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Fanfiction Survivor Seafoam

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Nihilego123, May 28, 2018.

  1. Nihilego123

    Nihilego123 Bug Catcher

    Level 5
    May 28, 2018
  2. Nihilego123

    Nihilego123 Bug Catcher

    Level 5
    May 28, 2018
    Hello people! I decided to post my fanfic here first in bits before I post it on FF.net in complete.

    Here's the first part. Enjoy :3

    *Italicized means confessional.


    The losing tribe from last episode are first seen returning to their camp after their first tribal council, where they voted out Andrei. The tension in the air was high, especially around Yasmine, who was looking around warily.

    “... Andrei, my only ally… got voted off,” murmured Yasmine, holding her head as she trembles. “I was right all along… I was rightfully paranoid.” Yasmine begins to chuckle eerily, removing her hands from her head as her eyes began to twitch. “I can’t trust anyone here! Not even myself… who knows?! They might literally stab in the back.”

    As William was about to walk to the shelter, Daryl pulls him aside with an annoyed expression.

    “Why did you vote off Andrei?” Daryl asked the Dragonite sternly. “Right before the Tribal Council… you told me that we were going after Poppy… if you actually did that, Andrei would still be here, Arceusdammit.”

    “He’s useless,” pointed William, waving it off.

    “... also, why were you being that hard on Samson? I know that… he’s quite useless… but I won’t just say it in front of his face,” added Daryl, sneering at his alliance partner.

    “It was necessary… I had to split the votes as much a possible,” explained William nonchalantly. “Andrei and Yasmine pushing to oust Hope. Hope and Samson voting for me or Gretel… You voting for Poppy… and the remaining three votes being the one deciding it all. I can see it… Andrei’s words during tribal… was his downfall, I presume… while Poppy voted for Andrei on a whim, I guess.”

    “... but why Andrei then?” asked Daryl, arching a brow in confusion. “It could’ve been Poppy… or Hope.”

    “... Andrei was the best choice,” grunted William with a bored expression. “Poppy and Hope performed well in the challenge… while Andrei wasn’t even trying.”

    “... you lost against Lori,” retorted Daryl, making the Dragonite’s eyes widen.

    “WHY ARE YOU STILL BRINGING THAT UP?!!!” yelled William, sneering at the scorpion.

    “...” A smirk crept up the Drapion’s face as he playfully rolled his nice, “It’s nothing… your offended expression is enough.”

    William silently growls at this. “Don’t… make that face… it’s disturbing.”

    “William may be my alliance partner… but I won’t forget the fact that he lost against Lori,” chuckled Daryl, leaning against a tree with a smirk. “And I won’t stop reminding him… if ever he gets too cocky… I’ll bring that up… maybe then, he’ll learn not to hide any secrets from me.”

    The scene then transitions to Samson, Hope and Poppy, sitting around the fire silently. Not even the bubbly Poppy was saying anything.

    “That… was a close call… I mean… two votes for me?!!! One vote from going home?!! This is so surreal,” exclaimed Hope, sitting on top of a tree branch, looking quite shaken. “I… am trying to be a nicer girl here so I can skate through the competition… but if I’m at risk after just one tribal… I just don’t know…”

    Hope sighs, shaking her head. The Hoppip then gives Samson a concerned look. The Pansear was still crying from William’s harsh words during the tribal. “Sammy… are you okay? You’ve been crying for minutes now.”

    “...” Samson just nods, sniffling.

    “... I feel bad for Samson,” said Poppy in a serious expression, which is out of character for her. “I know how it feels… to feel useless… it’s a really messy feeling…”

    “... Poppy, what do you mean?” queried Hope, arching a brow with a confused expression. “Did a douche like William… ridicule you?”

    “... somewhat like that,” Poppy giggles nervously, eyes shifting to the side as she pouts. “It’s… personal biz, miz. I can’t just spill the beans.”

    “... you’re such a kidder, Pops,” Hope giggles stiffly, playfully rolling her eyes.

    “My life is only mine to know,” explained Poppy with a large pout. “So back off, fangurls! Poppy’s not tellin’!”
  3. Nihilego123

    Nihilego123 Bug Catcher

    Level 5
    May 28, 2018


    The next day came quite quickly for the Solaron Tribe. The morale was still high after the win yesterday so no one in particular was worrying.

