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Sign Up/Discussion War. War Never Changes (Fallout)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by ninJAS, May 2, 2018.

  1. ninJAS

    ninJAS Proud new daddy!

    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 15
    Jul 24, 2014
    Ultra Ball
    I love Fallout and would love to get a roleplay started of it :) I don't particularly care which game people would like this to take place in either so please feel free to give suggestions or thoughts if you would be interested in joining. I posted a New Vegas a while ago on another site and it never gained any traction due to it being a smaller forum so I will post my thread from there to give a starting point.

    "War. War never changes.

    When atomic fire consumed the earth, those who survived did so in great, underground vaults. When they opened, their inhabitants set out across ruins of the old world to build new societies, establish new villages, forming tribes.

    As decades passed, what had been the American southwest united beneath the flag of the New California Republic, dedicated to old-world values of democracy and the rule of law. As the Republic grew, so did its needs. Scouts spread east, seeking territory and wealth, in the dry and merciless expanse of the Mojave Desert. They returned with tales of a city untouched by the warheads that had scorched the rest of the world, and a great wall spanning the Colorado River.

    The NCR mobilized its army and set it east to occupy the Hoover Dam, and restore it to working condition. But across the Colorado, another society had arisen under a different flag. A vast army of slaves, forged in the conquest of 86 tribes: Caesar's Legion.

    Four years have passed since the Republic held the Dam - just barely - against the Legion's onslaught. The Legion did not retreat. Across the river, they gathered strength. Campfires burned, training drums beat.

    Through it all, the New Vegas Strip has stayed open for business under the control of its mysterious overseer, Mr. House, and his army of rehabilitated Tribals and police robots."

    First things first you DO NOT have to be a fan of or even play Fallout in order to join in on this. I will give some basic information about the game and its weapons, provided by the Fallout forum/Wiki, to help anyone not accustomed to the game itself.


    Slow down! You don't need to run and jump everywhere. Take a walk through the desert, watch the sun go down, relax. Besides, how can you run from Goodsprings to New Vegas without resting or eating?

    Watch your weight: No, you are not going on a diet. Try to limit what you are carrying, for example only one set of armor, a primary weapon, a sidearm, a knife/melee weapon and some grenades for your weapons. Store some Stimpacks at your house/other type of storage and only carry a few with you, or only have one set at a time; keep the rest in your house/storage, etc. How do you carry a minigun, Fatman, and 5 different small guns at the same time?

    Eat and sleep: Try to eat at least once a day, or preferably twice. Remember to carry food and drink with you on your journeys, enough for a few days.

    Realistic injuries:
    - If one of your legs are crippled, walk/limp slower than your max speed, and if both legs are crippled, walk very slowly.
    - After major battles, rest (wait/sleep/visit doctor) in order to recover from whatever injuries you may have suffered.
    - When one of your arms are crippled, rely on one handed guns like pistols or close combat weapons like knives.
    - If your chest or head has been crippled, .

    Weapons List

    Armor/Clothing List


    You are a courier, hired by the Mojave Express, traveling the Mojave Wasteland with a small group of allies. You no longer travel alone as the Wasteland is far more dangerous that it appears. Bandits, military factions, rouge robots, mutants, radiation, and hostile wildlife are all more than a match for a lone wanderer. During your travels the group makes a quick stop for supplies in the quiet little town of Goodsprings. Little do they know that this course of action will change the rest of their lives...

    Human/Ghoul/Super Mutant/Robot
    Appearance: PLEASE give a description at least 3 sentences long (Though more is preferred) or at least a fairly detailed picture.
    History: At least 3 sentences of your characters history. Where they come from/past experiences/family/etc.
    Preferred Weapon Type: Guns/Energy/Explosives/Melee/Unarmed
    Starting Gear: Don't go overboard here...just a few basic belongings. Low level weapons/armor, some Stimpaks, food, etc.
    Starting Perks: Select any 2 from the Regular Perks/Dead Money/Honest Hearts/Old World Blue/Lonesome Road/Gun Runner's Arsenal lists.....Within reason of course!

    Signed Up Users
    ninJAS - Adam Vanberk (Goes by "Van")
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  2. ninJAS

    ninJAS Proud new daddy!

    (Rayquaza Egg)
    Level 15
    Jul 24, 2014
    Ultra Ball
    Going to go ahead and post my New Vegas character (will change/adjust if others would prefer Fallout3/4/etc over New Vegas) as well to possibly peak some interest...and to keep anyone from stealing my character idea xP

    Name: Adam Vanberk (Goes by "Van")
    Gender: Male
    Age: 38
    Race: Human
    History: Adam, Van to his friends, was born into the Brotherhood of Steel back east in the Capitol Wasteland. From an early age he was brought up in the art of warfare using Energy Weapons, the Brotherhood's weapons of choice, and Power Armor. He however was not like the others and disliked to high-tech weaponry and armor he was being forced to use and upon reaching adulthood he decided to leave the Brotherhood behind, preferring the simplicity of normal guns and armor. In doing so he was branded an outcast and would never be allowed to enter their ranks again...this of course meant he would have to fend for himself from now on. He did so marvelously. If nothing else the Brotherhood's training had fine tuned his body and mind allowing him to make to vast journey from the east coast to the Mojave Wasteland. The journey itself took him years to complete since he had to struggle to survive the entire trip. Meager supplies, avoiding radiation, and hostile encounters were commonplace on his treck turning the youth who began his journey into a seasoned veteran by its completion. Lacking any real purpose or motivation to press on to the west coast Van ended up becoming a courier to become more acquainted with the Mojave and its inhabitants. He normally travelled alone, as he had done for many years, but for some reason he decided to join up with a small company on a haul to New Vegas. The pay was good...a little too good for what they were packing but caps are caps in the wasteland...no matter how simple or difficult the task is.
    Preferred Weapon Type: Guns
    Starting Gear: Sturdy Caravan Shotgun, 9mm Pistol, Katana, Light Leather Armor, 4 Stimpaks, 2 bottles Purified Water, 2 Gecko Kebabs
    Starting Perks: Shotgun Surgeon, Toughness

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