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Take a Picture of Today

Discussion in 'Creative Zone' started by Sony Zero, Nov 7, 2014.

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  1. Sony Zero

    Sony Zero Youngster

    Nov 2, 2014
    Ok, now this story is going to be an odd ball. I do not own Pokémon, or any of the Mystery Dungeon games. But I do love those games! But do understand that this story will be based off those games, but with my own spin on things. There will be a Pokémon that I did make up, hints why the story is taking place in the future and not in the other Pokémon games or timelines.

    When a strange Pichu with a camera around his neck was found frozen in an ancient crypt. He wakes up to find that 500 years has pasted and that he is no longer a human, but now a mere Pichu. Confused and behind the times he fights to get back his memories of the past by taking pictures of places he feels he knows. Frozen for a reason he must now race to remember before it's too late.
    Take a Picture of Today
    Story Introduction: *Click* I was a Pokémon Photographer. *Click* I loved my job. *Click* Traveled the world two times over capturing all kinds of Pokémon's pictures for the Poke'Dex. *Click* Then I woke up from what felt like years...no centuries of slumber. *Click*Click* Why have I slept so long? *Click*Click* Why...I am not human like my soul tells me I was... *Click*Click*Click* Why can't I remember my human life?! *Click*Click*Click*Click* Why can't I remember more of who I am? *Click*Click*Click*Click*Click* Someone, anyone save me!!​
    ~Chapter 1~
    I sense three souls...Who's there?
    "Amy! Get out of there! We were only kidding! That crypt is said to the grave of a powerful Pokémon! Murky talk some sense into her!" barked a Totodile named Jaws.​
    "Jaws, why did you have to dare Amy to go into the forbidden crypt?! We've going to be in so much trouble if she gets eaten by a haunting spirit!" cried a Grimer named Murky. Murky and Jaws had coward outside the mouth of the cave behind a rock.​
    "Shut your gapping sewer mouth. Both you guys are big babies!" huffed the Torchic named Amy as she walked father into the cave crypt.​
    Guess that answers my question. Wait...how I can hear them! Why does my brain feel so muddy...Why can't I open my eyes!! Why can't I move! ...Why can't I feel my body...?
    "I don't understand why people are so scared of this crypt. It's just a cave with ancient paintings on all the walls and floors with many old vaults to admire them."​
    ...am I dead...I don't remember dying...
    "Amy! Come back! Please!" but Amy was too far into the cave to hear Jaws' plead.​
    "Oooo...What's this?" Amy stepped into a chamber hidden by overgrowth and hanging vines. It was a small chamber with only one vault in the middle of the room. As Amy stepped closer to the vault the ancient Pokémon letters painted on the floor started to shine brightly like sunlight. The Paintings on the back wall started to move. Amy was too scared to flee as the paintings told their story.​
    ...Don't be scared...
    Amy cried when she heard the voice in her head, "Eat someone else! I'm too young to die!"​
    You can hear me? ...Who are you? What are you?
    "Uh...I'm Amy." Amy dared to open one eye to see that nothing had jumped and snatch her up.​
    What's an Amy?
    "Don't laugh at me!" Amy didn't like how the voice lightly laughed at her. "I'm a brave Torchic as a matter of fact!"​
    A Torchic the Chick Pokémon, Height 1'04", weight 6 lbs., and ability Blaze. It's an honor to meet you Amy Torchic.
    The voice's tone turned to a smooth and delighted chime. This...spirit truly did seem happy to meet her. "What are you?"​
    A human...I think. ......am I dead?
    "What!?! You don't know?! How should I know?" Amy couldn't hide her shock at how this thing didn't know if it was alive or dead.​
    I'm not sure myself. I can't see you, all I see is darkness. I can hear you, and sense you and your friends presences. But I can't feel or move my body...
    "I'm so sorry... Is there anything I can do for you? Like any last wishes?"​
    Umm...is there a grave?
    "Yea...there's a vault in the middle of the room."​
    ...Can...can you check to see if the vault has my name on it and if my body is in the vault?
    "What! But! But!"​
    The voice sounded so sad that it moved Amy's heart and sent the fear away. "Ok...I'll check."​
    Thank you...
    As Amy cautions walked up to the vault in the middle of the room her heart raced with fear. But nothing changed about the room. The floor glowed and bathed the room in warm sunlight like rays, the paintings of the sky and grassy meadows on the walls and ceiling move gracefully like there was a breeze blowing them. The vault didn't move or change, it just sat grimly compared to the blissfully backdrop of the moving paintings. Amy walked up to door of the vault and read the name on the large plaque for the voice to hear. "Mark Peterson- human male, went missing at 19 years old. His body was never found. Mark was a world known Pokémon Photographer and he'll always be in our hearts. Thank you for your beautiful pictures. Love you family, friends, and fans"​