    “I WON!!!” exclaimed Lori. The Pidgey’s ego was still inflated after yesterday as she points to herself. “Only 33 more days until my inevitable win!”

    Sitting inside their shelter were Lori, Desiree, Oliver and Jerry. The two latter are both looking annoyed as Lori continued to tell them about her lies. Desiree, on the other, is doing her best to keep her cool.

    “-and I’ve got one million followers on Tweeter!” boasted Lori haughtily.

    Desiree silently rolls her eyes before interrupting the bird’s tirade, “Errr… Lori, can you talk about something other than your supposed achievements..?” The Meditite sighs, shaking her head.

    “... but why?” queried Lori, a little annoyed that the psychic, fighting type interrupted her. “I was just getting to the good part!”

    “... uhh… maybe D-Desiree has a point,” agreed Oliver with a weak smile. He then scratches the back of his head nervously. “... besides, you’ve been talking for hours now.”

    “YEAH! Even I don’t talk that much!” said Jerry, nodding rapidly.

    Lori growls at them with an annoyed expression. She leans closer to Jerry, jabbing the Loudred’s nose with a wing. “Mind you, I won us the last challenge! And you!” She then turns to Oliver with a frown, “You’re lucky you’re hot! … also, I was the one who made you leader of this tribe!”

    “... enough Lori… you need to control yourself,” murmured Desiree, closing her eyes and clasping her palms together solemnly. “Emotional breakdowns are a turnoff in Survivor.”

    “Shut it,” huffed Lori, leering at the Meditite. “I don’t need to listen to your condescending drivel… all I need to know… is I’m winning this.”

    “That’s a lot of confidence you’ve got there,” commented Jerry with a weak nod.

    “Well, of course!” exclaimed Lori, sticking up her beak with a cocky smirk. “You gotta have confidence to get that hella win! For… I am Valoria… Perez!”

    “...” The other three in the shelter stayed silent awkwardly, making the little bird blush in embarrassment. “You guys are dumb!!! I’m the best player in this team… I’m also the future victor too so don’t underestimate me!”

    “... no offense, little child… but you are overestimating your worth,” commented Desiree with a long sigh.

    Lori gives the Meditite a weird look, scoffing, “Excuse me?! Are you talking back to your alliance leader?”

    “Alliance… leader?” queried Jerry, blinking in surprise. “Are you two… in an alliance?”

    Desiree blinks before calmly shaking her head, “Negative… Lori has certain… delusions of how she wants this game to play out… they’re not real.”

    “Hahaha… you were there, so was Katherine… we were in an alliance!” huffed Lori, sneering at the psychic meditator.

    “... woah…” muttered Oliver, blinking in disbelief.

    “... that was all lies, what Lori said… so editing crew, please don’t add that… this isn’t my breakout… nor my elimination, I’m just going to lay low until the merge,” explained Desiree with a frown.

    “... Lori, you just called us for food, remember?” lied Desiree with a small smile.

    “For real?” queried Oliver in disbelief. He chuckles nervously, rubbing the back of his head, “I don’t remember things clearly… but I don’t think that happened.”

    “... er-hem… then perhaps you’re remembering some other event… seeing as Lori and I have never aligned,” coughed Desiree, deadpanning.

    “... Desiree and Lori aren’t in an alliance, right? I trust them… but sometimes, I think that they’re hiding secrets from me… especially Lori, who just randomly made me leader,” admitted Oliver, rubbing his arm sheepishly.

    Katherine yawns as he sits on a rock, watching George slicing an Oran Berry with his hand without any success. He rolls his eyes before interrupting the ghost’s actions.

    “You’ve been doing that for a whole whopping thirty minutes already… so give it a rest,” suggested Katherine, crossing his arms with a nonchalant expression. “Besides, even if you succeed… you’re just going to bruise the whole fruit… or leave nothing at all for you to eat.”

    “Oh please… this is how I do it back home,” scoffed George, rolling his eyes as he attempts to chop the Oran Berry. “Ugh! Is this berry made of metal or something?!”


    “George… is sorta like Lori… but at least George has some common sense… and his antics are borderline hilarious at times,” commented Katherine, stifling a chuckle. He then deadpans, “But most of the time, he’s annoying and mentally taxing… but it’s safe to say that he’s staying over Lori.”

