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Fanfiction The Oak's Lab Chatfic Literally Nobody Asked For

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Jupjami, Aug 5, 2021.

  1. Jupjami

    Jupjami Thy friendly neighbourhood birb shaman

    Level 66
    May 31, 2018
    Leaf Stone ★★★Dragon Scale ★★★Darkinum Z ★★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★Reaper Cloth ★★★
    I shall one day regret this, but eh

    Pikachu created the chat.
    Pikachu added Bulbasaur and 16
    others to the chat.

    Pikachu: Please don't make me regret this.
    Pikachu: Looking at you, Squirtle.

    Squirtle is online.

    Squirtle: too late~

    Squirtle changed his nickname to michaelangelo.
    michaelangelo changed 14 nicknames.

    Father Mouse: why

    Bayleef and 8 others are online.

    gangnam style: bold of you to expect us to behave
    mr. krabs: ngl, I kinda like my name.
    flower girl: Wait, how are u even typing? You have claws
    gangnam style: girl ur four-legged tho?
    flower girl: Touché
    heracross stay the fuck away-: I- y'know what, this nickname is fine.
    the Beatles: Bulbasauurrrrrr
    the Beatles: how could youuuu!!!
    little explosion murder: I can hear those exclamation points how
    heracross stay the fuck away-: don't deny it. you try to latch onto my back every day.
    gangnam style: mood
    mr. krabs: lol
    i am golden: he sepaketh the truth
    michaelangelo: 'sepaketh' lmao
    i am golden: speaketh*
    i am golden: fuck
    flower girl: language!!! Phanpy is here!
    roly poly: Bayleeeef I'm not a kidddd ><
    little explosion murder: Bulbasaur's nickname literally has the same word
    free hugs!!!: Prof. Oak is making weird sounds, I think I broke him
    golden birb: thine words say otherwise
    Father Mouse: wh-

    Corphish and 2 others are online.

    Treecko: ...
    Corphish: new friends!
    i am golden: seems like our trainer hath found some more poor souls to torment with his stupid life decisions
    gangnam style: F
    little explosion murder: F
    michaelangelo: F
    heracross stay the fuck away-: F
    free hugs!!!: F
    Taillow: I'm literally scared

    Corphish changed his nickname to hey hey!.

    i have 29 brothers fight me: you should be.

    hey hey! changed 2 nicknames.

