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PokéPoints & Our Market

Here on Lake Valor, we have our own economy with a currency known as PokéPoints or PP for short.

Earning PokéPoints
There are plenty of ways to earn PokéPoints:

  • 1. Posting - Just post on the forum and you gain PP for every post you make
  • 2. Events/Contests - You can participate in events that are held on Lake Valor and get PokéPoints for participating. Winners get even more PokéPoints.
  • 3. The Market - You can set up a shop for various things: Selling signatures, other artwork, or even Pokémon.
  • 3. Redeeming Promotional Codes

More information about the Market and how to redeem promotional codes is further down in this post.

Spending PokéPoints
There are two primary ways to spend your PokéPoints: the LV Shop and the Market. Visit the LV Shop by clicking here. In the LV Shop, you can buy various things:

  • 1. PokéBalls: This is where you can buy the PokéBalls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls to catch the Pokémon that roam about on the forum.
  • 2. Treasures: Fun little trinkets that display on your profile and by your posts.
  • 3. User Changes: Here you can buy User Title Formatting and Username Change.

There is also a section on LV called the Market (click here to go straight there). Here, users can set up their very own shops, where they can sell things such as art or Pokémon. This is a great way to earn some PokéPoints if you have something to offer or a useful place to buy things with the PokéPoints you've collected, such as neat graphics to put in your signature.

Note: If you buy a product from someone, be sure to pay them the appropriate amount of PokéPoints! To pay them, go to the post bit on the left of the page and click on PokéPoint sign. A new window will pop up and asks if you want to donate to that user. Fill in the amount of PokéPoints that you owe the user and click on save. You must also be sure to leave Feedback.

Redeeming Promotional Codes
On several occasions, you can find a Promotional Code in announcements or in our social media posts that you can redeem here on Lake Valor. How does this work?

First, you need to have a code that you can redeem. Say, LAKEVALARPROMO (not a real code).

A new window pops up with a few tabs. Click on the tab that says Redeem.

Type your code in the text box, as show in the picture. Then click on the save button.

If you have done the steps correctly, you should receive your PP.

Jun 29, 2018

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