    Katherine sighs, hiding a small smile as he shook his head, “George… if you want, I can help you with that.”

    “... no… a Zimmer never gives up. Never ever ever never in the land of nevers and evers, I never ever give up!” explained George with a haughty smirk.

    “... mkay then,” deadpanned Katherine, crossing his arms.

    Just then, Arnold and Felicia walks over to the duo with nervous expressions… in Felicia’s case, the Amoonguss on the other hand was smiling widely.

    Katherine, noticing their arrival, turns to their direction, arching a brow, “Hey… why is Felicia looking so fidgety?”

    “Oh? Well… I took her under my wing and we did things in the name of science,” explained Arnold with an excited expression. “We poked, we tasted… we discovered!”

    “I thought that you were a psychologist?” queried Katherine, blinking in confusion.

    “Was a psychologist!” explained Arnold before starting to bluster, “You see… the time is of the essence in the start of the story when back in the old days when I was still a measly little Foongus in the year of 75-”

    “Stop… I can’t get anything you’re saying,” stammered Felicia with a weak smile.

    “Long story short, I used to be a psychologist… but I’m not anymore… due to recent events,” explained Arnold, deadpanning. “They didn’t… approve of my methods was what I was told… still confused.”

    “Well… whatever method you’ve done… it’s probably illegal,” intoned Felicia with a nervous chuckle, eyes shifting to the side.

    “Arnold is a special snowflake,” commented Felicia, perched on top of a tree branch with a concerned expression. “In every class I taught… there’s usually the outcast… someone different and… Arnold reminds me of them. Secretive… and somewhat unpredictable. If Arnold was in my class… I would probably give him detention far too many times.”
  4. Nihilego123

    Nihilego123 Bug Catcher

    Level 5
    May 28, 2018
    Poppy is just leaning against her favorite boulder with a sigh. It was already nighttime and the Brionne was still feeling hyperactive as usual, the only problem was the she had nothing to do… like at all. Gretel wasn’t bossing anyone around as usual. Daryl was still working out and wasn’t nagging the seal.

    “Sheeesh… boooredom…” groaned Poppy with an annoyed expression, shaking her head as she traces her finger on the sand. “... I somehow regret casting myself out of Hope and Samson’s power duo… maybe I can still get on with it… even though Hope is bleh and so perfect af!”

    The Brionne slowly stands up with a determined smirk. Slowly, she puts her flippers on her hips, “This Brionne’s ain’t going down that easily!”

    “Back home, my hobbies were art and shipping… I also dabble in literature,” giggled Poppy, sitting on a fallen log with a wide grin. “But I don’t want to be known as Poppy the shipper… or Poppy the yaoi lover… I want to be known as Poppy the Poppy since the best you can be is yourself and I’m a firm believer of that… despite my…” Poppy pauses, giggling before continuing, “... eccentric tastes.”

    The Brionne is now walking over to Samson and Hope, who were just chatting over by the thorn bushes. The Pansear however, was still looking quite sad from last night. Poppy coughs nervously before flopping over to the two friends.

    “Er-hem… I know that we got off on the wrong… foot, no offense to you Hope for having no feets, but I’m here to y’know… start all over again,” stated Poppy, twiddling her flippers with a grin.

    “... excuse me?” queried Hope, twitching a bit. “You voluntarily left last time… so why try to join our friendship power duo afterwards..? Besides… three’s a crowd.”

    “Awww… pweety pwease,” pouted Poppy. “I pwomise to be a good Poppy~”

    “... okay… I’m actually… tempted to let you join because… you kinda look cute right now,” admitted Hope with a small blush. “... but I’m a r-rock! Besides, Samson is my friend… and… he’s not feeling okay.”

    “He looks fine to me!” pointed out Poppy, gesturing to the Pansear, who was blinking in complete and utter confusion.

    “... umm… excuse me… why are y-you even here..? After you… left me yesterday,” sniffled Samson.

    “... dude, I’m going to say sorry right now, mkay?” said Poppy, deadpanning. A second after, the Brionne now sported a really wide grin, bowing her head down, “I’m sorry, Samson and Hope for just ditching you yesterday so insensitively. I promise to not be that immature next time. Running away from your problems won’t help anybody.”

