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The Story of Gary

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by nduns, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. nduns

    nduns Banned

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    Jan 10, 2017
    Crown of ValorStaff of Verity
    If all the scripts I've written, this is my favorite, mainly because it's the most personal. Not only is it partly inspired by my own experiences in the working world, but the tone and story are heavily inspired by old Fleischer Brothers cartoons. You may even get that vibe from the opening musical number. I'll put up the first 3 acts right now and post more of them later. After all, this whole thing was made to take at least an hour to read.

    Scene 1: List of Forty-Five

    The scene opens up with a young man (Gary) taking a seat for breakfast. He stares at it when suddenly, the phone rings.
    Gary: [Perks up and rushes over to the phone, answering it] Hello? [Listens for a bit] Yeah? [Nods his head] Well, that's great! [Listens a bit more, smiling] I'll be there right away! [Hangs up the phone] YES!!!!! [Rushes over to closet, pulling out a fancy jacket before putting it on] This is the day! I can just tell that this is going to be a happy day for me!
    Gary charges out of the house and starts walking along the sidewalk with a big smile on his face.
    Gary: [Singing] Look at this day, I can tell that it's a hap-hap-happy day!
    The sun is shining, the birds are singing and everything's going my way!
    I look at this fabulous day and I shout hip-hooray
    Cause I know it's gonna be a hap-hap-happy day!
    I walk along the avenue with a great feeling in my heart
    Because I know that life has come and played its wonderful part!
    I look at this fabulous day and I shout hip-hooray
    Cause I know it's gonna be a hap-hap-happy day!
    [Points at a man across the street] Oh look, there's a handy man fixing up his car
    [Waves at woman next door] And to see that lady mowing her lawn, you needn't look very far!
    [Voice becomes heavenly] And the smell of the baker baking his pies flows right through the skies
    Nothing could possibly ruin this day... [Sighs peacefully] not even a swarm of flies!
    [Resumes walking] Look at this day, I can tell that it's a hap-hap-happy day!
    The sun is shining, the birds are singing and everything's going my way!
    I look at this fabulous day and I shout hip-hooray
    Cause I know it's gonna be, [Turns to homeless man next to him] just take it all from me [Homeless man stares at him]
    It's gonna be a hap-hap-hap-hap-happy day!
    Gary approaches a tall building and enters.

    Gary gulps nervously as a man in a fancy suit stands before him.
    Man in suit: Hello, Mister Gary I presume? [Gary nods] Right this way. [Points toward office]
    Gary enters the office with a nervous grin on his face as he slowly takes a seat, a young woman sitting before him.
    Woman: Hi, I'm Katie, the owner of Flushers, the only toilet company in this city, you know. [Giggles] Anyway, thank you for coming Gary, but I'm afraid I simply can't hire you.
    Gary: [Jaw drops] What? Why not?
    Katie: Well, if you'd been here sooner, you might have had a chance. [Gary looks confused] You see, just five minutes before you arrived, one of our other candidates came in and got the job. In other words, the position's been filled.
    Gary remains silent, a blank expression on his face.
    Katie: Well, um, thank you for coming, but I have more important matters to attend to. So, um, goodbye.
    Gary: [Sighs] Right... [Gets up and leaves]

    Gary exits the building before wandering the streets with a look of disappointment on his face.
    Gary: [Singing] This is yet another addition to my list of forty-five
    Forty-five careers that could have been mine, all mine.
    This is yet another addition to my list of forty-five
    Forty-five careers that could have been mine.
    I feel like I've walked down this street before.
    I feel I might go insane if I do this anymore.
    I'm really trying my best.
    Oh, lord, won't you give it a rest?
    All I want is a life, is that too much to ask?
    [Takes a deep breath] This is just my latest instalment to my list of forty-five
    Forty-five careers that could have been mine, my-my!
    Yesterday it was forty-four, now it's gone up to forty-five
    Forty-five careers that could have been mine.
    [Sits on pavement] I walk around and mope in alleys and pathways too.
    Sometimes I sit 'round wondering WHAAAAAAAT can I do?
    [Faces the sky] Please, good lord, answer me, what am I doing wrong!?
    Why is my search for living taking so long?
    I've tried so many things, oh boy, have I tried?
    Each time it seems my future's just been tied.
    I've tried to be a clerk and even a librarian too
    Gold digger, banker, janitor, cashier, baker, hair stylist, don't you get it? I think you do.
    [Gets up and resumes walking] This is just the latest addition to my list of forty-five
    Forty-five careers that could have been mine, lord why!?
    This is yet another addition to my list of forty-five
    Forty-five careers that could have been mine.
    Gary takes a deep breath and continues walking.

