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Fanfiction Weekly Prompt - Hatchlings

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by BraviaryScout, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. BraviaryScout

    BraviaryScout Way of the Wind

    Level 66
    Apr 18, 2017
    Crown of ValorPoké Ball ★
    Hi everyone! BraviaryScout here with another weekly prompt story. This week, it's about when an egg hatches!

    A huge thanks to @WavePearl for putting these out, even when little to nobody ever acts on them. Maybe to increase writing on them, have a reward of Pokepoints to give out to the best one.

    Anyway, here's some more Ash, Serena, Elio and Selene family togetherness. Takes place sometime before my Summer Camp prompt that can be found here. Enjoy.

    It was another typical day on Melemele Island with the sun shining overhead. The Ketchum residence on Kaimuki Avenue was quiet, save for the droning sound of a vacuum that came from the kitchen.

    Serena Ketchum hummed happily to herself as she moved the head of the device in between the table. Although tedious, she enjoyed the housekeeping that was occurring weekly, as it kept her life of being a retired Kalos Queen busy. Now she had taken up the job of becoming a full-time mother while her husband Ash continued his career of professional battling.

    The cause of her being a mother had opened the backyard door and she heard a pair of feet running around.
    "You better not be running with dirt on your shoes in the house!" She called out.
    The footsteps halted and she barely heard a whispered apology before the thud of shoes came at the garage door.

    Serena sighed before making her way over to the back of the house. Luckily for the children, there were no specks of dirt on the tile floor, which she had diligently vacuumed just minutes earlier.
    She heard the garage's motor rumbling as it opened up.
    "Elio, Selene! Dad's home!"

    "Hooray!" A boy and girl's voice came from upstairs and their footfalls thundered down the steps as they excitedly came to greet their father.
    Selene was first. She had short black hair that hung in curls around her neck and curious gray eyes. Behind her was her younger brother Elio, who wore his hair a bit longer and had the exact same shade of irises.
    Ash pushed open the garage door with an exhausted groan, allowing a yellow blur of Pikachu to shoot past.
    "Daddy!" He was greeted with two excited kids who ran up to him and threw their arms around his body.
    "Hey there champs." Ash Ketchum groaned when they hugged a bit too tight for his comfort.
    "Pika," Pikachu saw his trainer's discomfort and quickly moved over to his side, nudging Elio's hand with his head.
    "And hi Pikachu!" The boy petted the mouse Pokémon's head, making it purr with a happy "Chu!"
    "Hey love." Ash finally addressed Serena. "I missed you."
    "I missed you too." She put her arms around Ash's neck and gave him a light kiss on the lips.
    "Ewww!" Elio and Selene mock gagged and ran away, causing their parents to chuckle.
    "Gets them away every time." Serena said. "How's league life?"
    "I'm crazily tired." He sighed. "But no battles. All paperwork."
    "Must be the hard part of the job."
    "Someone's gotta do it. Unfortunately, that someone's me."
    "Daddy!" Selene came back in with Pikachu. "Come and tickle me and Elio!"
    "In a little bit sweetheart." Ash replied, looking over at Serena desperately, "Please tell them I'm too tired."
    "Nope." She said in a sing-song voice before giving him another peck on the lips. "You're on your own for this one. Go," The blonde shooed him away. "I'll get started on dinner."

    A few minutes later, Serena was in the middle of cutting vegetables when a fit of giggles burst out from the living room. Out of curiosity, she stepped away from the kitchen.

    There was Ash, on all fours atop a pinned Elio as his fingers tickled Elio's open stomach, causing the child's infectious laughter to ring out.
    "Oh no!" He was determined to make sure the boy "learned his lesson" handily. "You're not getting away that easy!"
    "Gah!" Elio tried to say something, but his smile refused to falter and the constant tickling made him out of breath from laughing so hard. "Sel-Selene! Help me!"
    With a high pitched roar from a seven year old, Selene charged forward, jumping right on her father's back and clinging as he "bucked" in an attempt to get the girl off.
    "C'mon Elio!" She encouraged her brother. "We can beat him!"
    "Ash." Serena called out. "Phone's for you!"
    Their father was in the middle of hoisting both of his children up on his shoulders, causing them to squeal in excitement.
    "Sorry kiddos." He gently set them down. "Dad's gotta take this call. Go and see if Mom needs help with dinner."
    Ash accepted the phone and put it to his ear.
    "Hello Ash."
    "Brock!" He smiled hearing the familiar voice of his longtime friend. "How have you been? I'm terribly sorry I missed our chance to go golfing last night."
    "Don't sweat it." Brock Harrison's calmness was heard even over the airwaves. "Being a champion bogs you down sometimes right?"
    "You could say that again." As the reigning champion of the Pokémon League, Ash was scheduled to make media appearances, finish all his league paperwork as well as find some time in there to practice battling techniques with his many Pokémon.