    “... I like that apology,” commented Hope with a nod, extending an arm at the Brionne. “I know that this’ll make me seem so… trusting but… despite your many faults, I trust and like you, Poppy… so I hope that this time, we’ll be better friends.”

    Poppy eyes the Hoppip’s hand warily before shaking it nervously, “Uhh… same, I guess…” The Brionne giggles nervously as the Hoppip releases her hand, retracting it with a smile.

    “Well… Poppy… I guess… this will be the start of a beautiful friendship then,” said Hope with a warm smile.

    “I’m a prickly girl… but I’m at least forgiving,” explained Hope, drifting with the wind with a frown. “So I forgave Poppy… and I’m reassured that we have three votes in this game… I only need one more and we have the majority.”

    Gretel is just seated in the shelter with a frown. Sitting next to her were Yasmine and William. The Spinda was just lying down on the shelter with a deadpan expression while William was staring at the night sky with a frown.

    Gretel then clears her throat to get her companions’ attention before intoning firmly, “Yasmine and William… seeing as you two are cooperative unlike the others… I believe that an alliance will be useful for us three to outlass the useless dead weights… not Daryl, of course… he’s just busy, at the moment.”

    Yasmine blinks at the sudden request before tapping her chin mumbling, “Will this be best course of action though? You Gretel… are notorious to be bossy, according to Poppy, Hope, Samson, the fallen Andrei and William. While William… you are unpredictable and might backstab the alliance… also your behavior last tribal is not exactly stellar.”

    “Excuse me?” grumbled William, silently sneering at the Spinda. “It was necessary… if I didn’t do that, the votes would’ve piled up on Gretel and she would’ve left.”

    “... did you… vote for Andrei?” queried Yasmine, deadpanning.



    “NO ONE SAY ANYTHING!” growled Gretel, gritting her teeth. “The last thing I need is an argument… besides, don’t you dingdongs noticed… that Hope and Samson are really close and tight… and Poppy might join up with them?! If that’s the case, we’re dead in the water if we don’t cooperate!”

    “Dingdongs? That’s the worst insult you can give me..? That’s just so lowbrow,” commented Yasmine flatly.

    “Well! Stop using your head and just agree with me!” grunted Gretel with a scowl. “Poppy, Hope and Samson are in the verge of teaming up so we need to make sure that one of them lose next tribal… seeing as one of you assholes might flip.”

    “What are you even implying?” questioned William, smugly rolling his eyes. “I didn’t even backstab anyone last time… I just blindsided Andrei and probably crush his nonexistent dream.”

    “... well… that’s not exactly a trustworthy act soo… as your leader, you need to vote with me… cause we’re taking out Poppy,” explained Gretel, crossing her arms.

    “That… is the worst outcome ever,” commented Yasmine, shaking her head. “I rated this team after all, in terms of their threat levels. At the top… are William, Daryl, Hope and Samson, seeing as they have firm bonds with another member in the team and most likely has an alliance.”

    “Are… you suggesting that you’re going to vote me off?” grumbled William, deadpanning.

    “Well… no… unless you’re against me,” explained Yasmine.

    “Ughh… if we’re going to be an alliance… then at least trust each other!” intoned Gretel sternly. “Sheesh!”

    “The stage is set… all I need to do is to make sure that Yasmine, William and Daryl work together so we can all make the merge and potentially win the money,” explained Gretel with a determined smirk.

    “Hmm… this is getting a bit… lopsided,” commented Yasmine, seated inside the shelter with a deadpan expression. “... the so-called dead weight will fight back surely… and I just can’t stand William for what he did, stabbing me na Andrei in the back… but Gretel still believes that we can work together?!” The Spinda shook her head, chuckling, “I doubt it… but at least it sheds some light on the happenings last tribal.”
  5. Nihilego123

    Nihilego123 Bug Catcher

    Level 5
    May 28, 2018
    The sun is now rising on the fifth day of the competition.

    At the moment, at the aptly named Solaron Tribe, Lori, Katherine and Felicia are all sitting around the unlit bonfire, pondering to themselves. The wind is blustering as Lori decided to break the silence.

    “Guys! I think that we should drop Desiree!” suggested Lori loudly, pouting and crossing her wings. “She’s testing me… and if we go to tribal, this could be our first big move!”

