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Staff Post Lake Valor's 7th Anniversary

Discussion in 'Valor Archive' started by Vigilance, Nov 21, 2019.

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  1. Vigilance

    Vigilance Site Administrator

    Level 12
    Jan 26, 2017
    Master BallGold Bottle Cap ★★★★★Mewnium Z  ★★★★★Beast Ball ★★★★Staff of Verity
    Lake Valor's 7th Anniversary!

    Lake Valor, in all its glory and might, has turned 7 years old today! It is a momentous occasion for our site to reach 7 years and be so awesome while doing so!

    - To celebrate, our already occurring shiny boost will be upped to an even higher rate for those of you that still haven't caught some cool shinies!

    - Plus, LV's special "Anniversary Azelf" is roaming the forums for a very short time only so be quick and catch it!

    - We're also hosting a fun live Q&A session on Discord with our two founders, Ben and Ryan where you can meme around with them, ask them about LV's history and just have a fun time chatting!

    Finally, we'd like you to leave a note for Lake Valor in the replies below; maybe a story, an experience or something you're thankful for that this site has done! Let us hear your favorite part of this journey! ​
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  2. Captain Comet

    Captain Comet Fallen Star

    Sep 8, 2016
    Basic Gary Oak ★Rage Candy Bar ★★★Jaw Fossil ★★★Galladite ★★★★
    I simply just want to say I'm greatful for this site being so nice. Everyone just respects each other and nobody really argues. The fact that that's such a small part of the internet, combined with the rest of the Pokémon fanbase currently tearing itself apart, it's refreshing to come here or pop in the Discord server and just see everyone getting along. We need more of that.
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  3. BZRich64

    BZRich64 It's a me, Luigia!

    (Kirlia ♂)
    Level 31
    Jun 12, 2017
    I want to thank LV for being such a great community. I'm normally a very introverted person to the point where even online I have very little presence to the point where even when I join up on a sight I'm never really active and usually abandon it almost immediately afterwards because I don't feel like staying or I'm just overwhelmed. Obviously that wasn't the case here, as I immediately felt welcome enough to stick around long enough to become an active part of this community. It's been a great two years or so since I joined and I'm hoping for many more to come.
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  4. Gazi

    Gazi Pokémon Professor

    Level 26
    May 27, 2018
    I've been having a lot of fun on Lake Valor. It's because of Lake Valor that I've started to make some fake Pokémon, and it's a lot of fun. I've recently started to make a whole bunch of fakemon based off of Alice in Wonderland characters. I'm going to start sharing them on here soon. It's easier to get some of my art finished when I have somewhere to put them and people to share them with. It's just nice to have a place to talk to and have fun with people who enjoy the same things that I do.
  5. Faded Autumn

    Meloetta Egg
    (Meloetta Egg)
    Level 15
    Nov 21, 2019
    Dawn Stone ★★★★
    Hi all! Happy anniversary to LV and all it’s residents. I’m new here and this is my first post. I found out about this awesome site about a couple days ago and decided to wait till the anniversary to make an account so my future anniversaries would be the same as the sites lol
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  6. RadEmpoleon

    RadEmpoleon Resident Piers fangirl

    Fluff Lord
    Level 23
    Jun 4, 2018
    Comet Shard ★★★★Poké Doll ★★
    I’m so grateful for TheTheoryFroakie who brought me here (he doesn’t go on here anymore though, big sad). It’s been great to talk with fellow Pokémon fans, especially when I was losing interest in the series and having trouble finding people who liked/played the games. It’s been great as well to post my art, revised shinies, and the occasional story. It’s been especially great to meet all of you and to get to know you. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a nicer online community. (Oh no, I just realized I said “it’s been great” 3 times in a row...)
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  7. ChocoChicken

    E G G G G G G G G
    (Xerneas Egg)
    Level 23
    May 28, 2018
    Misty's EmblemLegendary Triforce ★★
    Having spent over a year on LV, it's safe to say that I'll probably be sticking around - the community, the minigames, the awesome content, and everything here has me hooked and coming for more! Here's to another year of Pokémon, original content, and everything in between!
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  8. Wizard

    Wizard Hit it until it BREAKS!

    (Decidueye (Cupid))
    Level 102
    Jan 18, 2016
    Oh man. There is a lot I could say about Lake Valor, but I will keep it simple. I'm grateful for the friends I have made on this website! There are so many wonderful people I would have otherwise never encountered if LV didnt exist. Interacting with you guys on a daily basis is a great joy and break from my life. I appreciate the kindness and understanding that is present here, making all sorts of different people comfortable in one community. Here is to 7 years and hopefully many more!
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  9. Geroniny~

    Geroniny~ The Cassini Miracle

    (Kyogre Egg)
    Level 30
    Jul 29, 2017
    Dawn Stone ★★★★Blue Orb ★★★★★Charizardite X ★★★★GS Ball ★★★★★Star Piece ★★★★
    I Can't Believe It Had Been Over 2 Years Since I Joined The Site. For Those 2 Years, Even When I Have A Interest Change From Geronimo To Cassini: The Community Is Still Being At What It Is, Even When There Is A Huge Argument Within The Staff And Members.

    But The Community Had Been Able To Bounce Back So Quick, And How The Community Able To Bounce Back Quickly, You May Ask. Just Look At Our Annual Summer Scrabble This Year's Edition As A Evidence Plus Other Events, We Have Fun Despite There Is A Little Problem.

    Somehow, The Community Is Like Cassini Spacecraft Itself: Bringing Different Personality Of Members Together. That's What I Mainly Like The Most About The Site: The Unity Between The Members.

    A Special Shoutout To @Gwoomy For Giving Me A VIP Last Month! And Thank You, LV Community For Making The Site One Of Best Pokémon Forums That I Am A Member On And Happy 7th Birthday, LV!

    As The Chorus From A Song From Steven Universe, "
    Here We Are In The Future And It's Bright, I Can't Believe We Come So Far, Happily Ever After Here We Are."

    The Future Is Indeed Bright For The Site And The Community!
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    #9 Nov 24, 2019
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2019
  10. Louise

    Louise Youngster

    Level 1
    Nov 1, 2019
    I would like to say everyone on this site is so kind and was so welcome when I joined I am happy I found this place
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