    [SIZE=medium]Scene 2: There Always is a Ray of Hope[/SIZE]

    Gary enters a bar and takes a seat at the desk.
    Bartender: Girlfriend dump ya?
    Gary: [Shakes head] No, much worse...
    Bartender: Geez, you need a drink. [Pours him a beer] This one's on the house. Any refills will cost ya, ya hear?
    Gary nods and takes a sip, his gaze turning to a drunk man next to him.
    Drunk man: Oh, hey there, buddy, what's the good word? [Rests arm on Gary's shoulder]
    Gary: [Takes a deep breath] I wish there was a good word... [Takes another sip as the drunk man laughs] What's so funny?
    Drunk man: You! You're funny!
    Gary: I'm suffering a huge crisis here! I have all the reason to be upset!
    Drunk man: No, no man... [Places mug down and shakes his head] you have no real reason to be upset yet. I was like you yesterday, but this morning something happened that changed my life and this drink is a celebration of that.
    Gary: I wish I could be as fortunate.
    Drunk man: Well, you could be. [Shrugs] Or you could just wallow in your own misery and accept defeat like I almost did!
    Gary: [Stares] Are you saying there might be hope for me?
    Drunk man: [Rolls his eyes and rests his arm on Gary's shoulder] Listen, pal... [Singing] Whenever life gets you down
    Turn that old frown upside down [Hiccups]
    All things considered it could be much worse.
    Sometimes life can seem bad
    And ever so sad
    And your reaction's the one you rehearse! [Gary nods with a sad look]
    But let me tell you bout a little thing called life!
    When you have carrots needing cutting, it will throw you a knife!
    Don't be sad, don't you mope
    Cause there always is a ray of hope! [Gary shakes his head as the drunk man folds his arms]
    Now, don't you pout!
    Don't you shout!
    Always look on right ahead!
    Don't give up til the fat lady sings
    Otherwise you may as well wind up dead! [Smile returns as he takes Gary's shoulder and stands up with him]
    There's no need for being sad!
    Wait a little longer and you'll see life's not so bad!
    There's no need to sulk or mope
    Cause there always is a ray of hope! [Gary smiles and starts dancing with him]
    Drunk man/Gary: [Singing] Don't be sad, oh, don't you cry!
    Keep on thinking happy til your lids are dry!
    Things may seem bad now, but it's not gonna last!
    Soon it will be merely a thing of the past!
    Don't you cry, don't you weep
    Otherwise you're gonna lose a lot of sleep!
    Don't you fret, don't you mope
    Cause there always is a ray of hope!
    Oh baby, don't you cry, don't you mope
    Cause there always is a ray of
    Drunk man: [Singing] Always is a ray of
    Drunk man/Gary: [Singing] Yes, there always is a ray of hope!
    Both hug each other, laughing.
    Gary: Thanks. I needed a good pep talk.
    Drunk man: Don't mention it, stranger. [Hiccups] Now, you head on home and rest up. Tomorrow's another day.
    Gary: Yes, I will, and I'm going to succeed! Again, thanks for everything!
    Gary takes his leave, walking home with a confident smile on his face.
    Gary: I'm not going to let this get me down! So what if I've been turned down from 45 jobs so far? Big deal! It's not like I've been rejected from every single job there is! I just need to remind myself. [Singing] There always is a ray of, always is a ray of, yes there always is a ray of... [Approaches house and notices a slip of paper on the door] What?
    Gary reads the sheet of paper and realizes it's an eviction notice, a look of dread taking over.
    Gary: No... [Falls to his knees] No, this has to be a mistake. This is all just a bad joke. [Looks at paper again before crying]

    [SIZE=medium]Scene 3: Earn Yourself a Name[/SIZE]

    Cut to night time as Gary is wandering the streets. He notices a box and approaches it only for a homeless man to stick his head out.
    Homeless man: GET YOUR OWN BOX, YA BUM!!!!!
    Gary walks toward another box.
    Homeless woman: [Pokes her head out] Hello, there, young man. You lookin' for a good time with little ol' me?
    Gary backs up, a look of terror in his eyes when more homeless people stick their heads out of various boxes surrounding the area.
    Homeless man 2: Hey, pipe down, I'm trying to sleep!
    Homeless man 3: Why don't YOU pipe down!?
    Homeless woman 2: Do you mind? I need some peace and quiet right now!
    The homeless people all come out of the boxes and start a brawl with each other as Gary slowly backs away.
    Homeless man: [Points at him] Don't let him get away! He started this!
    The homeless people chase Gary for a while until he manages to find a hiding place.
    Gary: Oh, come on, lord, why do you keep tormenting me? What have I done? Whatever it is, I'm sorry, okay! Pathetic as it might be, this is all I can do! I'm doing the best I can! Isn't that enough!?
    Gary continues to sulk when a woman (Rose) drives by him in her car, stops and backs up, lowering the window.
    Rose: Hey, sir, what's wrong? [Gary looks around] Yes, I mean you. [Gary stares at her, Rose taking a deep breath] Get in.
    Gary: What?
    Rose: You heard me. Hop in.
    Gary: You don't want me in your...
    Rose: Get in the car, now!
    Gary hesitates but enters the car, the car taking off.
    Rose: I'm Rose.
    Gary: Gary...
    Rose: Nice to meet you, Gary. [Smiles sweetly at him]