    .....Thank you...can you get inside the vault?
    The voice sounded like it was choking back tears, like it might cry at any minute. "I think so. The vault door is opened a bit. I wonder who tried to get in here." Amy managed to slide inside the vault through a hole in the door were it looks like something tried to kick in. As Amy stepped inside the floor like outside started to glow with sunlight shining up from the Pokémon letters. With the vault lit up Amy could see that the vault was big enough to house two human tombs side by side with space to walk between both. But while it was big enough, there was only one tomb and it was smaller than a human. The tomb was at the back wall and as big as she was. "There's a grave here. But it's way too small for a human body."​
    ...Maybe it's my ashes or the only thing they found left of me...
    "Maybe." Amy used all her might to push aside the tombstone lid. Only when the lid was fully off did light bombard out from within the tomb. Amy fell backwards in astonishment.​
    What's happening? I...I feel warm air...Yes I feel air! Why is it so humid in here?
    "You can feel the humid air now that the tomb is opened?!" this alarmed Amy. Who heard of a ghost that starts to feel when their tomb was opened.​
    Yes...please see what's left of me...
    Amy more scared than ever but was too curious to turn back. She now crept forward and peeked inside the grave. Amy gasped at what she saw. She had been trying to ready herself for the worst; roiling body, the smell being worse than Murky on hot days, the gross deformed corpse. But this was not what she had planned to see. In the tomb laid a Pichu who was breathing deep and very slowly, like he was sleeping peacefully. Around the Pichu's body seemed to be a bubble of blackish purple. Psychic power or was it a ghost power? The Pichu's spikey bangs slowly blew by a wind Amy didn't feel. The bubble was some kind of time void, everything moving so slowly inside the bubble while everything on the outside continued to move past fast. Without thinking Amy leaned in and nudged the Pichu soft ear.​
    Who's touching me?!
    "Huh?!" Amy shot backwards. Had he...felt her touch the Pichu...wait could he be the Pichu! Amy petted the Pichu's head gently.​
    Amy...are you the one touching me?
    "I...I think I am. But if I am...than you're not dead!" Amy chimed.​
    How so?
    "There's a Pichu in this tomb with some kind of bubble around him. If you can feel me touching him is that mean it's your body?"​
    But the plaque said I was a human. And I remember being human. ...How can I be a Pichu?
    "I don't know but I think we need to get you out of here fast." Amy's sixth sense was sending red lights off in her head. Something in the room, in the crypt as a whole had changed dark. The paintings of the walls had stopped moving and had faded into the boring brown cave walls. The letters on the floor dimmed and went out. Strange sounds started to get louder from deep within the crypt's dark halls. As Amy climbed into the Pichu's tomb and place him on her back a scratching at the door caused Amy to jump behind the open tomb. Hidden in shadows Amy saw a shadowy figure pass by the whole in the door.​
    Amy waited for a second and right as she thought they could safely start to leave their hiding place the Vault door exploded. The door crumbled to nothing but ashes as the large shadowy form walked into the vault. The form looked like a human, but it had 18 eyes each of them a different color. As the form looked over the room and found nothing it ran from the room screaming in a way unhuman or Pokémon like. But the monster was clearly in raged.​
    Amy waited for what felt like hours before she made a mad dashed for the cave mouth. She heard the monster scream as it found out about their mad dash, but that only helped Amy to run faster. As soon as Amy and the Pichu was out in the sunlight the monster's screaming stopped. Relief washed over Amy as she saw the monster hadn't followed them outside and that the Pichu was ok. But that relief lasted only a short time... "Miss Amy Torchic! You're in some much trouble!" growled a very upset Aerdactyl who was flanked by a Xatu, Mightyena, and a Kangaskhan. "Oops..." Amy said as hiding under the Kangskhan's leg and tail were a very unhappy Jaws and Murky who were both in just as much trouble as her.​
    "Who's that you have on your back?" calmly ask the Xatu.​
    ...Mark Peterson...
    When no one seemed to have heard Mark's voice other than Amy, Amy spoke up, "His name is Mark Peterson Professor Vexzle" Vexzle, who seemed to be the Xatu, nodded his head and gently picked up the Pichu from Amy's back. Cradling Mark in his wings Vexzle looked over Mark's body with both his eyes and his psyche powers. "..................I see. Amy you have a lot of explaining to do."​
    ...Did I get you in trouble? I'm sorry Amy. I...I didn't mean any harm...

