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Staff Post Member of the Month Interview - Sanianisa

Discussion in 'Question & Answer' started by Jeydis, Sep 13, 2020.

  1. Jeydis

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    Aug 11, 2017
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    Greetings everyone,

    Welcome back to the member of the month interview! This was an old tradition of LV that was set aside as the mods changed and new events were made. We decided to bring it back starting this month.

    So for September, here is my little interview with @sanianisa
    D- Who are you and can you tell the audience a little bit about yourself?
    S- People here may know me as sanianisa, but I also go by saniachan and SAF in the other parts of the internet. I've been quite a big fan of Pokémon since middle school and still is one even now. Here in LV, I usually lurk around the Roleplay Institute, though sometimes you can find me elsewhere.

    D- Do you have any non-gaming hobbies?
    S: Does reading fictional stuffs count?

    D- Of course! lol Any favourite titles?
    S: If it's novel, I'd say Harry Potter. The wizarding world has quite a charm for me.
    And as for comics, well... gotta say that I tend to go for mangas and webtoons as long as they're SFW.

    D- Harry Potter is always a joy. Have you taken the pottermore quizzes? Is so are you willing to share the results?
    S: I mean, it was quite a long time ago. And now that I somehow can't get ahold of my Pottermore account anymore... :(

    D- Aww shame then let's go with this, what would be your house in Hogwarts if you had the choice?
    S: I'd say that it would be either Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.

    D- Awesome! I am a Hufflepuff myself heh. So let's change gears a bit. Which Pokémon region would you say is your favorite and why?
    S: Uh... sweatdrops

    It's quite a tie between Alola and Oblivia because they're both archipelagos, Alola for the main games and Oblivia for the spin-off games. For those who don't know, Oblivia is one of the three regions in Pokémon Ranger series; the other two being Fiore and Almia.

    D- Oh fun choices, island settings are great since they often bring variety. What would you say attracts you to island settings and do you find that its the same for other media like anime?
    S: Varieties sure are fun, yes. And the fact that I live in one of the archipelagos in real life helps.
    As for the other medias, I do love the anime's Alola arcs. Not sure about the manga, though.

    D- Oh that is interesting, how has island life been treating you? :D
    S: Considering that Indonesia is one huge archipelago, I don't think I'll have enough time to explore every single islands there. But still, with people moving around between islands and areas (not sure about now given the circumstances), the diversity is already there.

    D- Ohh Indonesia, so many lovely things to see there, any travel tips/hot spots? For once things open up again :P
    S: Other than the already-famous Bali, Indonesia has tons of places to visit. I'd say that Yogyakarta would be a good place for heritage and cultural trips. If nature and wildlife adventure is your thing, Komodo island is a great option. There are also the unexplored gems in Sulawesi and Gili Trawangan islands which have the best of both worlds.

    D- Komodo Island is definitely on the list. The old temples around Yogyakarta look really fabulous as well. Got any hidden gems when it comes to good Indonesian food?
    S: Welp, now that's a lot to choose from. :sweat:
    Every regions have their own dishes to choose from. That's right, even things that available all across the country (like satay and fried rice) may differ between regions. And as for my personal favourite (if I have to choose, that is), gotta say that it would be satay.

    D- Mmm now I am hungry again! So let's go back in time a bit, what is your first gaming memory?
    S: Not sure if this is the earliest gaming memory I have, but I do remember playing 24 games. It's basically a lot of games packed in one. I forgot what I used to play there, though. :sweat:

    D- Hah we come back to our topic of variety again it seems :D. Have you travelled much out of Indonesia?
    The farthest place I've ever gone to is Bali. Twice, both cases were during field trips. Aside from Java and Bali, I haven't gone to any other islands in my whole life up until now. Not sure how it'll be in the future, though.