    Gary is now in Rose's house on her couch as she sits on a chair across from him.
    Rose: So what were you doing out there?
    Gary: I was just going for a stroll...
    Rose: No one just strolls through that area late at night! Everyone knows how dangerous the people there can be!
    Gary: I just learned that the hard way.
    Rose: Come on, there's something you're not telling me. Now just let it all out. You'll feel better if you tell someone.
    Gary: [Sighs] You're right. Well, see, it all started a few months ago. I used to work for my dad. See, he's the owner of the pillow factory.
    Rose: Oh, you mean Mr. Stickler! I didn't know you were his son! Though I should have. You have his eyes. [Pulls out a magazine ad with Mr. Stickler's face on it] Anyway, go on.
    Gary: [Blinks] Um... yeah... anyway, I didn't feel good about having a member of my family paying me as I practically felt like I was taking from him, like I was still a child getting small change in exchange for certain house chores, so I decided to move out and live my own life.
    Rose: Well, he is certainly lucky to have a son like you...
    Gary: [Sighs] Not really... I've spent the last while looking for a new job and no one wants to hire me, but at the same time, I don't want to resort to going back to the pillow factory.
    Rose: Well, in that case, you should just keep trying.
    Gary: But I've tried forty-five times now! I think I should just give up.
    Rose: [Gets up with a look of irritation] Oh no you won't! Only losers quit! Are you a loser?
    Gary: Yes...
    Rose: [Walks over and smacks him in the face] Don't say that!
    Gary: Ow! [Rubs his cheek]
    Rose: [Singing] Listen to yourself talk!
    Does anyone wanna hear such squawk?
    Just blah-blah, my life is over, boohoo!
    Gary: But it is...
    Rose: [Singing] Look at you, beating yourself up!
    It makes me sicker than a dead pup!
    Who decides if you're doomed to fail? You do!
    Gary: But I am.
    Rose: [Singing] Oh, stop moping and lying around!
    Please stop bringing yourself down!
    Go out there and earn yourself a name!
    Gary: But I've tried! It's impossible!
    Rose: No it isn't! [Singing] Have you tried for every job in town?
    Gary: No...
    Rose: [Singing] Well, there are still a lot for you try
    Do you even know what kind of job you want?
    Gary: Not really.
    Rose: [Singing] No wonder it's so hard, your aim's too dry!
    Wipe that sad look off your face.
    You'll find a future at your own pace.
    Go out there and earn yourself a name!
    Gary: [Gets up] Yeah, you're right! I can't just sit here feeling sorry for myself! I gotta go out there and do something!
    Rose: That's right!
    Gary: [Singing] There is no sense moping around
    Crying my eyes and bringing me down
    It's time to earn myself a name!
    Rose: [Singing] You won't get anywhere unless you try
    Gary: But I have
    Rose: Well, try harder! [Singing] If you keep on looking ahead, you'll find your wings and fly!
    Don't just stay here lying around!
    Stop that crying, it's bringing you down!
    Go out there and earn yourself a name!
    Gary: Yeah, I see it now. [Grins while singing] There is no sense moping around
    Rose: [Singing] Stop that sadness, it's bringing you down!
    This is life, and life is not a game!
    Gary: [Singing] It's time to earn myself a name!
    Gary exits Rose's house only to enter again.
    Gary: Um... it's kind of late...
    Rose: You can stay here if you'd like.
    Gary: Thanks, but come tomorrow... [Singing] I'll go out and earn myself a name!
    Rose: Yeah, man!
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  2. nduns

    nduns Banned

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    Jan 10, 2017
    Crown of ValorStaff of Verity
    Scene 4: One of these Must be Right

    Cut to the following day as Rose's car is parked in front of a store, Gary and Rose inside.
    Rose: Alright, now what are you going to do?
    Gary: I'm going to look at the owner's eyes, smile and hand over my resume with confidence!
    Rose: You're forgetting something
    Gary: Oh, right, the greeting. Always gotta say hello.
    Rose: That's my boy! Now go in there and make me proud!
    Gary exits the car and enters and the store, approaching a counter with a smile on, an employee sitting behind it.
    Gary: Hello, is your manager in?
    Employee: No, why?
    Gary: I'm here to apply for a job.
    Employee: Oh, sorry, we're not hiring right now.

    Cut to Rose and Gary parked in front of a bowling alley.
    Rose: Okay, this one has a help wanted sign. That means they're definitely hiring.
    Gary: Alright, this is it...
    Gary approaches the building only for the help wanted sign to be taken away.

    Cut to Rose and Gary in front of a bakery.
    Gary: I've tried here already.
    Rose: Recently?
    Gary: Yeah.