    Felicia blinks at Lori’s suggestion, cocking her to the side in confusion, “Excuse me? I’m not even in your alliance.”

    “Weeeell… I decided to add you too since Desiree is obviously out of this alliance,” explained Lori, wings on her hips with a determined smirk.

    Katherine huffs, rolling his eyes and crossing his arms, “Don’t you remember me not even agreeing to this alliance? It was Desiree who did. Besides… Desiree is actually better than half of this team. I mean… Oliver has near to no backbone, Jerry is too loud, George is obnoxious, Arnold is… just creepy while you Lori are really annoying and whiny. Felicia and Desiree are okay.”

    “Excuse me?!” growled Lori, stomping her foot. “Desiree’s going to backstab you too! She’s a snake after all! I know this… since I’m the future winner of this show!”


    “Uhhh…” mumbled Felicia, sweating a bit. “Desiree d-did tell me some… things about you…”

    Katherine deadpans, turning to the Fletchinder, arching a brow, “Please do tell us, Felicia… I’m dying to know… really.”

    “Uhh… I d-don’t want to, to be honest~ I… Desiree might l-lose trust in me… you see, I’m a teacher back home… and I need to build trust with my students,” explained Felicia, eyes shifting to the side. “So… I apologize for this… but I also sworn to secrecy.”

    “... ugh… you’re just making me even more intrigued,” groaned Katherine, face-palming. She retracts her hand with a frown, “Felicia… just tell us… if it’s about me… it’s highly likely that I would’ve known it before already.”

    “... b-but… this might ruin my reputation,” blustered Felicia, blushing in embarrassment.

    “... I like boys that fight back, not going to lie… but I’m here to play… not find a mate…” stammered Felicia, sweating bullets. “Also… I’m a secret keeper, not a secret leaker! I don’t know what to do… except sing my panic song, of course…”

    “FELICIA, AS THE LEADER OF THIS ALLIANCE… SPILL THE BEANS!” yelled Lori with an annoyed expression.

    “I’M NOT EVEN IN THIS ALLIANCE!” Felicia yells back with a frown.

    “STOP SHOUTING!” snarled Katherine, holding his head with an annoyed expression. “Felicia… just say it.”

    “Uhh… I’m not s-so sure… hehehehe~” stammered Felicia, twidling her wings nervously. She cocks her head to the side, sweating bullets. “Can we uh… not have this talk anymore?”

    “... I’m starting to get impatient,” remarked Katherine, deadpanning. “Besides… isn’t it about me?! Why won’t you tell me about… me?!”

    “... b-but… but…” murmured Felicia, trembling a bit.

    “Felicia… I really thought that she’s okay… but she’s really testing my patience...” commented Katherine, flashing a thumbs down. “If she won’t spill… then the secret she’s hiding must be severe… and seeing as it’s about me… really makes me almost want to kill Desiree and Felicia… almost… I mean… how can they even know about a really severe secret?!”

    Meanwhile, near the water were Oliver, Jerry and George. The three boys were just staring at the calm water while Desiree was fishing manually. It was actually calm moment… even George wasn’t dampening the mood.

    “Moments like this… kinda makes me forget about my worries,” admitted Oliver, sheepishly scratching the back of his head. “And… I have a lot of worries… a whole lot… hehehehehe…” The Machoke’s voice cracked a bit as he laughed before he faces the camera with a frown.

    “... this is… relaxing, folks!” commented Jerry before letting out a hearty chuckle.

    “Don’t talk… forever, please,” groaned George, rolling his eyes. “You’re far too loud… and you make my eardrums bleed.”

    Right there, the relaxing moment was broken.

    “SORRY GEORGE!” shouted Jerry, sweating a bit nervously.

    “Awks! You’re doing it again!” George yells back with an annoyed expression, crossing his arms. “Please just shut up, you doofus… you interrupted my relaxation period!”

    “Er… not to be rude… but you were the one who broke your own relaxation,” pointed out Oliver with a weak smile. “You called out Jerry… for just talking.”

    “That’s because he was letting out noise pollution!” intoned George, left eye twitching with a forced smile. “And also… I do not carry my earplugs for this occasion… and I really need it right now. Jerry is that loud.”