    "Don't worry about it Mark. We'll figure this whole thing out."​
  2. Sony Zero

    Sony Zero Youngster

    Nov 2, 2014
    Sorry this one is short. Hopefully the next chapter will be more detailed and explains more of the plot.​
    Take a Picture of Today
    ~Chapter 2~
    "Amy what were you thinking?" Vexzle graciously asked the Torchic who stood before him with her head hung in shame. "Jaws called me a Chicken. I just wanted to prove I was strong enough to handle the fear." Amy felt dismay to have caused the Professor trouble. Vexzle had taken her in after her parents perished in a flood. He had always been so kind to her, took her under his wing as if she was his own. Vexzle was a very calm Xatu with wisdom to spare for anyone who wished for his advice. He had never sighed in anger or annoyances, let alone through stuff or beat Amy in the last 15 years she had lived in his care. Vexzle's voice was always at a normal volume and never had an edge to it. Amy wanted to be just like Vexzle when she was older. "I'm sorry Professor. I didn't mean to shame you." Amy felt like crying.

    "Shame me? No my dear little one. You will never shame me. I wish you had come to me before running off into the crypts. No the only damage you've done is to that of yourself and to the Elders. You caused them to panic that shame lays with you alone. And most importantly you endanger yourself f for foolish reasons. I can't tell you how to live your life Amy but don't squander your life just to prove a point as silly as bravery." Amy looked up at Vexzle; his eyes full of kindness, a soft smile on his face, his soft wings wrapped around her shoulders.

    Amy couldn't hold back her tears anymore. Big tears formed at the corner of her eyes before rolling fast down her cheeks and beck. Sometime Amy wished Vexzle would scream, would hit her, anything instead of treating her kindly when she wronged him. "I shamed you. Whatever I do it will look bad on you." She whimpered. "No child, you have it wrong. When you do wrong the shame is with you. The only way you could shame me little one is to do something you know s wrong out of selfish greed or to go betray your own heart." Amy looked up at Vexzle through her heavy tears, "What do you mean by betray my heart?" Vexzle's eyes soften even more as his gaze turned to the Pichu lying in Vexzle's nest near the window on the far wall. "Amy, my dear you're getting to that age where you'll fall in love and find yourself a mate. I hope that when you choose your mate you will not betray your heart for the sake of another." Amy blinked at him. She didn't know what he meant by 'betraying her heart' but she knew one day she would know. Vexzle never outwardly said that he looks into Amy's future and she had never dared to ask him. But she had a feeling he did.

    *Hours later, near Sunset*
    After a while of more crying and doubled chores Amy managed to make time to check on Mark, "Mark...Mark!" There was a silence for a full ten minutes and then what sounded like a groan someone makes when rudely woken from a nap. "Were you asleep?!" Amy was shocked that he could sleep through this entire odd event. "I guess I fell asleep. I don't remember dozing. What I miss?" Mark asked as he yawned. "You missed the walk back, you missed the Elders yelling at us, you missed the walk of shame home, you missed the talk Vexzle gave me and my chores doubled." Amy whined. "Is that it? I was dreaming about my mom. She used to box my ears, then drag me home by one ear as she shouted to the world what I had done all the way home. There my dad would shout so that all the neighbors knew what I had done wrong. I learned that if I was going to do something wrong it better be cool otherwise the guys on my block would make trouble for me." Mark was laughing at his own memory near the end of it. Amy gasped, "You remembered something from your past!!" "It's a faint memory. I can't picture my mom's or dad's faces. Nor can I remember my own face. But at least I remembered something of them." Mark's voice had that sad tone in it again. Unknowing to each other they both had the same thought at that moment, 'Mom...dad...I miss you..."

    "Hey Amy...why do you think you are the only who can hear me?" Mark asked. "What do you mean?" Amy hopped into the nest with Mark. "I mean if Vexzle or the others could hear me they would have talked back to me, right?" Mark wanted to open up his eyes to look at Amy while they talked. "That's a good point. I'll ask Vexzle later. Is there anything I can get you?" Amy asked. "...y...yea can you lay here with me until I fall asleep?" Mark asked shyly. He had felt so comfortable, so safe laying on her back and in Vexzle's wings. Mark didn't want to give her the wrong idea but he needed the comfort now more than ever. The world he knew was gone, and his loved ones weren't there to squeeze his fears away. Amy was the only comfort he had now. "You're still sleepy?! You've slept most of the day away! Some first day this has been. Friends don't sleep away their meeting." huffed Amy.

    "I...I'm your friend?" Mark was at a loss for words. Granted he really liked talking and being around Amy but he didn't think she'd call him a friend so soon. "Well....well you don't have anyone else and...and I'm the only one who can hear you. So I have to put up with you as a friend until we get you out of that stupid bubble." Amy huffed again only this time she was a bite flushed by the joy clear in Mark's voice. "Thank you Amy. I'd kiss you if I could." Mark giggled. "What's a kiss?" Amy asked. "It's a human way of showing affection or love. Like you might kiss a friend's cheek to show them you're grateful to have them as a friend." Mark explained. When Mark said 'showing affection or love' Amy blushed a deeper red. "Well...Pokémon don't do that. So I think I'll lay here until you fall asleep and then go talk to Vexzle before he comes to bed." Amy nuzzled by Mark as his breathing slowed down and became deeper.

    When she knew he was deep a sleep Amy came closer to his sleeping form. Leaning over him but without leaning on him Amy gently nuzzled Mark's ear like she had in the tomb. She heard a sigh escape Mark's mouth and jumped back. To her relief she found that he was still sound asleep only now he had a big smile on his face. Amy jumped out of the nest before she hit him with her little wing like she wanted to. "Are all males smug in their sleep?" she grumbled to herself as she made her way to Vexzle's study.

    Ok in the next chapter what Legendary Pokémon would you like to show up? I personally want Mewtwo, but it dosen't much matter which is used. I'm planning to have all the Legendary Pokémon show up in the story like they do in most of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games.
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