    Cut to Rose and Gary in front of a candy store.
    Gary: I'm not sure about this...
    Rose: You'll never know unless you try.
    Gary shrugs and exits the car, walking into the store, exiting with a grin, giving Rose thumbs up.
    Rose: So what did they say?
    Gary: The owner said he might call me.
    Rose: Well, that's a good start, but we gotta try more places.

    Cut to Gary entering a pizza parlour.
    Gary: [Singing] Hello, sir, I noticed that you're hiring.
    Pizza Chef: [Singing] Oh, you bet, but you don't look the type! [Gary groans]

    Cut to Gary in a factory.
    Gary: [Singing] If you need someone to help out, I'm your man!
    Factory Owner: [Singing] To be honest, this job isn't worth the hype.

    A cycle starts up as Gary goes to various place.
    Various owners: [Singing] Sorry, we're not hiring.
    You look kinda weak.
    Oh, I don't know, I don't think it can work.
    You're not the worker I seek.
    We're overstaffed!
    My standards are high.
    I let someone go just yesterday!
    I'm busy here, so thanks for coming, now shoo, go on, goodbye.

    Cut to Gary riding with Rose.
    Gary: [Singing] Well, each one of those joints was a bust
    But I won't give up the fight
    I just know my calling's somewhere
    One of these must be right.

    Cut to a montage of more offices.
    Various owners: [Singing] This business is too small for you.
    I don't like your hair.
    I'm desperate but not that desperate.
    You're stinking up my air! [Gary sniffs his armpits and scowls]
    You remind me of someone I fired once.
    Sorry, the manager's out.
    You're not quite what I'm looking for.
    You I could do without.

    Cut to Gary back in Rose's car with a look of anger on his face.
    Rose: [Singing] Oh, don't you start your moping!
    Go at it with all your might!
    Your calling's somewhere out there.
    One of these must be right.

    Various Owners: [Singing] You're too scrawny!
    You're too tall.
    You look weak.
    You're a tad too small.
    How are you 'bout cleaning toilets?
    Can you kill a moose?
    I think this job's out of your league.
    Go on, scram, vamoose!

    Cut to Gary in a joke shop.
    Gary: [Sighing while singing] I know I'm wasting my time, but will you consider me? [Hands owner resume]
    Joke Shop Owner: Sure!
    Gary: Really!?
    Joke Shop Owner: [Laughs before singing] HAH, I'm just kidding! Wasn't that a funny joke?
    Gary takes his leave.
    Joke Shop Owner: What's eating him?

    Gary: [Riding back to Rose's while singing] I've tried so many places
    From morning until night.
    And despite all my best efforts
    Not a single one was right...
    Gary sighs as he and Rose pull up in front of the house, exiting the car and heading inside.

    [SIZE=medium]Scene 5: What's it All Worth?[/SIZE]

    Gary is laying on the couch while Rose looks at him with concern.
    Rose: Come on...
    Gary: No...
    Rose: Cheer up.
    Gary: No...
    Rose: [Sighs] It wasn't that bad.
    Gary: Yes it was.
    Rose: Cheer up. At least one of those people might call you back.
    Gary: Yeah, right, like that's really gonna happen! I was a fool to think I stood a chance!
    Rose: Gary, just keep trying. You'll get it eventually. I know you can do it.
    Gary: [Sits upright] I have been trying so desperately. Yesterday, my list of failed careers consisted of forty-five. Now it's risen up to sixty-four!
    Rose: Sixty-three by my count.
    Gary: That's taking the one guy into account. [Gets up] Look, maybe I just need to get my head in the game. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
    Rose: Well, that's at least a more logical way of looking at things, I guess.
    Gary: I just need to clear my head. [Exits house as Rose sighs]