    He was a busy man with all of that, while balancing time to raise twins. There was no way he was going to follow in the footsteps of his absent father and made it a priority to have quality time with his children. Every moment he spent with them would never be taken for granted.
    "I get it." Brock chuckled. "Anyways, I'm headed back to Kanto in a couple of days and you remember those eggs that you had Elio and Selene give me to watch over?"
    "Yeah." They had both been so excited to receive them from Professor Kukui and already wanted to become the future Pokémon's trainer when they grew up.
    "Well they've been glowing for some time now. I think they're going to be hatching today."
    "No way! Professor Kukui said they weren't expected to hatch until the week was over."
    "I'm hoping it's not a premature birth. I'll know more shortly about their prognosis, but I think it should be okay. Why don't you take Elio and Selene down here to watch them hatch? I'm sure they'll be thrilled."
    "Yeah sure. We can be there shortly."
    "Alright." Brock said. "See you soon."
    "You too old friend."

    "See you kids later!" Serena called out as the three of them piled into Ash's car, a four-seater black convertible Rapidash that was estimated to be over a hundred thousand dollars. While he could easily afford some of the other more lavish and expensive, he chose to his personal taste and didn't care to flaunt the cast amounts of wealth he had accumulated over his career as Pokémon champion. The same translated to his house, being an affluent, but not overly wealthy estate in Hau'oli City on Alola.
    It was a twenty minute drive down to the Pokémon Center where their eggs had been held. Brock was there at its entrance to greet them.
    Ash's longtime friend greeted him with a friendly hug before shaking Elio and Selene's hands. He gestured inside, leading them in his white lab coat.

    A Nurse Joy was tending to the two eggs that were pulsating with a healthy white glow while inside a clear incubator. Unlike his immature self from before, Brock had developed a restraint from openly flirting with single women, instead going for more subtle hints. Ash was surprised he remained relatively unattached, as the newer tactic was much better received since it was less flattering.
    But when it came down to work, that was something he took very seriously. Brock quickly learned that it was no place for joking excessively or trying to hook up with his coworkers when the lives and health of Pokémon were in his hands. He was all business.
    "How are they holding up?" His question was brisk and to the point.
    "All vitals are nominal." The Nurse Joy replied. "Everything's good to go."
    "I think we can take it out of the incubators."
    Ash gently ushered Elio and Selene over to the side so that the twins would have a good view of what was happening, but at the same time, not be interfering with Brock and Nurse Joy as they worked.
    Brock hit a couple buttons on the side of the device and it caused the sealant to split open with an audible hiss. Together with Joy's help, they slowly eased a red and black egg onto the sterile table, careful not to drop it. They did the same with the second white and brown one.
    "Oh look!" Selene pointed to the latter egg, which was now glowing even brighter. "That one's about to hatch!"

    The egg's surface suddenly made a crackling sound as the outer shell began to break apart. A brown wing moved inside the space before the newborn finally broke free of its confinement.
    A Pokémon standing there was avian, with brownish and white feathers and beady dark eyes. It let out an adorable coo that made the two kids squeal in excitement.
    "That's a Rowlet!"
    "My egg!" Elio cried. "Look! My egg's hatching!"
    "Oh my." Nurse Joy said. "Rarely do we get two eggs hatching simultaneously!"
    The second egg cracked open, allowing a small lithe feline creature to emerge and stretch its limbs. The mouth opened in a tired yawn.

    "Congratulations kids!" Brock exclaimed. "Your very first Pokémon!"
    The infant Rowlet attempted to walk towards Selene, but its new limbs were still not yet developed and it ended up almost falling over.
    "Woah there hotshot." Brock reached out and grabbed the baby owl. "Let's get you fixed up first before you try something like that."
    "Thanks a lot Brock for your help." Ash said, patting his twins on the shoulder. "These two have constantly talked about getting their first Pokémon through the eggs and all."
    "Anything for a friend." He gently scooped up the newborns in each hand. "Nurse Joy and I will be keeping an eye on them for the next couple of days before I have to head back to Kanto. By then, they should be good to go for capturing and registering them as your official Pokémon."
    "Aww!" The two of them looked down in disappointment.
    "I thought we were going to be able to take them home today!" Selene said.
    "Don't worry!" Brock was amused at them. "You will, but remember, they just came into this world. They're a little confused at what's going on. Think of when you were born. Did you want to go home right away? Chances are you didn't even know what home was in the first place."
    She nodded, understanding his point. "Right. Sorry."
    "It's fine! Just give them a couple of days to get used to everything and then you and your brother can play with them! Remember to be gentle!"
    "Of course! Thank you Uncle Brock!" The twins said.

    Ash gave a relieved sigh and smiled down at his kids. "Now how about we let them get settled and we go home ourselves? Mom's got dinner waiting for us."

    Please like or comment! I value any sort of feedback! As always, mahalo for reading and reviewing. You give my writing purpose.
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  2. Anubis the Lucario

    Level 18
    Aug 8, 2017
    Crown of Valor
    Wow....that's longer than a lot of chapters in my stories. You put me to shame :(
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  3. Wings

    Level 100
    Jun 11, 2017
    ahhHHHHH Elio and Selene are always so cute, it melts my heart!! Now we know how they got their starter Pokémon for summer camp :D Great job as always, I hope we get to see more of these two!
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  4. WavePearl

    WavePearl Believer in Possibilities

    (Shaymin (Sky))
    Level 31
    Nov 22, 2012
    That's a good idea about the prizes--I'll have to try that.

    This was very sweet.
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