    D- Is there a place you would want to visit above all else?
    S: Uh... Come to think of it, there are tons of good places to visit. I just can't decide. :sweat:

    D- How about foods, anything from another country you have always wanted to try?
    S: Taco and burrito. I haven't ever tasted them before.
    Also, sorry for the late reply. I fell asleep. :sweat:

    D- Hah no problem, opposite timezones tend to do that. So, is there a story behind your username?
    S: Speaking of this username, I was dumb when I first joined LV. It's basically my first and middle names meshed together. I'm planning to change it to SAF (my internet screen name), but not sure when.

    D- Is SAF related to your name as well or is it based on something else?
    S: That's my full name's initials. I'm just too lazy to make another cyber codename (?).

    D- Speaking of online stuff, what brought you to LV initially and what made you stay?
    S: I believe I've already said it in The Lounge's "How Did You Find LV?" thread, but prolly should repeat it here...

    D- Keeping to LV, what would be your top wish in the catcher?
    S: Uxie and Mesprit. I've already met Azelf several times in the catcher, but not the other two.

    D- Is there anything in particular that you do now, or have done in the past, that you're really proud of? If it's a current project feel free to provide a link etc where people can check it out.
    S: My first Poke-fusion ever~
    First made for a Total Pokémon Island-style challenge, this thing was there in the latest Summer Scramble collage. In case anybody's curious, it's a fusion between Alolan Ninetales and Fletchinder.

    D- This last section is about your writing actually. I know you have been a pretty active roleplayer in the RP section of the forums, do you have any plans to start a RP of your own in the future?
    S: Not sure, honestly. As a budding roleplayer, I still have a lot to learn.

    D- How about writing in general? Any short stories floating around?
    S: Roleplaying aside, I also document my nuzlocke runs in the style of storytelling. I write as I play in this case, so they're not as polished as proper fanfics out there.

    D- Hah no problem. LV is a great place to get started for RP, as a semi retired Pokémon roleplayer, there's quality stuff on here lol.
    Speaking of Nuzlockes have you run any other challenge runs beyond your current one?

    S: Really? Ooo boi, good thing I got to start roleplaying here. ^_^

    My current challenge run in here is Arcaealocke, roughly like Idolocke but with Arcaea. I also documented some other challenge runs in other forums. Out of those runs, my favorite one is the String Hexalocke (Nuzlocke but with a string sextet twist) in Ultra Sun. It was my first documented challenge run ever and I went with a crossover with Digimon World Dusk for the story part. In the game itself, it was signified by Digimon-themed nicknames. Here's the link for the curious ones: https://forums.marriland.com/thread...ocke-episode-rr-scramble-bonus-chapter-1.686/

    D- Oh wow, your runs are really interesting in their thematic twists. A lot of it seems to be tied to music actually, do you play any instruments or sing IRL?
    S: I did play a violin in my high school and college days, but now... not so much due to work and all.

    D- Ah I see, violin is so dang hard. I am always impressed when I see the progress that people make learning that instrument. Now onto the last 2 questions. Do you have any people (either here at Lake Valor or outside) that you like, respect, look up to, or otherwise admire? If so, why do you admire those people?
    S: As a roleplayer here in LV, I admire WavePearl because hosting tons of RP stories is hard yet she managed to pull it off. I mean, just look at all the RPs she hosts, both the new and ongoing ones.

    Among the mods and admins here, gotta say it would be Neb and you, Jeydis. Since the first day of this year's Summer Scramble, Neb tends to PM me at Discord whenever something comes up here. And you, Jey, are quite a friendly folk yourself. My respect to you skyrocketed during SS when you got Team Courage folks (including myself) to take part in the competitions (?). And that respect doesn't go away even after SS is already over.

    D- D'aww thank you, I am sure Neb and Wavepearl will also be happy to read this. And lastly, what did you first expect (or feel) when I approached you for an interview?
    S: I... didn't really expect anything, to be frank. Especially considering the previous MOTMs didn't get this kind of interview and all.

    D- Hah indeed, this was an old tradition we decided to bring back.
    Thank you so much for your time on this and congrats once again.

    Thank you to Sanianisa for giving me a good chunk of time to answer these and thanks you guys for reading!
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