    Gary walks along the sidewalk with a sad look on his face.
    Gary: [Singing] Why was I put on this Earth?
    What's it all worth?
    Most people have a purpose, but I don't.
    Fire fighters save lives.
    Husbands provide for their wives.
    Will I ever do anything useful? No... no I won't.
    Chefs feed the hungry, Gardeners remove weeds.
    Heck, even a shop keeper provides for many people's needs.
    As for me, well, I don't know why I'm on Earth.
    Only one question remains, and that's 'what's it all worth?'
    Yeah... what's it all worth? Tell me, what's it all worth?
    Why was a loser like me placed upon this Earth?
    What is the point? Is there something I don't see?
    Was I simply created so others could make fun of me?
    [Spoken] No, by that logic, I could have been a clown or the target for a bull to fight.
    Heck, it wouldn't make a difference if I was, well, blinded by light.
    You know, I don't even think I belong in a city where everyone else succeeds.
    Maybe me committing suicide is what the world needs.
    [Singing] Why am I on Earth?
    What's it all worth?
    Most people have a purpose in this world, not me!
    Bankers care for your money.
    Doctors heal the bloody.
    As for me, I'm not useful, how can I be?
    What is the point? What's it all for?
    I don't think I should be in this world anymore.
    What's it all worth? Tell me, what's it all worth?
    Why was a loser like me placed on this Earth?
    Gary continues walking when an old man spots him.
    Old man: I hear you, buddy. I used to think like you, too.
    Gary: [Looks at the old man] So I guess I'm not alone then.
    Old man: Well, I wouldn't say that. I used to wonder what it was all worth too, but then I looked inside and saw exactly what I was destined for. [Gary listens closely] See, before I started job hunting, I used to work as a barber. I didn't think the job was right for me so I quit in order to find my true calling.
    Gary: And what happened?
    Old man: Well, I eventually discovered that my true calling was, well, the barbershop. Turns out I was in the right place all along. I made enough to buy myself a nice home, got myself a wife and kids and all because I followed my true path instead of chasing a hopeless dream and getting nowhere in life.
    Gary: [Nods] I see now... yes... I see clearly! I know what I should do! Thank you, old-timer!
    Old man: Eh, don't mention it, kid! I see a bright future for you!
    Gary: [Walks down the sidewalk singing] I won't be sad, I will not cry!
    I'll keep thinking happy til my eyelids are dry!
    Things may seem bad now, but it's not gonna last!
    Soon such horrid thoughts will be a thing of the past!
    I won't cry, I won't weep
    Otherwise I'm gonna lose a boat-load of sleep!
    I won't fret, I won't mope
    Because there always is a ray of hope!
    If I worry about things as they are now
    Things will not get better, they won't know how!
    I know that life seems bad right now, but it's all in my head!
    If I keep thinking this way I will wind up dead!
    No, I won't cry, I won't weep
    Otherwise I'm gonna lose a boat-load of sleep!
    I won't fret, I won't mope
    Because there always is a ray of, always is a ray of, yes there always is a ray of hope!

    Rose, still at her house, is setting the table for dinner when Gary arrives.
    Rose: Oh, you're just in time for dinner. Feeling better?
    Gary: Oh, you bet! I feel like a million bucks, and hey, I might even get it someday.
    Rose: Wonderful! [Walks into kitchen] I got a list of places to try tomorrow! Heck, I'm even willing to introduce you to my boss. She might be willing to hire you. [Opens oven and pulls out dinner, carrying it to the table] She may not look it, but she's really nice once you get to know her.
    Gary: Oh, you don't need to trouble yourself with that. I already know where I'm headed.
    Rose: [Places dinner on table] Oh, did the candy shop owner call you?
    Gary: Nope, I still doubt that's gonna happen.
    Rose: Well, you can tell me your plan later. Right now, let's just enjoy dinner. I spent the last hour preparing it.
    Gary: Well, it does look scrumptious. [Takes a bite out of it] Mm-mm-mm! Oh man, it's just as good as it looks!
    Rose: Oh, why, thank you!
    Gary: Anyway, I guess I may as well get this out of the way now instead of waiting. Besides, you're probably dying to know where I'm working.
    Rose: Oh, goodness, it's not a graveyard is it?
    Gary: No, why would you...? Oh, you thought I was joking when I said 'dying to know'...
    Rose snickers as both laugh for a bit.
    Rose: Nah, tell me later. I still want to introduce you to my boss, anyway.
    Gary: Oh, okay, I guess I can hold this off for a while.

    [SIZE=medium]Scene 6: Come on, Let's Play![/SIZE]

