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Fanfiction Pokemon: Another Story of Braving the Cold

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by SAF, Oct 10, 2020.

  1. SAF

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    Apr 18, 2017
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    Greetings, folks. Welcome to my first written fanfic ever~ :D

    This fanfic is basically inspired from a roleplay titled Braving the Cold that was originally started for Summer Scramble 2020 and still ongoing even now. Since the story there was started from the MCs gathering at Nimbasa, it made me wanting to imagine, "How if it's Braving the Cold but starting from Icirrus instead of Nimbasa?" Plus, I personally feel my newest OC for Pokemon: From the Ashes could use a little bit fleshing out, so the question evolved into, "How if it's Braving the Cold but with the Interpol instead of volunteers?" With those two questions in mind, I cooked up this fanfict. Friendly warning, though: the first two paragraphs in here are roughly copy-pasted from Braving the Cold due to the same setting used in both the RP and here, but everything from the third paragraph onward is made by yours truly.

    Anyway, feel free to comment here if you want to, and enjoy~ ^_^
    As Kyurem rampaged across the countryside, many people had been left in the cold. Brycen, the former gym leader of Icirrus City, returned to help alleviate the coal shortage by overseeing the mining operations in Twist Mountain. Only a short time later, coal distribution came to a sudden halt. Any attempts to reach Brycen by Xtransceiver had failed and his whereabouts were currently unknown. Many miners were unaccounted for with the few who had managed to escape the mines suffering from severe frostbite and hypothermia. Rumors, though all so far unsubstantiated, had begun to circulate about strange creatures in the mines.

    With the Elite Four and Champion attempting to hold the line closest to Kyurem's rampage and the gym leaders busy with defending their own cities from various dangers that had come about as a result of the mad dragon, word was sent out looking for brave and skilled volunteers capable of investigating Twist Mountain. Whether through a plea for help from a friend, a recommendation from a mentor, or other means, a number of trainers from various backgrounds have gathered from across the world to take on this challenge.

    Unlike a certain group of volunteers who started their investigation from the Clay Tunnel, two members of the International Police (Interpol) started their investigation from Icirrus instead. One of them was a high-ranked member of the Interpol, Inspector Shika Jackson (codename: Bambi), and the other one was his junior, Katherina “Katey” Russell (codename: Neko; though Shika and some older members would rather call her Kitten instead). Right now they’re in a safe house somewhere in Icirrus, planning for their investigation at Twist Mountain. Or to be exact, Shika did, as Katey just came back from asking around for clues.

    “So this path goes there and…” Shika mumbled as he studied the map of Twist Mountain only to be distracted by the opened door. It sure annoyed him at first, but then he got relieved when it turned out to be Katey in her black trousers and Incineroar-themed parka with the cat ear thingies on the hoodie. As expected from a trainer specializing in feline Pokémon.

    “I’m back~” the teenage girl cheerfully announced her return. Her wide smile made Shika smile too. “Welcome back, Kitten. Got anything out there?” he asked. Katey nodded, then gave her small ring notebook to him. Said notebook had its cover custom made with pictures of some unevolved cat Pokémon and “Kitten Diary” written on it. Despite the title, it actually contained notes about various cases Katey had been taking on. While Katey took her jacket off, revealing a Skitty T-shirt underneath, Shika opened the notebook’s page with the most recent notes and this is what he got:

    • Bambi / Neko: the air in Icirrus is absurdly cold, even colder than Circhester and Mount Lanakila in the worst winter days
    • Bambi / Civ: the snow is unusually thicker than it would in the normal winter days
    • Civ: Mr. Brycen, Icirrus’ former gym leader, hasn’t come back from the mining spot in Twist Mountain
    • Civ: people can’t get coals anymore thanks to the weird “winter”
    • Miner: a lot of miners are stuck in the mountain with some barely managed to escape
    • Miner: strange creatures are (probably) roaming around in the mines
    • Miner: many people tried to get help from outside Unova, but only some heeded the call
    • Civ: some people in black (Team Plasma?) can be seen coming and going around Twist Mountain since, like, several weeks months ago
    • Neko: two of the people in black are seen guarding Twist Mountain’s entrance
    • Guard (?) : only authorized people can enter Twist Mountain, yet not even the Interpol can

    The older man sighed as he read the clues and testimonies his junior had acquired. “...okay, this is worse than I thought,” he mused. “Especially the ‘people in black’ part.” This seriously bugged them big time to the point that Katey wondered, “But… I thought Looker had arrested the Seven Sages like, two years ago?” Shika nodded and muttered, “Yeah, but they got away somehow.”

