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Create a Spooky Fakemon

Discussion in 'Oktoberfest Events' started by FoundBody, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. FoundBody

    FoundBody Euphoria

    (Oddish (J))
    Level 16
    Aug 5, 2014
    Create a Spooky Fakemon

    Welcome to Create a Spooky Fakemon, a challenge to see which artist has what it takes to make an "scary", Halloween-inspired Pokémon!

    What kind of art is allowed?
    Traditional, digital, and sprite work are all allowed, so get your pencils, pens, styluses, and mice ready! Of course, plagarism is not tolerated and will result in disqualification. The artwork must be yours.

    What does each fakemon require?
    • Name of your Fakemon
    • Have either a ghost, dark, poison, or psychic typing. It is allowed to have another secondary typing (such as water, fire, etc).
    • Art of your Fakemon. It can be traditional, digital, or sprites.
    • A Pokédex Entry
    • Abilities your Fakemon can have (Can be a old or new ability)
    These are just the basic requirements. Other than that, you can add any other details to your entry. A list of moves/TMS, Height/Weight, an evolution line, etc are all examples of extra details that will make your entry even better!

    Let your creative juices flow. The more work you put into making your fakemon, the better you're likely to do when it comes time to judging. Please post your entry in this thread.

    What prizes will you receive?
    1st Place: The Contest Winner medal and 50 pokepoints
    2nd Place: 30 pokepoints
    3rd Place: 15 pokepoints
    Participation: Every person who participates will earn the Contest Participation medal and 5 pokepoints.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Q: Can I team-up with another member on the site if I have an idea but no art skills? Can I post in this thread to search for such a member?
    A: Yes, I will allow teaming up. However, the rewards will be split (as evenly as possible) if you do place well enough. In addition, I will be judging a little harsher on an entry created by two people because I will be expecting two heads to be better than one.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to post in this thread or PM me. I will be updating this FAQ as questions are asked.​

    October 25, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST​
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  2. Aalacer

    Aalacer Sailor

    (Root Seed)
    Level 9
    Aug 28, 2018
    My entry will be this one, Ragdollor, the evolved form of another Fakemon I designed, Plushoo. As you can see, Ragdollor is a Normal/Ghost Fakemon based on the voodoo magic, specifically in voodoo dolls, but it is also slightly inspired by other spooky things.

    Ragdollor (Ragdoll + Dolor)
    • Category: Empathy
    • Type: Normal/Ghost
    • Abilities: Pain Resonance*
    • Gender: 50% male/ 50% female
    • Egg Group: Amorphous
    • Height: 1.0 m
    • Weight: 9.0 kg
    *Pain Resonance: All stat stages of a Pokémon with this Ability are constantly replicated on all the other Pokémon on the field, supressing all stat stages of every other Pokémon as long as the user remains in battle.

    Base Stats: 510
    • Hp : 100
    • Atk: 80
    • Def: 80
    • SAt: 80
    • SDe: 80
    • Spe: 90

    Dex entry 1: These ominous and strange Fakemon aren't capable of making more than screeches when trying to communicate with others, but they can scream really loudly when distressed or angered. Their purple marbles turn darker and darker as they eat bad energies, but they return to their normal appearence when they finish digesting it.
    Dex entry 2: Ragdollor has the ability to make everyone around them to feel exactly like them, to the point where it affects them physically. Their hair is constantly growing, so it isn't rare to see some Ragdollor whose braids are twice their body's size. People think that cutting their hair is a bad idea, as it is rumoured that only missery awaits to those who grab it later.

    Wild Items: Destiny Knot (20%), Life Orb (1%)

    Remarkable Moves:
    • Acupressure
    • Belly Drum
    • Body Slam
    • Crunch
    • Dark Pulse
    • Destiny Bond
    • Double-edge
    • Double Team
    • Drain Punch
    • Encore
    • Fire Punch
    • Flamethrower
    • Focus Blast
    • Hyper Voice
    • Ice Beam
    • Ice Punch
    • Icy Wind
    • Knock Off
    • Pain Split
    • Psychic
    • Psychic Fangs
    • Psyshock
    • Reflect
    • Shadow Ball
    • Shadow Claw
    • Shadow Sneak
    • Smart Strike
    • Spikes
    • Stored Power
    • Super Fang
    • Superpower
    • Tail Slap
    • Throat Chop
    • Thunderbolt
    • Thunder Punch
    • Thunder Wave
    • Sorrow Power*
    • Will-o-wisp
    *Sorrow Power is a damaging move that increases its power by 40 for each negative stat stage on the user (200 max).
    • Type: Ghost
    • Category: Special
    • Target: Single target
    • Power: 40
    • Accuracy: 100
    • PP: 5 (max 8)
    • Priority: 0
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  3. Arctiquaza

    (Meloetta Egg)
    Level 20
    May 27, 2018
    Sail Fossil ★★★
    This is Okamake, inspired by this. It is a Dark/Poison Type. It is a basic form and has no evolution. It's stats focus more on speed and Attack.

    Dex entry:
    With legs and a tail sharp as swords, a face full of teeth, a mysterious orange gas that kills all that breathe it, all tied together with an insatiable desire to kill, this Pokémon is a killing machine.

    Abilities: Contrary, Corrosion, Intimidate
    Hidden ability: Cursed Body
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  4. EtherealPhantom

    EtherealPhantom Cursed Kitty

    Level 15
    Feb 23, 2018
    Thunder Stone ★★★Poké Doll ★★
    Here's my entry!
    Type: Poison/Fairy
    Species: Sinister Pokémon
    Height: 7'9"
    Weight: 460.0 lbs
    Gender Ratio: 25% Male - 75% Female

    Ability: Insomnia, Magic Guard
    Hidden Ability: Prankster

    Pokédex Entry:
    This Pokémon can often be found around swamps and similar environments. It is said to put a terrible curse on those who enter it's territory, and many people who stumble upon one in the wild never live to tell the tale. Those who do survive describe its presence as 'sinister', hence its species name.

    Regular colouration

    Note: Based on the Peluda, and witches.
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  5. KCkitkat11

    (Dialga Egg)
    Level 25
    Sep 6, 2018
    Here's my entry! Everyone, meet Sciensane!
    Sciensane: The Mad Pokémon. A Psychic and Poison type. Thought to have once been a human doctor at one point, this Pokémon's mind has become so broken that it is now nothing more than a ruthless monster. It spends its time performing evil, senseless experiments on its fellow Pokémon. It's main abilities are Insomnia and Download with Analytic being its Hidden Ability
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  6. Momo Kisaragi

    (Eevee (KS))
    Level 8
    Here's my entry!
    I based it off the Yokai Hitodama
    Tamashi.png Tamashi 1.png
    Just cos -
    Made this today so. Yeah.
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  7. PoserPanda

    (Zekrom Egg)
    Level 9
    Trainer Card - Cave ThemeGreat Ball ★★
    sketch-1539925773064.png sketch-1539925716770.png
    Name: Bulbee --> Grimbee

    Type : Ghost / Bug

    Pokédex entry : This ghost Pokémon is harmless, so long as the bug inside the bulb is never released. It has been said that its shadow shows the Pokémon's true nature.

    Abilities : Shatter, volt, shadow force, night shade. (In bug form) heal order, fly, acid.

    Once it learns the move shatter, it evolves into its bug form.
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