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Original The Tribe's Truth

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by CharlieWeasleyfan, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. CharlieWeasleyfan

    Shiny Roggenrola
    Level 1
    Jan 24, 2017
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    Being born in a village where your family has been known as a warrior family, it's not as easy as it looks. My name is Vahala Ashu and I'm 13 years old. I'm the niece of the current chief. We are a tribe that prides itself on being advanced in magic and combat. My name rides on these two principals and I have to show it soon. I may very well soon be the next Chief if my uncle decides he wants to hand over the title.

    It's a typical morning here in the village of Fenyth and it's starting with the normal routines. As the niece to the chief, I am a part of the Militia. We wake at 5 in the morning to train and then eat in the mess hall, before going about our personalized training schedules. Today I will be meeting with the chief alongside everyone who is eligible for the title. We have to discuss many aspects.

    "Hey, Ashu!" I glanced behind me and ducked before uppercutting my mentor Shushin and he groaned. "Nevermind. You clearly have mastered the timing of every move and how to sense where someone's moving," he mused. I nodded and then walked down to the sacred hall where the Chief was waiting and I kneeled.

    "Really? Kneeling?" I didn't raise my head or dare respond to Shushin. He has no idea what the rules are when you're about to have a chance at being the Chief. My uncle finally tapped my cheek and I glanced up at him and he nodded. I could stand and look at him. "It took him doing that?"

    "Shushin it would be wise of you to learn some respect. For the elders," Uncle Alanad responded before nodding at me. The movements of my lower limbs seemed so fluid I didn't realize that I had knocked him back so fast. I then turned to face Alanad again.
    "I would presume that the elders have requested mine and Vashnu's presence this morning," I formally responded. He nodded and I followed him inside and pulled my hair back into a braid. "How upset did the elders sound? I'm sure they-," I began before groaning. Someone is squeezing my brain.

    I glanced behind me and saw my Aunt Halaen. "It's never easy for me to punish you. Know that. Now as for what the elders want to discuss. It's in regard to the succession of Alanad's title. It's early for you and Vashnu, but necessary. Inside."

    "This is early," I began before Alanad thumped my head and Vashnu's as we caught up to him. Kneeling before the photos we felt this wind rush over us and then stop.

    "It's not often we ask the current Chief, his wife and the two successors to meet in unison. We have found it necessary though given the withholding of information by our two successors," a man greeted. I looked up confused. "Do not act surprised. Did you think we never were watching you?"

    "We saw you meet up with one of the enemies. Is it true? Do you have information on who we're up against?" I shook my head. "Damnit Vahala! If you know something spit it out. Same with you Vashnu. You both are committing treason to the clan the longer you lie."

    "I know nothing! I'm not lying. I met with an old friend of mine who swore allegiance to the enemy. He wants back home. That's all I did," I responded biting my lip. Why am I being treated like a criminal? He is innocent.

    "If that's true, what about you Vashnu? Why were you seen elsewhere than where you were supposed to be? Don't tell me it's the same iconic reason," Alanad snapped. I looked at him stunned. "While I want to believe you both, I can't. I have to act for our people."

    "Look in my memories. You'll see everything you need," I responded. Alanad, Halaen and even the elders looked at me stunned. "I'm willing to let my mind be vulnerable to prove my undying loyalty."

    "Well, that's enough proof to me. I was about to suggest that. Now what about you, Vashnu? Willing to submit yourself to a memory scan?" Vashnu looked at me and I stood looking at him. Alanad even is nervous. "I want to believe in you. You're my nephew and almost like a son to me. Just how Vahala became like a beloved daughter to me. But I need to see your mind to make certain we're not being double-crossed."

    I was about to take Vashnu's hand before he ran. "Vashnu! Wait!" I was about to run after him before Alanad and Halaen grabbed me. "Let me go. He's not guilty," I pleaded.

    "If he wasn't guilty of something, he wouldn't have run as he did. You proved that your story was true by offering up the vulnerability of your mind. We have to prepare for the onslaught that will be his rage," Alanad warned.

    "What?" He looked at me and then handed me a suit I know very well. It's the suit of a legendary warrior. Someone who has proved their allegiance to the clan and as well could soon become the chief. "You-," I began.

    "Get changed and meet me out here. Do not delay a second," he warned.
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