    Cut to the following day as Rose has her car parked in front of a daycare center.
    Gary: This is where you work?
    Rose: Yep! In case you're wondering why I'm single, this is why.
    Gary: That makes me even more curious...
    The two exit the car and enter the daycare center. Inside, an older woman (Nancy) is telling children a story.
    Rose: Hey there, Nancy.
    Nancy: [Looks up] Oh, Rose, thank goodness.
    Kids: Hi, Rose!
    Gary: Wow...
    Rose: Everyone, this is my friend, Gary.
    Gary: [Grinning nervously] Uh... hi...
    Nancy: Well, it's very nice to meet you, Mister Gary. I am Nancy, Rose's boss.
    Gary: The pleasure is all mine. [Shakes her hand]
    Rose: I'm going to go play with the kids while you two chat, alright?
    Nancy: Oh, thank you so much. [Watches Rose take the kids out back] It's so nice having her around. My old heart just isn't what it used to be.
    Gary: What made you decide to start a daycare business?
    Nancy: Oh, well, you see... [Pulls out wallet and opens it, a line of photos falling out] all ten of my children are grown up now and have moved to various different parts of the world.
    Gary: Ten?
    Nancy: I felt so lonely when they all left. I wanted to feel the joy of being able to take care of the little ones again, so I started up a business to make it happen.
    Gary: And all you have to help out is Rose...
    Nancy: Oh, yes. Well, I did have my husband once upon a time, but, well, I prefer not to talk about what happened to him.
    Gary: I see...
    Nancy: You know, before I opened up my daycare, I used to work as a librarian.
    Gary: How was that?
    Nancy: Not so great. As soon as I switched jobs, I realized my true calling in life. [Gary puts on an uneasy look]
    Rose: [Opens the door] Gary, the kids wanna get to know you!
    Nancy: [Chuckles] That means they wish to play.
    Gary: Well, I do like children.
    Gary enters the backyard as the kids all surround him.
    Gary: Um, hey there kids.
    Little girl: [Singing] Play with me!
    Little boy: [Singing] No, play with me!
    Little boy 2: [Singing] I call dibs!
    Little girl 2: [Singing] That's no fair!
    Little boy 3: [Singing] Let's play catch!
    Little girl 3: [Singing] No, hula hoop!
    Little girl 4: [Singing] Tea party!
    Little boy 4: [Singing] Swing set!
    Gary: [Singing] Am I to do all that today?
    Kids: [Singing] Come on, Gary, come on, let's play!
    Gary is dragged around the area, doing what the kids want him to.
    Gary: [Singing] So what's the object of this game?
    Little boy: [Singing] Guesstimate the hidden kid's name.
    Gary: [Singing] I think I'm ready! What are the rules?
    Little girl: [Singing] It's easy, let's make the others fools!
    Gary: [Singing] Oh, I think I know this one!
    Little boy 5: [Singing] We will win by the time we're done!
    Kids: [Singing] Come on, Gary, play with us!
    Gary: [Singing] So far, I like this day.
    Kids: [Singing] Come on, don't stop, Gary, come on, let's play!
    Gary continues to perform more activities until the kids are tired, the kids starting to head inside while Gary is more energetic than before.
    Gary: [Singing] Where are you going? The fun's just started!
    Rose: [Singing] They're sleepy now, it's time they parted.
    Gary: [Singing] But aren't we having fun today?
    Come on, kids, come on, let's play!
    The kids enter the center as Gary sighs and follows them inside.

    Cut to inside where everyone is seated for lunch.
    Nancy: I hope you're all excited because today is pizza day! [Brings in a pizza on a paddle]
    Kids: YAY!!!!!
    Gary: That looks amazing.
    Rose: Oh, your taste buds will be dancing soon enough.
    Gary is handed a piece as he tries it.
    Gary: Wow!
    Rose: I know, right?
    Nancy: Rose tells me you're looking for work.
    Rose: Not anymore. He's found a job, apparently.
    Nancy: Oh, is that so?
    Gary: Yeah, I'm going back to the pillow factory.
    Rose: [Stares at Gary] What?
    Gary: Oh, yeah, that's right, I forgot I was gonna tell you. I figured my true calling was back there. It's the only job I could ever hold up and I was decent at it.
    Rose: But what about no longer being paid by your father?
    Nancy: Wait, his father is Mr. Stickler?
    Gary: Yes.
    Rose: No!
    Gary: But you know it's true.
    Rose: I mean you can't go back! Your plan was to move forward and no longer take money from your family, remember?
    Gary: Yeah, and it wasn't working for me.
    Little girl: Um... are you two fighting?
    Rose: [Turns to girl] No, of course not. [Turns back to Gary] But she's right. I'm acting out of line here. I'm sorry...
    Gary: It's okay. I was a little shocked when I came to this conclusion.
    Rose: See, this is why I'm not sure if I should support this decision or not. I'm not sure if this is what you really want. So, just answer me this, Gary. Are you absolutely, one-hundred percent certain this is what you want to do? If you are sure of this, I won't stop you.
    Gary pauses for a few seconds as everyone stares at him.
    Gary: Yes, this is what I want. I've made up my mind. This is my calling. This is now set in stone. That's all she wrote. It's...
    Rose: Okay, okay, that's enough.
    Gary: Right... but yes... the pillow factory is where I belong.
    Rose: Well, if this is your true calling, then go ahead.
    Gary: Thank you. You're a great friend, Rose.
    Rose chuckles and blushes.
    Nancy: Well, I propose a toast for our new friend, Gary!
    The people raise their glasses, Gary with a look of uncertainty in his eyes.
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    Scene 7: Welcome to the Business, Son

    Cut to later as Gary is standing before a big building. He sighs and knocks on the door, his father (Jasper) answering.
    Jasper: Son?
    Gary: Hi dad...
    Jasper: Well, it's very nice to see you again. What brings you back here?
    Gary: Well, you know how I said I was going to move out and find my own calling?
    Jasper: Oh yes, how did that go?
    Gary: Well, I think this might be my calling.
    Jasper: Well, Gary, my boy, if you truly feel this is the case, it's good to have you back. Come inside. I'll put you to work right away and you'll be rolling in the dough again.

