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Fanfiction Terrifying Tale- The Channeler

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by HiddenLore, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. HiddenLore

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    Mar 25, 2014
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    I reported to work as the afternoon drew to a close. Late shifts were rarely exciting, but life as a channeler was fairly dull anyway. Anywhere else I would have to get a regular job and work for a living. In Lavender Town though I could help people communicate with the spirits of their lost Pokémon. And if their Pokémon weren’t interested in talking, it wasn’t hard to find the comforting words that would send the patrons away in peace.

    “We’ve got a wanderer on the first floor,” Karina said as I clocked in. I sighed. People wee always getting lost in the maze of gravestones, and many were unpleasant to talk with after they had spent time wandering. However it was a general, if unofficial practice for those just clocking in to deal with them. I wasted no time finding them. As soon as I dealt with them I would be free to enjoy the rest of my day. I found them on the first floor, meandering through the gravestones. They didn’t seem lost at all, since they were near enough to the staircase that they should have seen it.

    “Ma’am?” I asked politely, drawing the attention of the woman in a dark purple outfit. Her eyes, they seemed normal, but something about them bothered me. I swallowed and continued “Can I help you ma’am?” she smiled in a way that didn’t improve my confidence.

    “Just what I was hoping for,” She said, grabbing my hand and beginning to pull me towards the next staircase. “I need a channeler to help me speak to my poor Pokémon’s soul” her tone had no sympathy or mourning in it. I began to regret coming to work today. I also noticed something peculiar. A low mist clung to the edges of the gravestones, swirling in unnerving patterns. If I was going to need to speak to the spirits though I had a procedure to follow.

    “I’d love to help you with that ma’am, I said, pulling my arm free, but keeping pace as she led the way. “First though I need your name and the species of Pokémon” The woman nodded and seemed to consider the question.

    “My name is Cheryl,” she looked at me with a twisted smile, “quite a pretty name, don’t you agree?”

    “Of curse Ma’am,” I said barely listening. We had climbed to the next floor already, and the mist was much thicker, though still low to the ground. There was also a peculiar feeling in the air as well, I couldn’t quite place what it was though. “And you Pokémon?”

    “A marowak,” she said, anger appearing in her voice as she said the words. “Killed by the violence of others,” We had reached the stairs to the third floor,

    “I’m very sorry to hear that,” I said, my mind beginning to feel clouded. Something was distinctly wrong here, but I couldn’t even fight against the forward movement anymore. The fog was definitely thicker in the air here. I realized Cheryl was still talking.

    “... they lived so peacefully in the tower, protecting the spirits of the dead and guiding the lost on. We ghosts loved them. Humans in dark clothes appeared, and she tried to stop them. Their sins will not go unpunished. She looked at me as my head swam. “You don’t look so good darling,” Her eyes seemed too large, the pupils were shrunk to pinpoints, and when she smiled, her teeth were pointed. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned. A haunter had me,

    “NO!!” I shouted, and blacked out.

    My mind cleared and I felt the haze disappear. My memory was unreliable, and I could remember a trainer, was it a boy or a girl? What had they even used to fight? My memory couldn’t tell. Whatever it was they had sent the ghost on their way, and I could feel the uneasy feeling in the tower dissipating.

    Perhaps it was time to look into other employment after all.
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