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Poké Pelago Isle Evelup Exp Calculator

Discussion in 'Other Pokémon Games' started by Absolute Zero, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. Absolute Zero

    Absolute Zero The second seal

    Level 19
    Mar 17, 2015
    Question: what do you get when you combine not having enough time during the week to train Pokémon with having too much time (and coffee) on the weekend that you get bored of checking Poké Pelago every thirty-one minutes trying to maximize automatic training? You get an easy-to-use spreadsheet made by yours-truly to help you calculate exactly how many sessions of Isle Evelup Level Boost you can give your self-training Pokémon before they hit a particular level and miss an evolution or levelup move!

    It took me only like 20 minutes to put this together (and another several hours of polishing and upgrading it), but I still feel like sharing it with whoever wants it, because it's easy to use and helpful for anyone who likes to use Poke Pelago's experience leveling, but hates having their moves replaced against their will. It's pretty easy to use. and instructions are in the first page of the spreadsheet (attached to this post, download below), but I'll paraphrase here:

    Look up on Bulbapedia the Pokémon you want to auto-level, and find its "Leveling Rate" (probably something like "medium fast" or "slow") on the right hand side inside the box that's color-coded to the Pokémon's types, and make a note of that description (I also have a calculator for this in the spreadsheet, but it's not 100% infallible). Now go to your Pokémon's summary screen in-game and find the Pokémon's Exp Points, probably a 4-6 digit number if it's not a freshly hatched egg or already level 100. On the green-blue-red part of the speadsheet, find your Pokémon's Level Rate from before. Type the current exp points in the first line, the level you want to level up into *or* stop just before in the second line. In the box labeled "Sessions" you'll see how many Pelago sessions of exp leveling your Pokémon needs to hit that level, and it's probably a decimal. If you want to stop before a level (to make sure your Pokémon evolves in battle or gives you a chance to choose what to replace when learning a new move), round down to the nearest whole. If you want to reach a certain level and don't care about level up moves or an opportunity to evolve, round up to the nearest whole. The orange-cyan-pink part of the spreadsheet is an optional tool that helps you keep track of Pokémon's level rates and how many sessions beyond its current set are needed to reach your goal.

    For example: Right now I want to train my freshly-caught Level 10 Growlithe (who I named "Windie") up to level 45 (the last level that teaches Growlithe a new move), so that she learns all the moves she can learn before I evolve her with a fire stone. On Windie's summary screen in-game, she's listed as having 1,250 exp points, and Bulbapedia says Growlithe is in the slow leveling group. I'm going to use the bottom green section section of the "Level Boost Calculator" part of the spreadsheet and type 1250 into the top cell and 45 into the second cell of the Slow calculator. It tells me I need 225.3 sessions to reach 45 from level 10 (if Growlithe was in the Fast group, it would be only 144.2!). I want to stop before 45 though, because I want to choose what move is replaced by Growlithe's final level-up move and save on Heart Scales. I'll round 225.3 down to 225, so I'm going to put her in for 96 training sessions for now, and the rest later when I come back in two days.

    To help me keep track of this, I'm going to use page 3 of the spreadsheet, and type 225 into one of the sessions boxes. It says I'll still need 129 more. In 2 days when these 96 are done, I'll put her in for another 96, type 129 into the sessions box, and in two more days I'll put her in for another 33 to finish up and she'll be just below level 45 and can be pushed over the edge in one or two battles. Hey, by now it's the weekend again, and I can actually battle alongside Arcanine! One week of minimal effort and I've got a Growlithe who's learned all her moves and just needs EV training! Since she has no EVs yet, I'll just put her in for 63 sessions each of Attack and Speed training and then like 2 sessions of HP afterwards and Windie will be COMPLETELY trained! (see "Becca's Guide to EVs & IVs for trainers in a hurry" for more on the EV training! https://lakevalor.net/threads/beccas-guide-to-evs-ivs-for-trainers-in-a-hurry-usum.19990/)

    Credit where credit is due (also mentioned in the spreadsheet): I got the equations from Bulbapedia's experience page (https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Experience), but putting it into an auto-calculating spreadsheet is on me. Cells are protected so you don't need to worry about accidentally editing a cell that contains formula. Also, if you decide to do your own research and look at Bulbapedia's Poke Pelago page https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Poké_Pelago, you might see that it says you get 300 exp per session at phase 3. After testing firsthand, I found out that's incorrect, and it's actually 500 per, which is a good thing, because you use 40% fewer sessions that way. This correction is accounted for in the calculator, and you will get accurate results).

    I have this uploaded in two file formats, .ods for Libre Calc and .xlsx for Microsoft Excel. I used Libre Calc to make it, and don't have Excel to test if this all works there. I recommend you use Libre (download here https://www.libreoffice.org/), but use whatever software you have onhand.

    Regarding the .zip, I understand that it kinda looks sketchy, me putting up an un-previewable file, but the message board for some reason does not allow .ods files to be uploaded. The only way I could post the calculator in its original format is the loophole of putting it in a .zip first. It's silly that this feature is so easily circumvented, but at least the .ods file is up too. Inside the .zip you'll find seven files: two screenshots, one text file of instructions, and four spreadsheets: an ODS and XLSX each for large and small computer screens.

    All feedback is appreciated.

    Happy leveling!

    Changelog note: Version 4 now, hopefully the final version. I can only think of one way it can be objectively improved, and I don't know how to do that particular thing in spreadsheets yet, and it would probably be more trouble than it's worth to implement. Maybe I'll do it later if Gen 8 has a similar feature.

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