    And then the map Shika had been studying caught Katey’s attention. “Hey, Bambi, what’s that?” she asked. “Oh, this?” Shika pointed at the already scribbled map. “It’s a map of Twist Mountain. I got it from a friend,” he explained. Curiosity ensued, Katey had a good look at the map, so Shika figured that he needed to brief her about it. The last thing he wanted was for either of them (or even worse, both of them) to get lost in the most prominent mining area in Unova.


    An hour and a half of preparations later, the two agents were ready to go. Being aware about the “guards” at the entrance, Shika planned to distract them while allowing Katey to go ahead. “Here,” he handed the map and an earpiece to his junior. “Go get your zoomies to the cave later. Got it?” the older man said in a serious tone despite it sounded like him half-joking on the “get your zoomies” part. Really, that’s what normal cats do anyway. “But Captain, how about you…?” Katey retorted, to which Shika replied, “I’ll go get their attention.” Only then did the girl nod in understanding (albeit hesitantly) as she put the map in her jacket and wore the earpiece she just got. Shika had been Katey’s senior since the first day the latter joined the Interpol, so the two had already gotten used to each other’s antics at this point.

    For starters, Shika went outside and straight to the cavern’s entrance. The two “guards” were still there, as expected. “Hello there,” Shika greeted them only to be replied by a strict “Sorry sir, only authorized people may enter this cave.”

    “Oh, come on~” the older man feigned his surprised and pleading look. “I’m bored and wanna battle~” he put both “guards” in such an awkward situation. They couldn’t let him in yet they knew that the folks in Icirrus didn’t even want to go out, let alone have a Pokémon battle, so…

    “Okay, fine. You can battle with me. Happy now?” one of the “guards” sighed and grumbled. And yet, Shika promptly shook his head in response. “No, no no no, I want a double battle. With both of you,” he challenged them both at once. Much to his delight though, the other “guard” grinned. “Okay. This guarding job is boring anyway. Bring it on!” he said. “Fine, have it your way!” his “guarding” partner grumbled again. The two then sent a Bisharp and a Zweilous out. In response, Shika sent his two Darmanitan out. One of them was red as known by all Unovans, and the other one was white with a giant snowball “afro” to the point that they looked like a snowman at the first glance. And the battle ensued.

    Go on, my dear Kitten. I’m counting on you.


    Meanwhile, Katey peeked outside some time after Shika had gone out. “Captain Bambi…” she muttered, clearly worrying about him. The girl waited and waited until Shika talked to the “guards”. When that time came, she snuck her way through the woods, eventually reaching the cavern. And while the “guards” were busy battling Shika in a double battle, Katey ran quickly into the cave, hence the “zoomies”. Surprisingly smooth, it was.

    A little bit deeper in the cave, Katey fiddled with her earpiece a little bit before trying to contact her senior. “Hey Bambi, Neko’s in the cave,” the girl reported only to get no reply. She then heard “Darmaflare, Fire Punch! Darmafrost, Ice Punch!” from the other side just when she was going to call him once more. Recognizing the names Darmaflare and Darmafrost as Shika’s Unovan and Galarian Darmanitan respectively, she deduced that the battle must be still ongoing. C’mon Kat, let Uncle Shika figure something out there, Katey thought as she slapped her face. With that in mind, she wasted no time going deeper into Twist Mountain.

    Credit for this fanfic goes to:
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    Last edited: Oct 25, 2020
  2. NaruhinaKage

    Level 2
    Aug 14, 2020
    This is a very interesting fanfiction so far! You did really great, I'm hooked and ready to see what comes next. :)
    SAF likes this.

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