Do you mean you want my friends to get hurt! What is wrong with you!?", I yelled in shock.

    Luckily for me no one else is in the Pokémon Center.

    "Ohh, I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that. Of course I don't want your friends to get Rekt, I was just trying to be polite. I didn't mean it.", She said to me.

    "It's okay sometimes I just jump to conclusions and I get a bit intense. So forgive me if I came off a bit furious.", I told Nurse Joy.

    "Is there someone here named Danny?", Said a man from FedEx.

    " That would be me sir.".

    "I have something for you.", He said reaching inside of his bag. And out from it came a shiny Red schwinn bike.

    "How did you make it fit in there?", I said wondering how he made it fit in his tiny bag.

    "Everything can and will fit in your bag. Anyway sign here.", He said handing me a clipboard with some papers on it.

    I signed the paperwork and the man left.

    "Oh my gosh no way! I just got a freaking awesome bike!!! This will make the journey so much easier.", I said excited.

    I let out Blaze and Munna to check out my new bike.

    "Where did the bike come from?", Munna asked curiously.

    "My mum. Hold on I need to call Charles to tell him to get Rekt."

    -One phone call later-

    "...Get Rekt Mate", I said as I hung up the video phone.

    " I wonder how the rest of my friends are doing. Munna and Blaze get the camera, I mean get in front of it.", I told them hyped.


    " I want to introduce to my best friend, Joaquin. He is a bit talkative but do you know what, I don't care.".

    -20 unsuccessful calls later-

    " Dangit Joaquin pick up the stupid phone! Do you know what one more time and I give up.", I said irritated.

    "Hello? Hellooooo...?", Joaquin said as his super pale mexican face appeared on the screen.

    "Why don't you ever answer the first time!", I screamed and he fell backwards.

    He quickly got back up. "Dang son I was just packing. Also, do you still want your strobe light?", Joaquin said.

    "It's been so long and you still haven't returned the stupid thing. Why don't you just give me 1000 Pokedollars you can keep it. But, that is besides the point did you ever get a Pokémon from Professor Oak.", I replied a bit tempered.

    " Yeah I got a cubone I nicknamed him Sathel. Did you ever get a Pokémon I didn't see you at the lab you hardcore nub.", Joaquin boasted.

    'Sometimes I just want to hit marker his face', I thought.

    "Yeah I got a Charmander and I named him Blaze. He is a amazing and I caught one other Pokémon named Munna. It is a Pokémon that is native from Unova. Who's the nub now you little fake quickscoper.", I said a little bit off from my good sides mood.

    ""Where are you now? I'm here in Viridian City Pokémon Center.", Joaquin said.

    I peered right next to me only to see the comedic himself, Joaquin. I then hung up the phone and looked at him.

    "Why did he hang up?", Joaquin said to himself.

    -One hit to the face later-

    "Oww who in the name of Arceus was that? Ohh hey Danny.", Joaquin said while holding his face.

    "Dude you were right next to me and you didn't even answer me the first 20 times?", I said a bit crossed.

    "Calm down I was just messaging Zahira.", he replied.

    "when you do that all we do is sit in the same room and don't talk because you are too busy texting. Is that why you are so far behind in your journey? Because you can't tell her I have to go? I mean you left a day before I did and I already caught up with you?", I scolded so hard.

    "Dang son you hit hard with that fist.", Joaquin said.

    Blaze walked next to me and Munna crawled to the top of my head and just sat there.

    "Anyway do you want to go on my journey with me? It gets a bit lonely with just Sathel and I.", Joaquin said.

    "Why should I let you come with me you newbee, I have years of training before this.", I said with a smug look on my face.

    "Bruh are you really going to do me like that?", Joaquin complained.

    Then a cubone released itself from its ball.

    "Yeah really Danny? Joaquin said he wanted to go with you and that is going to happen.", Sathel the cubone said stubbornly.

    "Give me a break I was just kidding.", I told them.

    "Ohh.", They both said in unison.

    Munna jumped off my head and went with blaze to talk with Sathel.

    "Do you have what it takes to keep up with me?", I told him jokingly.


    "Will you give me your phone so you aren't telling me 'Wait a sec Kiany is messaging me' or something like that?", I said in my best imitation of his voice which sucked pretty bad.


    -One argument later-

    "I don't want to be held back with your text.", I Told him.

    "Dang son how do you know that will happen?", Joaquin said.

    "Because it always does!", Joaquin said.

    "Lets go back to route 1 to train both of our Pokémon and we meet up here tomorrow to continue on our journey.", I said.

    "Sure You ugly retard", He said.


    "IIIIMMMMMMSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYyyyy",he screamed while he ran back to route 1 with Sathel clinging to his head like a mad man or Pokémon.

    "Come on Blaze Munna it's time to .... Munna? Blaze? Where did you guys go?", I said.

