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Tabletop Pokemon Project

Discussion in 'Pokémon General' started by Jade_Hirron, Jan 1, 2013.

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  1. Jade_Hirron

    Jade_Hirron Youngster

    Dec 30, 2012
    That's the official group for the project, but I wanted to get some discussions here.

    Basically, this is a Q&A thread where people can ask me ANYTHING about the series, and where I post info.

    Q. What is Pd20?
    A. Pokémon d20, or Pd20 for short, is a project I'm working on to create a tabletop RPG version of Pokémon. This means that it's similar to standard RP systems, only dice regulate certain actions known as "Checks". The purpose of the dice is to randomize actions and cut back on god-modding, a common problem in RP. With a good arbitrator of the game (Known as the Story-Teller or ST in Pd20), even failures can produce interesting results.

    For example:
    You have created a Typhlosion. Through leveling up and certain items, he/she has a Push/Pull score of 5, and a Lift/Carry score of 4. You want to move a boulder blocking the path, and decide it would look good to pick it up and throw it. You roll a Check and the d20 (20-sided-dice commonly used in TRPG's) lands on a 7. 7+4= 11, and the ST informs you that it's just not enough. You settle for pushing it, and roll again. The dice lands on an 8. 8+5 = 13, and the ST indicates it's good enough to get the boulder out-of-the-way. The ST will then relay it as such:

    "Typhlosion, you attempt to lift the boulder blocking your path and throw it, but it just seems a little too heavy for that. So instead, you try to push it out of the way. This works out much better, and the boulder is no longer an obsticle."

    Q. Why make Pd20?
    A. I've had a lot of fun with TRPG's, including Dungeons & Dragons, Dragon Age and Agone. And I've liked Pokémon since it came out in America. So it makes sense to combine them.

    Q. How is battling going to work out?
    A. Basically, battles will be staged out on a grid. Pokémon, depending on their size, will take up a certain number of squares, similar to PMD. Attacks will also cover certain squares on that grid, and you want to try to get a little strategic with it. Overall the project will start out similar to PMD, and once we have the Pokémon System hammered out, we'll incorporate Trainers.

    Back to your question, the ST can set up certain stages for the battles, with various obsticles and hazards. Battlers can get creative, not only attacking the opponent(s) but also the obsticles/hazards to create challenges in the battle.

    For example:
    You (the Typhlosion) are battling a Miltank. She has a clear shot between you and her to attack with Rollout, and you won't be able to dodge. However, there's a big stone pillar between the two of you. If you can attack it hard enough, you can put some rubble in her path and make her slow down, making her Rollout unable to reach you by the end of her turn; Rollout can only her equal to her speed +1d4.

    Any other questions, feel free to ask!
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