    Jasper leads him inside while showing him around.
    Jasper: [Singing] Business is just like always, but it's felt lonely as of late.
    I wasn't expecting your return, heck, this might be fate.
    Much like before, work starts at nine, you have your lunch at one.
    Then home time's just around the corner, welcome to the business, son.
    [Points to a big machine] There's the material maker where we form the outer shell.
    Gary: I know...
    Jasper: [Singing while pointing to another machine] There's the stuffer where we fill the pillows up so well.
    Gary: Rings a bell.
    Jasper: [Singing] And by the end of the day, a good job is truly done.
    It's good to have you back, my boy, welcome to the business, son!
    Making pillows is not glamourous, but it's worth it.
    Pillows remove stress and strain bit by bit.
    Sure, you're not a doctor, a chef or a ditch digger.
    But honestly, I think with this, you'll feel so much bigger.
    It's a joy just getting up and working here til five.
    We all work our very best, like bees work in a hive.
    It's satisfying to make so much as one pillow every day. [Feels a pillow]
    And we make so much more in every possible way.
    Remember, son, work starts at nine, and lunch takes place at one.
    That's the pillow industry, welcome to the business son!
    Gary: Thanks for the tour and everything but... [Looks at Jasper's expression and smiles] Yeah, it's good to be back.
    Jasper: Where are you living, anyway?
    Gary: Well, I'm gonna have to move back in with you. I don't have a house anymore...
    Jasper: Oh, good, Francine will be so happy.

    Cut to the evening when Gary enters the house with Jasper.
    Jasper: Francine, I'm home, and I have a surprise for you!
    Gary's mother (Francine) enters the room.
    Francine: Gary? Gary, is that you?
    Gary: Hi mom.
    Francine: Welcome home. [Hugs Gary] You came just in time for dinner.

    Cut to the family having dinner in the dining room.
    Francine: Well, son, it is a savage world out there.
    Gary: Yeah, I had to learn that the hard way.
    Jasper: Well, at least you found your path before things got even worse.
    Gary: Yep. Pillow making is what I was made for and pillow making is what I'll do.
    Jasper: Speaking of which... [Reaches into his pocket and pulls out his wallet] here's today's pay. [Hands Gary money]
    Gary: Just like always.
    Jasper: No other business would pay you on a daily basis.
    Francine: He's right. Heck, your father here doesn't get paid on a daily basis.
    Jasper: It's true!
    Francine and Jasper laugh while Gary bites his lip.
    Gary: You're right, this is good and I feel quite fortunate, so why don't I feel happy about this?
    Jasper: What are you saying?
    Gary: I'm saying this doesn't feel right.
    Francine: Whatever do you mean?
    Gary: I mean what I'm saying right now. There is just something wrong with this whole picture. I thought I'd made the right decision, but I feel like coming back is an even bigger mistake than leaving in the first place.
    Jasper: But, son, you're making a living...
    Francine: But not his own living. Honey, I think Gary has a point.
    Jasper: Nonsense, he's just going through a phase...
    Francine: No, Jasper, he's growing up. [Turns to Gary] After all, at his age he should be making his own living.
    Jasper: But he already tried...
    Francine: So he'll keep trying.
    Gary: No, dad's right. I've tried my hardest and gotten nowhere.
    Francine: That's because you were rigid with your decisions, son.
    Gary: Rigid how?
    Francine: You were right. Leaving here was a mistake because you should have gotten yourself a new job first. [Gary looks confused]
    Jasper: You know, your mother makes a very good point, son. Looking for your own calling is all well and good, but you gotta at least stick with your current job until you get a new one. Besides, employers like a man who plans ahead.
    Gary: So what you're saying is that I should continue working at the pillow factory but still look for a new job on my own time. That way I have something to go to in case I don't get hired by someone that week.
    Francine: Now you're getting it.
    Gary: Yeah! [Hugs his parents] Thank you so much! I am off! [Stands up and heads toward the door]
    Francine: Off where?
    Gary: [Singing] I am off to earn myself a name! [Exits]

    [SIZE=medium]Scene 8: Good Fortune[/SIZE]

    Cut to Rose at home.
    Rose: I hope he's enjoying himself.
    The phone rings, Rose answering it.
    Rose: Hello?
    Voice: Hello. Is Gary there?

    Cut to later as Rose parks her car in front of the pillow factory, entering.
    Rose: Is your boss here?
    Employee: No, sorry, he went home a couple of hours ago.
    Rose: Do you know where he lives?

    Cut to later as Rose parks in front of Jasper's house.
    Rose: Okay, girl, get it together. [Takes a deep breath and knocks, Jasper answering]
    Jasper: Hello.
    Rose: Oh my gosh, it's so nice to meet you, Mister Stickler, sir!
    Jasper: Oh, you must be Rose. Gary told me you took care of him the last couple of days.
    Rose: Yeah, about that, where is Gary? I have some news for him.
    Jasper: He headed out a while ago. I'm not sure where he's gone, though. Maybe you should stay here and wait for him to come back.
    Rose: I'd love to, but I don't have much time left. I need to get this message to him in the next hour.

