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Sign Up/Discussion Iris-shi High School Talent (Idol) Club! Fall/Winter Sessions

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by 122 Generation, Mar 23, 2024.

  1. 122 Generation

    Level 101
    Dec 22, 2014
    While the original Iris-shi High School Talent/Idol Club RP has yet to be finished, I wanted to write down this idea as it's been on my head for some time. So I might as well get the work started, but I doubt it'll start until the original RP is done.

    This RP is a spinoff off of my completed Fire Emblem fanfic Preventing Chaos, and also occurs in the school term following the original RP. It also borrows elements from the Fire Emblem/Shin Megami Tensei crossover Tokyo Mirage Sessions. For all I know, I might turn this into a fanfic.

    Unlike the original RP, this RP will involve fighting monsters in the alternate reality known as the Halidom. As such, members from the Shepherds club will occasionally assist with the outings (including Chrom, Lissa, Cordelia, and Cherche), and maybe Alear.


    After the success of the Ylisstol High School Talent Idol Club that had been her attention all school term, Robyn was determined to continue the club's activities into the following term. Although this was the last year of her high school career before graduation, she was going to make this last year memorable with the upcoming Harvest Scramble Festival at Aritia's Starsphere Super Arena. Now all Robyn needed was new or returning signups this term to kick off her ambitions to join the Harvest Scramble Festival.

    With the troubles of last year well and over (namely, saving the world and practically dying in the process), Robyn could finally enjoy the last year of her school life in peace.

    Or so she thought.

    Elsewhere in the world, there have been reported incidents of many talented individuals - from comedians to music artists to salesmen - appeared to have lost their talents in an instant, up to the point that - most seriously - people appeared to disappear altogether. One reported incident was an orchestra performance in Gartenstadt where people in an entire theatre just disappeared out of the blue.

    And if Robyn thought that was suspicious, she was in for a shock when she found the Fire Emblem in her bedroom. The last time she had seen and used it, the world was in a stage of crisis. Was this a sign that the world needed saving again?

    Character Form

    Stage name:
    Age (14-17):
    Casual appearance (default will be an Ylisstol High or Plegia City school uniform unless you have other casual appearances):
    Stage appearance:
    Style: Per Love Live, pick one from either Smile, Pure, or Cool
    Talent abilities:
    Theme colour:
    Embarrassing secret/Internal struggle: (Must be something the club can deal with)


    Iris-shi Ylisstol High School - The high school of Iris-shi west of Anna's where Robyn attends. The Hee Ho Mart is located just across the school field.
    * Foyer
    * Conference room
    * Homeroom
    * School field
    * Library (including video game room)
    * Hee Ho Mart
    Anna's - The hypermarket for all your needs, based right in the heart of Iris-shi and north of Iris-shi Station
    Parthia Plaza - Located across Anna's, the bastion of independent businesses to rival where Anna's cannot; it even has a popular food court, an armoury (Finest Armoury), and a very popular ramen shop (Marutama) whose broth is legendary
    * Food court
    * Finest Armoury
    * Marutama Ramen
    Amatsu Park - North of Parthia Plaza, the natural park includes a large lake and trees, and is fascinating in wintertime. Marth Stadium is located here.
    Goldenrod Square - West of Iris-shi Station and needs a bus ride to get there, a commercial complex with restaurants (including the local favourite - Kogane Restaurant), Yuka Music (a music store for all your instrument, instrument parts, sound, and recording needs; and music album tracks; more niche than Anna's), the dedicated video game retailer Ultra Melon (which in addition to selling video games and consoles also sold gaming accessories and collectable figurines), even a movie theatre
    * Kogane Restaurant
    * Yuka Music
    * Ultra Melon
    * Theatre
    Robin's Residence - Robin's home, on the hills north of Ylisstol High, where Robyn resides. As Robyn is from an alternate universe and has no place to stay, Robin was glad to offer her a room - the same room as her room in her universe
    Iris-shi Station - The city train station, complete with a wide variety of businesses, services, and more! Offers connections to the neighbouring cities
    * Hee Ho Mart
    * Moonbucks
    * Smoothie bar
    * Byakuya Mazesoba
    Gartenstadt Gartenstadt Station - Located in Gartenstadt, the neighbouring city from Iris-shi. It has a huge shopping mall complete with fashion stores, restaurants, and a popular arcade
    ARTA Arcade - A very popular arcade in a building beside Gartenstadt Station. It takes up five stories of the building, complete with prize machines, crane games, video games, and rhythm games
    Aritia Aritia Station - The final stop from Gartenstadt located in Aritia, the city of banks, skyscrapers, and office towers which faces the ocean; it is a major business centre and serves as the terminus of many train routes
    Mount Shiida - A large mountain that towers over Aritia on the other side of the water. Officially part of North Aritia, the mountain provides a stunning view of Aritia in the distance. The mountain is popular for hiking, skiing, and occasionally camping.
    Starsphere Super Arena - The multipurpose indoor arena located in the southeast of Aritia where many major events are held. Ceremonies, festivals (including the Harvest Scramble), Uta-loid concerts, and major sports tournaments are also held here.

    To be updated
    Sega = ARTA
    Nintendo = Mintendo

    Youtube and Google = Ebuto
    OneDrive/Google Drive = Ebuto Drive
    Facebook = Bassbook
    Instagram = Memogram
    Whatsapp = Whazzap

    Pokémon = Pokketo
    Zelda = Hyrule (indirect)
    Mario Kart = Luigi Kart
    Dragon Quest = Phoenix Quest
    Kirby = Keeby
    Archaea = Arkea
    Sdorica = Stewrica
    Rhythm Heaven = Beat Paradise
    Vocaloid/UTAUloid = Uta-loid

    Demon Slayer = Demon Slayer (no change)
    Evolution Quest (RP) = Evolution Quest (Poketto-Pheonix Quest crossover)

    Starbucks = Moonbucks

    Pocky = Pocki
    Pretz = Bretz
    Minute Maid = Hour Maid (best enjoyed during long hours)
    7 UP = 1 UP (rejuvenating soda that gives you an extra life)
    Mountain Dew = Melon Dew (refreshing melon soda)
    V8 = V12 Juice (energy smoothie that will keep you powered... like a V12 engine)
    Rockstar = Allstar (caffeinated drink for music stars)
    Red Bull = Blue Bull (high caffeinated energy drink)
    Croco-ade = Gatorade (sports drink with many varieties)
    #1 Mar 23, 2024
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2024
  2. SAF

    SAF Team of Conflict

    Ants Troubled
    Level 13
    Apr 18, 2017
    Potion ★Lucarionite ★★★★
    Whoa, braincells on fire, I see~ *_*

    Might tentatively reboot the Hansen siblings here, though I'm not sure which weapon Nora would pick up if we do this Fire Emblem-style...
    Stop hovering to collapse... Click to collapse... Hover to expand... Click to expand...
    122 Generation likes this.
  3. 122 Generation

    Level 101
    Dec 22, 2014

    The weapons options are swords, axes, lances, bows, staves, and tomes. Like the fic, Robyn and Robin will be wielding both sword and tome.

    In Nora’s case, if she wants to stick with a non-fighting role, she could wield a staff. Else… I can only see her with a tome, really.

    (Me: tries to imagine Nora picking up a two-handed sword and being like, “Uh… I can’t lift this” because the sword is about her height)

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