    "Over here", Blaze said heading to Route 1.

    "Wait up!", I yelled.

    -Time skip-

    "There are so many of these Pidgeys Spearows and Rattatas! I am going to lose my mind.", I yelled.

    "Calm down it is already getting late so do you just want to rest?", Munna said.

    "Yeah, you have been tense the whole time we have been walking.", Blaze said agreeing with Munna.

    "No I am okay let's keep going.", I insisted.

    We all then walked on. Completely unaware of what was following us. We just kept walking until a weedle attacked us from behind with poison sting. The needles hit Munna, Blaze, and I.

    "Oww.", all three of us yelped in pain. Both of them turned a slight purple color.

    "Ohh no both of you are poisoned here let me get a PSN heal.", I said but when I looked at my arms I saw that they were a light purple as well.

    I only had to poison cures on me. 'What do I do? I don't have anymore cures.'. I paused, ' I need to worry about my Pokémon before anything else.' I thought and I cured my two sick Pokémon.

    After healed I gave the order.

    "Blaze use ember!", I yelled a bit weakly.

    The weedle fainted and we just walked away. I started to feel a bit woozy. My stomach was churning and I felt like I was burning up. My head started pounding, it felt like my head was a marshmellow being pounded with a sledgehammer. It was getting hard to breathe and my head was spinning.

    "You don't look to good. Are you okay?", Blaze asked Worriedly.

    Munna inspected my body until she saw a glimpse of blood. In the center of the blood was one needle. One poison needle that made it to the blood stream. I then fell over to my side as my consciousness faded in and out while my Pokémon stood over me.

    -Munna's POV-

    "Get up, Please. Blaze we need to find some berries.", I told my friend.

    "Where are we supposed to find those? We are on Route 1 anyone I know is far away from what we know as of right now.", Blaze replied.

    "We will have to split up to find them. The only thing is we have to leave Danny by himself. But the faster we find them the faster we can cure him.", I said.

    "I don't like this but what other choice do we have.", Blaze admitted.

    We both then went separate ways to find the cure. Both of us unaware of what was closing in on our trainer.

    -Unknown Pokemons POV-

    "This is the end of the line.", I whispered to myself while looking at a dying trainer I had followed to ask him to fulfill my death wish.

    'How am I going to get this to him without any suspicion. I need someone that can take care of my child. And if he sees my he is going to scream like the rest of them. I need to do this or else both my egg and I are going to die.', I thought.

    'I wish I could have had sometime with my baby. It pains me to think about what could happen to her when I am not there.', I cried in the inside.

    "Hello is someone there?", the weak voice of the trainer said.

    'Crap my cover is broken. Well it is now or never.', I thought

    "Yes, My name is Giratina and I need your help.", I said as I floated to him.

    "What can I do for you?", The trainer replied weakly in a barely audible voice. He was deathly pale and on the oblivion of death.

    "It had been 3 months since I have known my time is coming. I have fallen ill and I can't recover. I am dying. I need someone to take care of my egg. I know I can't live forever , but I can help you live as long as you take care of my baby.", I told him.

    "Sure, I will more than happily take care of your egg.", The trainer replied.

    "I will give you my strength and soul to help you but I will be gone. Do you accept these terms?", I said tearfully knowing that it is my time.


    -General POV-

    Giratina focused her energy and became nothing but an orb. An orb that contained the rest of her power. Danny was shocked the orb come shooting at him and he didn't have enough time to move. The orb then collided with Danny and he passed out and disappeared.

    -The reverse World-

    -Danny's POV-

    "My head is spinning.", I said. I then waited for it to stop only for me to realize I was floating in the middle of nothing.

    "Where am I?", I said. And just then an egg appeared out of no where with a void of darkness surrounding. I grabbed and put it in my other Pocket. Then I felt my self shifting toward a reflection that was not there before.

    Inside of it I saw Munna and Blaze walking together like they were looking for something. And I then shot throw the mirror like surface to land right next to blaze.

    "AAAAAHHH", Blaze said as he fell over.

    "Danny you are better!", Munna said as she went up on my head and rested.

    "Where did you go? It's almost morning and we couldn't find you!", Blaze scolded.

    "Calm down and I will tell you the story.", I said.

    I told them the bits and pieces that I remembered since some of it was blurry. After I told them about Giratina turning into a orb I heard a cracking noise. It came from the pocket that had the egg that my dad gave me.

    OUO "Ohh my Gosh the egg is hatching! I wonder what Pokémon is hatching!", I said with excitement.

    I took the egg out of my pocket and it popped out of its shell.

    "Cynda", It said as it latched on to my face. It nuzzled my forehead innocently and smiled and started giggling like a child.

    "Hello little one. Welcome to the world. Your name is Inferno and you are going to be awesome."
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