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Weekly Prompt- A Holiday Miracle

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Pokémist, May 3, 2018.

  1. Pokémist

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    Nov 28, 2015
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    I am Ana and I study in Nightsky International School. Its Christmas and I have to celebrate it alone. Sad huh? Well, it has always been like this as my parents are always out due to work.
    I sat down at my chair looking at those beautiful children playing. Ah why this? I thought to myself. "Ouch" I looked up to see sensei.
    "Why were you spaced out? Dont you have to study? Ah, well bell rang. Be more careful Ana" He said as he went out of class.
    'What a sad day' I sighed and packed my bag. I quietly went home so no one can notice me. Actually I was afraid that when everyone will ask what I plan to do in Christmas, what will I answer. There is no way parents will come hope. I sat on bed.
    I know parents say Santa Claus is for children and it is not real but today I cannot stop. I want same happiness like others. I want to smile too. I closed my eyes and joined my hands,praying 'Oh dear Santa Claus, if you are real please ask my parents to come back home. I dont want to celebrate this christmas alone.Not again, I want to cry. Please hear my prayer' I opened my eyes slowly. I was frustrated. I broke the vase. "Ah this is of no use! They are not coming back!" I yelled in empty room of an empty house. I could fears tears in my eyes as I lied on bed, slowly drifting to sleep.
    Ding dong. Ding dong.
    "Ah who is this" I said sleepily and rubbed my eyes. I went towards the door and opened it.
    I smiled brightly, tears flowing down my eyes. They came. No, not my parents but my classmates and Sensei. I let them in. "We are here to celebrate christmas with you, I hope there is no problem" Sensei said and rushed to hug him. I knew it was inappropriate but the happiness I was feeling was uncontrollable.
    Sensei hugged me back and patted my head. "Ana, we knew that you celebrate christmas alone so all these students decided to celebrate this holiday with you. " I looked up and then to all of my classmates.
    We had fun. I got gifts, I gave gifts. I enjoyed. It was the best day ever.
    "Sensei and friends, this was A holiday miracle" I said.
    "Miracle indeed to have a student like you"
    I am blessed is all I want to say. Blessed to have such a family.
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