    “Ouch… I feel kinda hurt by that,” remarked Jerry, frowning at George’s rude words.

    “Well… you can just leave if you’re annoyed by Jerry’s naturally loud voice,” suggested Oliver.

    George scoffs at that, shaking his head and rolling his eyes, “I don’t follow orders… I’m the one who give them out to you blind fellows… metaphorically, of course.”

    “... ookay then…” mumbled Oliver, a bit off put by George’s demeanor. “Uhh… then, can you at least be more… open to other people… and be less standoffish and be more… kind?”

    “Tch… I’m a Zimmer. Kind isn’t my thing,” grunted George haughtily.

    “Well… stop putting yourself above others then… and be uhh… down to earth,” suggested Oliver with a concerned expression. “You’re… making yourself an outcast with your… really aggressive? Behavior… you might be even worse than Lori, who’s just… really cocky.”

    “Are you… judging me?” queried George, deadpanning. He grits his teeth, growling, “No. One. Should. Judge. Me!”

    “Woah woah woah… I spaced out again… what’s happening now?!!!” questioned Jerry, blinking in surprise.

    “This peasant who calls himself leader… is testing me!’ explained George, sneering at the Machoke.

    “It was Lori-”

    “Sorry… but I’m not talking to you… for now…” grumbled George, looking away.

    “George… I never pegged him to be a well-” Oliver pauses, eyes shifting to the side before he continued, “- a snob… it’s kinda… annoying, to say the least… but I’m not going to lose my cool… never again!” The Machoke smiles, chuckling nervously as well, “S-so, I’m just… going to carry on with a smile… h-hehehehe...”

    Desiree and Arnold were both sitting inside their shelter. Desiree was slumped with a bored expression while Arnold was contemplating his lack of fingers.

    The Meditite sighs, turning to the mushroom. “Why do I feel like I’m in trouble for petty reasons..?”

    “The real question is why do I lack fingers!” Arnold yells back, ignoring Desiree’s question, making the psychic fighter sigh in annoyance.
  6. Nihilego123

    Nihilego123 Bug Catcher

    Level 5
    May 28, 2018
    The Lunaria Tribe were currently all together, sitting around the fire, munching on berries and whatever they could scavenge. Strangely enough, it was amicable, except for the few glares that Gretel was giving Hope’s group.

    “Despite the… amicable relationships that I have with most of the tribe… I’m quite… nervous...” commented Hope, sweating a bit. “Gretel was glaring at me… when I least expect it… and it makes my skin crawl. I feel that Gretel formed a counter-alliance with Daryl, Yasmine and William… and it just… uuugggh! So unfair!” The Hoppip puffs her cheeks, shaking her head. “I hate her!”

    “-and that’s how I became addicted to boy’s love,” finished Poppy, facing Daryl with a giggle. “It was really hot… and quite slippery too, tee hee~”

    “That’s quite… descriptive,” commented William, cringing at Poppy’s remarks. “So… please… stop.”

    “Let her voice out her statements… no matter how… traumatizing they may be,” whispered Yasmine with a curt nod, wincing between words. “After all… we all have our guilty pleasures.”

    “... well… William and I would be more… open, if Poppy actually helped out,” drawled Daryl with a deadpan expression. “No offens-” The Drapion pauses, tapping his chin before continuing, “Okay… scratch that… full offense to you Poppy… since you need to wake up… but you’re a fucking lazy ass… you need to pull your own weight… I mean, you’re lucky just to be here over Andrei.”

    “... wow… that hurts me, owie!” exclaimed Poppy, pouting as a fake tear slid down here cheek. “I know that I may look so useless and one-note… but I have my dreams too!”

    “Oh? Please do tell! I’m curious!” suggested Hope with a chipper smile, giggling.

    “Okie dokie then!!! Gather around… even though it’s still afternoon and Solagaleo’s awake… let’s pretend that we have a campfire burning,” started Poppy, cocking her head down with a weak grin. “Uhhh… I was born in… not Alola, haha… surprise? I was born in Johto actually… and it was a cultural region!”

    “... I’m also from Johto… and I haven’t seen your anywhere there yet… and I should know… I travel a lot…” pointed out William, cocking a brow.

