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Art/Graphic Nova's Art Shop

Discussion in 'Market' started by ~Nova~, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. ~Nova~

    ~Nova~ Birby Friend

    Apr 30, 2016
    ~Lumalee, Lumabop, welcome to the awesome shop!~
    Alright! Since quite a few people were interested, I've decided to open my own art shop of things! Yay! Clap!

    So, uh, yeah. Here are some examples of my art things:



    People/Characters/Humanoids/Everything Else, Really:

    I will do chibi-things, some kinda-not-really 'normal' people (by which I mean taller, less-rounded, and a little more realistic than chibis), Gijinkas, Pokémon, and Pokémon variants (which, yes, includes custom Mimikyus, like my avatar at the making of this post). Keep in mind more complicated orders will take more time, thus costing more.

    Pokémon: 5-10 PP (depending on complexity, (i.e. a Pikachu would cost 5, but Arceus would cost 10))
    Chibi: 10 PP
    'Normal' People: 15 PP
    Bad-mouthing the "Luma Shop" line I have been waiting literally years to use: 9,999 PP
    There will be a +5 PP fee per hour if it takes me longer than just one hour to make it. This only counts for the time I am working on it, of course.

    ORDER FORM (ones with * are required):

    *What You Want:
    (Person, Gijinka, Pokémon, etc.)
    ((If Person/Gijinka) Chibi or 'Normal")
    Transparent or No?:
    (There can be a solid background, kinda like the one on the mermaid example, but there is either a blank, white background, or none. I plan to be able to do better backgrounds in the future)
    Name of Character:
    (y'know, because I want to know about them)
    (what your person looks like, or what kind of variant you want, and or a reference)
    Anything Specific?:
    (any added on details you want (if a Pokémon, for example, a marking, specific coloring, clothing, etc.), or a specific pose)
    Anything Else?:
    *Can I Use This as an Example?:
    (This might seem strange, but it was a thing people did back on my old forum. I respect people's privacy and stuff, so if you don't want me posting your request on DeviantArt and those things, just say so)
    *PM?: (Y/N)

    Please keep in mind that I have a life, and I might not be able to make your orders right away, especially now that I'm approaching the time of the year when school loads me up with a lot of work.
    Waiting List:
    1. @[member="BlackKyurem27"]
    First two customers get a 5 PP discount~
    Thanks in advance!
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  2. MetaKnightmareUltra

    Feb 23, 2017
    oh my god, you used that adorable luma catchphrase from super mario galaxy! i'm truly proud of you, my son.
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  3. JadeFox

    JadeFox Valor Veteran

    Level 1
    Jan 21, 2017
    Premier Ball ★Beast Ball ★★★★Park Ball ★★★Mewnium Z  ★★★★★GS Ball ★★★★★
    Hey Nova! I'm buying!

    *What You Want: Mimikyu in a Litten costume (because Litten and Mimikyu! <3
    *Style: Just do it kinda like how you did your Raichu Mimikyu! I think that looks cute!
    Transparent or No?: Transparent
    *Details: Mimikyu in a Litten costume!
    Anything Specific?: Nope! You can do what you like!
    *Can I Use This as an Example?: Sure, I don't mind!
    *PM?: Yes!

    I really don't mind how you do it, though. I'm not picky! And I don't think I missed anything vitally important, so I guess I'm good!
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