    Cut to Gary passing by an alleyway. A stranger creeps up behind him and taps him on the shoulder.
    Stranger: Hey there.
    Gary: Oh, hello... um... can I help you?
    Stranger: Yes... well, I have a position for a job open and want help.
    Gary: Oh, great. I'm your man.
    Stranger: Good. I want you to deliver things like this to various customers. [Hands him a bag]
    Gary: [Sniffs] Is... is this weed?
    Stranger: Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.
    Gary: Sorry, I may be desperate, but not desperate enough to work in drug dealing.
    Stranger: Sorry to hear that. [Pulls out baton] I certainly can't have you telling others about my business, now, can I?
    Gary: Uh... gotta go! [Flees as the stranger chases after him]
    Stranger: Come on, I just wanna talk to you!

    After a while, Gary loses the stranger and takes a deep breath.
    Gary: [Singing] The sun shines bright tomorrow...
    At least that's what they say.
    But I can't help but wonder when
    Good fortune comes my way.
    Success is just around the corner.
    At least that's what I've heard.
    My name in lights, yeah right...
    I see more results from birds.
    What does it mean
    When you try your best but get nothing?
    Not even a loaf of bread.
    Yeah... not the slightest bit of something.
    For everyone there's a shining sun
    At least... that's what they say
    But I can't help but doubt the chance
    That good fortune will come my way.
    They say others have it worse
    And hey, maybe they do.
    But you know what, I have problems.
    I have my own issues too!
    Just because others have it rough
    Doesn't mean mine don't matter!
    Heck, I can just hear the world laughing
    Laughing like a Mad Hatter!
    The sun shines bright the very next day
    At least that's what they say.
    But I can't help but wonder
    If good fortune will come my way.
    For everyone, there's a shining sun!
    That's what folks say!
    But I can't help but doubt the chance
    That good fortune... [Sighs] comes... my... way...
    Gary looks down when Rose pulls up in her car, opening the door.
    Gary: Rose?
    Rose: Hop in right now.
    Gary: It's okay, I'm living with my parents now...
    Rose: Just get in! I would explain but now I don't have time!
    Gary shrugs and enters the car as Rose takes off.
    Gary: You know, you could just explain while you're driving...
    Rose: Can't when I'm driving this fast!
    Gary: Wait, why are you driving so fast!? You've almost exceeded the speed limit!
    The car stops in front of the candy shop.
    Gary: Wait, why are we here?
    Rose: No time! Go in there right now!
    Gary: Okay, fine, I'm going. [Enters]

    [SIZE=medium]Scene 9: It's a Happy Night[/SIZE]

    Candy Shop Owner: Oh, good, you're here and just in time for your interview too.
    Gary: Wait, interview?
    Rose nods with a big smile, Gary smiling back, following the owner into the back room.
    Candy Shop Owner: So, what's your availability?
    Gary: Any time of the day and any day of the week.
    Candy Shop Owner: Excellent. Do you have cashier experience?
    Gary: Well, no, but I'm more than eager to learn.
    Candy Shop Owner: Good attitude, but how are you with kids? They're our most common customers.
    Gary: I love children.
    Candy Shop Owner: Welcome aboard! You can start tomorrow!
    Gary exits the back room and gives Rose a hug.
    Gary: Thank you so much for everything.
    Rose: Oh, don't mention it. It was the least I could do.
    Gary: This calls for a celebration!
    Rose: Yes, it certainly does, and I know just how to celebrate the occasion!

    Cut to the daycare center at night where Gary, Rose and Nancy are enjoying a pizza.
    Nancy: I don't normally make these more than once a month, but this is a special occasion.
    Gary: Yeah. My parents will be so happy when they hear the news.
    Rose: I'm sure they will. At the very least, I'm certainly proud of you.
    Nancy: Yes, you've made a big step forward in life, Gary!

    Gary and Rose step out after dinner, looking up at the moon.
    Gary: Yep, life is only going to get better from here on in.
    Rose: It certainly is.
    Both walk along the sidewalk.
    Gary: [Singing] Look at this night, I can tell that it's a hap-hap-happy night!
    The moon is shining, the owls are hooting, and everything's feeling alright!
    I look at this fabulous night and I shout with all my might
    That I know it's gonna be a hap-hap-happy night!
    I walk along the streets right now with a great feeling in my heart!
    Because I know that life has come and played its wonderful part!
    I look at this fabulous night and I shout with all my might that I know it's gonna be a hap-hap-happy night!
    Rose: [Singing] You did the best with what you had and it finally paid off!
    And now you're going forward in life and you're never ever gonna stop!
    Gary: [Singing] And it's thanks to your help I made it this far, maybe one day, I'll afford my own car
    Nothing could possibly ruin this night, not even the fumes from a bar!
    Gary/Rose: [Singing] Look at this night, we can tell that it's a hap-hap-happy night!
    The moon is shining, the owls are hooting, and everything's feeling alright!
    We look at this fabulous night and we shout with all our might
    That we know it's gonna be...
    Gary: [Singing] Just take it all from me!
    Rose: [Singing] Now just you wait and see!
    Gary/Rose: [Singing] It's gonna be a hap-hap-hap-hap-happy night!

    The end

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