    “Weelll… I uhh… stowed away in this cruise ship… which was heading for Alola,” explained Poppy, twiddling her flippers with a nervous giggle. “Cuz… Ecruteak is sorta boring… and my passion won’t grow, cramped in one small city… so I ran.”

    “W-wow… won’t you miss your family t-though?” queried Samson shakily with a frown.

    “...” Poppy looks solemn for a short second before snorting, waving a flipper, “Naw… who cares about family when you have uhh… flippers!”

    “... uhh… please continue…” mumbled Yasmine awkwardly.

    “Okie dokie!”

    “It’s kinda weird that I’m just… saying my story without any complaints right after saying days before that I’m not telling,” admitted Poppy with a weak smile, clasping her flippers. “Welp… I guess it’s because of my compulsive malarky… but oh well, at least… I can clear the air with the others in the team.”

    “Also… I stowed away in this large cruise ship… and it headed for Alola and I live there now!” finished Poppy, flashing a thumbs up with a grin. “Story over, peeps!”

    “... that was quite… abrupt,” commented Yasmine with a confused expression. “Surely, there’s more to that story… right?”

    “Not everyone can be deep, girl~” mused Poppy, flippers on her lap with a weak giggle.

    “True,” whispered Yasmine, nodding.

    “Well… what do we talk about now?” asked William gruffly, crossing his arms. “I didn’t just come here to waste my time listening to useless stories.”

    “Weeeell, you all can share your life stories~” suggested Poppy, winking at the group. “I’m pretty sure Gretel has control freak issues to talk about… and oh! Hope might have her juicy gossips too~”

    “Control freak issues?! What the actual fuck are you talking about?!” questioned Gretel, sneering at the Brionne.

    “Uhh… I agree with Poppy on this one… you do have control issues,” admitted Daryl, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

    “Ohohohoho!!! Are you questioning my authority?!” scowled Gretel, crossing her arms. “Ohohohohoho, you’re going to get a scolding later!”

    “Pffft… what?!” smirked William, stifling a chuckle.

    “...” The Drapion’s eyes then narrows as he shakes his head. “No… I’m not questioning your authority or anything… I’m just confirming the truth… that’s all.”

    “OwO! Did you just call my words the truth?! We must be getting closer then!” exclaimed Poppy with a wide grin. “NOW, OUR HEARTS ARE SYNCHRONIZED AND WE MUST NOW FUSE!”

    “Ew…” commented Hope with a disgusted expression before smiling weakly, “Uhh… no offense… but you’re quite… unsettling, Poppy…”

    “Okay… I’m having second thoughts… on Day 5 too!” muttered Daryl, crossing his arms with a frown. “I think… I’m fine with keeping Poppy… but Gretel… despite being… more helpful than Poppy… is getting on my nerves… and no one ever wants to get on that!”

    “Ookay then… enough about silly ‘ole me… Yasmine can… uhhh… talk about her life and stuff!” suggested Poppy with a nervous giggle. “How’s your life of crime, Yassy?!”

    “Don’t call me Yassy… ever…” glared Yasmine, crossing her arms with a grunt. The Spinda then composes herself, clearing her throat, “But very well then… I guess… I can indulge you all about my life story… but not too much… seeing as you lot aren’t exactly… trustworthy…”

    “Just get on with it,” grunted William, rolling his eyes.

    “Well… I had a normal life… normal mornings… normal everything… but… I always have that feeling… that cruel feeling that someone will just…” The Spinda suddenly shudders mid sentence, covering her eyes. “It’s like… the world has become a different shade… every nook and cranny… I felt like something was hiding… creeping… waiting to strike when I’m not prepared… and it’s… mentally grating… I feel like I’m losing my mind each second… I even bring a gun with me when I go to work… it’s… a confusing feeling… I don’t know how it begun… it just… happened… and… it still scares me…”

    “... woah… that’s kinda deep…” commented Poppy, blinking in surprise. “Makes me rethink about things… but I guess I must be numb to emotions by now, tee hee~”

    “... well… my life is basically on display right now… a life… of paranoia… and I don’t run away from it… I embrace it… despite how cheesy it may sound,” sighed Yasmine with a frown.

    “You may think that my life is a mystery… but it’s not… it’s just laying out in the open… it’s crystal clear… I have nothing to hide,” explained Yasmine, eyes shifting to the side. “... but everyone else… no… they all have their secrets…”
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