    twig vore: this seems... interesting
    twig vore: okay fuck you Corphish
    michaelangelo: lmfao
    angry bird: FUCK YOU CORPHISH
    flower girl: Dear Ho-oh, yet another troublemaker
    gangnam style: I feel called out
    i have 29 brothers fight me: what happened to Prof. Oak?
    Father Mouse: *sighs*
    Father Mouse: Just introduce yourselves so I can go back to eating ketchup.
    Father Mouse: newbies go first
    hey hey!: I'll start then! ^^
    hey hey!: Corphish, male water type!!! the best type!!!
    michaelangelo: AMEN
    mr. krabs: amen!
    gangnam style: A
    gangnam style: M
    little explosion murder: no
    gangnam style: E
    twig vore: grass-types be like
    gangnam style: N
    gangnam style: DAMMIT
    twig vore: Treecko, male grass-type and I DO NOT EAT STICKS
    hey hey!: doubt
    twig vore: shut
    angry hird: Taillow, male normal/flying type
    angry bird: and I literally just saw Treecko eating a stick
    twig vore: I literally just decided I will roast you alive
    michaelangelo: lmao
    michaelangelo: Squirtle, I'm a male water-type with some cool sunglasses~ ;)
    heracross stay the fuck away-: Bulbasaur, male grass/poison-type and me and Pikachu are in charge of all these hooligans.
    i am golden: bold of you to assume you can control us
    gangnam style: Totodile, male water-type and professional updog
    little explosion murder: oh arceus
    angry bird: what's updog?
    angry bird: FUCK
    little explosion murder: NOOOOO
    hey hey!: eyyy
    the Beatles: Muk has been typing for a long time im scared
    twig vore: asdfgh
    michaelangelo: lmao
    roly poly: idgi?
    heracross stay the fuck away-: I give up
    gangnam style: heheh
    little explosion murder: Cyndaquil, male fire-type and unfortunately his ^^^ brother
    flower girl: Bayleef, female grass-type and the big sister of the group (*~v~*)/
    mr. krabs: Kingler, male water-type.
    i have 29 brothers fight me: Tauros, male normal-type and the leader of my herd
    michaelangelo: he's bad at his job, btw
    i have 29 brothers fight me: ...
    flower girl: Arceus Squirtle you made Tauros cry!
    free hugs!!!: probably since I walked in on him doing that with that elite four member that usually pops by
    free hugs!!!: also Muk, male poison-type ^^
    little explosion murder: I-
    angry bird: wh-
    heracross stay the fuck away-: that's it, I'm leaving
    michaelangelo: bulbasaur noooo
    the Beatles: I can attest, Bulbasaur is walking away solemnly
    the Beatles: probably gonna sulk in the forest
    twig vore: can I join him
    Father Mouse: *cries*
    flower girl: Literally nobody needed to know that.
    mr. krabs: I am never gonna see the Professor the same way again
    i am golden: damn
    i am golden: Noctowl, male normal/flying type and the great overlord of this parliament
    gangnam style: lies
    i am golden: shut
    the Beatles: Heracross, male bug/fighting type!
    roly poly: Phanpy, male ground type :)
    roly poly: also what does Muk mean by 'that'?
    mr. krabs: ...
    gangnam style: HOLY SHIT
    little explosion murder: FOR FUCK'S SAKE
    hey hey!: LMAO
    heracross stay the fuck away-: GODS
    i have 29 brothers fight me: NO
    flower girl: MUK LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE
    flower girl: THANK YOU PIKACHU
    free hugs!!!: I'M SORRY
    angry bird: WHAT IS HAPPENIG
    i am golden: >Baylef
    free hugs!!!: I FORGOT
    gangnam style: DAMN
    twig vore: Baylef
    michaelangelo: why me? *(>_<)*
    mr. krabs: Baylef lol
    heracross stay the fuck away-: YOU SURE AS HELL KNOW WHY
    heracross stay the fuck away-: REMEMBER TOGEPI
    little explosion murder: That day still gives me nightmares
    roly poly: i still don't get it
    gangnam style: BAYLEF
    michaelangelo: THAT WAS CHARIZARD, NOT ME
    i am golden: hopefully you never shall
    Father Mouse: trust me Phanpy
    Father Mouse: it's for your own sake
    i have 29 brothers fight me: Baylef
    Father Mouse: stop
    Father Mouse: Also Squirtle, you're dead once Charizard sees this.
    michaelangelo: oh shit oh fuck-
    gangnam style: RIP
    little explosion murder: I will grieve you dearly
    little explosion murder: also Baylef
    angry bird: ASH HAS A CHARIZARD!?

    Chorizo is online.

    Chorizo: Sure as hell he does!
    Chorizo: ...
    Chorizo: Squirtle you are fucking dead
    michaelangelo: o.o
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  2. NyxieRina

    Level 8
    Jul 21, 2021
    GS Ball ★★★★★Oran Berry ★★
    False. I've been looking for this exact time of shenaniganergy in the FanFic sites (Chat fics are excellent crack fics). I really enjoyed this! I wouldn't mind reading more :P
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  3. ChocoChicken

    Krysmus Azelv (lol)
    (Krysmus Azelv)
    Level 37
    May 28, 2018
    Misty's EmblemLegendary Triforce ★★
    Muk that's TMI you need to spoiler that you literal piece of-
    Anyway this chatfic was quite entertaining and while i don't know most of these guys (I only really started knowing all this in BW aaA-) this is Good
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